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A4-Z3    The AIM agent who reported back to MODOK having witnessed the confrontation between the Black Lama and the Red Skull about the War of the Super-Villains, and how the old Nazi not only refused, but turned a weapon on the mystic. GA:  AIM.
            First appearance:  IM1 #74

A-12    (see:  Cyborg)  An AIM assassin who, after he failed to terminate Captain America I, was given the choice to either become their latest weapon or to suffer the fate of his partner, A-14.  He chose the former.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #124

A-14    (deceased)  An AIM assassin who, after failing to kill Captain America I, was killed on MODOK's order for his failure.  Partner of A-12.
            First appearance and death:  CAP1 #124

Aa-Garn, Corp.    (deceased)   A Kree soldier who was part of the conspiracy under Generals Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn to unseat the current Emperor, Clumsy Foul-up.  When the plan was put into motion, the two generals presented their main tool in the plot, the Silver Surfer Robot to the other conspirators, but, unaware that this wasn't the true Surfer, he drew his weapon to fire upon who he thought was an enemy of his people.  Ael-Dan shot him dead before he could get off a single shot.  Aa was a pink skinned Kree with dark hair.
            First appearance and death:  SS3 #53e

Aakons    An advanced humanoid race from the planet Oorga with yellow skin and blue hair.  They are the sworn enemies of the Kree, and particularly Captain Marvel I, when he kills the commander of one of  their trading vessels to save the life of Col Yon-Rogg [CM1 #8].  It is revealed that some time past, the Aakons, along with the Skrulls, Kree, and Bodoon, raided the Federation of Planets, including the planet Deo, until they were finally driven away [TH1 #262].  Their number includes:  Supreme Sir and Chief Tech [first seen members],  Ooru, Yasa [CM1 #9],
            First appearance:    CM1 #8

Aakon Chief Tech    The chief engineer aboard the trading vessel that had to land on the Moon to affect repairs.
            First appearance:  CM1 #8

Aakon Supreme Sir    (deceased)  Commander of a trading vessel that was forced to land on the Moon for repairs and was attacked by the crew of the Hala.  He wounded Col Yon-Rogg before he himself was killed by Captain Marvel I.
            First appearance and death:  CM1 #8

Aaron   During the hallucination created by Man-Beast, when Warlock was cutting loose on Counter-Earth, he was one of the police in Los Angeles that tried to contain his initial assault.  He was the first to suggest an extra-terrestrial force behind the attack and that they weren't going to be enough to contain it.  Shortly after his statement, the police were forced to call in the military.
            First appearance:  WAR #2

Aaron    A friend of Lindsay McCabe (possibly from the San Francisco Repertory Company) who she ran into at Macy's, and when he and his friend, Sheila, asked her what she was doing theses days, Lindsay told them about working for Jessica Drew, a local PI and her roommate.  The conversation was cut short when the Impossible Man, their latest client she was supposed to be babysitting, got into trouble with security.
            First appearance:  SPW #45

Aaronson, Dr. Martin   (see:  Mara the Dreamer)

A'askvarii    An advanced humanoid race from the planet O'erlanii that possess six tentacles instead of two arms.  A modest peace loving race, they are content to live in the shadow of the other empires such as the Rigellians and the Kree.  They are naturally telepathic, able to assimilate knowledge and other languages with the touch of a tentacle, known as a mind-tap.  In their first appearance, Derath'Ath Machlan'N, a forward scout for their fleet, crash lands on the planet Kirgar and befriends Black Goliath and his companions, and teams up with them to get them all of the dirt ball of a planet.
            First appearance:    BG #5

     A'Askvarii Converter    A small, box shaped device used by the alien race that is able to convert matter from one substance to another by altering the controls on the top.  When Dertath'Ath Machlan'N was marooned on the planet Kirgar, he used the device to create suitable clothing for the humans he befriended, not only producing the insulated clothing, but in form fitting sizes as well.
            First appearance:  BG #5

Abbey of San Michael    A 12th century monastery where Aelfric was employed as a scribe until it was discovered that he was transcribing satanic incantations (which would eventually be bound in one volume as the Darkhold).  When he then killed their benefactor with a deadly fog, he was burned to death at the stake as a warlock.
            First appearance:  WW #3

Abbott, Mr. and Mrs    Friends of May Parker, took her with them to Florida for a visit.
            First appearance:  ASM #10

Abboud, Fatima    The loyal half-sister of a noted Arabic geneticist until his cheese slipped off his cracker and he wanted to take over the world.  When Nick Fury arrived at the hidden base in the Caves of Hercules, she helped him to overcome her brother, and he died in her arms.  REL  Half-sister of Supremus.
            First appearance:  NFAS #8

Abboud, Ulysses    (see:  Supremus)

Abdol, Ahmet    (see:  Living Pharaoh, Living Monolith, and Living Planet)  REL:  Uncle of Plasma.  Husband of Filene Abdol.  Father of Salome Abdol.

Abdol, Filene    (Deceased)  The childhood friend of Ahmet Abdol, who stuck by him through thick and thin, and their friendship eventually grew to love.  They married and she went with him when he got the junior professorship at the American university in Cairo, where they had their first and only child.  There, his obsession with his link to the Egyptian gods became a mania, and worse yet, they were physically driven away when he theorized that they were actually powerful mutants.  During their flight, Abdol lost control of their car, and Filene was killed in the crash, a crash that also robbed her husband of his sanity and spurred the emergence of his own mutant powers.  REL:  Wife of Living Pharaoh (Monolith, Planet).  Aunt of Plasma.  Mother of Salome Abdol.
           First appearance and death:  MGN #17

Abdol, Salome    (Deceased)  (Fayah Sahid)    The daughter of an insane mutant Egyptologist who lost her mother as an infant and was raised in the cradle of her father's zealot followers.  Consequently, she became an agent for the cult, working for her father.  In her final mission, she tricked her way under the guard of the Fantastic Four, posing as a turn coat from her father's cult, and teleported the team back to Egypt for her father to use their cosmic powers to become the Monolith again.  Unfortunately, she was able to get into the Baxter Building, but didn't count on not being able to get out.  Her father, in his insanity, fearing that she would be captured and made to talk, made use of the electrocution band all of his followers wore, and reduced his own daughter to ash.  REL:  Daughter of  Living Pharaoh (Monolith, Planet) and Filene Abdol.  Cousin of Plasma.
            First appearance and death:  MGN #17

Abdullah    One of the Living Pharaoh's men who delivered the trussed up Havok to the Egyptian embassy in an ambulance.
            First appearance:  MTU #69

Abe    One of a handful of terrorists who hit the Con Ed nuclear power station and placed charges to destroy the reactor and turbine while shouting "Power to the people!"  It is uncertain whether any of the terrorists escaped the massive blast, but their sabotage causes a fluke nuclear reaction in the atomic chamber that created the creature known as Zzzax.
           First appearance:  IH #166

Abe    In an alternate reality, one of the thieves who broke into the Guggenheim Museum and run afoul of Conan who is trying to return to his own time.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #13

Abercrombe   A police officer in NYC.  In his first appearance, he was one of the first officers on site on the southern side of Central Park where Thor I had apprehended some fleeing felons in record time.  It is uncertain if he had been in the car that was initially pursuing the carload of criminals.  The conversation between and his partner, Finch, as they mop up the scene turns to what someone with his power could do if he turned bad.
            First appearance: TH1 #237

ABG News    A small TV newsreel company in NYC who was managed by a man that was a friend of Don Blake.  In its first appearance, in the midst of an attack by the Grey Gargoyle on the city, Blake called in a favor from his manager friend, getting him to contact Tony Stark to borrow his 3-D Imager.  They rigged it to the handle bars of a motorcycle, wrapped in the case of one of their cameras, so that Blake could produce a hologram of Thor to lure the villain to his doom.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #107

Ability Assimilator    Device used by Ixar who was attempting to remove the powers of the Avengers and put them in his Ultroid Robots.
            First appearance:  AV1 #37

Abomination    (Emil Blonsky)  Spy posing as an MP on Gamma Base, accidentally exposed to Gamma Rays, after Dr. Banner preset his Gamma Ray machine to kill the Hulk, which gave him his powers, exceeding even those of the Hulk, and a hideous reptilian appearance that gained him his name.  Unlike the Hulk, he maintained his intelligence.  Arch enemy of the Hulk  After his earliest fight with the Hulk, he bests the green goliath and is taken by the Stranger back to his own world to be his champion [TtA1 #91].  He escapes and ends up back on Earth, where he fights the Silver Surfer, but is sent back by a coven of witches [SS1 #12].  He arrives on the Stranger's Planet, and, in trying to escape, ends up bringing Thor I there.  He fools the thunder god into freeing the other prisoners and tussling with the Stranger, but Thor creates a time warp and tosses the Abomination back in the holding cell with the others [TH1 #178].    Later, while out in space, he attaches himself to the crew of Xeron the Starslayer and eventually becomes his first mate, and ultimately the Hulk's boss when they come to Earth, but after several failed attempts to kill him old enemy, they both return to Earth [IH #136-7].  When he resurfaces, thanks to an errant missile, he has amnesia, and strikes a bargain with Gen. Thunderbolt Ross to eliminate the Hulk.  in the fight, he regains the last two years of memory, but gets the snot beat out of him [IH #159].  He teams up with the Rhino to take over Project Greenskin and plan to blow it up with a gamma bomb, but the plan is thwarted by Hulk, Jim Wilson, and their own thick skulls [IH #171].  Later, when Hulkbuster Base is being rebuilt, he is locate beneath the ground in a coma, and Doc Samson revives him, but with a bomb implanted in his skull so he would be forced to do their bidding to capture the Hulk [IH #194].  During the fight down in Florida, after the bomb is damaged, he manages to convince Hulk that their pals, and they attack Kennedy Space Center.  Betty convinces the green goliath otherwise, and Abomination explodes in a stolen rocket and is assumed dead [IH #195-6].  In later continuity, he becomes an outcast living in the sewers below NYC.
            First appearance and origin:  TtA1 #90 

Abomination FY    In the Forever Yesterday alternate reality, he has the same appearance as his counterpart in our reality, so presumably the same powers and origin.  He was among the heroes gather together by Magneto FY and the Mutant Resistance Force as an army to overthrow the tyrannical empress, Sphinx II.
            First appearance:   NW #12

A Bonneheure Motel    One of the many motels located in Rutland VT.  It was first seen when Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, and Len and Glynis Wein came up for the Halloween Parade, and they parted company in the parking lot with their hitch riders, Hank McCoy and Vera Cantor.
            First appearance:  AA2 #16

Abrams    A scientist in the St. Louis area who was brought out by police to Forest Park near the Planetarium to investigate the 4000 mysterious holes that had appeared there.  He couldn't make heads nor tails of them or their pattern or the red dust that was contained in each, not at least until he'd done more tests back at his lab.  Until that time, he was asked to keep the matter mum by the presiding officer, Det. Lt. Alex Quinn, but the story leaked any way.
          First appearance:  MSL1 #16

Abrams, Raf    A cameraman (supposedly one of the best in the business) working for WEST-TV.  It is uncertain if this is the same cameraman who had been working with Harmony Whyte right along and was never identified as such.  In his first appearance, he was called in by general manager Carl Braden to help him cover the Human Fly's latest stunt (climbing Mt. Whitney and skiing down the other side) and hopefully to uncover the daredevil's secret ID.  Several times he tried to look out for his boss' better interest, but the man's obsession with exposing the Fly got the better of him.  When he refused his offer to allow them to steer his Snow Sled from his own while out on the slope following the daredevil, Carl ended up getting too close to the Fly and crashing his machine, nearly causing his death.
            First appearance:  HF #13

ABS    The television network where Tracy Warner works.  She was able to get access to Col. Kragg's command center, set up to deal with Ten-For, on the pretense that she was trying to get a story about the raid the colonel had staged in midtown Central City to capture Machine Man.
            First mention:  MM #6

Absorba-Bomb    Powerful explosive device employed by the Inhumans to destroy the Great Barrier around the Great Refuge.  The device proved too powerful for the job and was diffused by Blackbolt.
            First appearance:  FF1 #54

Absorbatron    A new nuclear device invented by Dr. Banner which was to be tested on Astra island, and which the Leader tries to steal twice using his Humanoids, but it is destroyed by the Hulk before anyone can misuse it.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #63        Destroyed:  TtA1 #69

Absorbing Man    (Carl 'Crusher' Creel)  Criminal who was given a magical potion by Loki, which gave him his powers to absorb the properties (and even the appearance) if any substance just by touching it (ie.  if he touches a steel girder, his skin becomes as strong as steel-this even applies to magical and cosmic items).  He is bald and carries a ball and chain (which were with him when he was given his powers and so took on the same mystical ability) as a weapon.  In his first appearance, Creel was imprisoned in a high security penitentiary when Loki, looking for a tool to kill Thor I, sneaked a magical potion in his food.  Immediately, he realized that he had become more powerful than before and went crazy in the mess hall, but, when the guards arrived to take him back into hand, he realized its full potential.  Their rifle shells turned him instantly to steel, and with the help of his ball and chain, he smashed through the wall and escaped.  He hid out in the Black Mountain Swamp area, but he was found there by Thor I.  When the thunder god tries to subdue him, he immediately absorbs his powers, and as Thor pulls one after the other up to use against him, he throws it right back at him.  Their initial tussle is ended when a reporter tries to subdue him with a bundle of dynamite, and while Thor is saving the bonehead, Creel makes himself scarce.  Thor follows his trail of destruction, and while Creel's musing about how far he can go with his power, the thunder god catches up with him for round two.  Thor is a little more careful about their mix-up this time, but, just as they were getting into the thick of it, the thunder god is called away to Asgard.  Absorbing Man walks off looking for a place to hole up and plan his next move [JiM1 #114].  He attacks again, but this time is beaten by the thunder god and consigned to space as a cloud of helium [JiM1 #115].  He is located there by Loki who uses his magic to revitalize him and bring him back to Earth, where he encounters Thor in NYC [JiM1 #120].   He absorbs material from a nearby building and grows to enormous size, and takes the power of Thor and uses it against him, and eventually ends up tearing up Asgard, for which he was sent into the void of space by Odin as a punishment [JiM1 #121-3].  Still in Non-Space, he questions Loki about the strange beam that is emitted from Asgard, but the prince of lies is too busy formulating his latest plot to answer him [TH1 AN #2].  He returns to Earth in a rocket piloted by Bruce Banner, and, able to affect objects other than himself, he battles the Hulk.  He is buried beneath tons of rock in the Nevada desert and assumed dead [IH1 #125].  He is freed by Loki and compelled to go to NYC to kill Thor.  After kicking the thunder god's butt, he follows the voice in his head to Rutland, VT. and learns who his benefactor is [TH1 #206].  He hides out in the nearby woods and ambushes Thor when he arrives.  The fight goes well for him until he falls into the nearby lake, dissipating into the water and assumed dead [TH1 #207].  After months of recovery, Creel, trying to be smarter this time, shows up in NYC to get revenge on Thor.  After tagging Thor's mallet at Midtown Hospital, he proceeds to use the Uru power to beat the thunder god into the ground [TH1 #235].   He kicks the snot out of Thor, but gets so cocky that he gets fooled into losing again, when the thunder god tricks him with a cardboard Mjolnir.  After cold cocking him, Thor had him sealed in a cardboard box to keep him from breaking free [TH1 #236].  The box was put into the Men's Detention Center, but a smash and grab break out broke a water pipe above the box, and Creel escaped.  Just as he was starting to tear up the town, he was taken by They Who Wield Power, given a new costume (yellow and blue) and sent after the Hulk [IH #208].  GA:  Masters of Evil IV.  REL:
            First appearance and origin:  JiM1 #114

Abyss of Chaos    A spell that opens up a mystical bottomless pit that is manned by a creature that resembles an eye with tentacles into which an opponent falls and slowly dies.  Cyrus Black used the spell when he was dueling with Dr. Strange in the Dimension of Dreams, but the spell was broken when his old foe exposed the fact that his new found power, supposedly provided by his new ally, Nightmare, was all an illusion.
            First appearance:  DrST2 #34

Abyss of Eternity    The fabled cliff in the world of Sandt that is an opening in space and dimension which, if entered, would drop a person through the space in between, possibly forever.  Mongu, after being bested by the Man-Thing, became shunned by his people for his failure, and seeing no other recourse, cast himself into the Abyss.  He fell for what seemed to be forever, but was rescued by Maha Yogi, who was able to move between the dimensions more freely.
            First appearance: IH #211

Abyss of Shadows    A presumably bottomless pit in Asgard.  In its first appearance, Ulik is knocked into the pit while fighting with Thor I and was thought to have perished [TH1 #152].  He however managed to halt his descent and found a side tunnel (Odin-Cave) that was filled with rocks that shown with blinding light (Enchanti-Stones) [TH1 #153].  Upon further investigation, he found the Cave of Ages and thoughtlessly freed Mangog [TH1 #154].
            First appearance:  TH1 #152

Acanti    A race of huge whale-like creatures which the Brood use as starships.
            First appearance:  UXM #156

Accuser Patrol    The Kree police force under Ronan the Accuser.  Although trained, they are no match for a Kree soldier, particularly one like Captain Marvel I, who, when he encountered several of their vehicles in Rad-Nam, had his powers boosted by the entity known as Zo.
            First appearance:  CM1 #15

Ace    The SHIELD agent who was operating the lift in the Helicarrier hangar for Captain America I and Spider-Man after they finished dealing with some AIM bucketheads after they attempted to steal a new guided missile telemetry system.
            First appearance:  MTU #13

Ace    The thug of  art smuggler 'Rembrandt' Rico operating in the NYC area, and, although he has no qualms about shooting super heroes, he does draw the line at icing kids.  He is said to be in the audience outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art when they were holding their Inner City Festival, but he wasn't identified (HF #8).  In his first appearance, he, his boss, and the other smugglers were at a construction site near the museum waiting for the delivery of an ancient urn promised by Copperhead II through the hole that had been opened up to the unused subway tunnel.  Unfortunate for them, Daredevil had spotted them in the audience at the museum and had followed them expecting no good.  When the urn arrived, full of the Human Fly and a bunch of kids, DD made his move and lured the crooks away to nearby Central Park Zoo.  However, when they heard the gunfire, they rushed back despite the hero's efforts.  When they found Copperhead about to waste the kids, they turned on him and gave the other heroes a chance to take the main villain down.  Although the police arrive, it is not shown what becomes of the smugglers.
            First appearance:  HF #9

Ace    A young boy who was playing super hero with his friends in front of Avengers Mansion when one of his pals carried the pretend action out into the street and in front of an oncoming truck.  When his friend was narrowly saved by Captain America I, he and the others gushed about how much they loved him and Falcon.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #228

Ace    One of the would-be bank robbers looking to rob the Elizabeth Bank in NJ who came up with the idea of using the Human Fly's stunt, slated for the Union County State Fair as a diversion to the state police to cover their robbery.  In his first appearance, he and one of his team mates, Buddy, went to the fair grounds to sabotage the Stunt Cannon of the daredevil, which would send him, instead of to the safety net, to the nearby power lines.  Unfortunately, their actions were caught on film by a little girl, and, when they tried to steal the camera to cover their tracks, they were captured by the Human Fly and his crew.  By the incriminating film on the camera, the police, with the help of the Fly captured the rest of the gang as they broke into the bank vault.
            First appearance:  HF #17

Ace Cleaners    A small laundry service located on a corner somewhere between Empire State campus and Mary Jane Watson's apartment.
            First appearance:  ASM #129

Ace Diner    A smaller eatery in NYC that was in the process of being robbed when the thief, on his way out, ran into Carl Lucas, newly back in town.  When the man opened fire on him, he swatted him with his super strength, saving the day's take.  The owner thanked Lucas and gave him a reward, saying that he nailed the guy like a true superhero, and gave Lucas the idea for a new profession.  He got a new costume, printed up business cards, and changed his name to Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.
            First appearance:  HfH #1

Ace Movers    A moving company that operates on the West Coast.  One of their vans is first seen in the small town near the commune in California where Orrin was staying, when he and the girl Judith came into town for supplies.  While the girl was in doing the shopping, some of the locals gave Orrin grief for being a dirty old man with the much younger woman, and he kicked the snot out of them right in front of the van.
            First appearance:  TH1 #236

Ace TV Repair    It is uncertain whether this is actually a viable business in the NYC area or not.  Punisher used the name as cover for his Battlevan in one of his earlier missions where he teamed-up with Spider-Man.  He uses it again as cover when he was hunting down a secret mob meeting in NYC [CAP1 #241].
            First appearance:  GSSM #4

Achernonians    A pre-industrial humanoid race with purple-gray skin from the planet Achernon (4th planet in the Alpha Unakalthai system) some of which have the ability to become immaterial.  In their first appearance, Brahl was recruited in the 31st century by Korvac as one of his lieutenants in his first bid to become the master of the universe, and, as such, was pitted against the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were trying to stop them.  Although his ability to become intangible made it impossible for Vance Astro to engage him, he got his butt kicked when Yondu used one of his Yaka arrows on him [TH1 AN #6].  Members include:  Brahl [1st seen member], 
            First appearance (unnamed):  TH AN. #6

Achilles    (deceased)  One of the greatest Greek warriors in history who was supposed to be immune from harm (because his mother had dipped him in the River Styx as a baby so that everything was impervious except the place on his heel where she held him) and who accompanied Menelaus to Illium for the Trojan War to rescue his stolen wife, Helen.  Early on in the war, Achilles had a falling out with his brother and might have killed him if not for the interference of Athena, but, instead, he quit the war and retired to his ship.  However, after the ninth year, his soul mate, Petroclus took up his discarded armor and entered the fray only to be killed by Hector, and Achilles, donning new armor, reentered the fight and killed Hector, only to be slain by an arrow from Paris (Hector's brother) which caught him in the heel [TH1 AN #8].   REL:  Brother of Agamemnon.
            First appearance in the MU:  TH1 AN #8

A-Chiltarians    A warlike, humanoid race from the planet A-Chiltar III that apparently live for the conquest, sending out scouting parties to likely targets to see if they are ripe for invasion.  They use heavy protective suits, presumably when on other planets, and they communicate through mental impulses.  One of the scouting parties landed on Earth and set up operations on a small uninhabited island off the coast of Greece, and, using a giant robot designed to look like the Cyclops from human mythology, they began to collect their specimens among the local sailors and testing them with their Mental Scope.  They quickly came to the conclusion that humans were an inferior race and were more than ripe for invasion.  Unfortunately for them, their actions not only scared the socks off the other sailors, but it attracted the attention of Ant-Man I and Wasp.  When the diminutive heroes learned of their intentions, they went on the attack, using a hive of wasps and even their own giant robot against them.  The rout quickly changed their minds about the readiness of the human race for invasion and fled the planet.  Members include:  Kraglin [first named member],
            First appearance:  TtA1 #46

     A-Chiltarians' Cyclops Robot    A fifty foot tall robot made to resemble the Cyclops from Greek mythology and was being used by the A-Chiltarian scout force to collect specimens among the local sailors so their minds could be tested to see if the planet was ripe for invasion.  Because of its size, it not only picked up the people, it either wrecked or picked up their boats as well and brought them to their master, who controlled it with their brain impulses.  Soon, however, sailors started to avoid the area off the coast of Greece, and his actions drew the attention of Ant-Man I and Wasp.  It clipped their boat, and the two heroes followed it back to their base of operations on an uninhabited island, where they learned the plans of the aliens.  While Jan freed the sailors, Hank took on the giant, flying in through his mouth and infiltrating the creature's 'brain'.  He quickly manipulated the electronics to allow him to supercede the aliens' commands with his Cybernetic Helmet and turned the robot on its masters, driving them from the planet.  He then ordered the creature to walk off into the ocean where it sank into the surf and was lost.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #46

     A-Chiltarians' Mental Scope    A device that the aliens were using to read the mental impulses of their human captives to see if the planet was ready for an invasion. It was a helmet of sorts that fit down over the head of a subject, and when activated evidently cause some little discomfort.  It also caused severe feedback on Ant-Man I and Wasp when it fed in through their cybernetic circuits on their helmets, and forced Hank to set up a jamming signal to save them from the excruciating pain.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #46

Achmed    One of the Sword of Justice agents sent to capture the Black Widow when she learned too much about Operation Poseidon.  When they hunted her down right into Central Park, they got the unexpected bonus of capturing the Thing as well.
            First appearance:  MTO #10

Achmed    One of the Living Pharaoh's men who delivered the trussed up Havok to the Egyptian embassy in an ambulance.
            First appearance:  MTU #69

Acid-rain World    One of the Hulk's crossroad realities.
            First appearance:  IH1 An. #13

Ackerdson, Henry    The Marketing VP for Damage Control.

Acme Destructo Armor    (see:  Stark International's Acme Destructo Armor)

Acme Electrical Supply    An electronics company based in NYC who had one of its panel delivery trucks stolen by the Automatoids of Quasimodo in his bid for world domination by connecting himself to all the computers in the world.
            First mention:  MTU #22

Acme Eraser Co., LTD.    The bogus company created by Dr. Faustus to cover up the fact that he'd gathered a small army of thugs together to help him seize control of the entire island of Manhattan.  He used it to charter a plane from the west coast to transport his 'employees' to the east coast so there would be no questions of impropriety raised.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #192

Acme Warehouse    A defunct building on Satterfield Ave. in the South Bronx just off the Harlem River where AIM had set up their Launching Facility capable of launching ICBMs.
            First appearance (unnamed):  MsM #3     Named:  MsM #10

Acolytes    The unsolicited disciples of Magneto led by Fabian Cortez.
            First appearance:  XM #1

Acoustic Insulations LTD.    A company that Kyle Richmond I thinks might be obsolete after being shown the Wakandan Sound Absorber and so has his broker sell his stock in it.
            First mention:  DEF #86

Acrobat    (Carl Zante)  A former circus performer (considers himself the world's greatest acrobat) turned career criminal  who employs his advanced gymnastic abilities and tactical skills to commit master crimes.  Although he as a character from Marvel's golden age, his first modern appearance found him in Glenville convincing the Human Torch II that he was being exploited by the Fantastic Four, and he recruited him for his own 'super hero' team, the Torrid Twosome.  Their first job came when there was a report that a teller had been locked in a time lock vault at Glenville Savings Bank, but, after Johnny burned his way inside, Zante came clean about his real intentions when he sprayed the Torch with liquid asbestos and shot him before making off with the cash.  Outside, he encountered the Torch's former teammates, and they kept him busy long enough for the Torch, revealing that he was on to him all along and had just played along from the start, was recovered enough to take him down solo [ST1 #106].   He returns months later posing as the comic book hero, Captain America and uses the celebrity of the golden age alter ego as leverage to get at one of the Glenville banks.  He nearly succeeds, but the Human Torch tumbles to his rouse and exposes his real identity before handing him over to the police[ST1 #114].  GA:  Torrid Twosome.
            First modern appearance:  ST1 #106

    Acrobat's Floating Sky Platform    A hovering platform sustained by twin helicopter blades with an Aerobee type escape rocket and operated by remote control.  In its first appearance, Acrobat had intended to use it as his escape vehicle after robbing the Glenville bank as Captain America, but as he called it in with the miniature control panel after emptying the safe and was lifted up into the platform by a hydraulic tether line with his loot, the Human Torch II caught up to him and caused the rocket to fire prematurely, just as he climbed into the capsule.  Capsule fired without the rest of the rocket, launching it only a short distance, and Acrobat was forced to bail out before it crashed.  He caught up to the crash site to recover the loot, but there he was captured and unmasked by the Torch.
          First appearance:  ST1 #114

Acroyear, (Prince/King)    (His name is unpronounceable)   The heir apparent to the throne as King of the Acroyears, who was deposed briefly by his brother when Baron Karza Though-Washed his people into thinking he was dead and later exiled as a traitor.  He has the super strength, ferocity, and endurance of his people; his armor is white, black and red with wide fins on his helmet, and his weapon of choice is his power sword.  GA:  Micronauts, Acroyears.  REL:  Husband of Cilicia.  Brother of Shaitan.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #1

Acroyears    The powerful, fanatical, armored race of warriors from the severe world of Spartak, once ruled by Prince Acroyear, now followers of Baron Karza under the alliance with their new ruler, Prince Shaitan who deposed the rightful heir to the throne. He was able to do this when Karza Thought-Wiped the entire race into believing that Prince Acroyear was dead. Rarely seen outside their individually unique armor, they are human in shape with gray skin (except for Shaitan who is an albino), but without noses or hair.  Millennia ago, their race came to Spartak and made peace with the Worldmind, which allowed them to settle there, but the harshness of the environment hardened them into the greatest warriors of the Miocroverse.  As such, some of the rituals and customs of their race seem a bit harsh and barbaric to outsiders, including that of Blood Feud.  Their number includes:  Prince Acroyear, Prince Shaitan [First seen members], Cilicia, Tribal Leader, Fleet Commander [MIC1 #9], Vespian [MIC1 #21],
            First appearance (armored):  MIC1 #1        Out of armor:  MIC1 #9        Origin:  MIC1 #12

     Acroyear Fleet    The armada of Acroyear spacecraft overseen by the Fleet Commander.  A once formidable force that was decimated by Baron Karza's fleet when he invaded Spartak.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #9

Actor, the    (deceased)  A super spy who has the uncanny ability to alter his appearance to impersonate others in a matter of seconds.  It is uncertain whether this is done entirely with make-up effects or if he possessed a mutant power.  He offered his services to the Red Barbarian to steal the plans for Stark Industries' new Disintegrator Ray, and nearly pulled it off impersonating Stark himself.  But the real Tony got wise to the plan from his underlings and captured him behind the Iron Curtain.  Turning the tables, he impersonated the Actor and got him in Dutch with his boss, so when he finally was freed and arrived at  HQ without the plans, the Barbarian had him shot.
            First appearance and death:  ToS1 #42

Adair, Val    One of four SHIELD agents whose patriotism caused them to exceed the parameters of their duties in the take over of Stark International.  In their first appearance, while overseeing the security detail at the NATO/SHIELD Defense Expo, they were also overseeing the operation where Spymaster was supposed to be breaking into SI to steal records of their stockholders.  Unfortunately, they also expanded his service to include the assassination of Tony Stark.  When Iron Man thwarts both operations, they take it in stride and vow to get the job done next time by doing it themselves.  When Tony Stark arrives right in their hands on the Heli-Carrier (put specifically into Val's), and makes the mistake of hacking their computers, they try again by gassing him and tossing him off the ship.  He returns as Iron Man and, after discovering their plan, takes them out none too gently [IM1 #118].  It is assumed that they were taken into custody with their  compatriot, Buck Richlen, who tried to blame them for the fiasco [IM1 #119].  GA:  SHIELD
               First appearance (unnamed):  IM1 #117     Named:  IM1 #118

Adam     (see:  Spyros)

Adam    One of the kids from IS. 44 attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Inner City Festival where the Human Fly performed one of his death defying stunts.  After the show, while being given a person tout of the museum by curator Margarita Mercado, they ended up in the middle of a daring robbery by Copperhead II, which came to a head while they were in the ancient Greek exhibit.  They hid behind a giant urn to protect them from the gunfire while White Tiger duked it out with the villain, and ended up as part of the robbery when the urn dropped down into the abandoned subway tunnel below the museum.  Adam was identified when he was the first to spot the Fly going after Copperhead as they sank into the floor with the urn [HF #8].  They rode the urn out like a roller coaster through the abandoned subway tunnel and were met by waiting art smugglers.  Fly teams up with White Tiger and Daredevil and settles the hash of Copperhead and the smugglers [HF #9].
            First appearance: HF #8

Adam    The surly but loyal servant of Gideon.
            First appearance:  XFAC #?

