May 21st, 2014

(Photographs by Jennifer Babineau with a couple by Luci Merin)

Here are the primary photos taken during the course of the Premiere.  The light being what it was, some of the pictures aren't as crisp as they might have been (gotta get a new camera!!!), but hopefully they give a reasonable idea of what it was like to be in attendance.  For more pictures, please check out the bonus section (check the link at the bottom of the page).  They were all taken by the CLC camera, and should be of a higher quality.

This is the whole crew, equipped with their 'gold medals'.  From left to right, back row:  Karen H., Katherine G., Crystle C., David O.,
Mr.J., Kyle P., Matt P., and Jen B.  front row:  Jenna F., Teanna M., Makayla M., Josh D., and Gavin H.  Pic taken by Luci M.

Everyone is just showing up and are asked to put their names on tickets for a drawing later.  Matt didn't show up until a little later and we forgot
to add his name in the bucket.  Sorry again for the goof Mr. P.

Everyone is waiting for the pizza to arrive.  On the other side of Mr. J is Jagger Trouant.  He was involved in the very first APL Presents, and has participated in both Super Specials.  Although a repeat offender Alumnus, we put him to work helping us set up anyway, and he sat in for he event, probably exhausted from the table moving.

The pizza (and Matt) are here, and Mr. J introduces Donna Wallace (the Teen Librarian at APL) for her to do her Summer
Reading Program
presentation while the staff ate.

This is during the presentation.  That's Karen H. getting her camera ready for another shot.  (To see those, check out the bonus
link at the bottom of this page).

Waiting for the Premiere event to begin, Mr. J. gives the staff previews of their pages before the big slide show.

Katherine gets a first look at the revisions she asked for on her pages.

We went directly into the slide show, but we don't have any pictures from that where it was so dark.  So,
 pictorially, we move right into the group photo section.

These are the 'Gold Medals' Mr. J and Jen. B. created for the event using the design created by Matt during the workshop.
The two in front are for the creative coaches, Jen and Karen.

Another shot of the group.  And that isn't the last of them.  There are two more in the bonus section, also taken by Luci M.

Then we moved into the giveaway portion of the afternoon.

This is a slightly blurry pic of the Special Gift Section.  It includes the art kit (far left), a copy of Photoshop Elements (middle), the
mascot, Bat-Bear, and the original, signed artwork that was used on the splash page.  The staff answered questions about the book
to win the prizes.

Matt got the first one and chose the artwork by Mr. J.  There was no hemming and hawing over which he wanted.

Katherine's choice was pretty easy too, despite the appearance of a squirrel on the table.

Jenna, too, with the other stuff out of the way, had an easy choice where she had a copy of Photoshop Elements already.
Crystle, who was the fourth winner, decided she didn't want the art program and got to choose from the the regular gift table.

Below is the gift table in three pieces.  We did have a full picture of the table in one shot, but it was taken by Mr. J and
came out really, really badly.

We did a drawing to see who would get first choice.  It turned out that having too many choices was as bad as having too few.
Everyone had difficulty making up their minds what they wanted to take.  So much so, that Crystle opted to take her turn at the
table after everyone else had chosen to eliminate some of the choices.

Katherine nabbed the Harry Potter books (sorry about the blur).

Josh chose the stuffed Darth Vader (the main thing that Teanna wanted), and he was nice enough to trade with her later on.

With the stuffed Vader gone, Teanna was forced (Ha!  Forced.  Get it?) to take the smaller one with the soft Anakin center.

Jenna nabbed two of the Manga books.  Crystle in back waiting patiently for her turn.

Makayla snagged the watercolor and sketch art books.  Sorry, more blur.

Kyle decided on the Photoshop Elements stuff that got transferred to the regular table.  Not sure if this is
the camera's fault or the fact that we could never catch Mr. P in a non-moving state.

Gavin took the Transformer minis at first, but later opted to trade up for the
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way trade paperback.

David at first won the other watercolor painting art book, but later changed his mind (see below).
That's his mom in the background looking around the column.

Matt grabbed the Amazing Spider-Man t-shirt, and there was no question about whether he would trade it in or not.

Crystle, with the help of her folks, chose the Dilbert book for her brother, and the Watercolor paper for
herself, and we can guess as to the fate of the filled Smarties tin.

David comes back and trades his art book in on one of the other Dilbert books.

The following is an abbreviated version of CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS, which is a look
  at some of our less glamorous moments.

This one really doesn't need any funny captions.  They would be counterproductive to the humor content already here.

This last one is the only real casualty during the event.  While we were celebrating inside, someone
kifed the poster, took thumbtacks and all.  Not sure if it's worth anything on E-Bay.

Well, that's about it.  As we said before, if you want to see more pictures, check out the Bonus Section link below.
Or, to read APL Presents #6, well, we'll let you figure that one out.