April 24th, 2013

(Photographs by Jennifer Babineau and Karen Henderson)

And now, live from the Androscoggin Room at the Auburn Public Library, we present a gallery of some of the ninety odd photos taken at the Premiere (there were a lot).  Normally, we run short of pictures and have to use some that aren't so spiffy; this time around we had the exact opposite concern.  Instead of the handful of remote images, we have pretty much a pictorial story of the entire event.  And, at the end, we have included a few more Caught in the Headlights for your further enjoyment.

Some of the images were a tad dark due to some camera issues, but, nevertheless, here are the staff members that attended the Premiere.  From left to right, Crystle, Katherine, Gavin, Reece, Paige, and Mike.  Unfortunately, Alex wasn't able to make it that day.  Behind them was to be the welcome image, but the picture was even darker with it.  You'll see it in a later picture, though.

This was the poster out in the hall welcoming everyone inside.  The cameras seemed to be uncertain whether to flash or not.  Oy.

This was the first time we had all met together in over two months.  Mr. J. was explaining what was to be going on for the afternoon while everyone ate pizza, and several came up with extra ideas what to do for the presentation.  By the way, Mr. J. doesn't have an interesting skin disease, that's the overhead projector shining on him.

Reece, Mike, and Gavin enjoying the pizza while Mr. J. fills them in on the whys and wherefores.

Gavin posing in front of the Welcome image.  The pizza didn't stand a chance.

These are the little easels made from Smarties candy canes and each holding a business card for each of the staff members.  They are not perfect because candy canes are not uniform in the least.

This one is a little blurry, but it shows Mr. J. pointing out Crystle's character, Spikey, on the cover.

Here is the desert portion of the afternoon in the form of several flavors of cookies brought in by the Library Cafe and lovingly doled out by Jennifer.

And then the actual Premiere begins.  Mr. J. welcomes the audience and introduces the staff members.

This is the start of the slide show, and Mr. J. is narrating the splash page.  On his left is Karen H., and in the chairs, on the left are Crystle's family, in the chair nearest the camera, is Gavin's mom, and taking up the front right side are Reece's mom and his three siblings.  You won't see much of the middle brother, he's kind of bashful.

Mr. J. is narrating for page three.  Here in the foreground is the gift table, and over behind our host is Karen operating the slide show.  How she took so many pictures and did the slide show, we'll never know.

Here is Gavin's second page up on the screen.

This is Crystle's first page, with her in the foreground trying desperately to see around the very large host.

At the end of the slide show, Luci Merin, the Director of the Auburn CLC, came up and said a few words.

As did Donna Wallace, the Teen Librarian at APL and the publisher of this years issue.

Then we moved into our gift giving section of the event.  Shown here are our two mascots, the Adobe Photoshop Elements, and a lot of original artwork framed and signed.  The following pictures involve having very fast answers and even faster hands.

The questions were about the tools that they had used during the course of the workshop, but the one everyone was expecting was the one about the Ames Lettering Guide.  Even after two months, it was still fresh in everyone's mind.

Katherine won the first draw and of course chose her character's likeness.

Gavin also won his character namesake.  It was a hard choice between that and the Photoshop disc.

Mike snagged the really big prize, the disc and the Dummies book that shows him how to use it.

Crystle won the next question but is having trouble deciding which original artwork to choose.  Her brother came up and helped her.

Crystle chooses the picture of Destricon that was used for the cover of the book.

Reece chose the original pencil sketch of Destricon taken from the drawing Mr. J. had done (created by the whole staff) on the dry-erase board at AMS.

Paige took the group drawing that was intended for the splash page in b/w but also showed up on the welcome image.

One last giveaway involved the original drawing he'd done of the character, Mutant Spud Man, which had been created en mass at the Sign-up meeting.

And Mike remembers about the elephant ears, one of the animals that went into the creation of the character and took home the original final drawing.

This is the regular giveaway table covered with comics, art supplies, books, t-shirts, toys, and a bunch of other stuff.  And this marks the beginning of the final gift section of the event.  Although everyone got something, we only had limited viable pictures for this part.

Reece chooses some Star Wars figures for his younger brother.

With many holes in the stacks of prizes, Paige has difficulty in decided on just what she wants and finally settles on one of the art pads.

This is the end of the Premiere and Luci is getting the staff packed up to make the bus back to AMS.

And that was the end of the premiere, but wait, there is a little more here to see.  Some of the pictures that did come out but the subject matter was a little off center needed to go here somewhere, but we weren't really sure where.  So, in an unprecedented move, Mr. J. got the bright idea of doing another Caught in the Headlights section.  The following images are what came out of his warped little brain.

And on that high note, we will say goodnight.  But if you're still looking for more about this workshop and ones like it, check out the links below, but keep  in mind you should leave at least an hour after your last meal before jumping right in.