Adamantium    A metallic alloy discovered by Dr. Myron MacLain (McLean) that, once mixed and cooled in nearly indestructible.  It was originally brought to the Avengers to test its durability when it was first stolen by Ultron-5, who coated himself in the molten metal becoming Ultron-6.  Kenji Oyama (Lord Dark Wind) was the first to develop a process of  melding it to bone.  This is the metal that was bonded to Wolverine's skeleton by the Weapon X program.  In upstate NY, Prof. Paxton Pentecost created a fully automated and self sustaining factory known as FAUST made out of Adamantium alloy.  The factory was destroyed thanks to the efforts of Blastaar [MTU #18].  FAUST became sentient inside the ruins, and created a new suit of armor out of Adamantium for Stilt-Man [TH1 #269].  FAUST launches an Adamantium Rocket from his base to carry the living computer into space [TH1 #270].
            First appearance:  AV1 #66

Adam-II    In an alternate reality, Prof. Phineas Horton made a second attempt at creating synthetic life (after the original Human Torch), only this time the results were evil.  He hatched a plot to kidnap John Kennedy and replace him with an android duplicate, but, even after killing the second Captain America, the All-Winners Squad II foiled his plot.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #4

Adams     A union delegate at Stark Industries who, while the Phantom was sabotaging the plant left and right, threatened to have the men go on strike if Stark couldn't catch the criminal and guarantee their safety again.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #63

Adams, Commander    The LAPD officer in charge of the operation trying to stop what they thought was a run of the mill robbery of the Valley National Bank.  When Black Goliath arrived on the scene, he was very skeptical of his use in this situation until he realized that the thief was none other than Stilt-Man.
            First appearance:  BG #4

Adams, Murdoch    An adventurer who, while trekking across England, runs afoul of the Ludi followers and saves the girl, Lenore Wilkins, that they were preparing to sacrifice.  After hearing the tale of the resurgence of the demon, he decided to put an end to the thing himself.  He prepared to perform an exorcism, but the creature chased him into the church and up into the belfry to stop him.  He accidentally rang the bells, and the noise banished the creature back to its own dimension.  When he returned to the girl, she asked him to stay and his wandering days were over.  It is later revealed that in the years that follow, the demon's brother, Ningal, to get revenge, plagues his life from then on out and ends up killing his beloved Lenore.  Not caring any more, he attacks the demon, and a talisman he was wearing caused the two to be locked in a block of lambent energy where they remained until both were freed by the Dweller in Darkness several months later.  Adams ended up in NYC and immediately sought the aid of Stephen Sanders, Dr. Strange's alter ego that had been expunged some time ago, but he wasn't affected by the spell to wipe him away being in magical suspended animation. Strange returns with him to England where he is reunited with his fiancée (his other beloved?), Marcia Trent, whose family had also been plagued by Ningal, and plans to check out the local Ningal cult [DrST2 #35-6].  He discovers the hard way that his fiancée is actually in thrall to the demon when she drugs and tries to kill him.  His talisman saves him again, but kills Marcia, who, before she dies, tells him that she's finally free of the demon [DrST2 #37].
            First appearance:  CHB #4

Adams, Sam    An old musician friend of Carol Danvers who was in attendance at her farewell party from Woman magazine.  The two of them played guitar together, but the impromptu jam session  was interrupted by a very drunk Dr. Mike Barnett, who didn't like the cozy scene.  Their relationship heats up, and, even though she invites him in for breakfast after their most recent date, he takes a rain check [MsM #23].
            First appearance:  MsM #22

Adamson, Prof. Abraham  (deceased)  An archeologist who spent many years hunting down the resting place of the legendary Golem, but, once he had uncovered him from his tomb in the Sahara, he was killed by soldiers from a near-by war under Col. Omar, and, as his last act, he merged his spirit with that of the creature as sort of a symbiosis.  Although apparently not in conscious control of the creature, Golem now becomes active when the Professor's young relatives (who were with him at the dig) become endangered, and because of his influence, they have a limited control over it.  REL:  Uncle of Rebecca and Jason Adamson.
            First appearance and death:  ST1 #174

Adamson, Maj. David    One of the military personnel at the Cape, the love interest of astronaut Salia Petrie, and old friend of Carol Danvers.  In his first appearance, when Carol came down to interview Salia for her approaching space shot, they were both worried about her mental and physical state, not realizing that she had recently began leading a double life as Ms. Marvel.  He and Salia are sent out by Gen. Bridges to investigate a downed bogie (Ms. Marvel and the ICBM that carried the Doomsday Man) and find Carol unconscious in the wreckage [MsM #4].
            First appearance:  MsM #3

Adamson, Jason    The college student who was assisting his uncle the archeologist in uncovering his life's work, the Golem, but, once they had found the legendary creature, their camp was invaded by soldiers under Col. Omar, and their uncle was killed.  Omar took him, his sister and her boyfriend captive, not realizing that the uncle, with his dying breath, had merged his spirit with the creature.  The Golem rescued them, and they attempted to bring the creature back to their home at San Pedro University, but he ship was attacked by Air-Demons sent by Kaballa.  Golem saved them again from the elementals, and, when the ship was destroyed, saved them again by hauling them to shore on a nearby island.  They brought Golem back to St. Petersburg, and they were attacked again by Kaballa, this time with fire demons.  Later, Kaballa managed to cut them off from controlling the Golem and took partial control of the creature, but they were reunited with it with the help of the Thing, defeating the Unclean again [MTO #11].  REL:  Nephew of Prof. Abraham Adamson.  Brother of Rebecca Adamson.
            First appearance:  ST1 #174

Adamson, Rebecca   The college student who was assisting his uncle the archeologist in uncovering his life's work, the Golem, but, once they had found the legendary creature, their camp was invaded by soldiers under Col. Omar, and their uncle was killed.  Omar took her, her boyfriend, Wayne Logan, and her brother captive, not realizing that the uncle, with his dying breath, had merged his spirit with the creature.  The Golem rescued them, and they attempted to bring the creature back to their home at San Pedro University, but he ship was attacked by Air-Demons sent by Kaballa.  Golem saved them again from the elementals, and, when the ship was destroyed, saved them again by hauling them to shore on a nearby island.  They brought Golem back to St. Petersburg, and they were attacked again by Kaballa, this time with fire demons.  Later, Kaballa managed to cut them off from controlling the Golem and took partial control of the creature, but they were reunited with it with the help of the Thing, defeating the Unclean again [MTO #11].  REL:  Niece of Prof. Abraham Adamson.  Sister of Rebecca Adamson.
            First appearance:  ST1 #174

Adam-Unit    (see:  Zero)  Algorhythmic Wavelength Dampening Ambient-Energy Absorbing Modular Unit.  An all white humanoid construct  that was created to absorb and retain memories of all energy signatures deemed warlike and a threat and whose programming parameters were to ensure the preservation of Biosanctuary Earth III.  There were thirteen of these devices made, and they display their model number on their blank faces when they are activated.  The units include:  Zero [first seen unit],
            First partial appearance:  DPCC LTD #3      First full (as Zero):  DPCC LTD #4

Adaptoid    (see:  Super Adaptoid)  An android created by AIM to destroy Captain America that could impersonate anyone he sees, including Jarvis, Agent Axis, Bucky I, and finally Cap himself, also impersonating his abilities, before being mistakenly defeated by the Tumbler.
            First part appearance:  ToS1 #81     Full appearance:  ToS1 #82

Addy, Mall    A scientist on the planet Maltriculon who, when he had invented the next big advancement in nutrition, namely the ultimate food enhancer, he was kidnapped by Nasty McBurne, for his boss Banger McCrusher, whose mob owned and operated an international food outlet, including a franchise of burger restaurants.  He was rescued by the Thing and Hulk, who had been duped by the Federation of Maltriculon into doing the job.
            First appearance:  MGN #29

Adelphia Mission    The NASA mission in space manned by Ray Coffin and Phillip Prometheus where the two became friends.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #5

Aditi    (see:  Gaea)    Aditi is seen when Gaea is explaining to Thor I about her other incarnations and how he came to be [TH1 #301].
            First appearance:  TH1 #301

Adler, Irene    (see:  Destiny II)

Admiral Television Appliance    A store located in the Los Angeles of Counter-Earth that was seen when Adam Warlock and his followers came into the city after the evil that he had sensed.  It is presumed that they sold major appliances and electronics by their name.
            First appearance: WAR #1

Adonis   (deceased)   (Eric Cameron)  A dying electronics magnate who, to preserve his life, tried to have an LMD made for him to live forever, but the process was sabotaged by his son, and what came out was a gigantic twisted freak, that, although revolting to look at, was nonetheless incredibly strong and nearly invulnerable.  Eric had founded Cameron Electronic and built it up into a thriving factory, but, when his health began to flag, more and more of the resources of the plant were redirected to keeping him alive, until it reached a point where that seemed to be their only focus.  However, there finally came the time when nothing they could do would keep him alive, and he redirected some of the resources into forming a small army of costumed goons in a slim chance at survival.  He had them steal the SHIELD Master Matrix and planned to create the perfect body for himself, one that would live forever, and he came to call the concept Adonis.  Once he had the Matrix in his possession, knowing that he had very limited time left, he started the process immediately, but, just before the new body was complete, his son, who was tired of living in his shadow, and very tired of waiting for him to die, sabotaged the equipment, pumping way too much energy into it.  Despite the best efforts of Captain America I (who had followed the Matrix after it had been stolen), the equipment went critical and exploded.  However, in his new body, Cameron survived it, but the resultant form was twisted and unfinished.  As he crawled from the burning wreckage, he learned that his son had been responsible for what happened, and he was not pleased by the betrayal [CAP1 #243].  He tries to kill his son, but when Cap intervenes, he goes on a rampage and does a lot of damage to the factory as he makes his escape outside.  The authorities lose him in the woods; he hides in a nearby lake until nightfall and then hitches a ride into the city.  There, he quickly comes to the conclusion that his new goal in life is to destroy anything beautiful, but before he does much more than wreck a statue in Central Park, Cap is back and trying to stop him.  The chase leads to a nearby construction site, and in the ensuing fight, Adonis is electrocuted and killed [CAP1 #244].  His body was hauled away in an ambulance when the police arrived to clean up the mess [CAP1 #245].  REL:  Father of Brady Cameron.
            First appearance and origin:  CAP1 #243     Killed:  CAP1 #244

Adora, Queen   (Deceased)    The Suzerain (leader) of Xandar who travels to Earth seeking aid for her planet which was being attacked by Emperor Dorrek and the Skrull fleet.  REL:  Wife of Nova-Prime.
            First appearance:  FF1 #203

Adrian    An actress working for Democracy Pictures during WWII.  In her first appearance, starring as the heroine in the climax of "The Adventures of Captain America" serial, she almost got deep fried by the heat ray that was only supposed to be a prop.  It was replaced by a saboteur, Lyle Dekker, and she might have been killed if not for the fast action of the real Captain America I and Bucky I.
            First appearance: CAP1 #219

Adrian    A woman who was caught on a collapsing bridge after an earthquake, and, when the She-Hulk stepped up to hold the thing together long enough for everyone to get to safety, she was blamed for the disaster.
            First appearance:  SSH #5

Advanced Idea Mechanics    (see:  AIM)

Advanced Machine Exhibit    An exhibition being held in NYC at the Coloseum featuring the latest in mechanical technology including the Grappler which was used by Mr. Hyde and Cobra in a trap they'd set up for Thor I [JiM1 #105].  Thor manages to trick the villains into breaking their own trap, and while he's subduing Cobra, Hyde becomes Calvin Zabo and slides out with the crowd [JiM1 #106].
            First appearance:  JiM1 #105

Advanced Science Research Center    (City Atomic Research Center)  A storehouse located in NYC containing the greatest scientific secrets in the world, including the Atracto-Spheres and the cocoon of Him.  Pluto, seeing it as one of the few things that could hamper his plan to invade the 20th century with an army of future Mutates, he teleported it to that post nuclear apocalyptic world via his Time Funnel.

"Adventures of Captain America, The"    A movie produced by Democracy Pictures and directed by Whit Spencer during WWII to stir up patriotism in the general public featuring a stylized version of the star spangled hero in action.  Unfortunately, it became the target for axis sabotage, and the president himself brought in the real Captain America I and Bucky I to prevent anything from happening to the production.  After the actor portraying the star spangled hero (Glenn Reeper) was injured during an 'accident', the real McCoy stepped in to finish the picture.  When a second accident nearly took the life of the heroine of the picture, Adrian, it became obvious that the culprit was one of the prop men, Lyle Dekker, and, after he was dispatched by the heroes, the rest of the film was finished without a hitch.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #219

Adversary    (form. Naze)  Ancient Indian mystical being bent on destroying the universe.  SP:
            First appearance:  UXM #227

Aedi    A planet in the Milkyway Galaxy that is the only source of a radioactive ore that is the only known cure for Hlavac's Disease.  Their people are benevolent humanoids with no noses and elongated skulls.  When the Silver Surfer contracted the disease, they offered him the amount of the treatment that would be necessary to treat a being of his level, despite the fact it would mean the destruction of their own world.
            First appearance:  SS3 #32

Aegyptia    Homeworld's most ancient citadel located underground in the Syanite Desert in the Desert Zone of Homeworld.  It is ruled by Prince Pharoid, who, with his Desert Demons, is strongly opposed to the dictates of Baron Karza, despite that this was his birth place.  The only road to reach the fortified city is the Avenue of Ancestors.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #24

Aegyptians    Rebels, whose fighting force is know as the Desert Demons, dwelling in the Desert Zone of Homeworld ruled by Prince Pharoid.  They are the oldest race on the capitol of the Microverse, living in underground Aegyptia, and their clothing and culture has a distinct ancient Egyptian influence.  They ride bird-like mounts called Ostra, and are the sworn enemies of the Centauri and Baron Karza.  They are the ones responsible for saving Slug II from Shaitan at the Grey Oasis.  Their number include:  Prince Pharoid, margrave [first seen members],
            First appearance:  MIC1 #23

Ael-Dan, Gen.    A skinned Kree officer who conspired with Dar-Benn to unseat the current Emperor, Clumsy Foul-up.  They, along with six other conspirators including Corp. Aa-Garn, devised a plan to not only assassinate the tax happy idiot, but get the Skrulls blamed for it in the process.  They had the scientist, Dr. Kaer-Linn create a Silver Surfer Robot that would attack the Emperor very publicly, claiming to do it in the name of his Skrull masters, and on cue they would arrive and destroy the assassin.  They put the plan in motion as soon as Foul-up announced that he would be doubling taxes to make up for the missing Kree (Infinity Gauntlet), and managed to kill him, and his Chief Controller, Dwi-Zann.  They then seized joint control of the Empire, killed the doctor and destroyed all evidence linking them to the plot.  Ael is a blue skinned Kree with short white hair.
            First appearance:  SS3 #53

Aelfric    (see:  Mad Monk)

Aeneas    (deceased)  A prince of Dardanus who came to the aid of King Priam when the Greeks attacked Troy to try and retrieve Helen.  In his first appearance, he had sneaked out of the city to hunt for food and run across the amnesiac Thor I, and they returned to the city in time for the dingle combat between Paris and Menelaus.  When the war resumed, he and Pandarus teamed-up in a chariot to join the fight, but Pandarus was killed by Diomedes, who wounded Aeneas severely.  He was saved by the interference of his mother and of the thunder god, who got him inside to safety and then took his name onto the battle field.  At the end of the war, Thor returned to say his goodbyes before returning to his own home.  His story ends with that of the other Trojans when the Trojan Horse got the Greeks inside the wall [TH1 AN #8].    REL:  Son of Aphrodite and King Anchises.
            First appearance in the MU:  TH1 AN #8

Aeolus    (see:  Aireo)  The name erroneously given to the air current glider by Maximus when first exiled to his island.

Aerians    An advanced winged race from the Savage Land.
            First appearance:  KAZ #2

Aerivar XVIII, King     King of the Bird People, put in suspended animation after WWII by Red Raven when his leaders decided to invade the Earth.  Died sometime while in stasis, discovered only when Raven tried to reanimate his people.
            First appearance:  RED RAVEN COMICS #1 (Aug. '40)    First modern:  UXM #44    Discovered dead:  SUB #26

Aerobionic Helmet    The battle helmet of Galactic Defender which sealed out all the outside impurities that might infect him on his home planet of Paradise III and kept him from aging during his million year vigil.
            First appearance:  MIC AN #1

Aeroika    One of the Winged-Ones in Tunnel World who escaped from Ogean and helped the Defenders bring the downfall of the Unnamble One and free his people and all the peoples of the alien dimension.
            First appearance:  DEF #78        Origin:  DEF #79

Aero-Space Limited    An aeronautical manufacturing company that was a direct competitor of Stark International.  In their first mention, they somehow got the patent on Tony Stark's new Rescue-Jet two months before they filed from SI.
            First mention:  IM1 #92

Aesir, the    (see:  Asgardians)  The Norse Gods.  The immortal pantheon of Norse mythology residing in Asgard which started with the first god, Buri, who sprang forth from the ice above the Well of Life.  He gave birth to Borr, who took a wife, Bestia, and had three children, Odin, Ve, and Vili.  And after the three brothers settled the wild lands against such threats as Surtur and the Frost Giants, the rest of the gods followed.  It is revealed that there was an elder Aesir back before the first Ragnarok [TH1 #293].  Members include:  Thor I [first seen member], Heimdall, Tyr (part.), Balder (part.), Odin, Loki [JiM1 #85], Vidar [JiM1 #90], Neri, Fricka (Frigga) [JiM1 #92], Buri, Borr, Bestia, Vili, Ve [JiM1 #97], Balder (full), Sif [JiM1 #102], Executioner, Enchantress [JiM1 #103], Agnar, Gotron [JiM1 #104], Honir [JiM1 #106],
            First appearance (unnamed):  JiM1 #84        Named and Origin:  JiM1 #97

Aesir (elder)    In the former elder Asgard, the collection of gods (which were counterparts to the current Norse pantheon) was called the Aesir instead of Asgardians, and, following Ragnarok but prior to the rise of the current Asgard, the name was applied to the nine gods that survived the doomsday.  They are first seen in the elder Asgard defending the archaic structure from the fell armies led by the elder Loki.  Most of them die, as was prophesied, but, after Surtur cleanses the realm with his fire, nine of the original Aesir survive, including Balder, Hoder, Hoenir, Ve, Vili, Vani, Vidar, Magni, and Modi, who were known as the Elder Gods [TH1 #293].  When the land began to renew itself, they found themselves living in an idyllic world.  Hoder wanted to find the golden realm that was promised to them; Balder and Hoenir became obsessed by the chess pieces they found of their former countrymen, Magni and Modi found their father's hammer but, not wanting it to affect their new realm, tossed it over the edge; and Ve, Vili, Vidar, and Vani located Gungnir and were transformed into the new Odin.  It is uncertain what happened to the others, but they had disappeared when Odin brought to life the new pantheon of Asgardian gods [TH1 #294].
            First appearance:  TH1 #293

Agama    One of the guards stationed outside the Yashida Manor when the X-Men arrived to ask the help of his master and their old team mate, Sun-fire, and was startled by the thick fog created by Storm.
            First appearance:  UXM #118

Agamemnon I    (Andrei Rostov)  An ex-Russian operative who has become the head of the terrorist organization known as the Sword of Justice and who planned to wreck the east coast of the US with Operation Poseidon, potentially killing hundreds of millions, to right some old wrongs against the oppressors of the world.  A long ago love interest of the Black Widow, something undisclosed changed him from a kind and gentle man to the ruthless, evil one he'd become.  His agents kidnapped the Black Widow (and unexpectedly the Thing) and he gives them a tour of their North Atlantic base before locking them into a specially prepared cell.  When they escaped and put a stop to the operation, he did his best to try and kill Natasha, and would have if Ben hadn't laid him low with the cable from his own explosive device.  GA:  Sword of Justice.
             First appearance:  MTO #10

Agamemnon, King    (deceased)  The high king of Greece at the time of the Trojan War who followed Menelaus to Illium to rescue his captured wife, Helen. Early on in the war, he had a falling out with his brother, and might have been slain if not for the intervention of Athena.  In his first appearance, after nine years of war, he was in attendance for the single combat between Menelaus and the man that stole his wife, Paris, and, when the Trojans cheated with some help from Aphrodite, he called foul and forced Priam to grant them a peace offering.  When one of their warriors tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Menelaus, the war started up again full tilt, not to end until the use of the Trojan Horse to get access to the city   REL:  Brother of Achilles.
            First appearance in the MU:  TH1 AN #8

Agamotto    (see:  Eye of-, Orb of-)  The all seeing.  One of the Vishanti.  In his first appearance, he and the other Vishanti were summoned by Dr. Strange to help him prevent the return of Shuma-Gorath, and, although they had fought the elder creature in the distant past, they refused to help the struggling mage any more than to suspend the aura that was preventing him form using his full magic [MPRM #5]. In his next appearance, he's the hip talking caterpillar right out of Alice in Wonderland who first tests the mettle of Dr. Strange (who had just been mortally wounded and drawn into the Orb of Agamotto) and then sends him on his journey in un-reality toward the center of the Orb.  After Strange finishes his quest, he defeats Silver Dagger and consigns him to the unreality, where he becomes the conversation companion of Agamotto [DrST2 #5].
            First mention of:  ST1 #115     First appearance:  MPRM #5    First appearance (as caterpillar):  DrST1 #1

Agar, Thomas    The corrupt entrepreneur and CEO of Agar Ores who, when he was brought to the mat for swindling Wakanda on a half billion dollar shipment of bad tungsten, arranged to have Hellrazor kidnap him disguised as Black Panther in an attempt to duck out on the debt, and to sway the headlines from his court case to the kidnapping.  The hoax went as far as raiding the Wakandan embassy in an attempt to arrest their leader, but the Panther, with Spider-Man's help, bested the paid thug and caught up with Agar.
           First appearance:  MTU #87

Agarashima    A small city in Japan near Osaka that was the first target of Moses Magnum when he was holding the country hostage with his earthquake machine.  It was the first sight that greeted the eyes f the X-Men as they arrived in the harbor on the Jinguchi Maru.  Luckily most of the city had been evacuated before the attack that shattered the sea side community and left it ablaze.
            First appearance:  UXM #118

Agaron    On a microscopic world, one of the many nations that make up the tiny planet, and the mountainous place where Kronak the Barbarian passed his baptism of blood and flame on his rise to the kingship of Terragonia.
            First mention:  IH #201

Agar Ores    A mineral company owned by Thomas Agar that deals in high grade minerals and delivers the lowest grade they can find.  In their first appearance, their CEO was in court facing criminal charges for swindling Wakanda of half a billion dollars for bad tungsten.  It is revealed however, that it was all a part of a plot to seize some of their Vibranium holdings for their parent company, Roxxon Oil.
            First mention:  MTU #87

Agdistis    (see:  Cybele)

Aged Genghis    An old man who lives in a hidden cave and is the first human to seek knowledge from the Vishanti.  He has mystical sight and undetermined magical knowledge, but his vast age has left him hopelessly senile and mad.  In his first appearance, Dr. Strange came to him seeking information about Eternity, but, in his senility, he gives the mage the wrong scroll, and Strange, in his eagerness to save the Ancient One, ends up in the Dimension of Eternal Doom instead [ST1 #136].  When Clea contacted him for help against the reemerged Dormammu, he, in his magic brazier, conjured an image of the dread one and his followers and declared them already invincible, and she broke contact with him [DrST2 #7].  As he witnesses the events with the dread one, and his and Umar's battle with Dr. Strange, Clea, and Gaea, his senility finally gives way to insanity [DrST2 #9].  Strange seeks him out to help him communicate with Eternity and finds him blissfully insane [DrST2 #10].  When the insane Baron Mordo escapes from Dr. Strange, his astral form is drawn to what he perceives as a kindred spirit, Genghis [DrST2 #11].  Their minds connect, and in an instant, Mordo is no longer insane [DrST2 #12].
            First appearance:  ST1 #136

Agent B-4    The leading AIM agent that was overseeing Arthur Shaman's operation with his Psycho-Conditioner to find the one weakness of Ms. Marvel I and exploit it to kill her.  It was his place to remind the good doctor who was funding his little project and who was actually in control.  When their operation was thwarted by the Defenders, he was one of the first to run.
            First appearance:  DEF #57

Agent Eight    One of Agent Four's underlings at the London branch of Hydra who was ordered to kill his superior when his Operation Warrior failed miserably and was put in his place as head of that section.
            First appearance:  MTO #32

Agent Four    (deceased)  The ambitious Hydra agent who was in charge of the London branch (a small research facility) of the organization, who, in an attempt to place themselves as the head of the whole ball of wax, came up with the hair brained scheme called Operation Warrior where they isolated the genetic code of their captive Spider-Woman I and planned to use it to create an army of invulnerable warriors.  The serum wasn't perfected, and when they used it on Alicia Masters, it turned her into a monster.  When the plan failed, thanks to the Thing, Spider-Woman, and the Invisible Girl, the Supreme Hydra had him killed by one of his underlings, Agent 8, who became his replacement.
            First appearance (unnamed):  MTO #29        Named and killed:  MTO #32

Agent 14    (see:  Coutnessa Valentina De la Fontaine)

Agent H    (Laura Brown, see:  Special Hydra Agent G)  The first undercover agent for the terrorist organization, Hydra.  She had been trained by her father to be one of Hydra's top agents, but as his plan concerning the Betatron Bomb came closer and closer to fruition, she became more and more defiant [ST1 #137], until at last, she aided Nick Fury and SHIELD in bringing about the downfall of the organization for the promise not to harm her father.  After the death of her father and the fall of Hydra, Fury allows her to escape as payback for aiding them [ST1 #140-1].  REL:  Daughter of Imperial H (Arnold Brown).
            First appearance:  ST1 #135

Agent J7-3C    The agent working for MODOK who was stationed at Kennedy Airport and was witness to the scene between Betty Talbot and her father, Gen. Thunderbolt Ross when she lost her mind after receiving word that her husband had been killed while trying to rescue her father.  He reported it immediately to his master, making her the perfect subject for his latest experiments with gamma radiation.  It is assumed that J7-3C is also a member of AIM, but it was not clarified.
            First appearance:  IH #167

Agent K    The operative from Department H who was sent to the US to investigate allegations that Machine Man was responsible for the Hulk being in Canada and fighting Sasquatch (IH1 AN #8) and, when he found that the dossier with the intel was sent by Sen. Brickman, he not only withdrew Alpha Flight from taking custody of the living robot but leaked the story of the whole affair to the press destroying Brickman's career.
            First appearance:  MM #18

Agent Lemon    One of the federal agents keeping tabs on Hellcat and Valkyrie III as a star chamber proceeding prepared and investigation against the Defenders.  When the agents and the two female embers of the team clashed at the Richmond Riding Academy, Lemon distinguished himself by driving off his attackers with no more than a standard issue flare gun, allowing he and his companions to escape.
            First appearance:  DEF #87

Agent M    The SHIELD agent entrusted with the delivery of the Microverse specimens from Prof. Phillip Prometheus' lab to the Fantastic Four in NYC.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #12

Agent M17    One of MODOK's agents who was chosen to test the purloined costume of Ms. Marvel because of her similarity in size, not realizing that the suit's circuitry web had been damaged by her recent fight with Grotesk.  So, try as she might, she couldn't make the suit fly nor did it protect her from one of her master's brain blasts.  He of course blamed her for the failure, and, when he had taken control of Ms. Marvel with their Mind-Ripper, his first test with his new toy was to have the heroine kill his failed agent.  She nearly did before shaking his control of her, but it is uncertain what the woman's fate was after Marvel retrieved her costume and escaped.  GA:  AIM (West Coast)
            First appearance:  MsM #7

Agent 9    (see:  Linda Donaldson)

Agent 19    (see:  Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird)  Dr. Morse's code name as agent of SHIELD.  Nick Fury started using it instead of her real name when the recovery of the Super Soldier Serum became critical after the snafu in England cost them another chance at the formula.
            First used:  AST #18

Agent 1    (see:  Von Kimmer)

Agent 135    A SHIELD agent who was assigned to guard one of the entrances to the SHIELD HQ in NYC.  In his first appearance, Captain America I tries to gain access to the facility to see Nick Fury and was spurned by the guard, who had been given direct orders not to allow him to pass.  Cap was about to argue the point with the snide agent, but Val De la Fontaine stepped in and handled it.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #169

Agent Parnival    (Parnival Plunder, see:  Parnival the Plunderer)  The identity the Plunderer adopted, posing as a SHIELD agent when he attempted to plunder Reed Richard's lab when the Fantastic Four broke up when Mr. Fantastic lost his powers.
            First appearance;  FF1 #191

Agent Prime    One of the upper echelon AIM agents who was overseeing the operation to secure the new transistorized nuclear device from Dr. Ralph Rider.  In his first appearance, he and a bunch of AIM bucket heads on an AIM Hydro-Foil  rendezvoused with the agent on site, Harry Daze, and when he discovered that he had failed in his mission, decided to go in with the troops to secure it himself.  Before they could return to the mainland, their meeting was interrupted by Spider-Man and Nova I, who had been investigating the murder of Dr. Rider, but they were taken down by the real killer, Photon, and Prime was more than happy to dispose of the heroes, chaining them to an oversized anchor and dropping them into the ocean.  They proceeded to Rider's house and took over, driving the police back to surround the property, but when the not so dead heroes arrived, it brought an end to the stand off with an all out fire fight.  He and all the rest of the AIM agents were taken into custody by the Suffolk County Police.  GA:  AIM.
            First appearance: ASM #171

Agent R    Scientist employed by Gregory Gideon to trap the Fantastic Four in a time displacement trap.
            First and only appearance:  FF1 #34

Agent R    The code designation of the government agent that was assigned to defend the entrance to the Project Rebirth laboratory which was disguised to look like an ordinary antique shop.  Although she was a young woman, she was disguised to look like an old crone to throw off any suspicion as the proprietor of the antique shop.  In her first modern appearance, she was on hand when Dr. Anderson and Gen. Phillips entered the shop, and, although they were known to her, she wouldn't let them pass until they gave the correct code phrases.  Only then did she reveal her true appearance, and accompanied them to the lab below to witness Dr. Erskine administer the Super Soldier Serum to Steve Rogers, and also witnessed the death of the doctor at the hands of Heinz Ruger, a Nazi spy.  It is revealed by her supposed daughter, Veda, that she died ten years after Project Rebirth but kept a diary of her past, and used to regale her daughter with tales of Captain America [CAP1 #218].  Cap has SHIELD look up info about Agent R [CAP1 #223].  Dum Dum Dugan digs up a later photo of her, with her face disfigured, but no reason why, and he's ordered to keep looking [CAP1 #225].  REL:  Veda of the Corporation claims to be her daughter.
            First modern appearance: ToS1 #63

Agent 7    One of the SHIELD agents who was a member of Femme Force.  It is uncertain where she made her first appearance, whether it was during the demonstration Femme Force put on for the president in their first appearance in CAP1 #145, but, although not identified, she is among the other members of Femme Force when they are sent out on their first mission, to clean out a Hydra nest in Las Vegas and their Airliner is hijacked by Hydra agents in flight [CAP1 #145].  They take control of the plane and land at Nellis Air Force Base, and, when Captain America I tells them to stay behind while he tries to save the kidnapped Sharon Carter, Val De la Fontaine leads them right into the Hydra base, where they back up the star spangled avenger [CAP1 #146].  They clean out the nest and rescue Sharon, and Cap leaves them to chase down the escaping Supreme Hydra [CAP1 #147].  The follow Sharon out to help Cap stop the Red Skull's Fifth Sleeper, but when they prove ineffective against the giant robot, they switch to damage control to keep the death toll from the nerve gas a minimum.  When the dust settles, Sharon and Val are the ones to get the kudos [CAP1 #148].  GA:  SHIELD.
            First appearance (unnamed):  CAP1 #145     Named:  CAP1 #147

Agent 7M    (Colossus)  The gigantic but luckily superstitious alien scout from Vega Superior who had come to Earth to collect specimens for his people to study back on their planet.  He landed his spacecraft on a peak in the Bora-Buru region of Africa and began to terrorize the locals, finally demanding human sacrifices as a way to secure the specimens he required.  Giant-Man I and Wasp were called in to investigate and quickly realized that they were out matched physically by the 30 foot giant. After getting his butt kicked, GM finally realized what was actually going on, and, having seen how much his size changing seemed to affect the alien, put a plan into action of rapid size change, strike-and-retreat attack.  7M, believing the place to be inhabited by enchanters, beat a hasty retreat back to his own planet.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #58

Agent 74    One of the SHIELD agents who was used against their own Super Agents in an exhibition for Captain America I, who Nick Fury was trying to convince to be their trainer and leader.  He was pitted against Vamp, and, not understanding her powers, thought that she would be an easy conquest with his martial arts skills.  She absorbed his skills and quickly handed him his butt, despite the fact that he was armed with a pair of nun-chukkas.  GA:  SHIELD.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #217

Agent 60    (Col. Kuro Chin) (Deceased)  Special ServiceAgent placed in the Yashonka Arms Research Center by SHIELD to locate the Z-Ray.  When Captain America I arrived to help him complete his duty, he folded under the pressure, but when Cap was cornered, he gave his life to save him.
            First and final appearance:  ToS1 #86

Agent T    (Drew Daniels, see:  Texas Twister)  Code name given to Daniels as an Agent of SHIELD keeping an eye on Johnny Storm.  Disrupted the Dade County Drag Race, but in his Texas Twister guise.
            First appearance:  FF1 #192

Agent 3    (see: Schlag)

Agent 324    (Judith Klemmer)  The SHIELD field agent who was assigned directly by Nick Fury to the task of stopping the work of Baron Ludwig Von Shtupf, who intends to use the raw material from the Frankenstein Monster, Spider-Man, and the Man-Wolf to make an army of super monsters.  He cover is nearly blown when Frank and Spidey escape and the baron's agents were turning the mountain upside down to find them, and they would have captured her if not for the heroics of the two.  The three work together and eventually capture the baron whose tenuous grasp on reality goes out the window, and she has a close encounter with the Man-Wolf and develops a great empathy for the creature and the man trapped inside.  At the end of the ordeal, she and the other SHIELD agents take the Man-Wolf with them.
            First appearance:  MTU #36         First named revealed:  MTU #37

Agent 13    (Peggy Carter)    During WWII a secret agent for the Women's Army Corps. who, posing as a reporter, helped Captain America I and Bucky I break up a Nazi saboteur ring headed by Col. Wolfgang Von Krantz, and later met the star-spangled avenger in Europe and kindled a romance between the two, but, because of the war, it was many years before they saw one another again.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #64

Agent 13 II    (deceased) (see:  Sharon Carter, Agent X, 'Irma Kruhl')  Code name as undercover agent of SHIELD Who, in her first encounter with Captain America I while transporting the radioactive Inferno 42, reminded Cap so much of a girl he fell in love with in Europe during WWII (Peggy Carter, her sister), he falls for her and she becomes his long term love interest until her apparent death.  She ends up teaming up with Cap for his first SHIELD operation since leaving their ranks to take on the 4th Sleeper [CAP #102].  REL:  Sister of Peggy Carter.  Daughter of Harrison and Amanda Carter.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #75

Agent 12    One of the SHIELD agents who was a member of Femme Force.  It is uncertain where she made her first appearance, whether it was during the demonstration Femme Force put on for the president in their first appearance in CAP1 #145, but, although not identified, she is among the other members of Femme Force when they are sent out on their first mission, to clean out a Hydra nest in Las Vegas and their Airliner is hijacked by Hydra agents in flight [CAP1 #145].  They take control of the plane and land at Nellis Air Force Base, and, when Captain America I tells them to stay behind while he tries to save the kidnapped Sharon Carter, Val De la Fontaine leads them right into the Hydra base, where they back up the star spangled avenger [CAP1 #146].  They clean out the nest and rescue Sharon, and Cap leaves them to chase down the escaping Supreme Hydra [CAP1 #147].  The follow Sharon out to help Cap stop the Red Skull's Fifth Sleeper, but when they prove ineffective against the giant robot, they switch to damage control to keep the death toll from the nerve gas a minimum.  When the dust settles, Sharon and Val are the ones to get the kudos [CAP1 #148].  GA:  SHIELD.
            First appearance (unnamed):  CAP1 #145     Named:  CAP1 #147

