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     Okay, maybe everything isn't as self explanatory as I thought.  Don't feel bad.  What's perfectly obvious to me, might not make a darn bit of sense to anyone else.  Trust me, it happens.  For just such times I've created this section to explain in detail how everything works.  Either scroll down manually or use these handy dandy quick buttons.




    Getting started is easy.  Deciding what you want to do might be more difficult. There are four major tools to use to get information from this site.  To find information in the main comic listing, use either the 'Find by Date' or the 'Find by Title' buttons at the top.  To find information on specific characters, groups, items, and such, use the 'Encyclopedia' button at the top.  To identify certain abbreviations used in both listings, use the 'Abbreviations' button at the top.  See.  I said it wasn't rocket science.



    The main Comic Listing comprises the largest part of this site, seconding only the Encyclopedia. At the top of each yearly page, you will get an alphabetical listing of all the books appearing in that particular year.  To the left of this you'll be given the option to either return to the previous year or ahead to the next.  Below that is your first listing for the first book in January.  The books that follow are listed alphabetically, not chronologically as they came out in the month, and then begin again for the next month listing.  Each listing consists of the following:

1]    The title of the book (and volume, if applicable), the cover price, and the release date.  When a title is underlined, it means that I have that particular book or a reprint of which and should be the most complete and reliable information.  If the title is italicized, it means that the book is not a constant in the timeline, such as Sgt. Fury or the Invader books.  If the title is in green or red, it means that it is the first or last of that series, or that the series begins or ends with a brief hiatus. If the main title is followed by a LTD instead of a VOL, it is a limited series.

2]    The titles of the stories appearing in the book (when available).  When a particular story is underlined, it means that I have that story in reprint and not the actual book.  The order should be as they appeared in the book.

3]    (BY:)  The credits of the book , starting with writer(s) / artists(s), inker(s) (when available). When possible, I've listed them in accordance with their story appearance (in the case of multiple features in each book), but don't bet the family farm on it all the time, and do not separate then for the individual stories.  If one of the names is followed by a captioned name ( ), it means that he or she was writing under a pen name and this is their correct name.

4]    (PC:)  The Principle Characters of the book (when available).  The main good guys are listed first, and the bad guys are listed after the tilda (~).  Names following other names in captions ( ), are aliases and alter egos of that person, and often prominent nick names are listed here too set off by quotation marks ' '.  Characters listed in green or red are either their first or last appearance.  If a 'red' character has died, it will be listed in the comments below.  When characters are listed in a set of brackets {  }, that indicates that they are a part of an appearing group, and, other than the title group, will be listed as a group in the comments below.  Which means, that if the Fantastic Four appear in their own book, they will be bracketed but not listed below, but in another book they would be listed.  On the other hand, if the Human Torch appeared in, say, Spider-Man, but none of the other members of the group were with him, he would not be bracketed, and there would be no note of the FF appearing in the issue.  Simple?  Well, it's not so hard when you see the listings in person.  Honest.

5]    (COM:)  The Comments (if necessary).  These were not intended as a synopsis of each book, but should only give information that have effect on other books, such as first appearances, appearances of other groups other than the title group, origins of characters and groups,  information on character changes, information about changes in the book, and-well, you get the idea.  In some titles, particularly those of which I don't have a complete run, I've listed more info than critical but much of this will be edited down in the future.

Note:  The same goes for the annuals and specials, and special editions which are listed at the end of each yearly page, except that I only give the year instead of month and year of the book on the first line,  and many of the credits are truncated because of the frequency of the reprints in those editions.  Again they are listed alphabetically and not chronologically how they were released during the year.  After the Annuals is another link to proceed forward to the next year (mostly used when scrolling through for a specific event), and that is all to the Comic Listings.



       The 'Find by Date' function is a tool to take you directly to a specific year or month  in the main Comic Listing.  It is done by clicking the appropriate button on the top banner, which will bring the critter up in a new window, and then, by scrolling to the appropriate date, you click on the time of your choice.  This will bring that listing up immediately in and yet another new window, from which you will be able to scroll up and down to browse at your leisure.  



    The 'Find by Title' function is a tool to take you directly to a specific book in the main Comic Listing.  It is done by clicking the appropriate button on the top banner, which will bring the unruly thing up in a new window, and then, by scrolling to the appropriate title (which are listed alphabetically and are dated to alleviate any and all confusion), you click on the book of your choice.  This will bring up that specific listing immediately in a new window, from which you will be able to scroll up and down to browse at your leisure. 



           The 'Encyclopedia' is a tool to allow you to look up and identify characters, their alter egos, groups, places, devices and the such that pertain to the Marvel Universe.  All the listings are alphabetical and I have cross-referenced as much as my sources have allowed.  It is done by clicking the appropriate button on the top banner, which will bring the quick find buttons and the top of the 'A'.  From there, you can either click on a specific letter and go immediately to the top of that listing, allowing you to scroll down to the desired entry, or you can scroll through the whole Encyclopedia manually using the movement keys at the top and bottom of each page to jump back and forth to the next letter.  

    The listings in the 'Encyclopedia' are pretty straight forward.  First name last, last name first.  You know the drill.  Each listing will start with a name or word in bold print.  The next part following this will be a section captioned off ( ) (if applicable) which gives an alter ego, and directs you to other aliases.  Anything preceded by 'form.' will be a listing of a past alias.  Next will be a brief description of the character or place or whatever.  Then, when applicable, there will be a more detailed listing of their life with key dates being notated.   Then, (where applicable) I list 'GA:' their group affiliation and 'REL:' their known relatives.  Below that, will be notated the first and sometimes the last appearance and their origin when applicable.  That's all there is to it.

Note:  If there are multiple listings for the same name (wait 'til you see how many times the name Bill has been used), the entries are listed chronologically and the best way to find the one you're looking for is to go by the appearance note for each one and find the one that corresponds with the book you're researching.



    The 'Abbreviations' section is really a tool to help you read some of the listings in the main Comic Listing and the Encyclopedia.  Often, for space's sake, I abbreviate book titles, such as STRANGE TALES (VOL. I) # 5 would become ST1 5, and so forth.  This is simply a quick reference in case the short versions aren't quite as clear as I might have originally thought.  To use it, you click on the appropriate button in the banner, and that will bring the monster up in a new window, in which you simply scroll down through the alphabetized listings (by title and by abbreviation) until you find the one you're looking for.  That's it.  End of story.  It doesn't sound important now, but wait until you start running into stuff like SgtF and DHKF.  Then we'll see who's your best buddy.