OCTOBER 13th, 2016

(Pictures taken by Jen Babineau)

Here is a selection of the three dozen or so pictures taken during our hour and a half in the Androscoggin Room at APL.
Not a lot of action going on, although Mr. J did get his exercise for the day bouncing around the room.  Sorry that we aren't
a little more specific about the Whos in the photos.  Mr. J is notoriously bad with names, and he pieced together most everyone
from when they signed in for the workshop and the few names he actually learned.  That's what happens when we don't use name tags.

In these first few, the victim's-er-attendees were arriving and Mr. J was playing meet and greet while he handed out the hand-outs.
Well, what else was he supposed to do with them?  This is Andrew pulling out his own work from another workshop he attended.

This is Reese and Carol meeting Mr. J.

Dan and David arrive and are obviously awed by the hugeness of Mr. J. who has grown to nearly sixteen feet tall.
Gotta love forced perspective.

In this one, we have Susan Geismar (on the far left) the library Development Coordinator, and in the checked shirt, is Marty Gagnon, the
head honcho up stairs in the Reference department (they are the ones that set this whole thing up), and with him I believe is Madison's dad.
Madison, in the light blue shirt, was our only repeat offender for the day.  Josh and Leo are in the far right.

See, here is one of those situations.  Behind Mr. J is Wendy with her son (we didn't get a name-Arrrg.  My kingdom for a name tag!!),
and behind them is Sean M.  (who has his own comic that he produces with a friend of his).

Marty makes introductions for this part of their Editorial Cartooning series.

Dot came in a few minutes late but still got the bulk of the workshop.

Mr. J starts into the history of sequential art that he prepared (see hand-outs above) which covers a lot of ground in three pages.

Mr. J starts into the mechanics of cartooning and shows off a finished page from the Parverian Tales.

Mr. J pulls out his inking equipment and shows off everything from Speedball pens to Marsmatic technical pens.

Mr J. answers a question about art to wording ratio with a side order of the evils of art shrinkage.

The creation of the three panel strip beings, and the floor is opened for an idea for the gag.  Dot has an idea from her own work.

Dan poses the horse joke.  Yup, he's to blame.

Rough layout begins.

Looking for a conclusion to top the "long face" pun.

Combining two ideas, we have our punch line, and we move swiftly into creating our bartender character.

The original concept was much more sinister than the final product, with his beady eyes and eye patch.  He was much furrier to begin
with as well, but all the basics are maintained.

With the work done, we held a drawing for the prize giveaway, which was this nifty and kinda rare copy of the first four years
of Little Orphan Annie's strips by Harold Gray.  Reese was the big winner and took the volume home.

The next three images showcase the table of visual aids that Mr. J used during the workshop with collections of strips from L'il Abner and Pogo
all the way to trade paperbacks of comics and graphic novels (not to mention the stuffies of the Dilbert crew).  Also included is the super rare
print of a multitude of comic strip characters, signed by their creators at the bottom.  The first image of is got some weird flash back, but there
is a clearer version at the bottom.

This final picture is of the actor Conrad Veidt from The Man Who Laughs in 1928.  This is just makeup for the part he played in the movie,
a character called Gwynplaine, but ordinarily he's a very normal looking person (he even played one of the characters in Casablanca).
  Is it a wonder this was the inspiration for the Joker?  Creepy, huh?

Well, that's about it.  Again, we apologize about the lack of some identifying names.  If you feel strongly about having your name
included with your photo, contact Mr. J either through the library or through the CONTACT link below, and he will gladly make
the correction.  We are whittling it down as we go.