Agent 22    A Hydra agent working as a sleeper agent at SHIELD as one of the original Femme Force members (and as such probably appeared in their first appearance in CAP1 #144, but was not identified).  In her first identified appearance, she and the others were headed for Las Vegas to clean out a Hydra nest, but en route, their Airliner was attacked by Hydra agents in their new Intercept Craft, and she dropped her pretense and let them in by the main hatchway [CAP1 #145].  Although not identified, it is assumed that she is handed over to the authorities with the other Hydra agents at Nellis Air Force Base after Femme Force is forced to make an emergency landing there after regaining control of the Airliner [CAP1 #146].  GA:  Hydra, SHIELD.
            First appearance: CAP1 #145

Agent 2    (see:  Erica Wolfmann)

Agent-2    An undercover agent of King Zorba employed to locate the secret hideout of Doom and his loyalist army.
            First appearance:  FF1 AN #15

Agent X    (see:  Sharon Carter, Agent 13II)  Agent 13's temporary code name when she infiltrated AIM HQ to uncover MODOK.  She was rescued by Captain America I, and helped him fight their way out of the AIM Underwater Base to escape in a borrowed sub [ToS1 #94].  GA:  Special Agent of SHIELD.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #92

Agents of Fortune Cult    A demonic cult organized and led by Vera Gemini whose main goal was to complete the Xenogenesis, or the rebirth of the Chained Ones, demons banished from the Earth ages ago by the Ancient One using the Eye of Agamotto.  In their first appearance, they recruited Eric Payne to their fold, and after he'd become a believer, they set him up to be their Reaper of Souls, making sacrifices for their approaching Xenogenesis, but, when he learned that they were planning to rebirth an ancient race of demons, he balked and ran.  They sent some of their Demon Assassins after him, but they were defeated by Payne, now calling himself Devil-Slayer and Deathlok I [MSL1 #33].  Based in Mexico (their Dark Retreat), they recaptured the Eye and employing it and multiple human sacrifices, they reopened the doorway to allow the demon lords through, with the plans of placing them in seats of power around the globe, but their leader had other ideas.  She planned to dupe the lords out of their power so that she alone would be supreme and as her first action, sicced the demons on the other faithful initiates.  The plan nearly succeeded until the tables were turned by the appearance of the Defenders with their newest member, Devil-Slayer, one of their past Reaper of Souls.  The plan was ruined, Vera was teleported away with a Shadow Cloak, and the cult was shattered.  Members include:  Eric Payne [first seen member], Vera Gemini, Reaper of Souls [DEF #58],
            First appearance:  MSL1 #33        Destroyed:  DEF #60

     AoFC's Dark Retreat    The base of operations located in Mexico where they planned to kick off the Xenogenesis.  In its first mention, Devil-Slayer is planning to head there to put an end to the Cult's plans [MSL1 #33].  In its first appearance, the leader of the Cult is revealed, a second Reaper of Souls is named, their full plans for the Xenogenesis are revealed, the Eye of Agamotto is captured and brought there, and Dr. Strange's astral form is captured and melded to a demon [DEF #59].  Devil-Slayer head down to Mexico to rescue Strange and to stop the Xenogenesis [DEF #60].
            First mention:  MSL1 #33     First appearance:  DEF #59     Destroyed:  DEF #60

     AoFC's Demon Assassins    Lower level demons brought through from the Other Realm who could assume human shape and act as the Cult's agents in the normal world.  In their first appearance, a group of them were sent to NYC to attack the recently escaped Eric Payne (one of the Reaper of Souls now calling himself Devil-Slayer).  While he was off tussling with Deathlok I, they made the mistake of attacking his ex-wife, Cory.  This galvanized the team-up between the two heroes and they got their butts kicked so hard that they had o retreat to the Other Realm [MSL1 #33].
            First appearance:  MSL1 #33

     AoFC's Reaper of Souls    The member of the Cult whose job it was to properly sacrifice people to open the doorway and bring about the Xenogenesis.  They are given special training and a Shadow Cloak to better perform their work.  The first of these was Eric Payne, but when he learned the real purpose of his work, he balked and began to use the tools given to him as weapons against the order [MSL1 #33].  Later, he was replaced by another, who, in his first appearance, was sent to capture the Eye of Agamotto from Dr. Strange so that they could move forward with their Xenogenesis plan to bring the elder demons back to Earth.  This second is human in appearance in so far as his body, by his head is pointed on top and his mouth resembles the beak of a squid.  His costume is mostly white and purple with a yellow buckler and collar, and he wears one of the Shadow Cloaks.  In the battle in which their cult is routed by the Defenders, he is bested by the Hellcat, who then steals his cloak.
            First appearance:  MSL1 #33     Payne's replacement:  DEF #58

     AoFC's Xenogenesis    The plan adopted by the Agents of Fortune Cult to bring about the rebirth of the Chained Ones to this world (after their long banishment by the Ancient One) so that they might once again rule the Earth.  It was the realization of this end that caused Eric Payne, their original Reaper of Souls, to turn against the Cult and become Devil-Slayer [MSL1 #33].  Later, they managed to steal the Eye of Agamotto to complete the spell with the proper number of sacrifices, and the plan was to place the Demons in positions of power [DEF #59].  However, the greed of their leader, Vera Gemini and the efforst of Devil-Slayer and his new partners, the Defenders, the plan was derailed [DEF #60].
            First mention:  MSL1 #33        First appearance:  DEF #59

Agents of Heaven, Hell, and the Realm Between    Three entities (represented as an Olympic ideal with long flowing beard and a sword, a demon with a trident, and and executioner with a battle axe) who are sent as judge jury and executioner on souls that are on the fence as to which should be their final destination.  They came to judge the soul of Darrel Daniel after he had killed himself, and his spirit, using actors that had strong influence on his life before his death, replayed the salient events of his past.  Once the tableau was done, they declared that the man hadn't shown sufficient motivation for his suicide and condemned him to total death oblivion, but Man-Thing intervened and kept them at bay until the final scene could be played.  His girl, the one he'd thought had betrayed him, offered her soul for his, and it tipped the scales in the dead man's favor, and with the cessation of battle, he is consigned to Heaven.
            First appearance (shrouded and unnamed):  MNTH #5    First full appearance and named:  MNTH #6

Agents of the Light    (Instruments of Good)  The human operators chosen by the Followers of the Light to operate the Shogun Warriors when the Forces of Eternal Evil awoke from their eons long imprisonment.  They include:  Richard Carson, Genji Odashu, and Ilongo Savage.  GA:  Forces of Eternal Good.
            First appearance:  SHO #1

Aggamon    The ruler of the Purple Dimension for thousands of years.  He is a green humanoid with limited mystical powers who battled Dr. Strange to a standstill.  After hours of weakening, he surrendered to the Sorcerer Supreme and was forced to release Strange and his other slaves.
            First appearance:  ST1 #119

Aggression    A hallucinatory demon created by Man-Beast to be, with his partner, Deceit, the antithesis of Adam Warlock.  He resembles a giant satyr and his abilities can dig into a person's mind and soul, twisting them inside out.  Because they are only hypnotic creations, not everyone can see them, only those affected by the spell.  In his first appearance, he and his partner were sicced on the Warlock supporting protestors outside the Capitol, and while the protestors were terrified by the attack, the police that arrived to deal with the situation, could not see the creatures and arrested the protestors instead.  When more protestors took the Lincoln Memorial, the demons were sicced on them again, only this time, Man-Beast, possessing the body of president Rex Carpenter came out to deal with them.  At about this time, Warlock, who can also see them, shows up, despite being warned that it was a trap, and they attack him.  He seems to take down Deceit rather easily (with some monumental damage) but Aggression got into his mind and really did a number on him, until he realized that it was all an hallucination.  Using his Soul Gem, he finds himself in president Carpenter's office, with smaller versions of the demons, and Carpenter reveals himself to be controlled by Man-Beast [WAR #8].
            First appearance:  WAR #8

Aginar    One of the Polar Eternals, a military leader under Valkin.
            Fist appearance:  ETN #11

Agnar    The King of the Eagles who had been the eternal prisoner of the Storm Giants until a youthful Thor and Loki used him as a means of escape when they were retrieving the stolen Golden Apples of Idunn.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #100

Agnar the Fierce    The man with the most powerful lungs in all Asgard, capable of sounding the mighty Dragon Horn.  He was one of the candidates chosen by Odin to be the guard of Bifrost, but Heimdall was the all father's final choice.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #104

Agnes     A cleaning lady who was kidnapped by the Mole Man when he was populating his city of outcasts.
            First appearance:  FF1 AN #13

Agni, Lord of Fire    (Dr. Araman Nila)  A radiation expert from India who had discovered the secret of being able to irradiate common minerals and used the knowledge to create the Nila Pile for the Nest, but who was caught in a nuclear accident with the Pile and transformed into the embodiment of the Hindu god.  His costume is orange (incorporating portions of his radiation suit) and had an oversized gauntlet on his right hand through which he can generate flames.  When he and his mutated compatriots sensed the power in Phoenix II passing overhead in a 747 and realizing that she could control the possible molecular disruption when they ascended to actual godhood, they attacked the plane with his Rakk robots, and lured her, the X-Men, and Spider-Man into what remained of their facility.  The heroes fought them and won, but when they found that the beings' lives were tied with the planet, they helped them reach their goal, combining all their powers.  They were all projected into space and reformed as a new star.  GA:  Hindu Gods.
            First appearance and origin:  MTU AN #1

Agon    (Deceased)  One time king and chief scientist of the Inhumans.  In his first appearance, shortly after the birth of their son, Black Bolt, it is revealed that he and his wife (and scientific partner) had genetically altered the child and were treating his post-natal care like an experiment.  They discovered his early powers, his ability to manipulate electrons, levitation, and the creation of force blasts, but were shocked when he first tried out his vocal chords and laid waste to the city.  When he returned to hi lab, he found his son, safe and sound in the wreckage, having formed a force bubble around himself, and he feared what this meant for his son's future [TH1 #148].  When his son is 19 and old enough to be trusted not to speak, he is allowed out of the sound proof chamber in which he'd been kept since a baby [TH1 #149].   REL:  Father of Black Bolt and Maximus.  Husband of Rynda.  Uncle of Gorgon, Triton, and Karnak.
            First appearance:  TH1 #148

Agron    A powerful energy being that originated in our far flung future and escaped the doom of the planet by traveling back to the 20th century, where he was forced to inhabit a deceased body to survive.  It takes him some time and some effort to take full control of his host, and once he reaches his full capacity, he becomes super strong and is able to shoot energy blasts from his eyes.  In his first appearance, the body he is inhabiting has been taken to the SHIELD Psychiatric Section for observation, and, at first, as he's gaining more and more control over the corpse, his is only able to move around for short periods of time before becoming exhausted.  As such, his attending physician, Dr. Hartman, has him under minimal security.  However, he finally gains enough control over the body that he tosses his orderlies aside and makes an attempt at an escape, but again, overloads his capabilities, and the body collapses again.  Hartman orders him placed in heavy restrains, but, when he recharges again, they do little good.  At full power now, his mortal form expanding with energy up to enormous proportions, he begins to tear the facility apart trying to escape, and Hartman is forced to sic one of his other patients, the Falcon on him.  The brainwashed hero manages to get in a good lick before Agron turns on him with glowing eyes [CAP1 #204].  He blasts Falcon into next Tuesday and makes good his escape from the SHIELD facility, while they, after learning his origins from brain waves recorded by Dr. Hartman, are using the information to create some sort of containment system for him.  In the mean time, they send a SWAT team to keep him busy until they are finished, but they don't do much good in keeping him from tearing up the town.  Cap and the recovered Falcon take over, but even they don't have the raw power to stop him.  Luckily, the science boys arrive with the Containment Tube, and the two heroes force Agron out of his host body and lure him into the device, where he is sealed inside, helpless [CAP1 #205].
           First appearance (as cadaver):  CAP1 #204     In his true form and origin:  CAP1 #205

Aguila, El    (Alejandro Montoya.  The 'Eagle',  The 'Master')  A swashbuckling costumed hero who dresses in a red and black swordsman's outfit and uses a sword that fires stun blasts, and a rope that he uses to travel the rooftops.  In his second appearance,  he teams up with Power Man II and Iron Fist to hunt down the menace that is killing people in the city.  They met in a back alley when both groups arrived to help a woman who had just been assaulted by the Slasher,.  After the victim's medical needs had been attended to, they went out on the streets with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, to set a trap for the villain.  They got more than they bargained for in the Slasher and his friend, Frank, and the five of them were fought to a stand still by the two (not realizing that they were actually Sabretooth and the Constrictor), and still both of them got away Scott free in the end [PM/IF #78].
            First appearance:  PM/IF #58

Ahote    A Hopi Indian scholar in the Las Cruces Pueblo reservation in NM.  In his first appearance, his niece and nephew invited the daredevil, Human Fly (who was there to perform at the Pueblo Carnival), to his home, and he related the Hopi legend of their creator Taiowa, and how he made Sotuknang, who made the Earth and Kokyangquti, who then created man, and how men of different colors became separated over the centuries.  This not only proved entertaining for his guest, but also gave him the idea how to shakethe tribe from their complacency to fight Frank Sturgis and his man, who had just killed Ahote's father for standing up to them.  REL:  Uncle of Nakwach and Cha'tima.
            First appearance:  HF #19

Ahqlau    A Deviant conspirator.
            First Appearance:  ETN LTD #2

Ahriman    Known as the dread god, a powerful extra dimensional being that performs its evil work through servants such as Ennis Tremellyn, granting them greater power than they could ever manage on their own.  One of the devices awarded this particular mage was the Eye of Ahriman which allowed him to seize control of the sailor, Kemo.
            First mention:  MTO #49

Aidoneus    (see:  Pluto)

A.I.M.    (Advanced Idea Mechanics)  A subversive organization that is dedicated to world domination through technology, but later, after many defeats, they settle for being the weapons supplier for the world.  A branch of Them and ultimately a part of Hydra.  Arch enemies of  Iron Man, Captain America, and SHIELD.  Creators of MODOK, the Super Adaptoid, and the first to study the Cosmic Cube.  The troop uniform looks more like an old yellow environment suit, affectionately known as 'Bucket heads'.  The first incarnation of AIM was destroyed when their masters, Hydra, blew up their hidden base [ST1 #149], resurrected [ToS1 #92].  They create their living computer, MODOK, but the process causes him to go insane; and he seizes control of AIM [ToS1 #93].  While showing off his powers to Captain America I, his men turn against him and attempt to assassinate him.  He self destructs their Underwater Base and is thought to have perished in the blast [ToS1 #94].  It is revealed that MODOK is bending the forces of AIM against Cap, and it is also revealed how he was created by the Scientist Supreme and how he eventually took control of the organization.  MODOK's master plan of revenge fails and he is presumed dead, leaving AIM with a power vacuum [CAP1 #133].  When they learned of Project Gladiator, they were eager to get their hands on the new super soldier serum, and sent agents in, but their first attempt was spoiled by Man-Thing [SAV #1].  BTS they had Dr. Paul Allen working as a spy to keep an eye on Dr. Bobbi Morse, who had gone to the Savage Land looking for Ka-Zar [AST #8].  They continued to build their presence in the Everglades, even inciting the locals to distrust and even hate the scientists working at the Complex.  Although not daring to attack the laboratory directly, after their first attempt was thwarted by the Man-Thing, they decided to direct some of their efforts at eliminating the creature [AST #12].  When they thought that accomplished, they mounted another attack on the Complex and kidnapped Dr. Calvin, taking her back to their Everglades Base.  It was in turn raided by Ka-Zar and Dr. Morse, who, with Manny's help, rescued the good doctor, uncovered the AIM spy in Dr. Allen, and blew up the base [AST #13].  One of their facilities, an underwater hidden base off the coast of New Orleans, became the hideout of MODOK after his apparent death while fighting Captain America I and was raided by Dr. Doom with the assistance of the Sub-Mariner, looking for the Cosmic Cube [SUB #47].  BTS, AIM was still looking for Dr. Wilma Calvin, and through a 3rd party agent, they hire the Pusher to secure her to garner their favor [AST #15-6].  The 3rd party agent is revealed to be Gemini I, who is looking to use the Super Soldier Serum in a bid to take over the organization with the help of Parnival the Plunder, by creating their own super army [AST #17].  They lose their sample when Plunderer's pet, Gog, goes rogue and it is retrieved by Bobbi Morse.  However, Prof. Conrad manages to recreate the original formula successfully before his lab is blown up by a SHIELD agent [AST #18].  Conrad, now going by Victorius, throws his hat in the ring to try and take advantage of the power vacuum in the organization (thanks to MODOK), and teaming up with Gemini and Parnival, try again to steal SHIELD's sample of the Super Soldier Serum [AST #19].  They are defeated by Ka-Zar and SHIELD and their Upstate NY base cleaned out [AST #20].  MODOK's next mission was to destroy the Hulk, and he used a transformed Betty Talbot to do it.  Then they tried to invade the city of the Bird People [IH #167-9].  MODOK uses his AIM resources to participate in the War of the Super-Villains [IM1 #74].  Their hidden base in the Bronx is revealed to be below Alden's Department Store when they send the Destructor out to capture Ms. Marvel [MsM #2].  After recovering their failed agent, they launch an ICBM with the Doomsday Man aboard toward the Cape to stop their recent shuttle launch [MsM #3].  MODOK, now in charge of the West Coast division of AIM, is thwarted by Ms. Marvel, and he takes a personal interest in her [MsM #5].  It is revealed that MODOK has a secret HQ right beside the NYC HQ under Alden's, and he fails to control Ms. Marvel [MsM #7].  After dodging the bullet from a SHIELD scanning team, they become interested in Carol Danvers for tipping off the authorities [MsM #8].  During the course of this, a side operation is going on to secure the transistorized nuclear device invented by Dr. Ralph Rider in Montauk, but it goes wrong and a whole platoon of bucket heads ends up in custody [NOVA #12-ASM #171].  A civil war of sorts begins between MODOK's crew and the NY team [MsM #9].  Their operation gets mopped up by Ms. Marvel and the local police [MsM #10].   MODOK, to get his Doomsday Chair on its feet, sacrifices three AIM bases to Iron Man and the Champions as a distraction [IM AN #4]. They capture Dr. Barnett to get at Ms. Marvel's secrets in order to kill her but are defeated by her and the Defenders [DEF #57].  Dr. Clinton, when he is kidnapped by Red Skull and Hate Monger, is revealed to be one of the principle scientists for AIM and worked on their Cosmic Cube project and MODOK [SVTU #17].  Their members and agents include:  Count Bornag Royale [ST1 #147], Adaptoid [ToS1 #81], Super Adaptoid [ToS1 #84], MODOK [ToS1 #94], Mordius [IM1 #1], R-1, R-2/Grizzly [CAP1 #120], A-12/Cyborg, A-14 [CAP1 #124], Scientist Supreme, Bulldozer [CAP1 #133], Ellen Sallis (Brandt) [SAV #1],  Dr. Paul Allen [AST #8], Jasper Petrie, R-17, T-14, Q-5 [AST #12], Gemini I, Parnival the Plunderer [AST #17], Doctor Nemesis [MFT #9], Prime-4, Grey Gargoyle [MTU #13], Agent J7-3C [IH #167].  Dr. Victor Conrad/Victorius [AST #18], Hank [AST #20], J5-T8, B2-X9, M6-I4, A4-Z3, B9-N7, Q5-L2 [IM1 #74], Destructor [MsM #2], Agent M17 (west coast) [MsM #7], Mr. Elliot [MsM #8], Harry Daze [NOVA #12], Agent Prime [ASM #171], Death-Bird (west coast), Number 4 [MsM #9], Stryke [IM AN #4], Arthur Shaman, Agent B-4 [DEF #57], Plantman, Arnie, Lou [MTU #71], Dr. George Clinton [SVTU #17],
            First Appearance:  ST1 #146 

     AIM Alteration Chamber    A device that is capable of manipulating and recreating tissue on a genetic level.  The device was first used by the Scientist Supreme to change one of their own into the living computer that would be known as MODOK.  He in turn used it to create the artificial being known as Bulldozer [CAP1 #133].
            First appearance:  CAP1 #133

     AIM Anti-Gravity Missile    The guided missile developed by the weapons manufacturers to carry the power beam created by the Grey Gargoyle into orbit, allowing them to be able to turn whole cities to stone.  With the help of Prime-4 and his men, they were able to steal the new guided missile telemetry system that would enable them to accomplish the fete and prepared to launch the missile into space where their operation was interrupted by the appearance of Captain America I and Spider-Man, who had foiled one of their earlier operations to steal the telemetry system.  They heroes were subdued and chained to the outside of the rocket, but they escaped and in the fight, Gargoyle became entangled in their chains and was carried into space.
            First appearance:  MTU #13

    AIM Artificial Men    Large, powerful, humanoid creatures that were grown by chemical means in Hydroponic Chambers as part of their attempt to create artificial life.  (This was apparently one of many such programs, the only one of which was successful was the one that produced the Adaptoid).  When the process, developed at their NY Base, came to a halt, AIM attempted to steal an LMD from SHIELD to help their program along [ST1 #148].  The program was brought to an abrupt halt when they not only failed to procure an LMD, but their Hydra masters, rather than let their discovered base fall into enemy hands, blew it up [ST1 #149].
            First appearance:  ST1 #148     Destroyed:  ST1 #149

     AIM Coma Guns    Special non-lethal rifles that leave the target in a coma-like state.  They were first introduced when the bucket heads where trying to take down two interfering heroes (Spider-Man and Nova I) in and amongst their own ranks, so as not to kill their own agents. It is uncertain if the guns are actually effective where they were unable to hit either of their targets.
            First appearance:  ASM #171

     AIM Energy Cannon    A large energy casting weapon that looks like a giant hand held blaster set on a portable base.  The controls are on top at the rear of the weapon and is evidently manually sighted.  One was used to defend the AIM HQ in the Bronx below Alden's Department Store against the invasion of MODOK and his invading west coast AIM agents, but the blast was deflected back by his Mento-Shield and that gun was destroyed [MsM #10]. 
            First appearance:  ?

     AIM English HQ    (destroyed)  A small  base located at Land's End in England that was primarily a lab, run by Prof. Victor Conrad and whose primary goal was to recreate the Super Soldier Serum from the original formula.  In its first appearance, Prof. Conrad had just been successful in creating a single sample of the Serum when the lab was raided by a SHIELD agent.  He called all the bucket head guards and sicced them on the single agent, but he had a contingency plan.  If he was unable to secure the formula, he was to destroy it, and, seeing no way past the bucket heads, he used a powerful incendiary device.  It leveled the facility, but Conrad, who had taken the formula just before the blast,was transformed into the being who would be known as Victorius [AST #18].
           First appearance and destruction:  AST #18

     AIM Escape Sub    The high tech submarine intended to be used as an escape vehicle from the Undersea Base, and was large enough to carry a great number of troops.  It is first seen when Squad One prepares it for launch as Squad Two goes to assassinate MODOK, on the understanding that if they don't make it back within ten minutes, Squad One would leave without them.  Squad Two didn't make it back in time, but, before the sub could be launched, Captain America I prevented them from closing the hatch with his shield.  He and Agent X got aboard, and they all got away from the base before MODOK set off the self destruct.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #94

     AIM Everglades Base    (destroyed)  A well hidden underground facility from where they were mounting the operation to steal the secrets of Project Gladiator (so it is assumed that they were behind the attack on Dr. Ted Sallis' lab in SAV #1 and sent Dr. Paul Allen to the Savage Land with Dr. Bobbi Morse who was looking to fetch Ka-Zar back to help them in AST #8).  In its first appearance, AIM agents had just kidnapped Dr. Wilma Calvin, the leading scientist on the project, and brought her back to the base, and, after persuading one of their captured agents from the raid with his sabertooth tiger, Ka-Zar learns the secret location.  He and Bobbi Morse mount a rescue mission, and, unable to find a way in, the jungle lord improvises by damaging one of their ventilation tubes.  When bucket heads came up to investigate, they had their way in.  Although a small facility, there were more than enough to give the jungle lord a run for his money, which came to a head when Dr. Paul Allen, one of the doctors working for the Project, is revealed to be not only a spy but the group leader for their little outpost.  Ready o abandon ship, Allen is about to eliminate all witnesses to their presence, but Man-Thing, who had been a running thorn in their operation, made a timely appearance and took the still standing AIM agents apart.  When the others were clear, he intentionally tripped the self destruct mechanism and blew the place and all the agents to smithereens [AST #13].
            First appearance and destruction:  AST #13

     AIM Guardian Robots    Large, heavily armored robots usually used to guard abandoned bases, and are usually equipped with various weaponry, some of which is built into their bodies.  In their first appearance, they attacked Iron Man, who had come to the empty Nevada base looking for MODOK.  Although their weapons were a danger, their armored bodies didn't live up to their fierce appearance.  Shell-head shredded one with a single punch and then used his new Magnetic Field to pull another apart.
           First appearance:  IM AN #7

     AIM Hidden Airfield    A secret landing strip located in an open field near the SHIELD Airport.  It was first employed when AIM agents raided the NYC Base to steal an LMD, and was supposed to be the escape route for the ground troops.  However, before they got the LMD loaded on board, it was revealed to be Nick Fury himself, and he proceeded to wreck the strip and their day with a Rocket Blaster.
            First appearance:  ST1 #149

     AIM Hydro-Foil    The high speed sea craft that, in its first appearance, was scheduled to rendezvous with Harry Daze, who had been sent to Montauk to secure the new invention of Dr. Ralph Rider, a transistorized nuclear device.  Docking at the special facility at the Montauk End lighthouse, the leader, Agent Prime, met with the under cover agent and learned that he'd failed in his mission.  Preparing to go back to the mainland to finish the job, their meeting got interrupted by two unexpected heroes, Spider-Man and Nova I, who were investigating the murder of the scientist.   The heroes were knocked unconscious, and Prime was more than happy to dispose of them by dropping them, chained to a giant anchor, into the ocean on the way back to the mainland.  it is assumed that the ship was taken possession of when the rest of the agents were captured by the Suffolk County police.
            First appearance:  ASM #171

     AIM Hypno-Lite    A portable device for extracting information from an unwilling subject.  One was used on a captive SHIELD guard when AIM agents broke into the SHIELD NYC Base to steal an LMD, but they needed someone to guide them to where they were stored.
           First mention:  ST1 #148

     AIM Knock-Out Gas    A gas which renders the breather unconscious, and although it is very potent and fast acting, its effects are very localized so that the person delivering the spray of green mist is not affected by it himself.  In its first appearance, Victorius delivered a dose, hidden in a medieval lance, to the charging sabertooth tiger, Zabu, and it dropped the charging cat before it could get a claw into him.  he delivered more from the same instrument a few moment later when Bobbi Morse also tried to save Ka-Zar from his ax [AST #20].
            First appearance: AST #20

     AIM Launching Station    A hidden facility in the South Bronx on Satterfield Ave. just off the Harlem River located in the defunct Acme Warehouse that was equipped with an ICBM and was also the facility where the  Doomsday Man was being kept.  When it was discovered that the Cape was planning another manned shuttle mission (the first commanded by a woman) they launched the killer robot south and were glad to see him go.  MODOK made use of it in an attempt to launch himself up to Skylab so that he could secure the Cavourite Crystal, but the plan was thwarted by Ms. Marvel and a portion of the facility was damaged by the launch [MsM #10].
            First appearance:  MsM #3

    AIM's Micro-Ionic Jammer    A cumbersome device worn on the back of the operator which was designed to blank out an entire localized system of alarms and scanning equipment.  It was first employed by the AIM agent sent into the NYC SHIELD Base in order to steal one of their LMDs.  After gaining access to their underground railway system, they assembled the device to jam the alarms and scanners of the internal base, giving them the jump on any security they might encounter [ST1 #148].  The device was successful, not realizing that SHEILD already knew that they were there and had laid a trap [ST1 #149].
            First appearance (unnamed):  ST1 #148     Named:  ST1 #149

     AIM Mind-Ripper    A large device that directs an energy beam directly at the mind of the subject and uses their own memories and emotions to twist the person inside out leaving them completely subjugated to the person enacting the brainwashing.   They used it on Ms. Marvel, and, although she held out longer than any other subject, she soon fell under the control of MODOK, using her violent Kree memories to get her to kill for them.  However, what they didn't count on was her dual personality, which eventually broke their hold on her.
            First appearance:  MsM #7

    AIM's Mojave Desert Base    A seemingly innocent monastery located in the middle of the southern California desert that is considered as one of the potential locations where MODOK could be developing his latest weapon.  When Iron Man arrived to check it out, it turned out to be nothing more than a death trap aimed at him with a single opponent, Stryke, ordered to do the golden Avenger in.  Steel doors closed over all the exits, and IM proceeded to get his butt kicked by the superhuman friar.  When he got knocked through a wall to the outside, he realized that this was all a delaying tactic, and flew off to where the real action was to happen, but it looked a lot like fleeing.
            First appearance:  IM AN #4

     AIM's Nevada Base   (destroyed)  A large refurbished AIM base located in the mountains of Nevada that was made to look as though it were abandoned while MODOK was preparing his Doomsday Chair for full operation by feeding incredible amounts of energy into it from a special cradle, causing massive blackouts in the area.  After Iron Man paid the base a visit and was fooled into believing that it was inoperative, MODOK devised a diversion to send the golden Avenger and his temporary teammates, the Champions, on a wild goose chase to surrounding bases while he finished his new toy.  When the heroes figured out what was going on and returned, it was too late.  MODOK sailed up throgh the roof to safety, and then used the Chair to bring the roof down on the heroes, destroying the base.
           First appearance and destruction:  IM AN #4

     AIM's New York Base    (destroyed)  An underground facility (located at SHIELD sector J Area 17) that was accessed through a seemingly ordinary cave, and was primarily a research facility for developing their Artificial Men.  The base was under the command of Count Bornag Royale, and from there he launched an assault on Nick Fury, getting him investigated by the Council of Free Nations, and from where the assault on the SHIELD NYC Base was launched so that they could steal one of the agency's LMD's [ST1 #148].  Thanks to an elaborate plan put into action by Fury himself, the base was located by Jasper Sitwell, but, before he could call in reinforcements, the base exploded, which was originally thought to be a self destruct but was later attributed to Hydra [ST1 #149].
            First appearance: ST1 #146?    Destroyed:  ST1#149

          NY Base Hydroponic Chambers    (destroyed)  Glassed in, chemical filled chambers where the good folks at AIM were experimenting on creating their own line of Artificial Men, but the process was far inferior to SHIELD's LMD program and even to their own that produced the Adaptoid [ST1 #148].  These were destroyed with the rest of the base when it was blown up by Hydra [ST1 #149].
            First appearance:  ST1 #148     Destroyed:  ST1 #149

     AIM's Paralysis Cannon    A bazooka-looking weapon that fires a powerful beam that causes instant paralysis.  In its first appearance, it was used at the Redwood National Park base to fend off the Champions, and it seemed to be powerful enough to work on Hercules.  Unfortunately, the Champions were only playing possum so the bucket heads would take them to MODOK, but when they discovered that he wasn't around, they dropped the charade and chased the villains away from their base.
            First appearance:  IM AN #4

    AIM Plan Beta One    When their agent, the Destructor, who was sent to capture Ms. Marvel for them, was on the verge of being bested by the newest super heroine on the block, they initiated the plan where they would surface in Columbus Square in the middle of the fight and steal away the unconscious villain, so that he would not be captured and the secrets of their hidden base revealed.  The plan was made successful when they diverted Ms. Marvel's attention by placing innocents in danger to mask their escape.
            First mentioned:  MsM #2    Employed:  MsM #3

     AIM Psycho-Conditioner    An electronic device created by Prof. Kerwin Korman for the criminal organization which enables their technicians to plumb even the most secret areas of the human mind.  It consists of a control console and a helmet that fits over the victim's head and irresistibly draws the information forth.  The process is long and painful, and the information is drawn out verbally.  In its first appearance, it was used on its creator as a punishment for his failure to capture Ms. Marvel as he had been hired.  A portable version of the machine was used on Dr. Michael Barnett (Ms. Marvel I's psychologist) to gain the innermost secrets of his patient [DEF #57].
            First appearance:  MsM #3

     AIM's Redwood National Forest Base    A hidden base in northern California that was sacrificed by MODOK as a distraction to the Champions while he got his Doomsday Chair online.  Hercules, Black Widow, and Angel went to investigate as a potential site for MODOK to be doing his dirty work, and the bucket heads came out of the woodwork, literally.  Despite the odds, the heroes played possum to hopefully be lead to the big cheese, but when that fell through, they routed and chased off the villains.
            First appearance:  IM AN #4

     AIM Rocket Plane    A very high speed but not undetectable rocket powered conveyance and it was obviously not meant to be a secret with the words AIM printed all over its sleek fuselage.  It was first used to transport the Bulldozer from where he was created to the NJ marshland to begin his rampage toward NYC.  The pilots flew him in, dropped him off, and took off again not wanting to stick around for the fun.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #133

     AIM Squad One and Two    The division of bucket heads in the Underwater Base who had decided to turn against MODOK.  While Squad One prepared the Escape Sub to make their getaway, Squad Two was sent to kill MODOK, with the understanding that if they didn't return in ten minutes that the first squad would leave without them.  While MODOK was fighting Captain America I, Squad One sneaked in and shot their insane leader up, and thinking they had killed him, tried to take out the star spangled hero while they had him in their sights.  Cap, who isn't thrilled with killers, even killers of villains, but particularly not ones that are trying to kill him, proceeded to kick the snot out of them and made his way back to the sub with Agent X to find Squad One already getting under way.  Cap stopped them by blocking the seal of their main hatchway with his shield, and they escaped just before MODOK set off the self destruct of the base [ToS1 #94].

