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by Mike Jordan

Part Three
Part Three


The Culmination
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THE PARVERIAN TALES Vol. 1 No. 3  DEC 2004 is published by BIG RED A PRESS, 18 Arnold Dr. Lisbon , Me. of which, Michael S. Jordan is the sole owner and operator.  The main contents of this book are 1999 by Mike Jordan; "The Culmination" is 1994 by Mike Jordan; and "Maldren's Tale" is 1998 by Mike Jordan.  Any similarities between any of the characters in this publication and any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental-and because I don't think anyone ever had a nose quite that big.

Maldren's Tale
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    had originally intended to fill these inner covers with lots of words telling all about why "Beyond the Borderlands" is my favorite part of "The Culmination", about my new light desk and all the nifty composites I created with it for the Temple of the Hero Eternal, about how Eric really started to look like Eric, and other important, interesting facts like that.  I even knocked off a half dozen drafts of it before I realized just how much the whole idea stunk, and I do mean on ice.  Something on the order of watching paint dry while someone drones on about how pretty the color is.  I could have killed Bob Newhart on Prozac at a dozen paces.  Well, maybe not that bad, but it certainly wasn't good.
    The next inspired thought was to give everyone the inside low-down on our inimitable cover boy, Faraniar (that's pronounced fair-ah-near, by the way).  I was going to start the whole thing with a disclaimer concerning the similarity between him and that other famous bronze barbarian of page and screen, averring that her is not nor ever was intended as a spoof or a rip-off, and finishing with the logical proposition of just how few ways there are to draw a seven foot, muscle-bound guy in a fur loin cloth.  I would go on to state where Faraniar hailed from (although you history buffs may have already guessed at that by his relationship with Valerian.) and  who he is and all sorts of keen background information that goes into forming a seemingly two-dimensional character.  I got about a paragraph or two written of this before I realized what a stinker this one was, too, and how many surprises I would kill in the story by doing so.  Again, the idea got round filed.
    My final great brainstorm was to use this installment in lieu of a letters page and do a frequently asked questions and answer session.  This one seemed like a sure winner, and I began to compile all the questions that had arisen from the first three issues.  Soon, however, I became aware of two distinct problems.  One, it would take much more than the two inside covers to properly answer even half of the questions, and two, all of the important issues (eventually) get resolved in the story, and revealing any of them now would, again, spoil future surprises.  The rest (yes, you might call them the unimportant ones) asked general background information not key to the plot such as:  "Where and when do The Parverian Tales take place?" to which I would have given some hideously long winded reply such as:  "Parveria is a purely fictional place, but to add realism and a certain credibility to its existence, I have placed it east of Britain and north of Rome and instilled many Saxon-esque customs into its society (you history fanatics should have caught all of them).  As to the time period, where there is so little accurate information on any particular era back then, I've placed the story somewhere between the sixth and tenth centuries, with a minor slip now and again for variety's sake.  I mean, what's the fun of seeing people running around in almost exactly the same clothing, in the courtyard of some wooden picket motte and bailey atrocity?  People like flair and stone above even accuracy".  But imagine me doing this for every question.  Phew!  Nobody wants to sit for that sort of thing.  A picture is worth a thousand words is always my motto.  give them a map with all the places clearly marked, and they'll be happy.  But, I very well couldn't draw a picture for every question and choosing the most important ones from among all those "unimportant" questions made my blood run cold.  So I scrapped the whole darned stinky thing.
    Leaving me, unfortunately with nothing to write about this issue.  I do apologize for all this blank space, and I'll try to do better next time.

So until next time,               

Mike Jordan                       
Lisbon, ME.                        
 December 2004