JULY 28th, 2013

(Pictures taken by Lisa Davison)

Although the workshop was for the Raymond Village Library, we actually held the event at the nearby Broadcast Center located at the Jordan Small Middle School.  We weren't being sent out over the airwaves or being recorded, so please disregard the microphones and such.  Lisa took about forty photos during the event, and here are a little more than half of them--Plus an extra bonus of some of the art produced by the students at the show following the picture gallery.

Priming up for the workshop, from left to right:  Nathan P., Ben F., Walter B., Carlee R., Ezra D., and Jake C.  I can't imagine anyone being this close to a box of Dunkin' Donuts and three boxes of Girl Scout cookies and maintaining this level of cool reserve.

From left to right:  Isabel D., Hunter D., and Colby D.  The male members of this trio are not wasting any time getting into the Smarties.
By the way, remember how we mentioned that you should ignore the microphones?  This is one of those times.

From left to right:  Tabitha N. and Hannah S. already into their Smarties, too.  It's really a shame that no one cares for that brand of candy.
  The chair to the left isn't empty, the edge of the picture just clipped Jasmine D's arm.

Mr. J breaking the ice by showing off with a little of the Parverian Tales.  Hopefully he didn't miss Tabby and Hannah this time around.
Incidentally, that's a Captain Harlock shirt he's wearing, what anime used to be when he was their age.

Mr. J. explaining the different parts of a comic book and narrowly misses the overhead projector--this time.
That's Sam and his folks off to the side.  Sam ends up joining the rest of the group toward the end.

Mr. J. at the board creating a character to group specifications.  Gills had just been added to his growing traits, that on top of his laser beam eyes.
It was soon evident that our character was going to be a villain--not many heroes torch sky scrapers, at least not on purpose.

This was the final version of our character, he was a massively muscular giant with an owl's head, laser beam eyes, a uni-brow, hairy underarms, hand claws, gills, a laser sword, and a really bad smell.  He is from Atlantis and is looking for a way to get home.  Those are giant flies he's cutting in half, and in the upper right corner is a flying elephant narrowly escaping doom.  The first thoughts were to call him Dr. Who, but, after a short discussion about copy rights and trade marks, we decided on Dr. Hoot.

While Mr. J. discusses layouts and what it takes to create a comic page, Colby, Ben, and Walter smile for the camera,
 and Carlee works diligently on her dragon picture (see below).

We moved into the figure reference part of the event, and Walter was the first to volunteer to do an action pose.  At first he was clowning around trying to figure out a pose, but when he went into action, look at the intensity on his face.  Imagine a big red, white, and blue shield in his arm as he's racing up a flight of steps.

While Walter was posing, the others (this is Maggie's hand) drew him in stick figure, sometimes more than once.
  Maggie's second shot here is really capturing the body movement (see below).

Another great sketch of Walter's climb.

Then Isabel took the hot seat and struck a pose like someone who is falling (thus the extra chair) and Mr. J. demonstrated on the board the novel configuration.
Then we shifted gears, and moved on to sketching facial expressions.  Colby took the hot seat and by suggestion tried a surprised look, with a little help from his hands.

Ezra was next on the expression hot seat, and when it was suggested that he do extreme joy, he went from not getting enough fiber to brain death in just under twelve seconds.
We're not sure at which stage was his reaction to getting fire works.

Hannah isn't on the hot seat for the expression class.  She just won the big prize, a complete art kit with technical and art pencils, Ames Lettering Guide,
graphic squares, the whole works.  On the far left is Jasmine's arm.  We told you that was her.

Colby showing off the copy of Gray's Anatomy he won from the drawing (no artist should be without one),
and Ben snagged the other smaller art kit with pencils and paper and other cool stuff (with Ezra expressing joy again).

That's all the pictures, but, as promised, we have some artwork that was produced at the show.  Unlike a normal schoolroom,
here, you are encouraged to draw in class.  Please keep in mind that the original drawings were in pencil and may appear
a bit light here and there, and nothing has been done to touch the art up to make it look pretty on the computer.

This is the dragon that Carlee was working on (see above).  I would very much like to see this in color. 
The tail doesn't really come to a flat end, that was the edge of the paper.

Along with his figure reference and facial expression stuff, Ezra had a few spare moments to create these other bizarre characters.
We're not sure what two critters comprise the Deak.

This was one of Hannah's figure reference sketches.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any of her other drawings.

How Jake got all of this done on the other side of Ezra, we're not sure.  On top of the several figure references and the facial expression, we have various animals
including a menacing unicorn, and Jake evidently took the stink factor of Dr. Hoot to heart.

These are Maggie's figure reference sketches.  After the initial one (on the right) she did a second more complete sketch and fleshed the stick figure in.
Not really sure what the tongue guy is, whether it was an official facial expression or just goofing.

When Sam finally joined us fro the sidelines, he went to work immediately and created the divers crew of characters above.
What is really startling is the incredible imagination in ones so young.  He even had a sense of humor about his own work.

Here is Tabitha's figure reference of Walter.  Again, it's too bad we didn't get any of her other artwork.

Or did we?  Below are some other drawings that got passed in but without accompanying names.
If you recognize any of these below, let us know so that we can give credit where credit is due.

This one is a full body sketch of Isabel's falling pose.

This one is a completed sketch of Walter's stair climb, but with added horns, fangs, and a villain's moustache.

This one is just a drawing for drawing's sake, but it's still pretty cool.  I particularly like the pincer like hands.

This final one is a quick sketch by our pal, Jazzy Jasmine D. using the ultra-fine felt tip marker she borrowed from Mr. J

That is all the art we took away with us from the show. 
If you want your original art back, please contact Lisa or Sally at the library, and we'll arrange to get it back to you.