     AIM Station T-5    An underwater base located off the coast of San Francisco whose main focus was to genetically create monsters from the local sea life.  MODOK sacrificed the base to the Champions as a distraction while he tried to get his Doomsday Chair fully online.  Iceman, Ghost Rider IV, and Darkstar attacked the installation, and when the bucket heads realized that they were outclassed, they fell back and released the mutated monsters.  The base was destroyed, but Laynia is critically injured.
            First appearance and destruction:  IM AN #4

     AIM Stun-Guns    Rifle-like weapons that deliver a beam which renders a target temporarily unconscious.  One was used by the agents breaking into the SHIELD NYC Base on one of the guards so that they'd have someone alive who could lead them to where the LMDs were stored.
            First appearance:  ST1 #148

     AIM Underwater Base    (destroyed)  The base where MODOK made his first foray as the leader of AIM.  In its first appearance, Captain America I came there to rescue Agent X of SHIELD, but he was captured [ToS1 #93].  The bucket heads, wanting to get rid of MODOK, send the star spangled hero down to their master, hoping to use him as a diversion for their intended coup.  While the two were fighting, a Squad of agents were sent down to assassinate MODOK, but on ly caused his Mobile Chair to explode.  As they, in the custody of Cap, escaped in the Escape Sub, MODOK activated the self destruct and blew the place to kingdom come [ToS1 #94].
            First appearance:  ToS1 #93     Destroyed:  ToS1 #94

     AIM's Upstate New York Base    A fortress located in a remote area that still has a fully functional dungeon.  It is first seen when Victorius, with Gemini I and Parnival the Plunderer retire there after kidnapping Dr. Bobbi Morse, and they decided to make use of the dungeon facilities to torture information of of her concerning SHIELD's sample of the Super Soldier Serum.  Their little operation was interrupted when a very ticked-off Ka-Zar arrived on the scene to rescue the girl [AST #19].  With the help of Agent Bobbi Morse of SHIELD and Zabu, the AIM rat hole was cleaned out, although Gemini alone managed to make his escape [AST #20].
            First appearance:  AST #19

     AIM Vortex Suction Beam    AIM's version of SHIELD's Vortex Beam used to pick up people and objects to their aircraft.  First used to capture Iron Man from the Maggia Gambling Ship.
            First appearance:  IM/SUB #1     

     AIM Warbot    (destroyed)  A humanoid robot built specifically to defeat the other Defenders and capture the Hulk for a plan spun by Arthur Shaman to kill Ms. Marvel I.  The purple and green android has a slight insect-like appearance with the black eyes and antennae in what looks like a helmeted head.  It is super strong, resistant to magic, and is impervious to attack from an enchanted blade.  Other than its great strength, it has only one other weapon, a frigi-beam freeze ray which can freeze something to absolute zero almost instantly.  After defeating Clea and Valkyrie III, it froze the Hulk solid and kidnapped him back to their base in Suffolk county.  He unfortunately didn't have the resilience equal to his power, because he was easily torn to shreds by Ms. marvel when she and the Defenders came to rescue the Hulk.
            First appearance and destruction:  DEF #57

     AIM West Coast    Pretty much the same organization as the one located in NYC but they wear blue costumes instead of yellow.  They end up setting up base right next to the NYC base located below Alden's Department Store to put them in a better position for their leader, MODOK to take control back from their east coast counterparts.  While there, they capture Ms. Marvel, but their tests of her costume and their Mind-Ripper prove a failure when she escapes [MsM #7].   MODOK, to get his Doomsday Chair on its feet, sacrifices three AIM bases (the Redwood National Forest, Station T-5, and a monastery in the Mojave Desert) to Iron Man and the Champions as a distraction [IM AN #4].
            First appearance:  ?

     AIM Windshield TV Screen    A special device that projected a video image onto the inside of the special windscreen of a car, and was attached to an exterior monitor.  One was mounted inside Count Royale's limousine, and they used it to scan the territory outside the NY Base entrance so that they could pull out when no other vehicles were present, protecting its actual function.
            First appearance:  ST1 #148

Aimes, Father    (deceased)  The priest presiding over St. Michael Church in Devil's Lake North Dakota, who had been a good man and a pillar of the community, and, even so, when the force from Devil's Heart began corrupting the men in the area, he fell victim.  He attacked parishioner, Paul Carpenter, who had come to him to confess all that he'd done under the evil's control, and the farmer got the better of him in the fight, killing him with a candle stick from his altar.  But that wasn't the end of his service to the new master, the evil force reanimated his body and sent it to aid Carpenter and some others to get the farmer's daughter for a sacrifice.  In the end, the heart was destroyed by the sacrifice, and all the animated corpses, including the priest, were returned to the inanimate.
            First appearance and death:  GSDRAC #4

Ainsley, Sir Geoffrey    (deceased)  One of the heads of British Intelligence who was murdered by the assassins of Supremus during his bid to take over the world.  Fatima Abboud was caught on film at the location where she was trying to prevent the assassination.
            First mention and death:  NFAS #8

Air Control    The guiding force behind Air Force, the band of bird themed mercenaries.  They ordered the rest of the team to break Cardinal out of Riker's Island and okayed the sanction of Turbo I for her interference of Cardinal's last mission.
            First appearance (voice only):  NW #35

Aireo    (see:  Aeolus, Skybreaker)  The Inhuman with the ability to fly at will and mentally control air currents, at first holds the position as a look-out for the Great Refuge, later becomes a renegade under Maximus.  He wears a blue and purple body suit and a partial blue head mask.  Because of their evil deeds, they were banished to another dimension, but were unwittingly rescued by the Hulk [IH AN #1].  Afterward, he and the other Evil Inhumans are exiled to Maximus' Island, where they are on hand for his latest bit of mischief, to discredit Black bolt by having them go to war with the Fantastic Four.  He is erroneously called Aeolus [AA2 #1].  Later he breaks away from his Inhuman heritage and joins an eco-aware team of super powered mercenaries, changing his name and costume (NW #8).  GA:  Evil Inhumans.
            First appearance (unnamed):  FF1 #47        Named:    IH AN #1

Air Force    A band of bird themed costumed mercenaries who are working together under the control of Air Control.  In their first outing, they break Cardinal out of prison and the whole group goes to sanction Turbo I, who had interfered with Cardinal's last assignment, protecting a consignment of guns along side the Sea Urchin.  At first they seem to have the upper hand against Turbo II, Nova, and Mickey Musashi (Turbo I), but the two Turbos take them out in one shot when they expose an underground water main and apply  electrical current.  members include:  Cardinal, Killer Shrike, Sparrow, and Tanager.
            First appearance:  NW #35

Air Mobile Force Two    One of the quick response military helicopter units employed by the Canadian government.  In its first appearance, they were called in to evacuate a company of their artillery along with visiting dignitary Gen. Thunderbolt Ross, when they were nearly washed away by a flood caused by the Hulk.  They also served as transportation when the company needed to get to the old 67 Expo Fairgrounds for the latest green goliath sighting, but got there just in time to have the Hulk escape.
          First appearance:  ASM #120

Air-Sea Cruiser    The amphibious plane created by the US Navy and loaned out to the Fantastic Four to investigate the mysterious sinkings near Lost Lagoon.  It was lost in a bog during this investigation.
            First and final appearance:  FF1 #97.

Air-Walker    (Deceased) (Gabriel Lan of Xandar) The second Herald of Galactus who was granted the power cosmic, giving him the ability to redirect that energy as force blasts from his hands, to defy gravity, and to create tornado force winds.  He had been the captain of the Xandarian ship, the Wayopener, when he was abducted by the devourer and transformed to replace the Silver Surfer.  He was killed in a battle with the Ovoids, who were protecting their planet, and the devourer replaced him with a mechanized duplicate, transferring the essence of the real into the life-like android.
            First part. appearance:  FF1 #211        First full and origin:  TH1 #306  

Air-Walker Automaton    (Gabriel)  (deceased)  A construct of Galactus built to resemble his former herald, Gabriel Lan and imbued with his consciousness, sent to Earth to ferret out the Silver Surfer, to force him back into service.  Although eventually shown to be a robot, he is extremely powerful, able to shoot force blasts from his hands, deflect missiles at will, create tornado force winds, and as his name suggests, is able to defy gravity.  So powerful was he that he easily bested the Fantastic Four, but his weakness proved to be his cape, which flared out behind him like flames, and he was made powerless (including his ability to fly) when the Silver Surfer destroyed his cape.  he fell to a rooftop below and was smashed into pieces.  The android, his self repair units later reviving him but with his human consciousness intact, was defeated and assumed beyond repair by Thor I, and his old friend, Firelord buried him on an asteroid near his original home of Xandar.  Later, when the Devourer took a Herald that threatened the safety of the universe (Morg), the other Heralds gathered together to defeat this new menace, and they resurrected the android to help them.  Before his cybernetic cortex had fully recovered, he battled the other Heralds, during which his human trappings were burned away.  Once the creature was defeated, his old shipmate, Firelord and he signed on to be the Devourer's new Heralds while Firelord repaired the damage to his body and worked to fully restore his resurfacing humanity. 
            First Appearance:  FF1 #120    Destroyed:  FF1 #121        Revived and deactivated:  TH1 #305        Revived:  SS3 #73

Ajak    (Tecumotzin)  The Eternal guardian of the Chamber of the Gods in Peru resplendent in full Incan armor.  Part of the group that arranged the landing site of the Celestials of the Third Host in conjunction with the Incans, placed in a Resurrection Crypt for 1000 years waiting for the coming of the Fourth Host.  Revived by his old friend Ikaris so that he could resume his job as the only one who could communicate with the space gods.  Other than the usual Eternal abilities, the only other super normal talent Ajak displayed was creating a realistic solid illusion form from a 2-dimensional carving, similar to Sprite's ability.  It is revealed that Ajak had been one of the party of Eternals with Valkin and Virako who were forcing civilization on the natives of South America in preparation of the coming of the Third Host, that, fighting along side Thor I, they defeated the Mutate Dromedan, and that, when the Celestials arrived, he was left behind to mind the camp in the Andes [TH1 AN #7].  Ajak and Thor meet again in the domes city of the Celestials, only this time the Eternal is such a company man to his masters, Thor has to cold cock him to escape with the plane load of humans that had been captured for study [TH1 #284].  It is revealed that Ajak was among those who witnessed Odin bending knee to the Celestials during the Third Host [TH1 #288].  When Thor's mission fails, Zuras forms the Uni-Mind and goes after the Celestial Mothership, but they are jerked from their unified state by the attack on Olympia by the Olympian Gods, led by Odin.  Many of the Eternals fight their Greco-Roman counterparts, while Thor faces the full ire of his father [TH1 #291].  When the delegation from the Council of God-Heads arrives during the Third Host, Ajak tries to make them understand that it is a fool's errand to oppose the space gods, but Arishem puts the idea home by threatening their homes [TH1 #300].  The Eternals recover from the splitting of the Uni-Mind, and are mourning their dead leader when Thor comes to pay his respects [TH1 #301]. GA:  Eternals.
            First appearance:  ETN #2

    Ajak's Magno-Bolts    Powerful magnetic rays emitted from the Eternal's hands.  Ajak used them to try and wrench Mjolnir from Thor I's grasp, but the crafty Asgardian, when he realized that the force was irresistible, decided not to fight them.  He rode them in until he got close enough to Ajak to nail him with the enchanted hammer [TH1 #284].
            First appearance:  ?

Ajax Construction Co.    A construction company with a job site near the Claremonte Arena and was one of the first targets robbed by the gang led by Blinky.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #45

Ajax Trucking    One of the transport companies in Florida that services Kennedy Space Center.  One of their trucks was used by the Hulk and Abomination to sneak into the facility so they could hold it for ransom.  Staff includes:  Jack Kronsky [first named staff],
            First appearance:  IH #196

Akar    (deceased)  The left hand man of Yagzan whom he sent, with their precious Golden Brain, to thwart the attempts of his old colleague, Prof. Arthur Marshall, from setting up their experimental village (Omegaville) in the swamp.  Thanks to an assist from Man-Thing, not only did they not stop the scientists, they ended up losing the brain in the swamp as well.  When he returned to Miami to report back in to his superior, Yagzan was very understanding.  He killed him with a scimitar and buried his body in the swamp in a blazing funeral pyre.  GA:  Entropists.
            First appearance and death:  GSMNTH #1

Akashic Energy    The type of supernatural energy derived from the Ankh that is primarily employed to create a protective spell.  Despite the fact that occultist Michael Taine used such a spell to protect himself during his conjurings, Mindstar penetrated it and killed the youth, leaving the So of Satan to ponder who could have been able to do something like that.
            First mention:  SOS #5

Akbar    The enormous Mongol warrior who had been the body guard of Kubla Khan and now served as the Aide-de-camp of the Collector.  In his first appearance, he was brought in to safeguard the Elder while he talked business with Bruce Banner, in case he should become the Hulk at any time.  When he did become he green goliath, the massive body guard didn't stand a chance.  The Collector tried to call him off, but he wouldn't listen and got the crap knocked out of him.
            First appearance:  IH #198

Akins    A SHIELD agent in service when the old HQ was abandoned.  After the self destruct reduced the original home base to rubble, he and Jasper Sitwell gave a quick search to the ruins in hope of finding Captain America I alive, but the search came up bust.  GA:  SHIELD.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #229

Aknatonicutt    In the Forever Yesterday altered reality, the Assyrian version of Connecticut.  It becomes an unlivable wasteland when, during their version of WW II, the Pacific-Asian Union discovered the atomic bomb first and dropped them on the capitol of the United States of Assyria.  New Memphis City was protected by the power of the Sphinx, but the tri-state area surrounding it was devastated and millions perished.
            First mention:  NW #11

Akra    One of the gods unintentionally created by a frustrated electrical outburst by Machine Man after having his fill of the evil side of man.  One of the bolts of energy entered a nearby apartment building and metamorphosed five individuals into a higher form of life.  The sought out their father and tried to dissuade him from his new vengeful outlook, but when he fought them, they decided to dismantle him rather than have a loose cannon of his caliber running free.  A boy whose father MM had just saved makes him see the light at last, and the Gods departed together to the stars.
            First appearance and origin:  MM #12

Akula    A Russian fishing vessel skirting the international water line that accidentally snagged the girl, Tamara Rahn in their nets.  After she was subdued, the crew believed that it would be promotions all around, until they learned from their navigator that, during the commotion, they had drifted into US waters.  They are boarded by a Coast Guard ship, and, although the captain and crew tried to play it cool, the girl was discovered in the tank in their hold.  Crew includes:  Capt. Koslov, Illya, Brezhnikov, Vladimir [only named memebers]
            First appearance:  SUB #59

Al     One of Roscoe's gang of petty crooks.  In his first appearance, his boss was looking to pull a burglary using his nephew to gain access to the building, but when the boy balked and was getting punished severely for it, although Al and the others weren't directly involved in the beating, they also became targets to the timely interruption of Black Bolt.  Worse still, when the Inhuman monarch realized that the boy would require medical attention, he took Al clothes to replace his own so that he wouldn't stand out [AA2#5].  Roscoe wakes up to find him still unconscious and in a state of undress beside Black Bolt's discarded costume [AA2 #6].
            First appearance (unnamed):  AA2 #5     Named: AA2#6

Al   A doctor at Boston Hospital who was treating Gideon Smith and was confounded by his catatonia and his bleached white hair after encountering Dracula.
            First appearance:  ToD #57

Al    One of the Death Riders who was, with his pal Mike, busy guarding one of the entrances to the secret meeting place of the Cult of Death.  When a general assembly was called, he stayed behind briefly to finish a cigarette and was cold cocked by Karen Sterling, who steals his uniform and infiltrates the meeting.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #39

Al    A heartless felon who was amused when he and his gang had to gun down the security guards when they robbed a bank.  He lost some of his amusement when they ran across Ghost Rider IV, who wanted vengeance for the crime, but recovered it when, on foot after their car crashed, they ran into the wizard, Azaziah, who convinced them to help him in his plan to separate GR from his human host.  They lured the demon to a prearranged spot after robbing an art gallery to get his attention.  Later, after the wizard's plans failed, GR hunted him and the remains of his gang down, stopped them from escaping an a hired plane, and after using a blast of Hell-fire on their souls, left them for the state police.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #43

Al    One of the convicts that Enforcer took with him when he broke out of the California State Prison using the sword cane left by Rupert Dockery.  After leadership had been established, they accompanied him to the first job at the LA Museum of Anthropology and Folk Art and proceeded to steal the Anansi the Spider statue, until Spider-Woman I showed up-as expected.  Enforcer took her down with one of his toys, and they took the statue and the unconscious heroine back to their HQ on Mullin St.  While they were planning their next move, Spider-woman's partner, Scotty McDowell arrived like gangbuster, and their boss used and yet another of his darts to deal with the interruption [SPW #27].  After Spider-Woman takes them apart, their boss strikes a deal with her for the antidote to save her partner, and they move Scotty into the meat freezer for safe keeping.  Although they aren't shown at the following series of thefts, they are still around to marvel at the loot that the unlikely pair is pulling in [SPW #28].  Although not specifically identified, he and the others, after the boss had pulled the mid-air robbery of a 707, got the snot knocked out of them by Spider-Man at the hideout, and, after the dust settled, got hauled away by the police [SPW #29].
            First appearance (unnamed):  SPW #27     Named:  SPW #28

Al    One of the munitions men who were removing a boulder which had fallen onto the road near Shelbyville to clear the way for the enduro race being held there that afternoon, and inadvertently freed the Sirens sealed in a cavern near the slide centuries before.  He and his partner Fred were the first to fall under their spell.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #52 

Al    One of the patrolmen in Springvale who was involved in the incident directly proceeding the accident that created Speedball in which three would be thieves were killed when their getaway van overturned.
            First appearance:  SPB #1

Alan    The guy Frankie Raye started dating after she broke up with Johnny Storm when she found out he was the Human Torch II.
            First appearance:  FF1 #181

Alaric    REL:  Son of Volstagg.

Alaric    A low level mystic who gets his hands on the Sword of Kamuu and not only gains power enough to conquer the world, but also learns that if he draws blood from the Sorcerer Supreme with it, he will become immortal.  He immediately heads for the Sanctum Sanctorum, and not only do the wards fail against the Sword, even Clea is unable to stop him from attacking her master's vacant body.  Dr. Strange's astral form returns in time to stop the execution, but he is hard pressed against the power of the Eye of Zartra.  Just as things go bad for the mage, the Sub-Mariner arrives (who he'd been visiting out of body) and deliberately lets the villain cut him, incurring the Curse of Zartra.  Alaric looses his extra power and then begins to come apart at the seams.  Strange encases him in Dyzakk's Cage and sets him adrift in another dimension, hopefully forever.
            First appearance: DrST2 #31

Al'Arok, Agent    (deceased)  A Skrull sleeper agent stuck in the form of the people of Zenn-La and in place at the royal palace who helped in the plot to assassinate the Silver Surfer while their emissary kept  the Empress Shalla-Bal busy with talk of trade agreements.  When the plot was discovered, he accompanied the ambassador off planet, but their transport was intercepted by a Kree Deep Cruiser.  The battle went bad, and rather than the secret of their inability to shape change fall into enemy hands, the Ambassador exploded the entire Skrull crew.
            First appearance:  SS3 #2        Died:  SS3 #3

Alars    (see:  Mentor)

Albatross    The convertible ship belonging to Cam. Kraken, which can be changed from the shape of an old brigantine to a futuristic submarine.  In it's first appearance, Kraken attacked the tanker, Northern Lights, and captured Iron Man, who was bumming a ride, and then sank her when British RAF started nosing around.  He then converted the ship to its submarine form so that they could retreat to the safety of their Underwater HQ.  Crew include:  Com. Kraken (captain), Edward (1st mate) [1st named crew],
            First appearance:  IM1 #93

Albelo, Joe 'Who'    (deceased)  One of the crime bosses in LA who was taken down by the Shade in a hit arranged by the betrayal of  their common acquaintance, Worm.  They had all come together for a private conclave to discuss what to do about the new upstart, and Worm let in the three assassins who mowed them down with automatic weapons.
            First appearance and death:  SSH #21

Alberia    The Eastern European country where Iron Man I first fought Titanium Man in a contest between the US and the USSR.  It was supposed to be neutral territory, but the Reds rigged the proposed battle field with all kinds of lethal traps.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #69

Alberia, Burgomaster of     The highest government official in the small European country, he was the one to review the agreed upon rules for the combat between Iron Man I and the Titanium Man I at the preceding ceremony.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #69

Alberich    In Norse mythology, one of the Nibelung tribe of the Gnomes who is best known for stealing the Rhinegold and creating the famous Ring of Power.  In his first appearance, Alberich stumbles across the source of the Rhinegold, and, when he learns from the Rhinemaidens that the one who forged the cache into a ring would rule the world and that the only way to secure it was to renounce love, he did it willingly and made off with the cache [TH1 #294].  Alberich takes the gold back to Nibelheim and has Mime forge it into the Ring of Power, and that, coupled with the Tarnhelm, he makes himself king of the Nibelung and forces his people into slavery.  While he is lording his new toys over his people, Odin, Loki, and Thor I arrived wanting the Ring.  He uses their power to try to drive off the Asgardians, but the god of mischief is too crafty for him.  Odin gets the upper hand and forces him to give up the Tarnhelm, and, without that to protect him, they forced him to give up the Ring and then sent him defenseless (bit with a threat of revenge on his lips) back to his people [TH1 #295].  Alberich's curse is working in the case of Siegmund and Sieglinda [TH1 #296].  As his curse continues into the life of Siegfried, Alberich has taken up with the fell creatures of Asgard and has taken up residence outside the cave of Fafnir, who has since turned himself into a dragon.  When Odin shows up unexpectedly in their camp, the two argue, and the confrontation awakes the dragon.  Alberich tries to strike a bargain with the worm and gets toasted by the dragon, who knows why he's really there, to reclaim the Ring and Tarnhelm.  It is revealed that he is the father of Mime [TH1 #297].  While Siegfried is defeating Fafnir, Alberich runs into his son, and when he discovers that he is there after the Ring himself, he tries to cajole then threaten him, but the younger Gnome frightens him off with threats of his own concerning his nearby charge [TH1 #298].  Alberich changes gears and, through his son, who is connected to the Gibichung Clan, does his best to keep his curse alive (and to get his mitts on the Ring) by tricking Siegfried into doing evil things [TH1 #299].     GA:  Nibelung Gnome.  REL: Father/brother of Mime.  Father of Hagen.
            First appearance:  TH1 #294

Albert    A retired couple coming home from France in first class on the same flight as Tony Stark and were the first to see the tank, thrown by Submariner, coming at the plane. Iron Man got them down safely, but they fell into the hands of Roxxon agents posing as the US military.  REL:  Husband of Raquel.
            First appearance:  IM1 #120

Albert    The Wolverine clone built by Donald Pierce to destroy Wolverine.  Partner of Elsie Dee.
            First appearance:  NM #63

Alchemoid    (deceased)  One of Druid's followers (thought at first to be an android) who was wearing an insulated costume that allowed him to absorb and redirect alchemical energies.  He is strong and fast and can bleed concentrated sulfuric acid through his skin as well as create blasts of energy from his hands.  In his first appearance, he is used by the Druid in an effort to kill Captain America I in his Maze of the Ancients.  His first foray was to skip across the top of the maze to distract the star spangled hero into missing a trap door at his feet.  When that fails, he makes a more direct attack, which involves close hand to hand contact, and burns Cap through his gauntlet, which allows him to free himself and disappear again.  It proves to be just the warm up to lead the hero to the center of the maze, where the Arena of Ages (Ancients) is located, and, after Cap is captured, the two square off with one another for their final battle [CAP1 #187].  In their battle, Alchemoid, speaking for the first time, is revealed to be a person inside the chemical coated protective suit.  Powered by the geometric shapes and arcane symbols set up in the Arena, Alchemoid was more powerful than ever, capable of emitting chemically based blasts of energy from his hands, and, he would have been more than able to finish the star spangled hero off if Cap, during their initial skirmish, hadn't figured out the secret of his power feed.  He tricked the Alchemoid into firing energy blasts at his own generators, and when enough of them were destroyed, the power receptors in his suit went critical and he exploded [CAP1 #188].
            First appearance:  CAP1 #187     Died:  CAP1 #188

Alcmena    (Deceased)  REL:  Mother of Hercules.

Alden's Department Store    The one time posh department store in the Bronx that had fallen on harder times and becomes the front for the AIM base located in hidden passages below it.  If first appeared when the Scorpion escaped from his AIM captors in their underground lair and came up through a hidden elevator shaft into the store.  Later, after escaping from MODOK in HQ adjacent to the NYC AIM HQ, Ms. marvel ends up coming up through the same elevator shaft and escaping through the store [MsM #7].  She calls a marker in from SHIELD and gets a scanning crew in, but their cursory search turns up nothing, and the manager threatens them with litigation [MsM #8].  Carol Danvers returns on her own and is captured, right when MODOK makes his move to take this branch over [MsM #10].  The fight between the two branches, particularly the fight between Ms. Marvel and Death-Bird, carries upstairs into the store, and gets the notice of the local police, who come in, with the help of Ms. Marvel and mop the place up [MsM #10].  Staff includes:  Chuck (guard) [first named employee], Mr. Elliot [MsM #8],
            First appearance (unnamed):  MsM #2    First named:  MsM #7    

Aldritch, Prof.    The well liked professor of seismology at ESU who was consulted by Peter parker concerning the weird earthquake which had just shaken the city (caused by the City Stealers) and was informed that it couldn't have been a natural occurrence because it had two epi-centers.
            First appearance:  MTU #28

Alecto, Capt.    (deceased)  In pre-cataclysmic Valusia, he was the captain of the Red Slayers and was one of Kull's most trusted men.  In his first appearance, when Kull was out parading the Black Legion, Alecto didn't take kindly to the treasonous songs of Ridondo, but was prevented by the king himself from doing the man any harm.  Later, back at the palace, against his better judgment, the king kicked he and the other Slayers out so that he could give audience to the Pict ambassador's emissary in private [KUL1 #1].
            First appearance:  KUL1 #1

Alejandro   (deceased)  One of the original conquistador inhabitants of La Hacienda who had been kept alive by the powers of the Rainbow Fountain.  When his superiors, the Fathers, sent he (as the leader) and a four person party out to find and capture the Man-Thing and bring him back to their fortress, they hadn't counted on the quag-beast's ability to ooze through netting.  They retreated, but the creature followed them.  However, after capturing and killing one of their group, it was extreme old age that got the rest, which set in when they got that far from the Fountain's source.
            First appearance and death:  MNTH #7

Aleta    In her first appearance she is seen only on a video screen when Starhawk consults her about his continuing mission to nudge the human race into a position to rebel and throw off the yoke of the Badoon.   She is in actuality, his body mate, sharing the same body and the same powers as her husband.  In times of stress, she is able to take dominance of the body and emerge in her true female form, but with a similar costume.  During one of these times, while fighting Her on board the High Evolutionary's space station, she took control and remained dominant until just before she, and the other heroes helping Her to find Adam Warlock, boarded the mother ship of the Prime Movers [MTO #62-3].  REL:  Wife of Starhawk.  Mother of John, Sita, and Tara?
            First appearance:  DEF #29

Alex    The office manager for Woman magazine.  He looks very much like the man they called Lou back in MsM #9.  In his first appearance, he gives Carol the good news about trouble from the printers and budget memos from bookkeeping. 
            First appearance:  MsM #15

Alex    One of the thugs that attacked Black Widow when she was suffering from amnesia after being tortured by Viper II.
            First appearance:  MTU #82

Alexander Arms    The luxury hotel located near the Flushing Stark International plant where Tony Stark owns the whole top floor.  In its first appearance, Stark was throwing a charity bash when he was abducted by the Red Ghost's Super Apes, and Happy Hogan, who was posing in the Iron Man armor, was nearly killed when he fell all the way to the ground from the penthouse trying to stop the abduction.  later, it is revealed that Tony had been putting Roxanne Gilbert up in another apartment there [IM1 #88].  She checks out of the hotel so fast that the doorman is unable to give her the message from Tony.  The hotel is also revealed to be located at Lincoln Center [IM1 #89].  Madame Masque I takes up residence with Tony Stark, and it is revealed that a special passkey is required to reach the penthouse [IM1 #114].  Tony is attacked in his penthouse by the Ani-Men under the control of Madame Masque I [IM1 #115].  The penthouse is destroyed by a bomb planted by the Spymaster, killing the Ani-Men [IM1 #116].  Because of the damage done in the explosion, the landlord evicts Tony based on a petition signed by all the other tenants [IM1 #117].  Staff includes:  Willard (doorman) [IM1 #88], John (doorman) [IM1 #114], Charlie (maintenance) [IM1 #115],
            First appearance (unnamed):  IM1 #82.     Named:  IM1 #83

Alexi    The right hand of Col. Yuri Brevlov on his soviet Helicarrier.
            First appearance:  IH1 #106

Alexi    One of the guards outside the secret UN Council on Nuclear Armaments meeting in Brazil who was ordered to allow the Sub-Mariner access after an atomic bomb was set off near Atlantis.
            First appearance:  SUB #33

Alexi    One of the Russian pilots on the Latverian Border Patrol.  In his first appearance, while on patrol with Dimitri, they encountered the Sub-mariner on the way out of Latveria, and, with standing orders to engage anything that doesn't respond to a radio check, they engaged him.  Alexi fires on him, and the Avenging Son not only survives, but goes after them, destroying Dimitri's jet, forcing him to eject.  Before Alexi can react, Namor is on him and tearing apart his canopy, and the pilot is more than happy to answer his questions, telling him that they were on full alert because they had been warned about the potential approach of Attuma, who was in the process o securing another ultimate weapon.
            First appearance:  SVTU #9

Alf    One of the guard dogs on duty at the Army ordinance building where Alex Gentry works.  In his first appearance, he spots Ant-Man I when he infiltrates the facility, but because his handler couldn't spot the tiny hero, he called him off.
           First appearance:  TtA1 #48

Al-Fasaud, Sheikh Farouk    (see:  Fasaud)

Alfheim    Asgardian land of the Elves.  A barren wasteland which the diminutive denizens have turned into a paradise.  In its first appearance, Red Norvell (who was the personification of Thor) arrived there unexpectedly with the Asgardian Sif, and, when they were greeted by the Ljo's-Alfar (the Bright-Elves), the power mad monster cut through them like a field of wheat.  Later, after Sif had explained his origin to him, Norvell was taking a snooze when he was awoken by the sounding of Heimdall on the Gjallarhorn calling all Asgardians to service [TH1 #277].
            First appearance:  TH1 #277

Alfie    The agent for the Crash Simpson Daredevil Cycle Show who booked them for their first really big gig at Madison Square Garden.
            First mention:  MSL1 #5

Alfie    The proprietor of a public house in London who unwittingly ousts Dracula from his establishment when he begins hitting on one of his barmaids.  He walks her home that night and gets knocked unconscious by the vampire so he can have the girl.
            First appearance:  GSDRAC #2

Alfred    One of Lorenzo Jacobi's goons (who looks suspiciously like Bruce Wayne's butler) who was on the run with his boss when Spider-Man invaded their HQ.  When cornered, Jacobi has him take the girl, April Maye, hostage, holding a gun to her head, but he is taken out of the equation by the timely appearance of the Punisher.  It is thought at first that he killed him, but he revealed that he'd used mercy bullets.
            First appearance:  ASM #202

Algoc Demonstar    A second rate warrior who was the star participant in a series of gladiatorial games put on by the Promoter for the benefit of the Audience.  He is humanoid with leonine features and wears specialized armor which is mainly for show including a helmet made of the lower jaw of some enormous animal.  Included as his weapon is a magical staff called the Demonstar (thus part of his name) with a skull emblem at one end and a spiked ball at the other.  It is capable of projecting the energy of Algoc's imagination, which could come in the form of a savage power blast or change the physical appearance of another individual, or absorb the memories of another.  Algoc used it to battle Silver Surfer who had mistaken their games for real combat, and to lure him into what he considered a disgusting display, he changed Bruindilda into the likeness of Shalla Bal.  Surfer wasn't please and not only destroyed the staff but routed the whole operation.  When the staff was destroyed, the released energy warped Algoc's face, but it is uncertain whether the change was permanent.
            First appearance:  SS3 #39

Algon    (deceased)  The son of a mediocre wizard who was being transformed by his father, using a spell from the Darkhold, to transform him into a creature that would assist him in his megalomaniacal desires.  The spell, before it was completed, was interrupted by the appearance of the local Baron and the villagers who invaded their house, and he was saved when his father escaped their clutches with his now warped but catatonic body.  For twenty years he lie in limbo as a mindless mass of incomplete flesh until his father could locate the Darkhold and finish the Spell of Changes.  Unfortunately, the book was lost to its creator, the Mad Monk some time before, but Algon was reanimated when his father's familiar, Topaz, accidentally switched his mind for that of Philip Russell.  Back on his feet, but a physical mess, his father completed his transformation by transferring the powers of Topaz into him, giving him the power, on top of his nearly super human strength, to transmute elements with his merest touch.  During the ritual, Werewolf intervened, and, after the death of his father, he was knocked into the flaming cauldron used for the spell and was destroyed.  Although Philip's mind returned to his body, the powers of Topaz did not.
            First appearance:  WW #13        Died:  WW #14

Algrim the Strong    (see:  Kurse)  A Dark Elf warrior.
            First appearance:  TH1  #347

Alibar    A citizen of Xandu who was imprisoned by Mogul for stealing food to feed the poor.  After being used to mislead Thor and the Warriors Three in costume and at the head of Satan's 40 Horsemen, quickly realizing that if he stopped they'd kill him, too [TH1 #141].  fighting beside Thor I and the Warriors Three against the Horsemen, they are saved by Volstagg with the Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power [TH1 #144].  He uses one of Moguls' own enchanted crystals, with the help of Hogun the Grim, to destroy the tyrant.  He is rewarded by the Asgardians for his help by being made the new ruler of Xandu in Mogul's place [TH1 #145].
            First appearance:  TH1 #141

