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by Mike Jordan

Part Eight
Part Eight


The Culmination
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THE PARVERIAN TALES Vol. 1 No. 8  2005 is published by BIG RED A PRESS, 18 Arnold Dr. Lisbon , Me. 04250 of which, Mike Jordan is the sole owner and operator.  The main contents of this book are 2000 of which "The Culmination" is 1994 and "Maldren's Tale" is 1998 by Mike Jordan.  Any similarities between any of the characters in this publication and any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental-including the giant flying horse who bears no intentional resemblance to any other giant flying horses, living or dead.

Maldren's Tale
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    hat, as we in the business so clichely say, is that.  The book, which you now so fervently hold in your eager hands, is the last of the eight part series (a notification for those who haven't been paying attention to the covers), but fret not, dear reader.  The fat lady had not yet sung.  The curtain has not gone down the final time.  In short, it ain't over yet, but there are some changes that are coming in issue nine for which you should be prepared.
    The first, but not foremost (yet, probably the one that'll generate the most unhappy mail) is the ending of the "Historia Parveriae" as a regular backup strip in the book.  With the closing of "Maldren's Tale", or rather the continuation of it into the first part of "The Culmination" (a cheap but effective way to get people to reread the story), there simply wasn't any more to be told as history.  Understandably, there are still a few loose ends to be tied.  The final disposition of Ergo and Egbert, Maldren and Elesa's impending relationship, and Eric's inheritance (by the way, he never does become Duke of Westmoor, Boohoohahaha!).  They all will get answered, I promise, and happily, too, but at a much later date, and in the main story.  That isn't to say that I won't someday run short on an issue (like maybe around number twelve, ahem) and supplement it with a single part Historia, concerning the origin/background of one of the other major characters.  So, put the nooses on hold; you didn't really loose anything here, honest.
    The second (and also not foremost but should generate enough mail, good or bad, to give the postman a hernia) is one of which you've already been made aware, that crime of crimes, having the companions leave Carlson behind.  Believe me, it was never my intention to (temporarily or otherwise) write him out of the story.  In the original script for "The Culmination", he went with them on the back of the flying horse, and he was still "in" right up until I started the first draft of "The Pentecost King", when I quickly realized what a fifth wheel he was in the story.  Don't get me wrong; I like Carlson, but his personality came off as just a rerun amalgam of Valerian and Faraniar.  So, I made him stay home, but fear not, dear reader.  We have not seen the last of our red-haired Captain of the Guard.  I promise (that's three times now, you'd think I was running for office).
    The third (and probably the most inconsequential) concerns this section of the book specifically.  No, the FTWWTK will not end with this installment (at least I hope not, if you know what I mean).  And, no, it will not become the sort of column where I tell you which celebrities I think are cool or total poop heads or which worthy cause I think you should dedicate your entire lives to if you really enjoy my magazine (a fate worse than you-know-what).  It will, however, continue to offer insightful background information to the creation of the story and art, but in a somewhat different vein.  If that has you completely perplexed and confused, good.  At least you aren't worrying, and I didn't have to promise anything.
    Lastly, is the big changeroo to a new storyline, entitled: (as those who read the rest of the book first, as instructed, already know) "The Pentecost King".  This new adventure begins only a few days after "The Culmination" ends, and, despite the title, has very little to do with religious stuff (okay, maybe I did do an incredible amount of research to write the script, but, hey, I'm no Frank Herbert).  It simply occurs between the holidays of Boxing Day and Pentecost, and, in the end, someone (I'm not saying who) becomes king.  I'm not going to reveal any more about the plot, because everyone knows how I hate to ruin surprises (no, I'm serious, he doesn't ever get to be Duke).  However, if you want to wear your special decoder ring, the clues are already there to figure it our for yourself.  To make it easier, they are as follows:  Amlawdd the Protector, his wife, Gwenydd, and their five daughters (they really only had four), from the land of Cambria; the Princess' aunt, Igraine (Ygerne) and her husband Gorlois, the Duke (yes, he's a Duke) of Cornwall in Dumnonia; and the fact that the companions are flying to Britain. With these selected tidbits of information, the rest should be easy.  Still nothing, huh?  Well, fair reader, rest assured that the next tale is going to be a bigee, with lots of action and adventure (and maybe a little plot, too), with, believe it or not, a lady spectacular enough to be a love interest for Faraniar, and one ill-humored enough to attach herself to Valerian (or rather vice-versa the other way around), and a cast, literally, of thousands (thanks again Mr. Writer).  For those fictional history buffs who did figure out the basis for the new story, don't be too smug.  I bet there still will be at least a couple of curves you won't see coming.  But I'm not promising anybody anything, and that has me worried.
    Aw, if you bought all that, two for flinching.

So until next time,               

Mike Jordan                       
Lisbon, ME.                        


PS.    Yes, that is Stegmund's helmet that Maldren found in the stream in "Beyond the Borderlands".  and the things up around the rim of Cabal Rote's throne room are the critters that were dropping rocks on the castle.