Ali-Bey, Emir    (see:  Baron Strucker, Supreme Hydra, John Bronson, form. Don Caballero) The middle eastern guise assumed by the Supreme Hydra when he thought that his Overkill Horn plan to blow up the world's Atomic Piles was assured and he was traveling to the safety of the Hydra base in Egypt.    Using the Epiderm-Mask of section Phoenix, the Supreme Hydra changes his appearance to that of John Bronson and infiltrates SHIELD's ranks [ST1 #153].
            First appearance:  ST1 #152

Alice    The wife of a NYC construction worker.  In her first mention, when the anti-Captain America ads were being broadcast, she was quick o believe them, saying that he has too much power to be running around without anybody controlling him, despite her husband's experience during WW II where Cap saved him and his whole unit.  REL:  Wife of Cliff.
            First mention: CAP1 #165

Alice    The kindly owner of the coffee shop in downtown Cobbler's Roost in Vermont who knew Barbara Norris before she left town years before and was friendly to her when she returned as the Valkyrie III.
            First appearance:  DEF #20

Alice    An over the hill barfly in Hell's Kitchen who was extremely fond of dancing.  In her first appearance, after tiring the other willing patrons out at Rudy's Bar and Grill, frequented by Gramps and Mamie, she tried to hit on their guest, Omega the Unknown, but Gramps interceded on his behalf.
            First appearance:  OMU #6

Alice    A woman who was shocked to witness the pursuit of Ghost Rider IV by the police through the streets of Denver.  REL:  Wife of Roger.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #36

Alice    The doctor who treated Iron Fist's injuries after he fought Steel Serpent II, the man who had just stolen his Iron Fist powers from him.  Although his physical injuries were minor, she recommended that he be brought into the hospital for proper care.
            First appearance:  MTU #64

Alice    A woman in Texas who was enjoying the company of her boyfriend, Larry on a picnic when the Hulk dropped in unexpectedly.  Larry tries to defend his girl, and luckily for him, the green goliath burns off his excess gamma radiation and changes to Banner.  The physicist is so happy that he kisses the girl, a mood that continues when Larry belts him one, and he still doesn't change.  The two befriend Banner and even give him a lift to a nearby airfield so he can charter a plane back to Gamma Base.
            First appearance: IH #223 

Alice    Part of a crowd in Los Angeles that had gathered when still relatively unknown Spider-Woman I was attempting to secure the Werewolf to bring him back to Morgan Le Fay.  She and the others were trying to make heads or tails of the surrealistic scene, wondering if it was for real or not, but the group mentality concluded that it must be some sort of publicity stunt, until she flew off with her captive using no wires or any other equipment.
            First appearance:  SPW #6

Alice    A receptionist at the Daily Globe.  In her first mention, Barney Bushkin asked her to get KJ Clayton on the line when Peter Parker and April Maye were refusing to work with one another.
            First mention:  ASM #201    

Alice    The wife of a bus driver (who greatly resembled Ralph Kramden) that gave Captain America I an unexpected lift from the Brooklyn Bridge to midtown Manhattan.
            First mention:  CAP1 #247

Alice    A member of a tour group going through Greenwich Village who witness Spider-Man flailing around on the sidewalk (not realizing he was being attacked by invisible demons in front of Dr. Strange's Sanctum) and couldn't quite come to terms with what was going on.
            First appearance: ASM AN #14

Al Khubar Oil Refinery    A petroleum plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that was attacked by the Water Wizard's Oil Jinn constructs under the orders of Sheik Abdul Hurani.  The place would have been destroyed if not for the timely appearance not only of Arabian Knight, but the Ghost Rider IV as well.  After they had figured out that the other wasn't a bad guy working with Hurani, they mopped the constructs up pretty quickly.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #62

Allan, Mr. and Mrs.    The parents of Liz Allan seen at her high school graduation.
            First appearance:  ASM #28

Allan, Elizabeth 'Liz'.   (Liz 'Allen', see:  Elizabeth Osborn)  Once flame and schoolmate of  Peter Parker and Flash Thompson, eventually marries Harry Osborn.  She stands up to Flash for the first time on Peter's behalf [ASM #14].  Later, when she returned to the story line, the spelling of name was often Allen.  Graduated high school and walked out of Peter's life [ASM #28].  She shows back up in Peter's life when she runs into him on the street outside his apartment with something terrible in her past that was the cause of their break-up and has left her a wreck.  Peter takes her to stay at Mary Jane Watson's apartment until she can recover [ASM #132].  It is revealed why she disappeared after graduation;  feeling duty bound to her step-brother, the Molten Man, recently subdued by Spider-Man, she becomes a nurse to be by his side at the hospital where he was being incarcerated and treated.  When he discovered that his body was consuming itself and escaped, she felt responsible and followed him, leaving her with MJ, who is mother henning her [ASM #133].  She, MJ, Flash, and Peter end up on a day-cruise ship that gets hijacked by the first Tarantula and his man, but the villains are stopped by Spider-Man [ASM #134].  She is among the mob that rushes the web-slinger for answers [ASM #135].  Liz, now a member of the crew, was in with the rest of the circle of friends visiting MJ when she was in the hospital after surviving a blast set by the second Green Goblin [ASM #137]. She meets Peter in Chelsea (later established as Chelsea St.) to look at an apartment, and after the depressing walk through, he takes it [ASM #139].  Flash brings her for a visit down to the city and they meet up with Peter on campus and set up to visit him at his apartment [ASM #143].  She attends the wedding of Ned Leeds and Betty Brant, and when Mirage I and his gang attack, Harry Osborn stands up to defend her.  She, along with the others is saved by the timely appearance of Spidey.  The rooming house where she's staying is revealed to be on Staten Island [ASM #156].  Liz catches up with Harry outside the clinic where he's getting treatment, and she takes him out to coffee or something to thank him for standing up to Mirage for her [ASM #157].  Liz and Harry pay their respects to Aunt May who is in the hospital after her ordeal with Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead [ASM #160].  Liz and Harry are on a double date with peter and MJ at Coney Island when they witness the latest murder by the mysterious sniper (Jigsaw) [ASM #161].  Liz and Harry attend the housewarming party for Peter, and their relationship has become serious [ASM #163].  She attends the Christmas part thrown by Harry and Flash in in Rockaway, where Harry announces their engagement [ASM #166].  When Liz, Harry, and Flash are coming out of a movie theater, after her old friend apologizes for being a wet blanket, the trio runs into Dr. Bart Hamilton at the curb, who is revealed to be Harry's therapist [ASM #167].  Liz meets Harry at his therapist's office, and gets highly complimented by Hamilton again [ASM #169].  Liz goes out with MJ wedding dress shopping, and Mj gets very embarrassed when she is mistaken for the bride-to-be [ASM #170].  On a date in Chinatown, Harry tells Liz that he'll be stopping therapy soon, and, with him well, they can set their wedding date, not realizing that her step-brother is following her [ASM #171].  She is approached by her step-brother and convinced to help him by stealing the chemicals and drugs he needs from her workplace at the hospital, but she is caught and arrested.  She calls Peter because she's too ashamed to call Harry, and he arranges her bail through the Bugle [ASM #172].  When she gets out, Harry's hurt that she didn't contact him for help, and she tells him that she didn't want to jeopardize his being installed as head of Oscorp.  She's called in by the police to help them calm Raxton down, who has threatened to tear Fenster Pharmaceuticals apart if she doesn't come, but, even though he clears her in the theft, she fails and has to be saved by Spidey before her step-brother goes nova.  Blaming herself for his death, she leaves Harry, not wanting to hurt anyone else [ASM #173].  BTS, Liz checks out of her apartment and doesn't leave a forwarding address [ASM #174].  Liz, realizing what a mistake she made, letting her pat interfere with her life, she came back to Harry and was waiting for him at his apartment in Rockaway, not realizing he'd also just got rid of some ghosts from his past [ASM #180].    Liz and Harry cook up a plan to try and get Peter and MJ back together by treating the whole gang to a daytrip on a Checkerboard Cruise ship, but they each bring dates, and the cruise gets robbed by Jigsaw and his gang.  The villain takes he and Liz hostage but they are rescued on dry land by Spidey [ASM #188].  Betty gathers all of Peter's friends together to be there when he got his diploma, but he doesn't show [ASM#192].  Liz, Harry, and crew pay a visit on Peter at his apartment, and after they learn what was going on with his aunt and why he was so rotten to Betty, they are reconciled.  It is also revealed that Betty has moved in with Liz temporarily [ASM #199].  REL:   Step-sister of the Molten Man.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allan.
            First appearance (unnamed):  AF #15          (first name revealed):  ASM #4        (full name):  ASM1 #5

Allandra    (destroyed)  The golden capitol city of Phaseworld that rises up out of the ocean when approached, and, although it had one time been a place of amazing beauty, it had been greatly affected by the death and decay spread by the empress, Lectra, and was dying just as the world was.  After tricking him to their dimension and forcing him to help her, Lectra brought Dr. Strange there to beg him to help her save the planet.  It was also the home of the Soul-Mirror and of the usurped empress, Phaydra, her sister.
            First appearance and destruction:  DrST2 AN #1

Allatou    A menial demon in the court of Satan who tried to do some status climbing (hoping to rise to the point of being a worthy consort of Satan himself) by going after the Son of Satan on her own.  She had set herself up in the body of a young woman who was a neighbor of Dr. Katherine Reynolds' boss in Ladue, Missouri and made several attacks on the older man to attract the exorcist's attention.  Finally, Son of Satan followed the clues left behind and confronted the demon, and even though she was spry enough to attack him head on, she was driven out of the body with surprising ease when he started the ritual.  Too easily in fact, because she had immediately jumped from the girl to her father and came in for another attack.  When the father was knocked unconscious, she returned to the girl, but was locked into her room by an Ankh symbol.  She lured Daimon back inside by tearing at the girl's physical body, and was ousted again into the fathers.  Then into the mothers, knocked through a window, and into the body of reporter Dan Crandall, at which point, Son of Satan used the ritual of exorcism used by his father and sent the demon, appearing finally in her true form, back to Hell [MSL1 #19].  REL:  Wife of Nergal.
            First appearance (in Melissa and Albert Manners):  MSL #18      (in Mary manners and Dan Crandall and in her true form):  MSL1#19

All-Country Insurance    The competitors of Delmar Insurance who were suspected of being behind the rash of robberies targeting their clients.
            First mention:  MM #11

All-Devourer    An ancient Chinese demon who was banished to another plane centuries ago by the efforts of seven mighty sorcerers, thus the spell to return him requires seven sacrifices.  Once the process is begun, he is able to act on this plane through his elementals, and once six of the seven are completed, he has limited access physically on this plane. This ritual was begun by the scientist, Bernard Roberts, who was dying and wanted to get revenge on those he believed to be responsible.  Unable to speak, he typed the spell into on of Stark International's Hong Kong Branch's computers and became the first of the sacrifices.  From there on, the All-Devourer acted on his own behalf, having his elementals kill the remaining necessary to complete the spell.  Finally, after the sixth, he was able to breech the gap between planes on a limited basis, and, while Iron Man and he duked it out, a retired priest, Mr. Chu, and his granddaughter, Soo Lin Chu, completed the proper exorcism ritual and returned him to his alternate plane.
            First appearance:  IM1 #130

     All-Devourer's Elementals    Those mindless, supernatural, almost invulnerable creatures based on the four earthly elements (although coming in many different shapes) that the ancient demon was able to create and manipulate as his agents from the plane where he was imprisoned.  He was using them to provide the sacrifices necessary for their master to cross over to this plane, and to remove any opposition to his plans.  the first seen is a fire elemental that takes the shape of a dragon and is responsible for most of the deaths in the Computer Research Lab at Stark International's Hong Kong Branch.  The second, a toad-like water elemental, attacked Tony Stark and Soo Lin Chu on her grandfather's boat when they were discussing what to do to counter the spell.  The final four were representatives of all four elements, but in different shapes from the first two and they attacked the heroes when they entered the Computer Research Lab at SI.  They disappeared however when the All-Devourer appeared himself.
           First appearance: IM1 #130

Allen, Dr.    The family physician for the Russell family who attended Jack after his return during his second night as the Werewolf and after finding out that his mother had been critically injured in an auto accident.  He wanted to tell the man what was going on but it was too tightly closed up inside him.
            First appearance:  MSL #2

Allen, Liz     (see:  Elizabeth Allan)

Allen, Dr. Paul    (deceased)  A scientist working on Project Gladiator to recreate the super soldier serum, who later turns out to be a spy placed there by AIM.  In his first appearance, he and Dr. Bobbi Morse arrive in the Savage Land looking for Ka-Zar, but they are forced to eject when their plane crashes into a pterodactyl.  When he lands, he encounters the Lizards Who Walk Like Men, but is saved by the jungle lord and his sabertooth tiger.  They go looking for Dr. Morse, who landed in Lost Lake, and, after fighting some Man-apes, their makeshift raft is scuttled by some of the New Deutschlanders [AST #8].  He and Zabu wash up on the shores of New Britannia where he's reunited by Dr. Morse, who informs him of the thirty year continuation of WW II that they've walked into.  They are both on hand when the final push comes from the Germans, and when Ka-Zar finally arrives to save the day.  In the end, both sides are at peace, and the jungle lord has agreed to go with them [AST #10].  He, Dr. Morse, and Ka-Zar trekked to the outer rim to leave the Savage Land [AST #11].  They bring Ka-Zar with them back to Florida, where it is revealed that they need him to look for the missing Ted Sallis, the lead scientist in Project Gladiator.  It is also revealed the trouble that they've been having with the locals (incited by AIM-they critically injured his direct superior, Dr. Wilma Calvin) and most recently with the Man-Thing, and while they're talking about all this, the jungle lord hears something outside and dashed into the swamp alone [AST #12].  They followed, but, like the cavalry, they arrived after Zabu had already rescued the jungle lord from AIM agents, who had been busy trying to kill Man-Thing.  He wanted to leave the creature for dead, but Ka-Zar wouldn't allow it.  While the others were busy packaging up the muck monster, he returned to the Complex, where he was reported kidnapped along with Dr. Calvin by AIM agents.  When Ka-Zar and Dr. Morse mounted a rescue mission and infiltrated their Everglades Base, he revealed himself to be not only a spy but the group leader for their little outpost.  Knowing that the poo had hit the fan, they started to evacuate the base, but, as he prepared to eliminate all the witnesses, Man-Thing arrived through a wall and attacked him, burning him terribly.  If that didn't kill him, when, after the others were clear and Manny tripped the base self destruct mechanism, he as certainly killed in the resultant blast [AST #13].  GA:  AIM.
            First appearance (last name unrevealed):  AST #8     Last name revealed:  AST #12     Killed:  AST #13

Allentown    A sleepy hamlet in Iowa that was struck by an unknown ailment that dropped its inhabitants like flies, killing all of the few hundred inhabitants.  SHIELD moved in an quarantined the area, but they couldn't find any trace of what might have killed everyone [IM1 #141].  They discover that the signal came from space that left a perfectly round killing path, leaving behind a microwave residue, and when SHIELD gets Stark International involved to solve the mystery, Tony Stark is threatened by government officials to lay off. He follows the signal into space to find it originated at a Roxxon satellite [IM1 #142].    Inhabitants include:  Eb, Ms. Peters [first seen inhabitants],
            First appearance: IM1 #140

Allerdyce, St. John     (see:  Pyro)

Alley, Prof.    An astronomer who was one of the first to discover the vanishing stars caused by the Star Thief, and although the government tried to put a lid on the story, the story got out anyway and caused worldwide panic.
            First appearance (vo):  WAR #13

Alley, the    Home of the Morlocks beneath New York city, discovered by Callisto.
            First appearance:  UXM #148

Alliance of Evil    A collection of evil mutants, gathered originally by Apocalypse but later became a mercenary for hire team.  On one of their hired outings, they were working for IDIC Corporation as a front for AIM hired by Gideon, to collect the energy signatures left behind by the death of Proteus II, working with the mutants Harness and Piecemeal, but their attack on the Saint Simons Academy got them eventually captured by the New Mutants [NM AN #7].  Team consist of:  Frenzy (the leader), Tower, Stinger, Timeshadow, & Michael Nowlan.
            First appearance:  XFAC #5

Allied Chemical Corp.    A chemical manufacturing firm near NYC.  In its first mention, some of Mr. Morgan's goons robbed the place of specific chemicals which were to be delivered to Mr. Hyde, but the goons transporting the stuff where stopped by the Falcon.
            First mention:  CAP1 #152

Allied Vans    A moving company with a branch in NYC.  In their first appearance, one of their moving vans was used as a projectile by Ulik to push back the police who were trying to stop him and his army from invading the city.
            First appearance:  TH1 #211

All-Night Party    The political party that nominated Howard the Duck as their presidential candidate.
            First appearance:  HtD #

All Seeing Oracle    A mystical communication device that allows even non-adepts to communicate with others via the ethereal plane.  It resembles a great yellow eye that opens via a large iris aperture after the reading of a particular incantation and is located in Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.  If was first used by Wong to contact the Ancient One when his master failed to raise him by the communication device shortly before.
            First appearance:  MPRM #4

All-Stars    A jazz combo working the area around Connecticut and NYC who were taken under the control of Trago and not only used as his back up band but as his unwilling henchmen that he used to rob the populace when he took them under his widespread control.
            First appearance: TtA1 #47

All-State Express    A delivery service the operates in the California area, including Los Angeles.  In its first appearance, two of its employees delivered a large and mysterious crate to an area located behind Mount Zion Hospital not realizing that hit contained the Killer Clown, who used them to get past the police cordon around the hospital.  Employees include:  Pete [first named employee],
            First appearance:  SPW #22

"All the Evils of Man"    (see:  Fangor)

All Winners Squad    A WWII super team, consisting of Captain America II,  Human Torch I, Toro, Whizzer I, Miss America, Sub-Mariner,.
            First modern appearance:  MSH1 #17 (reprinting ALL WINNERS COMICS #21)

All-Winners Squad II    (form. Invaders II)  In an alternate reality, after V-J Day, the new Invaders team, commissioned by Harry Truman, didn't think their name fitting for their new job description in the atomic age and so changed it to All-Winners.  Their first big job was to prevent the kidnapping of John Kennedy by Adam-II and his subsequent replacement with an android duplicate.  During the course, the second Captain America was killed, but Patriot, who had been helping the team, took his place.  Members include:  Captain America II, Bucky II, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch II, Toro, Spitfire, Union Jack II, Whizzer I, Miss America, and Captain America III.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #4

Alma    Warren Worthington III's landlady in NYC during his brief career as the Avenging Angel.  REL:  wife of Fred.
            First appearance (unnamed):  UXM #55        Named:  UXM #56

Almadovar    (Deceased)  A high level syndicate informant who had a million dollar price on his head.  When Interpol agents Banshee and Daniel Peyer came to arrest him, Deadpool collected the bounty for Amahl Farouk, saving Cassidy's life in the process, but ruining the agent's careers.
            First appearance and death:  DP LTD #2

Alonzo, Tony 'Gloves'    A small time bank heister who was caught by Spider-Man after his latest job (and a high speed shoot-out) and handed over to the police.  His partner is Terry Doyle.
            first appearance:  SSM #36

Alpha    A trained gorilla who was intentionally exposed to the rays of the experimental Cosmic Ray Intensifier by the Red Ghost which gave the beast augmented strength, which the Russian scientist used to help him get a foothold at a SHIELD tracking station in Africa to produce an army of Super Apes.  But the plan was thwarted by Iron Man I, and the ape's partner, Beta, who didn't want their people subjugated by a madman, and had Alpha use his strength to destroy the Ultra-Intensifier.  GA:  Red Ghost's Super Apes.
            First appearance (unnamed):  IM1 #15        Named:  IM1 #16 

Alpha II    The ultimate mutant.  Genetically engineered by Magneto using technology he had stumbled upon underground, he was designed to have some of the most powerful abilities of the known mutants, including telekinesis, teleportation, and even the ability to recreate matter.  When he first emerges from his gestation capsule, although roughly eight feet tall, he is little more than a simian, doing anything and everything his creator asked.  But as time passed, he quickly evolved into a more and more advanced creature until he surpassed even Magneto.  Finally, his cranium bulging with his increasing intelligence, realizing that his creator was in the wrong, he dealt with him and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by changing them into infants before leaving for the star-flecked heavens.
            First appearance (unnamed):  DEF #15        Named:  DEF #16

Alpha    (Judge Robert Chalmers?)  The codename for the person in the Council (Federal Council on Mutant Activites?) who was dealing with recovering the sensitive documents in the possession of Carol Danvers presumably passed onto her by her old flame, Col. Mike Rossi.  Although male, the person's face was not shown and their physique was mostly hidden by the chair he was in while talking to agent Geoffrey Ballard over the phone, but presumably it was Judge Robert Chalmers--although that is never confirmed.  He was unhappy that Ballard's mission to recover the documents from Danvers' apartment, and failing that to blow up the place to destroy them, was washout, where they could prove so dangerous to the Council, and he agreed to get them, even over the woman's dead body.  He appears again as a wispy hologram when he orders Mystique to call off her attack on Ms Marvel with the SHIELD Centurion Armor [MsM #18]. 
            First appearance:  MsM #9

Alpha Base    The secret military base in Quebec that was the home of Department H and its premiere agent, Weapon (Wolverine) X, and later for the premier team, Alpha Flight.  It was first seen when Wolverine was sent to tackle the Hulk and they prepared for the contingency that he might fail.  Later, Prof. X traveled here to recruit Wolverine for his new X-Men [GS UXM #1].  Staff include:  Maj. Chasin, Mathews, Holdridge, Weapon X [first seen members],
            First appearance (unnamed):  IH1 #181        First named:  UXM #94

Alpha Centaurians    An advanced aquatic race from the planet Arima.
            First Appearance:  SUB #17

Alpha Flight    (see:  Beta Flight, and Gamma Flight)  Canada's premiere team of super heroes (essentially their version of the Avengers), assembled and trained by James Hudson (Vindicator I) under the secret Department H.  Their first mission was to recapture Wolverine for the prime minister but ran afoul of the then relatively new team of the X-Men, who Logan had joined when he left their team.  Although well trained, they were still green, and one of Shaman's storms got out of hand and had to be dealt with by Storm, and when the fight turned a little too personal afterward, Wolverine broke up the contention and surrendered, only to sneak out of the deal.  In their second appearance, they fought side by  side with Logan and Nightcrawler against Wendigo II, and despite the fact that they were successful, the group was afterward disbanded because Parliament really didn't feel comfortable maintaining a team of super heroes, particularly with the anti-mutant sentiment flooding the public [UXM #140].  Simultaneously, the remainder of the team was sent into the US to deal with Machine Man who was fingered by senator Brickman as the one responsible for the Hulk being in Canada [MM #18].  The team consists of Vindicator I/Guardian I, Shaman, Sasquatch, Aurora, Northstar, [First seen members], Snowbird [UXM #121], Marrina, Puck [ALF #1], Talisman [ALF #20], Box III [ALF #24], Vindicator II [ALF #31], Talisman II [?],
            First cameo appearance:  UXM #120        First full appearance:  UXM #121

Alpha-Particle Reactor Cube The energy source for Hydra island.  Is was assumed that Baron Strucker (Supreme Hydra) was killed when he fell into it.
            First appearance:  ST1 # 158 

Alpha Primitives    The sub-human servant race to the Inhumans, live in the lower levels of the Great Refuge.  They were used against the royal family by Maximux and some time later freed after their second revolt.  Among their number is:  TX-12, Omega [1st named members in FF1 #131],
            First appearance:  FF1 #47

Alpha Stone    (destroyed)  (Kree name is unpronounceable) One of two gems that were so powerful that the Kree decided to destroy them rather than have them fall in any one person's hands.  On the way to having them destroyed in the heart of a nearby sun, one of the crew men was overcome by their power and killed the other, but in so claiming his prize, he detonated their ship.  The stones ended up on Earth, where the Alpha was found and placed in a museum in NYC, where Basil Elks attempted to steal it.  During the robbery, a security guard accidentally destroyed the stone with a stray shot, and the exploding power transformed the thief into the Basilisk I.  REL:  Sister of the Omega Stone.
            First appearance and destruction:  MTU #16

Alpha Unakalthai    The star system where Achernon is located. 

Alraune, Marlene    (Marlene Fontaine)  Girl Friday and girlfriend of Moon Knight, particularly in his Steven Grant identity.  She had been working with her father in an archeological dig in the Sudan near Selina at the tomb of Pharaoh Seti when their base camp was attacked by Bushman and his crew of mercenaries, looking to loot their site.  After her father is killed trying to stop them, one of the mercenaries, a man named Marc Spector, helped her to escape, and she returned to the site in a jeep.  Shortly afterward, the man, who had been left out in the desert to die for betraying his boss, dropped in on them, but died before they could help him.  At the base of Khonshu, she cried over his loss only to discover that his heart had started beating again, and the man, now calling himself the moon's knight, went to get revenge on his old employer.  She followed him to Selina to see him wipe out all of Bushman's forces, but when she was attacked from behind, it distracted him enough that the main villain got away.  Her attacker turned out to be Marc's friend, Frenchie, and, she fell into her savior's arms.  She accompanied Marc (now calling himself Moon Knight-and Steven Grant and Jake Lockley) and Frenchie back to the US where they set up operation at his mansion in Long Island to continue the fight that he had started in the Sudan.  In her first appearance, she accompanies him to the mayor's mansion to prevent his death, but the villain, Conquer Lord, ends up using her for a shield to protect himself from Moon Knight [MSL1 #28].  He takes her with him to his HQ and leaves her to die as she is slowly lowered into a pit of alligators.  In the nick of time, she is rescued by Moon Knight, and their relationship heats up afterward [MSL1 #29].  After relating her origin, how, when her father's dig in the Sudan was raided by Bushman and his mercenaries, and she was saved by Marc Spector, who was resurrected to become the Moon Knight, they got another chance at the villain when he later popped up in NYC.  As she did before, she followed after Marc, and she ends up stopping him from beating the man to death after being grazed by a bullet [MK #1].  While MK is working on the Skid-Row Slasher case, she is becoming more concerned about his separation of his various identities, like they're different people, and is a little worried about his obsessive nature [MK #2].  REL:    Daughter of Dr. Peter Alraune.  Brother of Dr. Peter Alraune.  Ex-Wife of Eric Fontaine.
            First appearance:  MSL1 #28     Origin:  MK #1

Alraune, Dr. Peter    (Deceased)  An archeologist who was working on a dig in the Sudan near Selina at the tomb of Pharaoh Seti with his daughter when their base camp was attacked by Bushman and his band of mercenaries who were looking to look the site.  Peter, bent on stopping them, used one of the daggers taken from the site and tried to kill the leader, but a warning came from one of Bushman's underlings, a man named Marc Spector, and instead of being the killer, he had his throat ripped out by his target.  With his last breath, he begged the man named Spector to help his daughter, and then died.   REL:    Father of Marlene and Peter Alraune.
            First appearance and death:  MK #1

Alraune, Dr. Peter    (Deceased)  REL:  Brother of Marlene.  Son Of Dr. Peter.

Alshra     A place just out of step with our existence that is so in harmony with nature that while there you can actually see the natural forces and powers in and around everything.  At one time, all men had the potential to access this realm, but now very few can, including mainly the Neuri, although it was said that Wolverine, without his Adamantium would be in balance enough to access it.  It became endangered when the rebel Neuri, having given way to bloodlust, began to drain away more and more power from the Alshra, and the peaceful Neuri couldn't use the power to stop them because it would drain the power faster and it would make them like the ones they despise.  They were stopped by a combined effort on the part of the Neuri and the mutant, Logan.
            First appearance:  MGN #65/WOLV AN #2

Al's Junk    A salvage yard located a mile from Stark International West on the outskirts of LA.  It was first seen when Ramsey Kole, after raiding SI for what he hoped was Bill Foster's growth formula, he stopped there in his flight waiting for the effects to catch up to him.  As he danced in expectant exhortation, he got hit with the effects and then some.  He warped into the character who would be known as Daddy Longlegs.
            First appearance:  SPW #47

Al's Tavern    A drinking hole in NYC located somewhere near the offices of Nelson and Murdock.  It is first seen when Daredevil dumps the police ambulance he stole to escape state prison in front of the dive bar.
            First appearance:  DD1 #46

Altar    A young woman, presumably a student at Gateway University who, as part of a satanic cult, was a critical part of the ritual to raise their lord and master.  She was to be the conduit in the summoning, but whether she was to be sacrificed or not remained to be seen, because the ritual was interrupted by the appearance of the Son of Satan.  She ets more than she bargained for when she witnesses the appearance of Satan in the form of Baphomet and he calls forth a legion of demons to defeat his son.
            First appearance:  MSL1 #15

Altarians    An alien race  that maintained a mining operation in the Dark Nebula.  In their first mention, the miners at the Orion Base reported that the Altarians were well known for trafficking in slave labor.
            First mention:  TH1 #214

Alter-Earth    A divergent Earth where Reed Richards has the powers of the Thing, and Ben Grimm has those of Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch.
            First appearance:  FF1 #118

Alternate Resources Center    (destroyed)  A scientific research facility dedicated to solve the world's energy problems by finding alternative power sources.  One of their top researchers was working on a project involving magnetically charged gases, but, when her ego pushed the boundaries of safety, she paid the price.  The resultant explosion not only changed Dr. Volette Todd into a gaseous being of charged hydrogen, it also destroyed the facility, which eventually collapsed from the damage wrought by the explosion and the resultant fires.  Luckily, they were fully covered by Delmar Insurance.
            First appearance and destruction:  MM #15

Alvarez, Luis    (see:  Tarantula II)

Amalga-Beast    (deceased)  A creature produced by Namor when he was in possession of the Cosmic Cube which was an amalgam of various undersea creatures.  He uses it to distract the rest of the Avengers while he took another shot at Hercules who had only minutes before bested him.  The thing had claws for hands and had huge powerful tentacles coming out of its body, and it could move on dry land.  He proved a handful for Hawkeye, Goliath I, and Wasp together, but he soon fell victim to one of Hawk's blast arrows and the fact that Wasp figured out that Namor had reshaped the Cube into a necklace and knocked it from his person with a sting.  Which actually did the job would be a tough call.
            First appearance and demise:  AV1 #40

Amaquelin, Crystallia    (see:  Crystal)

Amaquelin, Medusalith    (see:  Medusa)

Amaru    An alien world known to the people of the Kharta'een Empire (but it is uncertain whether it is a part) where the inhabitants are said to have gained paranormal abilities by pledging themselves to their deity, Mistress Love.  It is their contention that they received their powers by performing a special ritual to summon their love goddess.  It was this ritual that the Princess Alaisa Pethnan followed to become Avatar.
            First mention:  SS3 #66

Amazons     The actual fierce warrior bred women of Greco-Roman mythology under the order of their queen, Hypolyta.  They were used as agents in a plan by Pluto to capture Venus and Hercules (to force them to marry Ares and Hypolyta).  But when they arrived in the offices at UCLA, they also had Black Widow with which to contend and later the whole team of the Champions who defeated them.
            First appearance:  CHM #1

Ambrose Building    The posh apartment building on 17th and Lexington in Midtown Manhattan whose penthouse, once the home of the Taylor family, is now the base of operations for the super team, the New Warriors under Dwayne (Night Thrasher) Taylor.  It not only houses their computers and other utility equipment, it also is the site of their special training room.
            First appearance (unnamed)  TH1 #411        Named:  NW #1

Ambrosian Wine   A drink of some attraction served on Homeworld.  It is first mentioned by Pip the Troll when he was trying to entice Adam Warlock to join him in a celebration at Mama Alpha's.
            First mention:  WAR #11

Ambur    REL:    Mother of Crystal and  Medusa.

Amenemhet III    An ancient Egyptian pharaoh from the 12th Dynasty who was the basis for the delusion perpetrated by Infinitus, who claimed to be his reincarnation and was killing people who he believed to by his ancient enemies.
            First mention:  MTU #29

American News Magazine    A news periodical based in NYC.  Employees include:  Diane Arliss [first seen staff],
            First mention:  SUB #39

Amergin    The 10th century ancestor of Doctor Druid.

American Chemron Industries    A chemical plant near Boston Harbor that was polluting far more than regulations allowed, dumping chemicals directly into the water.  When one of the employees got wind of this, he went to the boss and threatened to blow the whistle on the operation, so the boss killed him and the other equally corrupt board members disposed of the body by running it through the plant's disposal unit.  Instead of destroying the body, it changed it and created the Faceless Man, who came back for revenge and killed all the people responsible for what he'd become.  Staff includes:  Wally Slammerkin, Jean, Eli Harris, Jack, Freddy Anderson, Windom [only named employees],
            First appearance:  ToD #46

American Eagle I    (James Dore.  see:  Blue Eagle, Cap'n Hawk)  GA:  Squadron Supreme.
            First appearance:  AV1 #85

American Eagle II    (Jason Strongbow)  REL:  Brother of Ward Strongbow.
            First appearance:  MTO An. #6

American Savings Bank    A financial institution in NYC that was one of those affected by the Red Skull's plot to undermine all the banks by trading their money with counterfeit currency.  They are first seen in the midst of a riot when the members learn that the cash they've been issued it bogus, and, when Nomad I comes by and questions what's going on, a bystander tells him that banks all up and down the east coast have been plagued with the funny money.  He blames the error in mismanagement and then proceeds to tell Nomad what a crook the original Captain America had been, drawing parallels between the two events.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #183

"America Shall Endure"    A play underwritten by the Black Spectre cult that featured hypnotized actors playing a slave, Captain America, and Adolph Hitler that was supposed to be pro-patriotism.  However, when Candace Nelson brought matt Murdock into the audience to see it, they discovered that it was far from that.  During the course, the downtrodden slave threatens Lady Liberty and is beaten by a fascist Cap who in turn is killed by a hip Hitler, who then, claiming to be the real America, shoots himself.  As if if wasn't bad enough, Matt using his Daredevil abilities, realized that the pain and death were real.
            First appearance:  MTO #3

Ameridroid    (see:  Gen. Lyle Dekker)  A giant android, 3.5 meters tall, that was created by Gen. Lyle Decker to be an exact physical duplicate of his old enemy Captain America I, giant shield, swashbuckling boots, little head wings and all.  It was designed to house his mind before he died, and to be activated by the life energy of Cap.  In its first appearance, Dekker introduces his expected guest, Cap to his finest creation, who is still inactivated in his lab [CAP1 #218].  It is revealed that Dekker plans to use Cap to activate the android [CAP1 #219].  Worse still, Dekker reveals that he plans to put his own mind and personality into the creature using his Power Transfer Machine and does so while draining Cap to jump start his new body.  And so, when the guards break in, it is Dekker speaking to them from the Ameridroid's activated body [CAP1 #220].  He goes on a rampage, seizing control of the little town and declaring that it will be the seat of his new empire.  When he defeats the recovered Cap, he brags about what he had to give up to put himself in a position to do what the  axis forces could not, and then it hits him that not only was he no longer human, but was a freak in his giant android body.  While bemoaning the loss of his humanity over his own dead body, Cap tells him that he shouldn't see this as the end but as a second chance, and, seeing the reason in it, he decides to lose himself in the Canadian woods to do penance for all the evil he's done [CAP1 #221].
           First appearance (unnamed):  CAP1 #218    Named:  CAP1 #219

Ames, Dr.    The SHIELD physician who attended the amnesiac Black Widow after she was captured by Nick Fury for being a rogue agent.  When he decided to fight Fury's decision to question her, even though in her weakened state it would probably kill her, he fell too under the hypnotic powers of Viper II and was ordered to kill his charge.  He attempted to with a scalpel, but her agent training came through enough for her to stop him.
            First appearance:  MTU #83 

Ames, Miss    A nurse working at the information desk at the hospital where both Johnny Blaze and Roxanne Simpson were being treated.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #1

Ames Research Labs    An R and D facility located in a remote area up the coast from LA and was located near the Deterrence Research Corp.'s West Coast facility.
            First mention:  SPW #34

Amkov, Sergei    The Soviet agent and head of the North American spy system for the Iron Curtain, sent to retrieve the Black Widow after her many failures to thwart Stark Industries.  In the middle of an operation, they kidnapped her and took her by plane back to the motherland for interrogation.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #60

Ammo    Gang leader.  GA:  the Wildboys.
            First appearance:  DD1#252

Ammon Ra    (Atum)  The sky-father of the Egyptian pantheon of gods.  In his first appearance, he was on hand for the Council of God-Heads 1000 years ago to discuss what was to be done about the arrival of the Third Host of Celestials, and it was unanimously agreed to send a delegation to meet with the space gods.  When the delegation is threatened if they interfered with the judgment, the Council didn't take it lying down.  They each donated a small portion of their power to create the Destroyer so he could be used as their champion against the Celestials  [TH1 #300].
            First appearance (unnamed):  TH1 #300

Amon    One of the three demon steeds that pulls the Chariot of Satan, which has been stolen by and is being used by the Son of Satan.
            First appearance (unnamed):  MSL1 #12     Named:  MSL1 #14

Amora    (see:  Enchantress)

Amphibian    (Kingsley Rice)  The water based hero on Other-Earth who wears a blue body suit, gloves, and a headband.  Spectrum calls together an emergency meeting of the Squadron, and they join Hyperion II and Thor I to battle Hyperion I, who has teamed-up with Emil Burbank and his giant Robot.  In the end, the heroes are victorious, and their actions provided enough raw film  footage to produce two movies about Hyperion's life [TH1 #280].  GA:  Squadron Supreme.
            First appearance:  AV1 #145

Amphibius    One of the Savage Land Swamp people genetically altered by the Creator (Magneto) to possess the abilities and appearance of an enormous frog.  GA:  Savage Land Mutates.
            First appearance:  UXM #62

Amrine, Officer    One of the LA police officers working under Sheriff Morris Walters.  He had driven his boss out in a squad car to talk to Dr. Jonathan and Mrs. Ridge about his recently deceased daughter, but when the sheriff returned to the vehicle, he discovered that his officer had been replaced by one of Nick Trask's henchmen.  What became of Amrine isn't said.
            First mention:  SSH #4

Amulet of Agamotto    (see:  Doctor Strange's Amulet)

Amy    A nurse at the Cedars of Lebanon sanatorium during the Katy Milner possession and is witness to the arrival of demonologist Son of Satan.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #17

Amy    A little girl who is a good friend of Cassie Lang's but doesn't like bugs.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #19?

Amy    A prostitute who was caught turning tricks outside Ernie's Place by officer Jerry, but when the officer, while taking her in, was forced to break up a fight between the drunken Johnny Blaze and the gang of thugs run by Raz, she was let off to bring the beaten stunt cyclist home and tend his 'injuries'.  At her place, Johnny wakes the house with a nightmare of Ghost Rider IV and when he tries desperately to get more to drink and she offers to help him keep down his demons, not understanding what she was getting into.  The next day, they go out for a picnic and are attacked by the same thugs, who rob Johnny blind, but when the thugs try to take the girl, he lets GR out.  Even after witnessing the mayhem, she is still willing to help Johnny through this, but he leaves her knowing that his curse was there to stay.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #47

Amy   A Dartmouth College student who was on hand when Iceman, a visiting sophomore, thwarted the theft of a new computer built by Hank Pym by one of the staff, Professor Thatcher.
            First appearance:  BIZADV #27

Anaconda    (Blanche 'Blondie' Sitznski)  A large super powered villain who possesses not only super human strength but is able to extend her arms and legs and use them like tentacles, or more to the point, anaconda coils, to crush her opponents.  She and her partners of the Serpent Squad were hired by Roxxon Oil to recover the second Serpent Crown from its resting place on the ocean floor.  A hard enough task even without the interference of the Thing, Triton, and Stingray, who were investigating the Roxxon oil derrick that was dredging for the Crown.  She was strong enough to restrain the Thing, but wasn't invulnerable to Stingray's electrical discharges.    GA:  Serpent Squad III, Serpent Society.
            First part. appearance:  MTO #64    First full:  MTO #65

Anansi the Spider    The trickster and hero from West African folklore.  It was first seen as a bronze statue representation of the giant spider that was on display at the LA Museum of Anthropology and Folk Art before the Enforcer and his gang stole it [SPW#27].
            First appearance (as statue):  SPW #27

Anath-Na Mut    (see:  Sphinx I)

Ancient One    (Deceased)  The former Sorcerer Supreme, and one time teacher of Dr. Strange and Baron Mordo.  Over 500 years ago, the mage had grown up in the land of Kamar-Taj with his best friend Kaluu, and the two had discovered a way to harness mystical energies at a young age. Although the Ancient One wanted to use them for good, his friend could only think to use them for self profit.  Being friends, however, Ancient One stood behind him, even in his bid to become leader of their village, even in the spell he cast to make the village prosperous.  However, when Kaluu's thoughts turned to conquest of the surrounding villages, the Ancient One spoke up and was placed under a paralysis spell.  Watching the conquests, the taking of slaves, and the ruination of their village, which quickly became something evil, the Ancient One pooled his powers and brought a curse down on the village (and was ironically protected by Kallu's spell) which reversed the prosperity spell, and brought death and destruction on the befouled village.  Kaluu escaped into another dimension and was trapped, and the Ancient One was free once again.   After his disciple defeated Dormammu, as a reward he gave him his cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto, and declared that he would be his successor [ST1 #127].  When the Ancient One was at death's door and could only be cured by Eternity. Dr. Strange went out seeking info on the entity [ST1 #134].  But when those efforts failed, he returned to his master's sanctum to get the information directly from his mind [ST1 #136].   Dr. Strange was forced to enter his old master's mind to retrieve the spell to contact the being.  Not recognizing the intruder at first, the old man put up a monumental fight, but when his pupil put his life into his hands, he knew him and allowed him access to his memory [ST1 #137].  When Strange wants to storm after Kaluu, the Ancient One stops him and tells him of their origin growing up together in Kamar-Taj, and convinced his disciple to stand his ground [ST1 #148].  He was thought to have been killed when Zom cast him into a pillar of stone [ST1 #157], but it is later revealed that he allowed himself to be imprisoned so he could bequeath the power to Strange to defeat the villain.  Once the cosmic balance was restored, he was able to break free of the spell, and he ends up helping his disciple rescue Victoria Bentley from the Dimension of Dream [ST1 #166-8].  Still ailing, he tests his disciple against his old foe Nightmare [DRST1 #170].  When Asmodeus I invades his Sanctum, he stands by and lets Strange defeat the mage (it being his job to do so now) [DrST1 #177].  He reinstates Steven Strange in the minds of the world after Eternity changed it to Sanders, and reinstates him as the master of mystic arts [MFT #1].  He informs his disciple of the evil forces at large in the world concerning the resurrection of Shuma-Gorath, and he begins his battle at his end while Strange takes the more direct route in Starksboro [MPRM #4].  The power needed to assist his disciple leaves him defenseless, and he is kidnapped by the Shadowmen of Kaa-U [MPRM #5] and taken to the Crypt of Kaa-U, from where his astral self helped Strange to defeat N'Gabthoth [MPRM #6].  He then helps Strange to defeat Kathulos [MPRM #8], but, when his pupil comes to rescue him, it is revealed that he has been starving himself in his crypt cell to bring about the end of his life because it is then revealed that he is to be the conduit for Shuma-Gorath to re-enter this world [MPRM #9].  Finally, Strange has to kill his mortal body to stop the elder demon, and he assumes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme [MPRM #10].  He is on hand as a spirit when his disciple defeats Death and gains the Ankh Symbol of enduring life [DrST2 #4].  He infiltrates the fantasy that is created by Eternity to test Dr. Strange to decide whether the human race should survive, but his advice in and around the replay of old events, seems to be counter to what would be helpful to his disciple [DrST2 #12].  When, after the world has been destroyed, his disciple ticks off Eternity, who refuses to undo the deed, the Ancient One gets involved and into a wrestling match with the entity, finally convincing it to remake the planet [DrST2 #13].  Ancient One, under the influence of the Creators, gives Strange one last test, and when he refuses to become one with the universe, meaning he'd have to give up his body, and Clea, his mentor strips him of his title as Sorcerer Supreme [DrST2 #19].  It is revealed that all of the tests were an illusion, including the destruction of the planet, all under the influence of the Creators, to eliminate Strange as a threat to them [DrST2 #20].  When their Grand Alteration comes to fruition, the entire universe is changed, and the Ancient One is cast back into being human, where, to survive, he was forced to consume large quantities of cheap wine to retard the change.  he is found by Dr. Strange, and the two prepare to confront the In-Betweener, who has underwritten the entire affair [DrST2 #26].  When Strange uncovers another Cosmic Wheel of Change, he dismisses his old mentor like he was his disciple [DrST2 #27].  He aids his disciple by offering his power to defeat the In-Betweener, and, after Strange uses the new Wheel to set the universe to right, he ascends to being one with the universe again and reinstates Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme [DrST2 #28].
            First appearance:  ST1 #110    First full:  ST1 #111      Origin:  ST1 #148    Died:  MPRM #10     First appearance as a spirit:  DrST2 #4

Ancient One    The aged servant of the Mandarin whose main purpose is to study the records of past centuries and keep his master abreast of anything important he finds.  He is on hand to inform his master what he knows of the fabled Inhumans when the Royal Family attacks his digging expedition to find the Eye of Yin.  He also, with his master's Scanner, keeps an eye on their progress after Mandarin dupes the Inhumans into doing his dirty work in finding the artifact [AA2 #3].  When the Eye was safely in the hands of his master, who absorbed its power into his Power Rings, the Ancient One asked for his promised reward for helping him to find it, and the Mandarin, figuring it to be a fitting reward for an inquisitive scholar, teleported him to another dimension [AA2 #4].
            First appearance:  AA2 #3

Anders, Jason    A very big nosed news hawk working for the Los Angeles Times on Counter-Earth who broke the big story of when the Hulk and Rhino crash landed in the city, a story that the military was trying to cover up, and also spilled the beans about the presence of the New Men on his world.
            First appearance:  IH #158  

Anderson    A police officer who was part of the investigation of the Rat Pack II's attack on the Cheyenne village near Kepkeville, CA. and was the one that took the call that reported from NYC that Tigra wasn't involved in the massacre.
            First appearance:  MCH #5

Anderson, Chief Magistrate    The head of Genoshan Security.
            First appearance:  UXM #236

Anderson, Dr.    One of the physicians overseeing Project Rebirth during WW II and was evidently a liaison officer to the military with access to the president's office.  In his first appearance, he came to FDR's office with the news that the Super Soldier Serum was completed and to collect Gen. Phillips to the first practical application.  They were on hand in Dr. Erskine's  super secret lab when he administered the serum to Steve Rogers and changed him into Captain America I, and was witness to the assassination of Erskine by a Nazi spy.
            First modern appearance:  ToS1 #63

Anderson, Principal    The chief administrator at Junior High School 41 in Hell's Kitchen.  In his first appearance, he was welcoming new student, James-Michael Starling to the school and was going to show the boy to his first class, but James preferred to navigate the halls himself.  Knowing that he was home schooled and what his average classes were like, he was amused by the culture shock he knew was forthcoming [OMU #3].  In his next appearance, James and John Nedly were brought before him by the science teacher, Mr. Lucien, who claimed that the accident in his lab was caused by them, but they explained that they had been trying to prevent the incident but the teacher hadn't listened to to them.  Knowing Lucien's propensities for being obstinate, he believed the boys and had a closed door chat with Lucien [OMU #4].
            First appearance:  OMU #3

Anderson, Dr. Brian    The head of the psychology department at the University of the District of Columbia who was trying to get their Parapsychology Paranormal Phenomena Research division off the ground, and decided that the best way to do that was to get a big name o be the head of the project, and decides on Daimon Hellstrom.  In his first appearance, he is trying to convince the board of this, and succeeds in getting the go ahead to at least check him out.  When Daimon arrives on campus, before he has a face to face with him, he arranges to have the school's compu-librarian to sign on as his research assistant and to spy for him to make sue that he made the right choice for the head of the Parapsychology department.  When he finally gets to have a face to face with Daimon, it is following a bizarre death in his building, which he considers to be a bad reflection on his department. But, before he can continue with the dressing down, he and the others are mentally attacked, and luckily the Son of Satan is there to drove off the culprit. Afterward, not much is said about his little gripe [SOS #5]. 
           First appearance (unnamed):  SOS #2          Named:  SOS #4

Anderson, Freddy   (deceased)  One of the corrupt and ruthless board members of American Chemron Industries, who, after their CEO was forced to kill one of the employees, who had threatened to blow the whistle on the ecological liberties that the plant was taking, was among the other members who voted to get rid of the body by running it through the plant disposal unit.  Thinking that was the end of the matter, he went on with his normal life, going to his health spa that night for a workout.  Little did he realize that the acid bath didn't destroy the employee, it changed him into the Faceless Man, and he came to the spa looking for revenge.  He attacked and killed him in the steam room and took his right eye to add to his previously blank face.
            First appearance and death:  ToD #46

Anderson, Jack     A newspaper reporter in the NYC area who made a name for himself when he was on hand for the early appearances of the furry Beast. One of his articles prompted the Best's old teammate, Angel, to seek him out.
            First mention:  AA2 #15

Anderson, James    The most recent in the line of wealthy Andersons who has a passion for collecting priceless art, including Monet, Goya, Manet, and Delacroix, a collection, and his connection to Delmar Insurance, that prompts the Binary Bug to rob his estate.  REL:  Descendant of Ludwig Anderson.
            First appearance:  MM #11

Anderson, Ludwig    A German immigrant who capitalized on the oncoming industrial revolution and amassed his fortune and eventually built the grand family estate in1798.  REL:  Ancestor of James Anderson.
            First mention:  MM #11

Anderson, Lynn    The red headed private secretary of Carol Danvers when she was the managing editor for Woman magazine.  In her first appearance, she got the socks scared off her by a rampaging J Jonah Jameson.  The pressure in the office mounts when Carol begins to have more and more extended absences and Lynn has no idea how to contact her [MsM #10].  Frank Gianelli puts the moves on her, and she joins the rest of the staff in a prearranged snowball fight to de-stress Carol [MsM #17].  When Carol is fired by Jameson, she offers her sincere consolations, and as her final duty as her secretary, she is asked to pack up her things in her office and ship them to her home.  It is presumed that Lynn continues as Tracy Burke's secretary [MsM #22].
            First appearance:  MsM #6      Last name revealed:  ?

Anderssen, Dr.    One of Dr. Karl Lykos' colleagues and close friends.  REL:  Father of Tanya Anderssen.
            First appearance:  UXM #60

Anderssen, Tanya    Love interest of Dr. Karl Lycos (Sauron), accompanies the X-Men to the Antarctic in an attempt to find him and bring him home.  REL:  Daughter of Dr. Anderssen.
            First appearance:  UXM #60

Andre    A large gorilla for hire (the red head) who was employed by Batroc as part of his revised Brigade.  In his first appearance, holed up in a dance studio in the theater district of NYC, he and the others were helping Batroc collect children for his unnamed employer, not directly, but through a third party vendor.  When Captain America I rolls to his operation, Batroc sics his new boys on him, and, although he fights like a tiger, their sheer numbers prove too much for him.  After the boss waves the purloined merchandise under the star spangled avenger's nose, Falcon arrives and evens the odds a little bit.  The two heroes quickly get the upper hand, but Batroc calls in his own reinforcements, his employer, the Dark Stranger [CAP1 #149].  After Jakar reveals his intended use for the kids and teleports away, Batroc has a change of heart and follows him, but uses his Brigade to cover his own escape.  Cap and Falcon mop the floor with them and leave them to the police while they follow the Leaper [CAP1 #150].
            First appearance:  CAP1 #149

Andre    The maitre d' of a posh French restaurant off the south end of Central Park who knows both Dr. Donald Blake and Jane Foster.  In his first appearance, he welcomes his two favorite customers back after a long absence and warms greatly to Jane.
            First appearance: TH1 #237

Andre    An effeminate friend of Mary Jane Watson who used to own a beauty salon and who invited MJ to Studio 13 and monopolized her time despite Peter parker's presence.
            First appearance:  MTU #75

Andre    In an alternate universe, the French informant that tipped Spider-Woman I off to her origins before trying to collect the bounty on her  head.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #17

Andrea    One of the young residents of the small village of Littlepool in England who had been born and raised there and was content to remain, despite the fact that her boyfriend, Dave, was more than eager to get out to see the rest of the world.  She is attacked by the vampires created by Dracula, who had unexpectedly come to the village and befriended her beau, but Dave saves her, and after the creatures are hunted down, he rescues Drac and decides to stay with her after all.
            First appearance:  ToD #9

Andrea's Corn    One of the concession booths at Coney Island on the fringes of the midway, first seen just before Jigsaw made his fourth sniper killing of a youth riding he roller coaster.
            First appearance:  ASM #161

Andrew    One of the neighbors to Giant Man-I's Manhattan HQ who doesn't care much for his comings and goings, particularly those involving insects.  REL:  Husband of Mildred.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #69

Andrew Jackson High School    The Harlem school where Luke Charles (Black Panther) taught for a brief time period as the Black Cultural History teacher.  Other staff members include:  Bessie Hotchkiss,  Students include:  Eugene Everett, Maria [MTO #40].
            First appearance (unnamed) :  AV1 #77        Named:  AV1 #79

Andrews, Dr. Basil 'Bruce'    A handsome, womanizing physician in NYC who was a colleague and rival of Dr. Don Blake.  In his first appearance, when Jane Foster was tired of waiting for Dr. Blake to make his move, she left him and went into the arms of his rival, a known wolf who had tried unsuccessfully to date her in the past.  Worse still, when it was time to say goodbye, he helped her rub Blake's nose in his loss [JiM1 #97].  When Cobra drops into his office to force him to make more of his cobra serum for him, he shows his lack of back bone by giving in immediately, and Jane realizes what a coward he really is.  After Thor I saves her from the villain, she leaves Bruce to go back to her former boss [JiM1 #98].
            First appearance:  JiM1#97

Andrews, Officer    During the story were Mr. Fantastic has lured Dr. Banner to NYC to cure him of being the Hulk, Andrews, because of his expecting wife, misses the briefing where the police are told to let Banner through the cordon unharmed, so neglects to tell his replacement who happens to be the guard on duty in the lobby of the Baxter Building when Banner arrives.
            First appearance:  IH1 #122

Andreyivich, Capt.    The captain of a soviet sub that was scheduled to rendezvous with the Crimson Dynamo IV to take him, his partners (Griffin, titanium Man I, and Darkstar), and their captives (the defectors Black Widow, Ivan Petrovitch, and Alexei Bruskin) back to mother Russia.  The plan was thwarted by the Champions and his ship was scuttled by a grenade when the mortally wounded Commissar gave his life to stop the abduction.
            First appearance:  CHM #10

Andro    (form. Dr. Doom's Doomsman)  When the Doomsman escaped the dimension where Doom had exiled him by hitching a ride with the Thing and Lockjaw and learned himself the ability of teleportation, he returned in secret to Doom's castle and began to manipulate his former master's androids, leading them to believe that he was their god.  the leader of their secret church, he whipped them into unrest, and when it reached a peak, he sicced them on his old master, who had been working on teaming-up with the Sub-Mariner.  They wrecked his Solar Generator and Batteries and might have killed the two monarchs, if Doom hadn't opened a wall to the moat to give his pal Namor a boost in power.  The water proved the Androids' undoing, and yet, their god continued to send them into the torrent in hopes of killing his mark.  For his callousness, the open minded Namor went after him and began beating on him, but when Doom prepared to join the fray, Andro used his teleportation power and escaped [GSSVTU #2].
            First appearance:  GSSVTU #2

     Andro's Androids    (destroyed)  They were built by Dr. Doom with more human attributes than his other robots in hopes of their being more effective soldiers, and, although he did get the final results that he wanted, they did come with some unexpected quirks.  Because of their human attributes, they began to act as though they were alive, even starting a religion and honoring their dead in church.  Doom, because of their success, ignored their quirks, not realizing that his earlier mistake, the Doomsman, would make use of their disquiet to get revenge on his old master.  He popped in and insinuated himself among them as their leader and then their god, and then waited for the perfect moment to strike.  In their first appearance, Doom sicced them on Atlantis to flush out the Sub-Mariner, and, although he kicked their butts, their master invited him back to Latveria in hopes of creating an alliance between their people.  Once home, to show his complete dominance over his soldiers, he callously ordered two of them to kill one another.  This proved to be the last straw, and before the tour of the castle was over, Andro had ordered his minions to rise up against their master.  Doom's Solar Generator was destroyed and they nearly overcame the two monarchs with sheer numbers, but Doom opened a wall leading to the moat to give his partner a strength replenisher.  The water proved the undoing of the Androids, and, even with this knowledge in hand, Andro continued to send troops into the deluge, showing that he cared nothing for his flock and only wanted revenge on his old master.  By the time the water had receded, thanks to the flood and the pounding, all of the Androids were left inoperable [GSSTVU #2].  Another is identified in a flashback to the fight [SVTU #1].  Their number includes:  #s 1, 14, 21, 31, 51, 67, 73, 94, 115, 116, 117, 127, 172, 185,  219, 236, 317, 356, 371, 407, 417, 431, 447, 510, 524, 540, 601, 611, 614, 616, 617, 700, 703, 714, 717, 791, 801, 900 [first named androids], #17 [SVTU #1],
            First appearance and destruction:  GSSVTU #2

Android Man    (see:  Mad Thinker's Android Man)

Android X-4    A powerful engine of destruction powered by radioactive materials that was designed by Stark Industries for SHIELD to test Captain America I when he was suspected of being a traitor.  When its controls were taken over by the real traitor, Dr. Ryder, it fought Cap to a stand still, and it was only stopped when Sharon Carter discovered his location.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #127

Andromeda    The starship captained by a man named Cybor that's primary function was that of an intergalactic 'whaling' ship.  It is equipped with a star drive, has protrusions that appear to be sails (presumably solar sails) and lower ones that resemble oars, and with its alien crew, it hunts creatures like the Herms for commercial profit.  In its first appearance, it settled into Earth orbit and deployed its Starboats (Stalkboats) to hunt down the creature, Klaatu in NYC.  After taking Hulk aboard as an unwilling crew member, it set off into space in pursuit of hits fleeing prey.  After the crew is drug to its doom after their captain, the craft drifts aimlessly into space [IH #137].  The crew consists of:  Xeron (lead harpooner), Abomination (first mate) [first seen members], Cybor (captain), Cerexo (oarsman), Ztlol (Cybor's personal attendant) [IH #137].
            First appearance (unnamed):  IH #136            Named:  IH #137

Andromeda    (see:  Andrea McPhee)  REL:  Daughter of Attuma and Lady Gelva.  GA:  Defenders, Dragon Circle.
            First appearance:  DEF #146

Androne    Metallic Androids created by Reed Richards Robotics of Earth-A for Inter-Related Technocracies Unlimited and sent to the 5th Dimension Earth to help foment a war between the two planets.
            First appearance:  FF1 #161

Andropolus, Capt.    A sailor in Greece who was injured when his ship was attacked by what he believed to be the giant Cyclops that had been plaguing the area.  When Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne questioned him, he said that he was unable to see it clearly, but it was so big that it created huge waves before is smashed his boat, and then he directed them on to another witness named George.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #46

Andy    A riveter on the Monarch Towers project who became the latest statistic in a series of accidents that had been plaguing the worksite.  He was rescued from certain death by his boss, Joe Danvers, who then discovered that the accidents were being caused by the company, Plumm International, cutting corners to save a few bucks.
            First appearance:  MsM #13

Andy    A ruthless hobo greatly resembling Stan Laurel, who, with his partner Tepper, rolled Johnny Blaze for his money, and when he awoke and tried to stop them, was answered with a crowbar to the back of the head, giving him amnesia.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #41

Andy   A police officer in the LAPD.  In his first appearance, he was assigned to Lt. Jacobi as the stand-by surprise when they got a tip that Enforcer and his new partner Spider-Woman I would be robbing the multi-millionaire J P Van Dekalb.  As Enforcer sailed through their ranks, wearing bullet proof armor, Capt. Alexander Walsh gave the word, and Andy and his crew dropped a steel mesh net over the fleeing felon.  But, when they went to real the villain in, the planned got scuttled by Spider-Woman, who shredded the net and took officers down with her Venom Blast.
            First appearance: SPW #28

Anelle, Princess    Princess in the Skrull Empire, one time lover of Warlord Morratt.  REL:  Daughter of Emperor Dorrek and Empress R'Kill.
            First appearance:  FF1 #37

Anello, Tony    One of the NYC police who respond to the call that Man-Wolf and Kraven had been spotted duking it out in the street.  By the time they realize that the creature isn't just a guy in a suit, it's too late to take any more precautions.  Anello is hurt bad when Man-Wolf makes his move to escape.
            First appearance:  CRT #32

Angar, David Alan    (see:  Angar the Screamer)

Angar the Screamer    (David Alan Angar)  A rather hippie-ish villain with special vocal powers that cause extreme psychotic reactions to those within the hearing of his voice, which he can modulate from minor attacks to a lethal barrage.   Although most of his victims recover with the same memory loss which makes them forget the attack, others continue to have psychotic reactions and require hospitalization.  In his first appearance, he clashed with Daredevil in San Francisco and ended up with a stretch in prison [DD1 #100-05].  Teaming up with Master Khan in the land of Halwan, Angar clashed with Iron Fist and had his vocal cords cut by Colleen Wing [IF6-7].  BTS, he spent a great deal of time in a Halwani hospital, but he recovered eventually.  But, facing life in prison, he jumped at the chance when a mysterious benefactor arranged to smuggle him back to the US, where they set him up at Star City.  He turned up on Malibu Beach, and, when accosted by the local police, he touched off his powers, not realizing that among the sunbather affected was Spider-Woman I in her civilian identity [SPW #34].  Self satisfied, he wanders off and, after remembering the events that led him from Halwan back to the US, returns to Star City, where the administrator isn't please about his field trip.  Angar, being the arrogant jerk he is, killed him and nearly killed his secretary, and, while waiting for his benefactor to call, he runs into Spider-Woman, who is hunting him for the money offered by Halwan for his return.  He gives her everything he has, but she quickly develops an immunity to his power (which is defined as being a sonic affect that alters the brain chemically) and after stepping on his ego, decks him hard and hands him over to the authorities [SPW #35].  It is revealed that he has been taken captive by the Locksmith and fitted with special shackles that inhibit the use of his powers, but he was freed thanks to the combined effort of Spider-Woman, Tigra, Gypsy Moth, and Poltergeist.  Shortly afterward all memory of Spider-Woman is wiped away by her magician friend Magnus [SPW #50].
            First appearance:  DD1 #100

Angel    (Warren K. Worthington III, see:  Archangel, Avenging Angel)  The handsome heir to the Worthington fortune whose mutant power developed during puberty in the form of feathered wings.  He attempted a brief and less than noteworthy solo career before he was recruited by Professor X.  As a founding member of the X-Men, he honed his abilities until his flying skills were nearly perfect.  Jean's parents visit the school and the team takes on the Brotherhood again [UXM #5].  After a session in the Danger Room, he and Jean go out on a date [ST1 #120].  The X-Men catch up with the Brotherhood (mostly BTS, Angel is only seen in shadow) and on the sly help Thor and stop Magneto from using his Proton Bomb [JiM1 #109].  After battling the Z'Nox [UXM #65] and battling Hulk in Las Vegas, the team goes into hiding thanks to extreme anti-mutant sentiment [UXM #66].  Angel, on his first solo mission, clashes with the Dazzler I, who has killed his father [KAZ1 #2].  He wants revenge, but is talked down by Fred Amos into just capturing the villain, but, before he can act, he is captured himself and forced into the villain's service with threats to Candy's well being [KAZ1 #3].  After Dazzler is revealed to be his uncle, he tries to brainwash his nephew, but it doesn't work on mutants.  Angel does a switcheroo that destroys his Spatial Destructor Machine, and he's forced to choose between rescuing Candy and his uncle in the end [MT #30].  When Beast, the eldest of the original roster, left the team to pursue his own career, he and the others gave him a tearful send off [AA2 #11].  However, when another article came out in the papers about his old teammate, he couldn't sit still and went to help his buddy, tag-teaming with him to take down the Griffin [AA2 #15].  Magneto overcomes him to steal his energy absorbing costume [AV1 #111].  He is rescued from the second Secret Empire's Ultimate Lair where he had been brought (after changing to his original costume) with other mutants to be used as human batteries, but the rescue attempt by Captain America I and the other X-Men was interrupted by the use of the Empire's Atomic Annihilator [CAP1 #174].  He and the other mutants are used to power the Empire's Saucer Craft weaponry, but before any real damage could be done in Washington, the Empire is conquered with the help of SHIELD; and they are rescued [CAP1 #175].  After the events in the Krakoa affair, he and most of the original X-Men left the Xavier School [UXM #94], and, with his pal Iceman, he went on to college at UCLA, which was short lived before he started up with the super group the Champions [CHM #1].  About this time he came into his inheritance [CHM #5] and went gung ho with the cash for the group, buying a 23 story skyscraper for their HQ and their new Champscraft, trying very hard to make it a viable team.  They get a visit from Beast, who they surmise is teamed-up with Magneto [SVTU #14].  Although they don't believe their story about teaming up to defeat Doom, they follow them back east and learn the truth about his Neuro-Gas when he takes control over several members of the team (including him).  GR, unaffected by the Gas, defeats Doom and releases everyone that is under his control [CHM #16]. The Champions as a team failed very quickly and after the real estate was dispensed with, he became a free agent again [SSM #18].  He retires to his NM retreat and invites Iceman up for a visit, but they are attacked by Master Mold IV, and Angel carries the fight over into the nearby Gamma Base for help, and he gets it in the form of the Hulk [IH AN #7].  Shortly thereafter, he became involved with the X-Men again during their first battle against the Hellfire Club Inner Circle, and after the death of Phoenix II, he officially rejoined the team for a short stint [UXM #139].  At about this same time, he does a brief team up with the Thing against Toad, who had borrow some money and technology from Arcade to make his own version of Murder World, duirng which, he ends up investing some of his own monye ot bail out the pitiful villain and start an amusement park called Toad World [MTO #68].   [UXM #143].  After the events in UXM #143, Warren and the team are sent to San Francisco to confront a new mutant identified by Cerebro [SPW #37].  He, Colossus, and Storm team-up with Spider-Woman I against Black Tom Cassidy, Juggernaut, and Siryn, and they end up bringing the girl home with them.  It is revealed that Warren is on the board of directors for the San Francisco Repertory Theater [SPW #38]. [UXM #148].Soon after, he and his pal Iceman joined the Defenders [DEF #125].  Memory of Spider-Woman I is removed from everyone by her sorcerer friend Magnus [SPW #50].  Later, as a member of X-Factor, in a plane wreck, his wings were damaged beyond repair and had to be amputated.  GA:  X-Men, Champions, Defenders, X-Factor  REL:  Son of Warren Jr. and Kathryn Worthington, nephew of Burt (Dazzler I) Worthington.  Long time love interest of Candy Southern.
            First appearance:  UXM #1

     Angel's Aerie    (Chateau Worthington)  The lavish home owned by Warren Worthington in the New Mexican dessert high on one of the many buttes.  It is his retreat and sanctuary from the real world and is often accompanied there by his long time girlfriend, Candy Southern.  In its first appearance, Angel had invited Iceman and his new girlfriend up for a visit, and the are attacked there by Master Mold IV there, a fight that carried over into Gamma Base and into space [IH AN #7].  For a short time, it was the base of operations for the X-Men when they ran their first assault against the Hellfire Club after their attack on them in Chicago because the Inner Circle had the Mansion bugged [UXM #132].  Later, it was the base of operations for the Defenders.
            First appearance (as Chateau):  IH AN #7        Named (As the Aerie):  UXM #132

     Angel's Beach House    The property owned by the Worthington family located in Malibu (while Warren was attending school at UCLA) that was the temporary base of operation for the Champions before their building was completed.
            First appearance:  CHM #3

Angel FY    In the Forever Yesterday altered reality, one of the beings with the same powers as in our reality, but doesn't appear to have any team affiliation.
            First appearance:  NW #11

Angela    One of the employees working the barber shop that is a front for the entrance to the SHIELD base in NYC.  She was on hand to help clean Nick Fury up after the Karnopolis affair [ST1 #153].
            First appearance:  ST1 #136   First named:  MTU #57 

Angelo    One of Nick Trask's henchmen who was on hand when he was bartering with the truck driver for the load of Stark International stuff he was carrying in his truck.  When they struck a deal for fifty grand, Trask had Angelo pay the trucker, in hot lead.  But before he could pull the trigger, one of Trask's other interests came through in her rigged car and scattered the meeting, allowing the trucker to escape.  He's on hand later at Trask Inc. to witness the defeat of the She-Hulk Robot by its own video transmissions, and, switching gears seamlessly, orders he and Hank to arrange the kidnapping of Sheriff Morris Walters [SSH #4].  He and the other henchmen go into hiding, but they are found by the She-Hulk and persuaded to testify against their boss and on the behalf of Tony Stark who was implicated by the equipment they heisted [SSH #6].
            First appearance: SSH #2

Angelo    One of the Hellfire Club Mercenaries who was viciously and critically wounded by Wolverine during his one man siege of the prestigious club to free his captured team mates, the X-Men.  He was one of those in the initial assault in the sub basement when Wolverine broke back into the prestigious club after being left for dead in the sewers.
            First appearance:  UXM #133

Angelo    One of the smugglers who was trying to slip out in an airplane with their latest shipment but was caught red handed by the Ghost Rider IV.  His pals left him behind to cover their butts, but after GR had downed the plane, he subjected them all to a taste of hell-fire and left them for the next police patrol that passed.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #58

Angie    Small time thug who operated in Central park and made the mistake of trying to rob the Fantastic Four.
            First appearance:  FF1 #155

Angie    (deceased)  A model working late for Daphne Von Wilkinson who became Dracula's midnight snack when he returned, having killed his first mark arranged by the fashion designer.  Later, when their business was concluded, Drac sicced Angie and the others on Daphne.
            First appearance and death:  ToD #35

Anglo-Saxon Confederation    In the Forever Yesterday altered reality, it was the combination of European and western Asian forces who joined together with Egyptian and Assyrian forces in the Second Great War of that reality against the Pacific-Asian Union.
            First mention:  NW #11

Angrboda    A giantess.  REL:  Wife of Loki.  Mother of Fenris Wolf, Hela, and the Midgard Serpent.

Angus    A tavern keeper near Castle Dracula in Transylvania who witnesses the flock of vampire bats following another through the skies over his village and wonders if his people would ever find peace under the vampire's curse.
            First appearance:  ToD #69

Animal    One of the members of the motorcycle gang operating near Copperhead Canyon who came across Ghost Rider IV and Witch-Woman clashing in the desert.  After the two disappeared, their leader decided to keep the girl, Roxanne Simpson for some fun, but it was short lived.  Son of Satan arrived shortly there after looking  for the Apache girl and ended up tearing the gang apart.  GA:  Ruthless Riders.
            First appearance:  MSL1 #12

Ani-Mator    (Dr. Frederick Animus)  A geneticist who manipulates new forms of life.
            First appearance:  NM #59

Ani-Men I    (deceased)  (see:  the Unholy Three, Organization)  An animal themed band of criminals originally brought together by the Organizer and given special costumes to allow them to better commit crimes to lend public sympathies to the Reform Party.  After the Organization went belly up sending all the members to jail thanks to Daredevil, they broke out of jail minus Frog-Man and formed the Unholy Three under the Exterminator, but failed thanks to DD again [DD1 #39-41].  They failed again against the team-up of DD and Spider-Man [MTU #25].  And returned to their original name, rejoining with the other Ani-Men and under Count Nefaria, they clashes with the new X-men while raiding Sac NORAD [UXM #94].  They were eventually genetically altered by Maggia scientists {Prof. Kenneth Sturdy, Dr. Stanchek, and Hellen) to be bigger and better henchmen for Count Nefaria.  Later, they are brought together again as leverage to help Madame Masque convince Tony Stark to cure Count Nefaria, and, although they outnumbered him, Stark held his own against them [IM1 #115].  Their final order from Nefaria was to kill Tony, despite the promise made to MM, but they never get the chance when they are killed by a bomb set by the Spymaster to also kill Stark [IM1 #116].   Membership consisting of:  Ape-Man I, Frog-Man I, Bird-Man I, Cat-Man I [original members],  Dragonfly [UXM #94], 
            First appearance (unnamed):  DD1 #10        Named:  ?     Killed: IM1 #116

Ani-Men II    Second team of animal themes criminals consisting of:  Ape-Man II, Cat-Man II ,
            First appearance:  DD1 #157

Animus    (see:  Vamp)  A psychic vampire with a sub-human body and an enormously oversized and misshapen head whose power revolves around the special crystal club that she carries, making her a weird mixture of the super advanced and the prehistoric.  Because of this mix, she has incredible strength and superior mental powers, but she is only able to use them one at a time.  One of her major powers is the ability to animate inanimate objects and control them mentally, and, at first, she disguises her voice so that it wouldn't be known that she's female.  In her first appearance, she animated a Volkswagen Beetle and attacked Captain America I with it in his own apartment. When that failed, the hero was lured down to Washington, and she attacked him with the animated statue of his idol, Abraham Lincoln.  When this also failed to do the star spangled hero in, she attacked him directly [CAP1 #222].  When her club fails to penetrate his shield, she hits him with a mental burst that sends him flying, but, being Cap, he recovers, uses the momentum to direct himself back at her, and begins to beat the snot out of her.  Fearing for her life, she just disappears, making the hero question whether she'd been there at all.  She gets another chance at the hero when Kligger sics her on the Metroliner headed north, and Cap, one of the passengers, is forced to engage her again when she derails the train with her mental powers.  During their second bout, Cap figures out her weakness of only being able to do either mental or physical stuff one at a time, and begins to beat the snot out of her again.  Dropping her male voice, she screams for help from Kligger, and he teleports her away again [CAP1 #223].    After coming out of the closet when Vamp accompanied Cap to the Alcatraz Base to free Falcon, Animus is activated again by Kligger when they faced the brutal might of the rampaging Hulk, and she, with the help of Moonstone II, brought enough raw power to bear to down the green goliath [CAP1 #230].  However, after the Hulk escapes, she uses her mental powers to make the ground itself surround the brute, but it doesn't hold him long.  He smashes her crystal club and she reverts back to the Vamp, but is left catatonic [IH #232].  GA:  Corporation.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #222

Animus, Dr. Frederick     (see:  Ani-Mator)

Anita    A model who had friends who worked in Scotland Yard that fashion designer Daphne Von Wilkinson approached to get secret information concerning the whereabouts of Dr. Sun for Dracula.  She was instructed to approach him and remind him of the 'photographs' that were taken to get his full cooperation.  It must have worked, because within a few days, she had the desired info.
            First mention: ToD #35

Ankara    The home planet of the Sligs.
            First mention:  FF1 #209

Ankh    The name of the primary god in the Ankh Dimension, known as the wind-giver, the sun-holder and the cosmic all of their dimension by the religious faction, known as the Brotherhood of Ankh, who seem to be the ruling body there.  It is to channel his power that they created the Zodiac Key, but a conflict was necessary between order and chaos to make the power flow.
            First mention:  DD1 #73

Ankh Dimension    A mystical dimension from which the Key of the Zodiac comes and is home to the Brotherhood of Ankh.  The surface of the world seems indistinct and mist shrouded, and most of what is shown is in and around the palace of the Brotherhood of Ankh.  In its first appearance, Iron Man I Nick Fury, Daredevil, and Madame Masque, along with the remaining members of the Zodiac and Spymaster were drawn there with the Key by the Brotherhood in an attempt to directly recharge the failing Key by having the factions of good and evil duke it out for them.  When the Brotherhood realized that this upset the balance between Chaos and Order, they desisted and sent the heroes and villains back home.  Inhabitants include:  Lawholder [first named],
            First appearance:  DD1 #73

Ann    The jail matron that took charge of Clea who was brought into the precinct house with amnesia and got the nasty surprise of finding her roommate, Big Bertha, after her magic sunk her into a wall before she escaped.
            First appearance;  DrST2 #20

Anna    One of the children that went trick or treating in Boston and ended up ringing the doorbell of Dr. Sun's fortress when he was being invaded by Dracula and Blade.  Luckily for them no one was free to answer the door.  REL:  Sister of Billy.
            First appearance:  ToD #41

Anna    An older woman who was suddenly chilled when a deep in thought Bobby (Iceman) Drake passed her on the street in LA.
            First appearance:  CHM #5

Annabelle    A barfly in Manny's Bar and Grille that tried to pick up Ben Grimm, and when he declined, she sicced her friends on him.
            First appearance:  FF1 #169

Annalee    (Deceased)  A mutant telepath living in the Alley.  GA:  Morlocks.
            First appearance:  PP #12        Died:  UXM #211

Annandale-on-Hudson    The birthplace of Jean Grey.  Also the town where little Annie Richardson died triggering the young X-Man's powers.
            First appearance:  BIZADV #27

Anna's    A small dress shop in LA that was visited by the She-Hulk when she was trying to create a new look for herself.  Although she scared the socks off the proprietors and did some damage, she did leave enough cash to cover it all, and gave the staff the idea for the new She-Hulk chic fashion.  Staff includes:  Judy, Irene [first seen employees],
            First appearance:  SSH #21

Anne     (deceased)  The second in command of Rev. William Stryker during his Crusade against mutant kind and the head of his secret army, the Purifiers.  A stone cold but highly trained agent, she was personally responsible for a number of mutant deaths, and she and her team captured most of the X-Men.  Escaping capture and death a number of times while battling the team of mutants, she met her end at Stryker's final sermon at Madison Square Garden, when it was revealed that she was in fact a mutant herself, the reverend killed her himself on national television.  GA:  Purifiers.
            First appearance and death:  MGN #5

Annie     In an alternate reality, one of the women at Spider-Man's movie premiere who was mooning over the star.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #19

Annie    (see:  Annie Christopher)

Annie    One of the pilots working for Jeryn Hogarth who were ordered to give the X-Men a lift a lift home in his custom DC-10.  En route, the plane was waylaid by a storm created by Shaman, and was forced to land in Calgary instead of NY, when the Canadian government was trying to recapture Wolverine.  After the X-Men and Alpha Flight had settled their differences with Logan surrendering himself rather than see his friends hurt, they were escorted to the border by Canadian fighters, only to find that the missing X-Man was already aboard.
            First appearance:  UXM #120

Annihilus    Monarch of the Negative Zone, Keeper of the Cosmic Control Rod.  A thousand year old insectoid creature that wears powerful battle armor, including metal wings, resembling most a gigantic, alien locust.   He was the creature sought by Mr. Fantastic in order to secure some of the cosmic energy from the Control Rod to save the life of the Invisible Girl and their unborn son, Franklin.  He and the Fantastic Four fought each other to a stalemate, and was forced to make a deal with the inferior humans, a situation that has made him Mr. Fantastic's sworn enemy since.  Because of his insect based intellect, there are many human concepts that elude him, and his thirst for conquest and alien weapons make him a very challenging foe.  Luckily he is normally trapped in his own dimension away from Earth.  Annihilus confronts Rick Jones during the Kree-Skrull war and is warded off by the boy's temporary powers [AV1 #97].  After some time of switching back and forth to his domain, he finally caught up with Captain Marvel and Rick Jones and was looking to get some revenge, but his negative particles came in contact with CM's positive proton trail causing a sizable explosion that put Annihilus out of commission for a while [CM #35].
            First appearance:  FF1 An. #6         Origin:  FF1 #140

Annil-Agent 47    (see:  Anton Trojak)  Hired assassin for Hydra.
            First appearance:  ST1 #155

Annoval 14    A large harsh planet that is cursed with perpetual rains where the penal colony known as the Anvil is located.    It was to this planet that Nebula and Geatar came to spring her incarcerated crew.
            First appearance:  SS3 #74

Anson    One of the SHIELD agents who was on guard duty around the Indian Point Power Station when Electro had taken control of the facility.  His job was to keep any unauthorized personnel from entering the Station from the wooded side of town, and, although he actually heard Spider-Man swing through, he thought it was just nerves and dismissed it.
            First appearance:  ASM #187

Anson    One of the thugs in the motorcycle gang under Barnaby Stone who were helping him to hunt down and kill the newbie that had made time with his girl.  When they caught up with Andy Kale the first time, their fun was interrupted by the appearance of John Kowalski (Death III) and Man-Thing.  Afterward, however, they attacked the Kale farm, but their fun was thwarted again by Manny and Kowalski, who ends up taking their leader's life.  Everyone else beat a hasty retreat.
            First appearance: MNTH2 #10

Ant City   Of the many ant colonies around the world, this one is located near the HQ of Giant-Man I in NYC and was where the fatal tap root to his out of control giant plant dug beneath the ground.  It consisted basically of an entrance chamber, the throne and egg room, the hatchery, the room for honey ants, the waste chamber, and the lower chambers.  Giant-Man as Ant-Man ventured into this labyrinth to locate and destroy the tap root to save the human city.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #62

Antelope Flu Vaccine    The only defense against the latest strain of flu named after an animal and the entire nation's supply was kept in a secret laboratory with an elaborate security system located below the streets of NYC. Dr. Faustus broke into the facility hoping to pollute the serum with his own psychogenic additive, but he and his gang were stopped by Spider-Man.
            First appearance:  ASM #170

An Thoc    The name of the village in Viet Nam where Tony Stark was held by Wong-Chu while he developed his original Iron Man armor with Prof. Yinsen.  It was later named when Iron Man was back in the area searching for Eddie March's MIA brother [IM1 #68].
            First appearance (unnamed):  ToS1 #39     Named;  IM1 #68

Anthony, David    The head of the Dune People Commune in Nevada who welcomed Trish Starr with open arms when she left NYC after the accident that robbed her of her arm.  She helped him streamline their operation, but afterward, when she got involved in mysticism and then her personality did a flip flop and she disappeared out into the desert, he contacted her old friends back east.  The Defenders came and not only saved Trish but helped clear up the resultant mess with the other-dimensional sorceress, Shazanna.
            First appearance:  DEF #41

Anthos    The spirit of nobility recognized by the people of Centauri-VI in their own deities and those that are deserving of worship. It is first mentioned by Yondu when he recognizes the spirit of Anthos in Thor I and offers his bow in obeisance to him [TH1 AN #6].
            First mention:  TH1 AN #6

Anthos    The Pherogot scanner operator on Arago-7 who was the first to discover the disappearance of the refinery satellite over Ryas which had been destroyed by the Silver Surfer as an hallucination while in the throws of Hlavac's Disease.
            First appearance:  SS3 #32

Anti-Bodies    The incredibly strong creatures that Ego uses to defend himself from attackers, first used on Thor when he attempted to stop the living planet from attacking Rigel-3.
            First appearance:  TH1 #133

Anti-Bodies    Super human mutants created by Infectia that quickly burn out and die.
            First appearance:  XFAC #28

Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing    A bat-like device created by Mr. Fantastic in a gambit to remove the powers Dr. Doom had stolen from the Silver Surfer.  It turns out that it is a ruse to get Doom to follow it to the limits of the boundaries set by Galactus.
            First appearance (scale proto-type):  FF1 #59        (Full scale):  FF1 #60

Antigone    The cat belonging to Fawn of Fawn's Flora who is frightened by Com. Arcturus Rann and Marionette who unintentionally invade the shop.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #21

Anti-Gravity Spear    A weapon devised by the Eternals that, when embedded in a surface sends all localized opponents flying in all directions at great speed, only to stop when they fetch against something solid.  Thena used one against Kro's Deviant army when they were attacking NYC.
            First appearance:  ETN #6

Anti-Metal    (form. Plunderstone, see:  Savage Land Vibranium)  The amazing ore discovered by Robert Plunder in the Savage Land, left in the keeping of the Golden People.  In a bid to steal the metal, the Plunderer used the Reptile People to capture Golden People, bu the attempt was thwarted by Ka-Zar.
            First appearance:  MSH #19

Anti-Missile Missile    One of the weapons that was being tested in the desert with the help of Thor I, which was designed to pursue and down another missile.  Although the thunder god was able to catch both the primary missile and the anti-missile, he did so by a much smaller margin than he had during the previous test.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #86

Anti-Proton Cutter    A hand held weapon resembling a rifle with a separate power pack that emits a beam that slices across the nuclear lines of force which will cut through anything.  It had been part of a batch of weaponry stolen from Stark International (CAP1 #192) and ended up in the hands of some would be bank robbers who pulled the APC out as a last resort when Black Goliath caught up with them.  It sliced through an armored car like butter, but, thanks to some fancy foot work, Goliath was able to get in close enough to destroy the power pack.
            First appearance:  BG #4

Ant-Man I    (form. Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym.  see:  Giant-Man I, Goliath I, and Yellowjacket I )  One of Marvel's first heroes, a noted molecular biochemist who developed a serum that allowed him to reduce himself (via later patented Pym Particles)  to the size of an ant, and a serum to return him to normal size.Long time love interest of the Wasp, whom he takes on as his partner and later marries as Yellowjacket.    His first adventure, as Pym, was down a nearby ant hill and the harrowing event caused him to shelve the serums for a time.  Shortly afterward, however, he decided that the invention was too good to lose and created more of his serum and his ongoing interest in ants prompted him to create a Cybernetic Helmet that would allow him to communicate with not only ants, but bees, wasps, and hornets as well, and a protective costume (the red and black one) that was woven of a fine steel mesh of unstable molecules that would protect him from the insects while in reduced size and would change sizes with him, but none of it with the idea of becoming a hero.  It was when enemy agents took control of his lab to steal the formula he was creating for the government to make people immune to radioactivity that Pym made his second sally into the ant hill, this time in full costume (and he discovered also at his full strength), and, once he'd lit upon the correct wavelength, recruited an army of ants to battle the spies and set him on the road of being a practicing costumed hero.  He went in full throttle, setting up not only a secret HQ with a hidden entrance and catapult, but a whole network of ant spies to keep tabs on the city feeding into his new Cybernetic Machine.  He quickly gains world renown, and has to deal with Comrade X who is sent by the Reds to steal his size changing secrets [TtA1 #36].  Ant-Man clashes with his first super villain in the form of the Protector, and Hank finds it necessary to put his own neck on the line as bait to lure the villain to him [TtA1 #37].  He clashes with Egghead for the first time, and although the villain was hired in, his defeat begins the long time vendetta between the two [TtA1 #38].  Ant-Man clashes with the Scarlet Beetle, and his friends the ants' loyalty is tested again [TtA #39].  Ant-Man clashes with the Hi-Jacker and uses Pym's Gas Mask along with a model airplane to best him [TtA1 #40].  He begins to use Unstable Molecules for regular clothes and carry a pre-miniaturized costume, and uses it for the first time when going against Kulla after being kidnapped to Slave World [TtA1 #41].  After getting an award from the local police, he is nearly killed thanks to the Voice when he turns the whole city against him [TtA1 #42].  Ant-Man gets prematurely aged going up against the Time-Master, and then goes to bat for the man in court when he discovers his reasoning for his actions [TtA1 #43].  It is revealed that Hank was married before and the death of his wife spurred him to what he is now, and he takes on a new partner, creating the Wasp by injecting a colleagues daughter with synthetic wasp cells.  It is also revealed that his specialty is molecular cell transition and cell specialization, and they use the size changing serum in gaseous form for the first time [TtA1 #44].  He and Wasp clash with Egghead again [TtA1 #45].  Ant-Man and Wasp defeat an alien invasion while on vacation in Greece [TtA1 #46].  After dealing with international criminal Raymond Theis (Henry called Hank for the first time) [TtA1 #47], Hank and Jan end up in New Mexico in answer to a distress signal from the Teen Brigade about the Hulk and end up forming the Avengers at Hank's suggestion [AV1 #1].  BTS, they emigrate to NYC and class with Trago again [TtA1 #47].  Ant-Man clashes with the Porcupine for the first time [TtA1 #48].  Hank changes costume and  begins manipulating his size with  his growth serum as Giant-Man, although he continues to use his reducing power for a time [TtA1 #49].  While fighting Porcupine, the villain retreats to a cubby hole that can only be reached by Ant-Man [TtA1 #53].  GM uses his ant size to escape his adoring Fan Club sicced on him by the Wasp [TtA1 #54].  In his ant size, GM uses his Chariot in an attempt to rescue the Wasp, but arrives too late, and gains access to the villain's blimp before having his pet rabbit sicced on him [TtA1#56].  After teaming-up with Spider-Man, GM shrinks down to ant size to reach the docks on ant back to find the Egghead [TtA1 #57].  GM uses his ant size to duck and weave during his overmatched fight with the alien Colossus, and he's now able to control his size changes mentally [TtA1 #58].  While trying to re-recruit the Hulk, GM gives chase to the green goliath at ant size in his new Miniature Rocket [TtA1 #59].  GM crosses the Berlin Wall at ant size and flies on ant back to rescue Lee Kearns, then uses his Grappling Pod to tie up the Beasts of Berlin [TtA1 #60].  After causing an out of control plant, GM shrinks to ant size twice to pull up its persistent tap roots [TtA1 #62].  GM begins to use his size changing more actively in his acrobatics and his crime fighting, including escaping from a bear trap at ant size [TtA1 #63].  GM shrinks to ant size and uses the shrunk Converti-Car to reach and rescue Wasp from Attuma [TtA1 #64].  While field testing his new Ultra-Cybernetic Helmet, GM is forced to assume ant size while battling a giant spider [TtA1 #65].  GM is forced to assume ant size to keep from being crushed inside one of Madame Macabre's constructions, and it is revealed his formula only works on living things [TtA1 #66].  While fighting Supramor, GM loses the ability to shrink to ant size [TtA1 #67].   He and Jan take a leave of absence from the Avengers [AV1 #16].  Later, Hank has a brief solo career as Ant-Man, first clashing with the Scarlet Beetle again, and it is revealed that his size gas has been geared to only affect him [IM1 #44], then  breaking up a Hydra operation to spread Virus Nine on NYC with the help of a miniature Hulk [IH #154], then, when, because of an experimental virus injected by Tête and his men when they had kidnapped Billy Connors, he found himself for a time caught at ant size [MFT #4].  After saving Trixie Starr from the clutches of her uncle, Egghead, she hand sewed him a new costume.  A red tunic and while pants, both with large stitching down the side, and he added a coiled sting which he wore as a rope and a nail as a sword [MFT #5]. After a harrowing couple of days of dealing with the likes of Whirlwind (who burned down his lab) and Para-Man with Jan (who was mutating because of the virus) by his side, he finally clashes with Doctor Nemesis, who did steal his size changing secrets, but cured the pair in the process [MFT #10].  Later, he and Wasp get involved with saving the life of Rick Jones from a Living Laser robot sent by the Lunatic Legion [CM #35].   GA:  Avengers.  REL:  Widower of Maria Trovaya Pym.  Ex-Husband of Wasp.
            First appearance (sans costume): TtA1 #27      (in costume):  TtA1 #35

     Ant-Man's Boot Springs    An invention of Hank's which built powerful springs into Ant-Man's boots, activated by a button just above the ankle, allowing him to leap great distances and overcoming some of his mobility problem at ant size.  He first used them to escape the box lined with fly paper set up by Egghead in their first meeting.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #38

     Ant-Man's Catapult    Lacking any real way to get about, Ant-Man developed a special miniature catapult that he could direct and set for different power levels and could catapult him, with extreme accuracy, anywhere in the surrounding area. The only draw-back was the landing.  He had to rely on his ant friends to be ready to collect and catch him at his destination.  It is assumed that he got the idea from using elastics in a similar fashion in his first appearance.
            First appearance: TtA1 #36

     Ant-Man's Cellophane Air Chariot    A tiny cart built of clear plastic that was light enough to be drawn by two flying ants on elaborate harnesses.  It was first used by Giant-Man I at his ant size to follow after the Wasp who had just been kidnapped by the Human Top.  They quickly caught up to him on a nearby rooftop.  When Jan is in trouble from the Magician, he uses the Chariot to carry him to the Stuyvesant home where he returns to his normal height [TtA1 #56].
            First appearance:  TtA1 #55

     Ant-Man I's Cybernetic Helmet    (see: Giant-Man I's Cybernetic Helmet)  A device developed by Pym to establish communication between men and insects, it is large and gives the wearer a remotely ant-like appearance.  The helmet has three major components:  The Transmitter that sends impulses from the wearer on insects' frequency; the miniature decoder computer which decodes and encodes information going in and out; and the Receiver which is open to the vibrations from insect antennae.  When he first used the helmet, he found it necessary to set the correct frequency before he was actually able to communicate with the ants.  It is revealed that the special impulses from the Helmet are hampered by solid glass [TtA1#36].  Ant-Man uses the Helmet remotely for the first time while imprisoned away from it by Scarlet Beetle [TtA1 #39].  It proves to be proof against the power of the Voice, but he loses his original Helmet when the villain turns the town against him.  He then makes use of his spare to help take the Voice down [TtA1 #42].  He makes a simplified version of the device and fits it into Wasp's outfit so that he can contact her through her antennae [TtA1 #44].  His helmet is affected by the A-Chiltarian Mental Scope, and Hank uses the Helmet to take control of their giant Cyclops Robot [TtA1 #46].  He worked the equipment into Giant-Man I's costume to act similarly to the Wasp's [TtA1 #49].
            First appearance (with detailed schematic):  TtA1 #35

     Ant-Man's Cybernetic Machine (Communicator)    (see: Giant-Man I's Cybernetic Machine)  A device using the same principles as his Cybernetic Helmet but of much greater power through which he could receive the impulses of his ant spies set up all over the city.  It not only received communications, it also received crude mental images from the ant agents.  Ant-Man first shown using it when he learned that some bank robbers were locked in a bank safe and needed rescuing to be turned over to the police, and when Madame X set him up to be captured through agents at the local police station.
            First appearance (unnamed): TtA1 #36

     Ant-Man's Double Catapult    A double sided version of his normal catapult that was designed to launch both he and the Wasp.  It was used for the first time when they were answering the distress call from the Teen Brigade about the Hulk being on a rampage again only to save the Wasp's wing power because of the great distance they were required to fly.
            First appearance:  AV1 #1

     Ant-Man's Grappling Pods    A cylindrical device created by Hank while Giant-Man which fires a small pod that can adhere to anything, dragging along a miniature cable, which can retract on a tension spring by a command from his Cybernetic Helmet, drawing him along to wherever the pod was fired, allowing him to climb sheer surfaces much faster than if he tried by hand.  GM first used it while climbing the peek in Bora-Buru in Africa to reach the giant alien known as Colossus.  He later used it to cross the Berlin Wall and then to tie up the Beasts of Berlin [TtA1 #60].
           First appearance:  TtA1 #58

     Ant-Man's HQ    In a secret room set aside from Hank Pym's lab, Ant-Man set up his base of operations, including his Cybernetic Machine early warning system and a special miniaturized entrance with a tiny elevator and his special miniature Catapult.  A cut-away detail is shown of the secret entrance in the room's first appearance.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #36

     Ant-Man's Miniature Carbon Dioxide Power Rocket    A tiny vehicle, powered by simple CO2, that provided super sonic transportation for Hank at his insect size, but is only good for one brief use before its power is expended.  It was first used in the New Mexican desert when he and the Wasp were looking for the Hulk and he needed to get ahead of the rampaging creature to evacuate the town he was approaching.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #59

     Ant-Man's Mini-Lasso    A normal nylon fiber rope when he shrank down to miniature size which he keeps at his belt for ready use.  Nearly unbreakable, even at that size, he first used it to put a beat down on the gangsters that hired Egghead to capture him, allowing him to employ his full strength to swing the thugs around using the tiny lariat.  It becomes a semi-regular addition to his costume, keeping it at the ready handing from his belt.
            First appearance: TtA1 #38

     Ant-Man's Mini-Pen-Knife    An addition to his costume in the form of a pre-shrunken pen-knife.  He first used it while trying to escape the guards on Slave World and cut a space into the sole of one of their boots large enough for him to temporarily hide.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #41

     Ant-Man's Model Airplane    A gasoline powered toy that Hank outfitted to allow him manual control like in a normal sized plane.  He first used it on the trail of the Hi-Jacker, when he feigned sickness to lure in the villain and he needed transportation fast enough to keep up with the armored car.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #40

     Ant-Man's Wrist Alarm    A remote alarm device that resembled a wrist watch which was connected to his Cybernetic Machine, giving him an alert when any signal was coming in through his early warning system.  It was first used when he got the message from the ants that Howard Mitchell was trying to contact him and he happened to be away from his secret HQ at the time.
            First appearance: TtA1 #40

Ant-Man II    (Scott Edward Lang)  An ex-con who works for Stark International as an electrical engineer and uses Hank Pym's old equipment (the protective costume and Cybernetic Helmet and his reducing and enlarging capsules) to begin life as a hero.  With it, as with Pym, he has the ability to reduce his size to that of an an ant while maintaining his original strength and is able to communicate with and control most insects through the Helmet.  While working at SI, Tony Stark, when Iron Man was wanted for murder, asked for his help in getting the low down on Justin Hammer from Whiplash in Ryker's, and Scott ends up going himself to get the info, making his boss very grateful [IM1 #125].  Lang assists Dr. Erica Sondheim (whose services he secured because she owed him a favor) when she tests the 'cured' Bruce Banner at SI [IM1 #131].  He's on hand when things go wrong, and he, Sondheim, and Stark put their heads together to discover the problem.  When they discover that Banner's gamma radiation is affecting the device, it is too late to remove it because he becomes the Hulk once again [IM1 #132].  When Iron Man's armor fuses subduing the Hulk, Lang rides to the rescue on Emma and goes inside the armor to deal with the problem, saving his life [IM1 #133].  Called int to deal with the problem caused by the Micronauts [MIC #19-20].  Lang is on hand at the 3rd annual employee appreciation party at SI with his daughter, and is witness to the explosion of the new Sonic Borer by closed circuit [IM1 #137].   GA:  Fantastic Four.  REL:  Father of Cassandra Lang.  Husband of Peggy Rae Lang.
            First appearance:  MPRM #47

Anton, Dr. Franz    A scientist living in South America who Goliath I consults about a cure when he is stuck at 10 feet tall.  Unfortunately, he is in the middle of a power struggle between the Flame of Life cultists and Prince Rey, and the cult has declared him a spy and slated for execution.  However, despite the fact that Goliath rescues him, he is unable to help the tragic giant with his problem.
            First appearance:  AV1 #30       

Antron Drones    Mindless, insect-like androids with four arms that consume metal and serve as the living garbage disposal system of Psycho-Man in his Worldship.  Individually, they aren't very powerful, but they are a frightening force swarming in the hundreds.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #15

Anu    The sky-father of the Hyborian pantheon of gods.  In his first appearance, he was on hand for the Council of God-Heads 1000 years ago to discuss what was to be done about the arrival of the Third Host of Celestials, and it was unanimously agreed to send a delegation to meet with the space gods.  When the delegation is threatened if they interfered with the judgment, the Council didn't take it lying down.  They each donated a small portion of their power to create the Destroyer so he could be used as their champion against the Celestials  [TH1 #300].
            First mention:  CONB #10    First appearance:  TH1 #300

Anubis    The physical embodiment of the ancient Egyptian god of death.  In his first appearance, he has employed an assassin, Mindstar, and provided him with the power to find a soul that belonged to him.  Unfortunately, his first attempt was off base and a young student at the University of the District of Columbia was killed, in the room next to their newest professor, Daimon Hellstrom.  When the Son of Satan thwarts the next attempt, Anubis isn't pleased with his servant's work.  He decides to take another avenue to go after the Son of Satan, and, using a magical gemstone, he changes Brett Carson into a monster, although he is on hand when Mindstar captures Daimon in the Court of Anubis [SOS #6]. He is not pleased that his servant has not only disobeyed his orders, but that he had misdirected him toward Daimon's Darksoul when he accidentally let the real soul in question escape him. Mindstar turns on him and tries to protect himself with an ankh pendant, but Anubis, rather than use the monster that was Carson on the Son of Satan, he sics him on Mindstar.  The battle carries over into his dimension, but before the fight can continue in his Palace of Death and Rebirth, he hips Daimon to the truth, and he offers to deal with Mindstar.  When the dust has settled, Anubis not only restores Carson and returns him home with no memory of the ordeal, he lets Daimon and Proffet go free, wannting to get back to his search for the real soul [SOS #7].
            First part. appearance:  SOS #5       First full appearance:  SOS #7

     Anubis' Dimension    An astral dimension existing adjacent to ours that is desolate except for the pyramid shapes everywhere and his Palace of Death and Rebirth.  A strange mist covers most of the ground, and the sky is a rainbow glow of dull light that keeps everything in a perpetual twilight.  It is assumed that Anubis is the only inhabitant here.  The Son of Satan, Mindstar, and a transformed Brett Carson fell into this world through a mirror in the Court of Anubis, and it was here that the fight for Daimon's Darksoul was fought and won.
            First appearance:  SOS #7

     Anubis' Palace of  Death and Rebirth    In his astral dimension, the only structure other than the multitude of pyramids, a huge, sprawling edifice designed in the style of ancient Egypt.  The interior is polished black stone lined with images of soulless, empty eyed people poised at attention, these being the many incarnations of the soul belonging to Anubis, and ending with an image of the Son of Satan.  When the Son of Satan, Mindstar, and the transformed Brett Carson fall into that dimension through one of the mirrors in the Court of Anubis, this is the structure they head for, and here is where they confront its master and the battle for Daimon's Darksoul is fought and won.
            First appearance:  SOS #7

Anvil    (Deceased)  (John Anvil)  A racist criminal who was granted super powered  strength and invulnerability by aliens (the Glx) through the energy synthecon chain which psychically connected him with his partner hammer, a one time white hater and his chain-gang partner.  They used their new powers to take over the prison, but the link was severed by the Hulk, which nearly killed them.  Later, they went to work for Deterrence Research Corp, who created a new chain for them, one that only made a physical link, to fight Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but it too was destroyed [MTU #86].  DRC recreated the Synthecon and sent he and his partner, from the West Coast facility to kidnap owner of their rival company, Sheridan Industries.  They were successful in the kidnapping, despite the best efforts of Spider-Woman I, but when she rescued Amanda Sheridan, they were sent out to stop her and got fried by one of her Venom Blasts applied to their tether [SPW #34].
            First appearance and origin:  IH1 #182        Killed by Scourge:  MFAN #29

Anvil, the    The toughest penal colony in the universe located on Annoval 14, from which no one ever escapes.  It is a self contained fortress, with its own armored security force, surrounded by harsh barren landscape.  All new prisoners are initiated into the swing of extreme discipline by the Chancellor of the facility himself, strip searched by the staff, and put in individual cells, while large numbers of inductees are kept in open pens in the basement levels.  All security locks are operated by hand print security, and some trustee prisoners are given special privileges like, Torval and his armory shop. Nebula and Geatar maneuvered their way into the prison in a ploy to free her incarcerated crew, but the plan was thwarted by the unexpected appearance of the Silver Surfer and Jack of Hearts.  Staff members include:  Chancellor Demetrius Stipe, Fossey [SS3 #76].  Prisoners include:  Carnis [SS3 #76], Torval, Nebula's crew [SS3 #77],
            First appearance (exterior walls):  SS3 #74        Inside:  SS3 #76

Anydays    A disco bar in Greenwich Village where Dracula, in NYC to find his daughter to restore his powers, went to get something to eat, and ended up being picked up by Ann Keats.
           First appearance:  ToD #66

Anything Man    (Dr. Jeff Colt)    A veterinarian who, while fundraising for the Municipal Animal Shelter in Maine, encountered the remains of Omegatron and was transformed into a living battery for the doomsday device by giving him the ability to create any super power he needs.  Unfortunately, every time he uses the power, a portion of the energy goes back to the doomsday device and pushes the world closer and closer to the end.  They first manifested themselves while playing tennis, and then came to a head when directly afterward his clinic was being robbed.  He the decided to put the power to good use, and picked a fight with more of the same hoods, only this time robbing the marina.  After single handedly taking out the whole gang, he was approached by the Defenders who already new the hazard of his new abilities.  Not understanding why he had to refrain, there was a sizeable fight that ensued where he used their own powers against them, until finally Nighthawk I got wise and stopped fighting.  Realizing what he had done, Colt was willing to give up the power, and Dr. Strange obliged him.  The powers he displayed were:  super strength, invulnerability, super speed, super agility, and the ability to transform elements.
            First appearance:  DEF #69

Apalla    (Queen of the Sun)  An actual living star who, in human guise, comes seeking the help of Dr. Strange to help stop the Grand Alteration being perpetrated by the Creators, where she and her brothers and sisters would be replaced in the heavens by the council of wizards.  In her first appearance, she witnessed the mage saving his disciple from the Mind-Worms that were plaguing her, and for some reason, she has some sort of psychic affinity with Clea.  After the ordeal, she is too timid to approach.  She eventually penetrates the Sanctum Sanctorum to find that Strange has already gone into the Quadriverse to confront the Creators, and she follows him, saving him from Visimajoris by killing the creature.  She explains what it going on with the Creator's Grand Alteration (to remake the universe and replace her and her brothers and sisters with themselves), and reveals her true form to the mage before teaming up with him to hit the villains in their lair, Creation II.  They begins to slaughter the Creators, and Strange, not thinking about the consequences, destroys their Cosmic Wheel of Change , and instead of reversing the process, speeds it up, dropping the stars from the heavens [DrST2 #24].  Left unconscious by the change over, Strange places she and her brethren in orbit around the planet circling the star that was once Alpha Centauri, for safe keeping until he can figure out how to change things back [DrST2 #25].  It is assumed that she and her brethren returned to their rightful places in the heavens after Dr. Strange located another Wheel and changed the universe back to the way it had been [DrST2#28].
            First appearance:  DrST2 #22

Ape    A not so bright small time thug in Center City who, with his partner Twister, hooked up Egghead, after shaking him from his ague in a bowery flophouse, and join him in their common hatred of Ant-Man I and Wasp in setting up a devious deathtrap for the diminutive heroes.  They steal the Lady Elizabeth Necklace and use it to lure in the Wasp who they use to lure in Ant-Man.  In the end, however, they got captured by Hank and Jan while their boss managed to escape again.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #45

Ape    Mutant shape changer.  GA:  the Morlocks.
            First appearance:  PP #12

Ape-Man I    (Deceased)   (Gordon 'Monk' 'Gort' Keefer)  A small time thug who was broken out of federal prison by the Organization and recruited to commit a series of crimes that would lend political leverage to the Reform Party in NYC.  He was given a suit that resembled a gorilla which increased his natural strength, and, with suction cup like devices on the hands and feet, allowed him to climb things with the ease of his name sake.  When the Organization was brought low, Keefer went to jail again, but after he and his pals (minus Frog-Man) broke out he and they formed their own animal themed group (Unholy Three), going to work for the Exterminator as his hired henchmen, who he equipped with T-Guns [DD1 #39].  When DD catches them robbing a bank with the weapons, they use their T-Guns on him [DD1 #40].  After being sent out to collect Foggy Nelson (who discovered their boss' ID) DD caught up with them back at his hideout, and after kicking the snot out of them, he blew up their weapon and the whole building, apparently dying himself in the process [DD1 #41].    Later, the Ani-Men are brought together again as leverage to help Madame Masque convince Tony Stark to cure Count Nefaria, and, although they outnumbered him, Stark held his own against them [IM1 #115].  Their final order from Nefaria was to kill Tony, despite the promise made to MM, but they never get the chance when they are killed by a bomb set by the Spymaster to also kill Stark [IM1 #116].  GA:  Ani-Men I, Organization, Unholy Three.
            First appearance:  DD1 #10        Named as Gort:  UXM #94        Died:  IM1 #116

Ape-Man II    (Deceased) (Roy McVey)  GA:  Ani-Men II.
            First appearance:  DD1 #157        Died:  DD1 #158

Apeman    (see:  Highbrow and Proto)  The Cromagnon part of Manikin's three counterparts.  GA:  Alpha Flight

Ape X    (Xina)  GA:  Squadron Supreme.
            First appearance:  SqS LTD #5

Apex    An upscale clothing store near Hell's Kitchen that was robbed of a thousand dollars by Blockbuster who then exited through their front window only to run into Omega the Unknown.  Although the villain was killed shortly thereafter, it is uncertain what became of their cashbox.
            First appearance:  OMU #9

Aphrodite    (see:  Venus)

Apocalypse    ('Sauru', 'Huitzilopochti', 'Kali-Ma')  Ancient mutant who wants to force evolution of mutants, maning that the strongest would survive and go on to rule the planet.  he is able to manipulate the matter in any part of his body and has the technology to increase the powers of other mutants.  Created Archangel, the Alliance of Evil, and the Four Horsemen.  He is the arch enemy of all X teams.  GA:  Externals.
            First appearance:  XFAC #5 

Apollo     (see:  Triax)  The human guise worn by Triax, when, after the apparent removal of Man-Beast from Counter-Earth, he made a bid for ultimate power, and in this form, he actually had humans working for him.  He thought he had the divine right to rule because he was so god-like, but when he went toe-to-toe with Adam Warlock, he got the snot knocked out of him so bad that he quickly dropped the mental disguise [WAR #3].  After killing one of his captives, he is apparently killed by Warlock [WAR #4].  But he joins up with Man-Beast later on to have another go at Warlock [WARI #3].  GA:  New Men, Man-Beast's New Men.
            First appearance:  WAR #3

     Apollo's Apollocraft    (see:  Triax's Apollocraft)

Apollo    (Phoebus)  Olympian god of light.  In his first appearance, when Hercules, who had confronted Thor I for the first time, requested that they go to war with the Asgardians, he was asked his opinion by Zeus and counseled him not to grant the request, but when Loki arrived impersonating Thor and fanned the flames, the decision was reversed.  He accompanied Herc on the battle field, and thanks to some trickery between Zeus and Odin, both sides believed they were victorious [TH1 AN #5]. It is revealed that Apollo did cause Cassandra to go insane for refusing his advances [TH1 AN #8].  He is on hand when Thor pays them a visit to borrow a cup of life force to restore Odin and the other Asgardians [TH1 #301].   REL:  Son of Zeus.
            First appearance in MU:  TH1 AN #5

Apollo II    REL:  Father of Raphael Vega.  GA:  the Nine.

Apparition    (deceased)  (Shocks Marley)    A wild stunt driver for the Sonny Tremont's Auto Circus Spectacular who when he was electrocuted for killing his romantic rival became a powerful spectral force thanks to a voodoo blessed costume he was wearing.  His costume, blue and purple separated on his chest by a lightning bolt, was from Haiti and was made and blessed by an old voodoo witch-woman, and he was unafraid to do any of his crazy death defying stunts because he knew that the costume would resurrect him.  As a driver, he had fallen for one of the hands, Nora, but she had eyes only for one of the partners, Ned Pearson, an, in his twisted mind, he though that gave him justification to murder the man by rigging his steering to fail during his big pylon stunt.  He was successful, but not without witnesses, who testified against him in court and had him sent to the chair.  He swore revenge, and, allowed to wear his blessed costume to his final walk, his spirit was resurrected even through his body died.  He began immediately to get his revenge, using his newly developed powers (allowing him to fly, to pass through solid objects, and to cast powerful ethereal bolts from his hands) starting with Pete Catrone.  However his plans were thwarted by the appearance of the newly hired Johnny Blaze on the scene who took the brunt of his first attack (he was driving Pete's car and was mistaken for his first mark) as Ghost Rider IV.  His second attempt, on Sonny Tremont himself was also thwarted by GR, but no offensive was taken against him until he was successful with his third target, Nora, who had taken up with Johnny recently.  GR went nuts and killed the Apparition by burning his spirit to nothing with Hell-fire.
            First appearance, origin, and death:  GHR2 #57

Apples of Immortality    (Golden Apples)  The golden fruit which all Asgardians must consume in order to maintain their immortality, guarded over by Idunn.  In their first appearance, they were stolen by Storm Giants, and through the bravery of a youthful Thor, with the 'help' of his half brother, Loki, they were recovered [JiM1#100].  Later, it is told how Idunn was bringing a basket of them to Asgard when she is attacked by Fenris Wolf, who wanted them for himself.  She and the apples were saved by the doughty ax of Haakun the Hunter [JiM1 #114].
            First appearance:  JiM1 #100

Aptak    (deceased)  A high ranking Skrull officer, third in command under Emperor Kylor, who, on his final mission for the old Empress, posed as a Wazalian female to spy on them.  Unfortunately, he was in this form when the Gene Bomb was detonated and was stuck not only as an alien, but as the opposite gender.  He was the lover of the agent, Nenora, but she poisoned him, after she became the Supreme Leader of the Kree, in a bid to wipe out anyone who knew her secret.
            First appearance:  SS3 #6        Died:  SS3 #10

Aquaduct    (Peter Van Zante,  form. Water Wizard)    The super powered criminal who has the ability to psionically manipulate water into semi-solid, simple constructs, who, to revamp his failed career as a costumed villain, joined the team of eco-aware mercenaries, changing his name and his costume.  His new costume is a blue body suit with black piping, a light blue should piece with a ribbed abdomen, clear eye covering, and has let his red hair grow longer. He and his compatriots, in their first outing, were hired by Project:  Earth to help them stop the deforestation of Brazil, but any means necessary, even if that meant killing a lot of innocent workers employed by the developers.  He and his team mates were defeated by the unexpected appearance of the New Warriors, and they were handed over to the local authorities.  GA:  Force of Nature.
            First appearance (unnamed an out of costume):  NW #7        Named and in costume:  NW #8

Aquanoids    (Men-Fish)  The powerful but monstrous creatures created by Dr. Lemuel Dorcas using the similar technique employed to produce Tiger Shark and Orka melding human and undersea organisms into single beings.  This time he produced four beings, one based on an octopus, a manta, a crab, and a shrimp, and had planned to use Sub-Mariner's life force to give them an extra boost as he had with the other two, but the plan failed because Spider-Man got involved in the mix.  He was able to free Subby before the transfer could be made and was able to single handedly deal with their menace when they were sicced on the heroes by their creator.  It is assumed that they perished in the explosion of the lab from the damage wrought from the resultant fight.  It is later revealed that the radiation released from the blast and the chemicals from Dorcas' machinery affected another fish caught the effects full strength and was changed into the Piranha, which gave him the powers to, at will, create other Man-Fish, all with the inherent need to kill the Sub-Mariner.  Master and servants caught up with Namor near the Bikini Islands and tried to destroy him.  Namor defeated them once [SUB #70], but the second time, with the added might of their master, he was forced to flee from them [SUB #71].
            First appearance:  MTU #14        Second batch:  SUB #70

Aquaria    An aquatic world in the Microverse where the Sharkos people live.
            First mention:  MIC AN #2

Aquarian    (form. Wundarr)  Herald of the New Age.  He was a being from another world who, during his twenty year trip, was exposed to cosmic rays and developed the power to absorb energy in all forms, called his entropy field, and possessed the ability to fly, but was left with the intellect of a child.  After several adventures as Wundarr with his 'uncle' the Thing and his friends Namorita and Anne Christopher, he was consigned to Project Pegasus where he was exposed to the Cosmic Cube.  Mental feedback sent him into a coma-like state for two months, but afterward, he awoke, and, after communing with the Cube, attained the mental level surpassing someone of his age and a state of peace so profound that he changed his costume and name and decided to spread the word to the rest of the human race, opening the way to that peace.  In his first appearance, he used his dampening power to defeat the escaped Klaw, and then on the larger threat, Nth Man, destroying his form as it existed in this reality, before leaving the Project and setting out on his own.  REL:  Son of Hektu and Soja.
            First appearance and origin:  MTO #58 

Aquarius I    (Deceased)  (Darren Bentley)  A costumed criminal based upon the astrological sign.  After the team had been disbanded, Capricorn gathered a handful of the members together in order to recover the Zodiac Key for the Lawholder from where it was being stored at SHIELD.  They managed to recover the device, and capture Iron Man, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Madame Masque, and Kevin O'Brian in the process [IM #35].  When the heroes as draw to the world of the Brotherhood of Ankh, the villains are taken, too, and they are forced to duke it out to recharge the Key [DD1 #73].  When they're returned to Earth again, they get the snot knocked out of them and taken into custody by SHIELD [IM1#36].   After he and his teammates were captured and jailed by the Avengers, he discovered that his rare lung condition had been worsened by Van Lunt's space trap, and the doctors only gave him a year to live.  Desperate, he sold his soul to get revenge on his old boss, who even then was spending gobs of money to get himself out of jail.  The agent of Mephisto, Slifer answered and for the cost of his soul, gave him the power to assumed the abilities and appearance of any of his old teammates for a year to get his revenge.  He began doing anything that would undermine Van Lunt's case, robbing his defense finances, stealing detrimental info from his bank and so forth, which was going well until Ghost Rider IV became involved in the case.  Between GR and his team-up with the Stunt-Master, he was soon fought to a standstill, no matter whose abilities me mimicked.  Until finally, his entire repertoire was spent and Slifer, figuring with all twelve down an astrological year had passed, came and collected his soul.  GA:  Zodiac I.
            First appearance:  AV1 #72        Died:  GHR2 #7

Aquarius II    (Deceased)  (Zachary Drebb)  GA: 
            First appearance:  IM1 #184        Died:  WCA #26

Aquarius III    A lifelike android created by Scorpio I based on the original in the first Zodiac.  He wears an armored body suit of dark blue and uses a water blaster gun fed by a tank he carries on his back.
            First appearance (in shadow):  DEF #49        First full:  DEF #50

Aquilla, Amara    (see:  Magma)

Aquilla, Lucius Antonius    REL:  Father of Magma.

Aquilonia    The Hyborian Age kingdom which borders on Cimmeria to the north, Nemedia and Ophir to the east, Zingara to the south, and Pictland to the west.  It was once ruled by the despot, king Numedides, but his own nobles turned against him and he was deposed by the barbarian, Conan, who was followed by his son, Conan the second.  It was a commercial and military giant second only to Nemedia for cultural diversity.  The most important provinces of this jewel of Hyboria were Poitan to the south, Attalus in the south east, and Gunderland in the north.  It's capitol city is Tarantia.
            First appearance:  CON #8?

Aquon    (deceased)  An incredibly powerful genetic hybrid that was half man and half fish, created by Captain Omen as a last ditch defense against a rebellion growing on his ship, the Infra-World.  When the Hulk, helping the rebels led by Omen's son, broke into the control room to force Omen to take them all to the surface, he sicced the creature on them.  Hulk battled the nearly mindless killing machine and was doing well until the fight tore a hole in the hull.  The room flooded, and suddenly his piscean opponent had the upper hand.  But this didn't last long.  When they repaired the hole and began draining the water out of the room, Aquon got sucked down into the pumps and presumably was killed.
           First appearance and death:  IH #165

Arabian Knight    (Abdul Quamar)  A costumed hero from the Middle East who has adopted a theme from his country's history by dressing up like a character from the Arabian Nights.  He wears a turban, white calf length pants and a red sash (which he controls telepathically), and he carries a scimitar (Q'arak) that acts not only as a weapon (firing bolts of energy ranging from simple knock out force to extreme destructive force) but acts as a shield repelling most of any energy weapon fired at him, and best yet, his preferred mode of transportation is his flying carpet.  After harrying the Sheik's nefarious operation in Saudi Arabia, he teamed up with Ghost Rider IV to stop the Water Wizard and Sheik Abdul Hurani in his native land [GHR2 #61-2]. REL:  Husband of Almira, Maya, and Rana Quamar.  Father of Faisal and Hassim Quamar.
            First part. appearance (unnamed):  IH #250    First full and named:  IH #257

Arachne    (Jessica Drew, see:  Spider-Woman I, Agent Arachne)  The name given to Jessica Drew when the High Evolutionary adopted her as one of his New Men, and was later used by Count Otto Vermis when he inducted her into his Hydra fold after he'd learned her true origin with their Mind probe, calling her Agent Arachne.  GA:  Hydra.  REL:  Daughter of Jonathan and Merriam Drew.
            First appearance:  MSL #32

Aracht'Yr    One of the High Ones on the High Council and patriarch of the People, evolved probably from an iguana, and, although he was more intelligent than the average citizen, he still followed the main precepts of his people, although no human should be killed, any one that has seen any of the People needs either be captures or silenced.  When he encountered Ms. Marvel, who was in Trinity Canyon looking for a missing friend, he wanted to trust her, but the well being of his people came first, and so she was captured.  When she was brought before the High Council in their underground city, he feels some pangs of regret but still holds that she cannot be released, and, when her escape attempt brings down the roof on her (after stopping to save one of the People), the regret deepens because he felt she was the only human he could trust.  Still alive, she catches up to him at him home, and the two eventually strike a bargain that allows their captives to be released.  To remind Ms. Marvel of their bargain and what is at stake, the lives of all his people, he sends Carol Danvers a baby iguana [MsM #21].  GA:  High One of the High Council of the People.  REL:  Husband of Mirielle.
            First appearance:  MsM #20

Arad Corporation     A subsidiary of Richmond Enterprises run by Mr. Blandon that specializes in aeronautic engineering.  Milton Rosenblum visited the plant looking for his boss when the Justice Dept. was investigating Kyle Richmond for all the crap that Pennysworth did with the company.  They were the ones who designed and built Nighthawk I's jet copter.
            First appearance:  DEF #72

Arago-7    A cold mountainous world of modest technology that is the home of the benevolent Pharagot.
            First appearance:  SS3 #32

Aragorn    White, winged horse belonging to the Black Knight II, then after his defeat to BK III [AV1 #48].   He accompanied his master to the Sixth Dimension to help Dr. Strange in an attempt to stop the coming of Surtur and Ymir [DrST1 #178], and helped battle the Norse demons side by side with the Avengers [AV1 #61].  Later, when BK was turned to stone, Aragorn came to Valkyrie III [DEF #4].  Made his first appearance by breaking BK II out of jail.
            First appearance (unnamed):  ToS1 #59      Named:  AV1 #48

Arain    A single dancer, or possibly a dance troupe, that was flouted (on flyers posted all over town) as being on the cutting edge of dance that was scheduled to play at the Rialto Theater in LA.  The nine O'clock showing was upstaged when Daddy Longlegs, craving the limelight and to show them up with his own talents as a dancer, took the stage before them.  Because of his enormously out of proportion arms and legs, his performance prompted laughter rather than applause, and he was about to go on another rampage, but he was distracted by the timely appearance of Spider-Woman I, who had been in the audience on a hunch that Daddy Longlegs had seen the flyers as well.
            First mention:  SPW #47

Araki    The Shi'ar High Chamberlain.  This elderly statesman was the one who came to collect the mentally unstable D'Ken Neramani after his defeat by the X-Men and to inform his sister, Lilandra, that some red tape would have to be overcome for her to step into the position as Empress (Majestrix) because of her rebellious transgression against her brother's plan to access the Neutron Galaxy.
            First appearance (unnamed):  UXM #109        Named:  UXM #  135

Arani    One of the leaders in the Cult of the Living Pharaoh who led the raid on the Massad Maximum Security Prison in Egypt to rescue their master, Ahmet Abdol.
            First appearance:  MGN #17

Arber Rubber Products    A defunct factory in NYC whose rooftop water tower was reworked into a luxurious secret office, probably owned by Little John Giovanni.  In its first appearance, a big secret meeting was arranged there to combine Giavanni's might with that of Shark Armstrong's mob, but the courier that had set up the meet had been intercepted by the Punisher.  While they were inside wheeling and dealing, he was setting charges outside, but he was prevented from setting them off thanks to the efforts of Captain America I, who also learned about the meet.  After all the thugs were dispatched by Cap, Punisher was taken into custody by the police along with them, so he blew the explosive, destroying the tower, to cover his own escape.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #241

Arbogast, Mrs. Bambina 'Bambi'    Tony Stark's no-nonsense secretary at Stark International.  In her first appearance, she didn't approve of the unannounced visit to the corporate offices by from the young and sexy Bethany Cabe, and even offered to throw her out.  When Tony came out to meet her himself, she became catty and made mention that she'd worn a dress similar to hers back at the end of WWII.  In her second appearance, she informs James Rhodes that Tony's flight from Paris has gone down in the Atlantic and gives him the coordinates for his jet copter computer [IM1 #120].  She ends up vying with a very determined Bethany Cabe again, but when the boss takes over dealing with her, she takes it all in stride, learning quickly how Stark operates [IM1 #123].  she gets word that James Rhodes is healing nicely and will be back to work soon, and then shows herself a prude when she reacts negatively to her boss' show of public affection for Bethany [IM1 #124].  She is shocked though when he comes in, after IM is accused of murder, drunk and disheveled [IM1 #125].  When Tony regains control over SI fro SHIELD, Mrs. Arbogast twists the knife in Nick Fury's side [IM1 #129].  She got the socks scared off of her when she discovered Bruce Banner staying with Tony, but not enough to blunt her sharp tongue [IM1 #131].  When Tony was working late, she stayed to personally infom him that the annual Lion's Club Charity dinner cancelled Iron Man as their guest speaker because of his recent trouble with Carnelia, and she felt terrible giving him the news [IM1 #134].  She was in attendance at the 3rd annual employee appreciation party but spent most of the time trying to keep her sister from killing Tony, and while there also witnessed the explosion of the Sonic Borer by closed circuit [IM1 #137].  REL:  Sister of Uranus Bliss.
            First appearance:  IM1 #118     First name revealed:  ? 

Arbuckle, Lt. Ralph    (Lt. Arbunkle)  A very ambitious but not terribly bright NYC police officer who believed that he could use the fact that an unconscious Spider-Man (having just saved himself from the Jackal and Tarantula I) had just dropped into his lap to get himself a captaincy.  Playing up to the expected cameras and the commissioner who was on the scene already, he ordered his men not to unmask the web-slinger yet and to remove his chains, all for appearance sake.  That was all that Spidey needed to make good his escape, and Arbuckle not only didn't get his promotion, but was informed by the commissioner that he'd be walking a beat for the next twenty years.  His name was misspelled as Arbunkle during the story.
           First appearance:  ASM #148

Arcade    High level assassin whose specialty is to place intended victims in his Murder World and pit them against deadly scenarios including his infamous giant pinball machine and robot doubles of themselves.  Often an opponent of the X-Men.  He was a poor little rich kid who got his allowance cut off, and so killed daddy to get the whole inheritance.  Discovering that he had a taste and a talent for killing, he used hi money to construct Murder World and began his life as a high paid assassin.  During one of his earlier jobs, he was hired by the Commission to kill Brian (Captain Britain) Braddock and accidentally got Spider-Man in the mix.  He pitted them against his carnie motif death traps, using Courtney Ross to force their participation, but they escaped although not before causing the destruction of the first Murder World. Soon after, he was hired by Black Tom Cassidy to kill the X-Men, and he did his best.  He kidnapped them one at a time and put them in Murder World and even managed to subvert Colossus into the Proletariat against his own team mates, and, in the end, although he could have stopped them from escaping, he accepted his defeat with his unusual moral code, and let them go [UXM #123-4].  He even loaned money and technology out to Toad to create his own version of Murder World, but it was a very short term loan and came due before his first clients could be processed.  Arcade threatened to have him killed if he didn't come up with the money, and he was bailed out by Angel, one of his first victims [MTO #68].
            First appearance:  MTU1 #65        Origin:  UXM #124

     Arcade's Robots    The incredibly life like androids produced by the master assassin to use in confounding and confusing his intended victims in Murder World.  Their number include:  Captain Britain [first seen duplicates], Alexei Vahzin [UXM #123], Hulk, Magneto [UXM #124], Mini Magneto, Scarlet Witch [MTO #68].
            First appearance:  MTU #66    

     Arcade's 747    A customized jet owned by the master assassin for use as transportation from job to job and is emblazoned with big red A.  It was first seen when Arcade flew to England to get the contract from the Commission to kill Brian Braddock.
            First appearance:  MTU #65

Arcanna    (Arcanna Jones)  Sorceress.  GA:  Squadron Supreme.
            First appearance:  DEF #112

Arcanne, Tabitha    (deceased)  A vampire who was working with her lover, Dalton Cartright to build a vampiric empire in a small mid western town.  When Johnny Blaze appeared on the scene, she posed as the frail ranch owner whose whole family had been wrecked by Dalton's giant Hell-Bats that had been plaguing the whole town, but soon afterward she was revealed to be in the plot right up to her pretty little ears.  When  Johnny regained his ability to once again become Ghost Rider IV, he torched their operation with Hell-fire, she and her lover perished when the house collapsed on them.
            First appearance and death:  GHR2 #48

Arch    One of the truckers at the Lame Duck Inn who are informed that someone is messing with their rigs and come out to kick butt only to discover that it was the Werewolf just passing through the parking lot.  By their sheer numbers, they manage to get him down, still thinking it is some guy in a costume, only to learn that the mask wasn't a mask, and they all skedaddle.
            First appearance:  WW #6

Arch    A thug in a neighborhood with elderly immigrants who got his kicks harassing the inhabitants and extorting 'sidewalk tax' from them.  Spider-Man caught up with him when he was leaning on a Mr. Yuschek, cold cocking with some webbing and chasing off the rest of his gang, supposedly for good.
            First appearance:  SSM #3  

Arch    An NYC police officer who tried to stop Spider-Man after he had just saved a bunch of people from a toppling wall.  Nonplussed that the web slinger didn't slop a his command, his lieutenant asked if he was gong to book him for heroism.
            First appearance:  SSM AN #1

Arch    A NYC police officer who is brought in to arrest the Thing after he's set up by the Mad Thinker, and when the eye witness labels him a menace, he sets him straight citing that Ben had once saved his daughter.
            First appearance:  MTO #37

Arch    A trucker living in Liberty, NM. whose nightmares were coming true when he and his partner saw the glow of Bruce Banner's Gamma Ray Infuser activated at the old Tranquility Base.
            First appearance:  IH #250

Archangel    (Warren Kenneth Worthington III, form. Angel)  Former X-Men and Champion, Angel attempts suicide and is recreated by Apocalypse with metal wings to be one of his Four Horsemen.  GA:  X-Factor.  REL:  Son of Warren K. Jr. and Kathryn.  Nephew of Dazzler I.
            First full appearance:  XFAC #24

Archer, Mrs.    The landlady of the building in LA that's occupied by Scotty McDowell who, after he moved in, agreed to install ramps to accommodate his wheelchair.
            First mention:  SPW #23

Archer, Ross    Self-revolving Hollywood actor who played the part of Brother Brimstone in the gothic TV series "Strange Secrets" and attacked Jerry Jason and Karen Page in that guise, but was later killed by the real villain.
            First appearance and death:  DD1 #65

Archer College    A small university in New York where the Oscillotron was invented by Dr. Hunt, it's only seen staff member.
            first appearance:  UXM #41

Archie    An elderly security guard in London who,  along his regular route, services, among other businesses, Ye Olde Shoppe.  In his first appearance, while out on his rounds, he heard a noise in the mom and pop grocery and let himself in to investigate.  When he discovered no one about (not realizing that Spider-Woman was hiding in the shadows foraging for food), he though it was just nerves and recalled what his wife said about him getting too old for this.  This close call prompted Spider-Woman to stop scavenging for her living and take responsibility for her life.  REL:  Husband of Florrie.
            First appearance:  SPW #1

Archie    One of Jigsaw's goons who accompanied him on the no risk job of robbing the Checkerboard Line midnight cruise.  When they got onboard, Archie was ordered to get to the captain and kill the radio, while the others robbed the passengers.  Unfortunately, one of them changed to Spider-Man and kicked the snot out of all the henchmen.
            First appearance: ASM #188

Archie    One of the LA PD officers who had accompanied Dr. Karl Malus out of prison so that he could deal with Hornet with his new Tranquilizer Gun.  Unfortunately, it was all part of the good doctor's plan to escape, and, after using his gun on Spider-Woman I, who was trying to subdue the Hornet, he turned it on Archie and made good his escape.  By the time he'd recovered, Malus was long gone.
            First appearance:  SPW #31

Arclight    (Philipa Sontag)    Evil mutant with super human strength.  GA:  Marauders.
            First full appearance:  UXM #211

Arcturans    An Earthlike humanoid race from the planet Arcturus IV.
        First appearance:  FEAR #23

Arena    A sporting center near the LA Barrio that hosts, among other events, professional wrestling matches.  In its first appearance, Toro Rojo was slated to meet Halcon D'Oro as the main event of wrestling, but the match was interrupted when Don Blake arrived to retrieve his walking stick.  Blake turned back to Thor I, and the audience got one heck of an exhibition for their money, although many of them, even after the thunder god decked the Deviant, thought it was part of the show.
            First appearance:  TH1 #290

Arena    An underworld tradition where others in power are brought together to a specified place to witness the demise of a specific agent.  The theory being that if you were invited, then you weren't the target.  The Shade called one together in his rise to power, inviting the crime bosses that he hadn't killed to an overpass construction site to witness the death of the She-Hulk at the hands of his champion, the Seeker.  The crime bosses gathered and the She-Hulk was lured to her place of execution, but she ended up not only besting, but seemingly caused the death of the Seeker, prompting not only the Shade but everyone else to make a hasty retreat before the raging green heroine.
            First appearance:  SSH #21

Ares    (Mars, 'Mr. Talon')    Olympian god of War.  Sworn enemy of Hercules.  Ares refuses to help Hercules escape his fate at the hands of Pluto [TH1 #129].  When Herc is returned to Olympus by Thor I, he and the son of Zeus get into a contention [TH1 #131].  Later, when his true love Venus came to Earth to do her good work as Vicki Starr, he took it upon himself to retrieve her back to Olympus, and he was bested by her powers and a little help from the Sub-Mariner [SUB #57].  Ares teams up with Pluto and does his best to help undermine Zeus but trying to pit Olympus against Asgard by kidnapping Krista and framing Hercules.  When Thor arrived as expected, he even did his best to fan the flames (hoping to get Herc killed and Thor blamed), but Zeus saw through the subterfuge, but unfortunately not everyone who was behind it [TH1 #221].  Ares is revealed to have impersonated Herc, and, after setting up a meeting with his new partner, is confronted by Thor and Herc at the gates of Hell.  With the extra boost of power provided by Pluto, he has the advantage, but Thor kicks his butt anyway [TH1 #222].   Later, as a team mate of Pluto, he helped the god of the underworld in his plan to seize control of Olympus by eliminating the only two that could prevent it.  By forcing Zeus' hand, they had him order the marriage between him and Venus, and between Hypolyta and Hercules, knowing that by Olympian law, they wouldn't be able to raise a hand against their spouses.  The plan fell apart due to the efforts of the newly formed Champions, and instead of punishment, they were left to live with themselves and the terrible things they've done, at the insistence of his bride to be [CHM #1-3]. When Hercules, who had confronted Thor I for the first time, requested that they go to war with the Asgardians, he was asked his opinion by Zeus and counseled him to grant the request, which went against everyone else's opinion, but when Loki arrived impersonating Thor and fanned the flames, the decision was reversed.  He accompanied Herc on the battle field, and thanks to some trickery between Zeus and Odin, both sides believed they were victorious [TH1 AN #5].  He was once rescued by the Thing and Hercules when alien giants kidnapped all the gods of Olympus [MTO #44].  It is revealed how he had taken a neutral position overseeing the Trojan War, but, when Thor I got involved, he entered the fight on the side of the Trojans.  His first opponent, however, Diomedes, ran him through with a little help from Athena [TH1 AN #8].  He accompanies Zeus to the outer defenses of Olympia to hear Odin try to enlist their aid in stopping the Eternals from disrupting the Celestials' fifty year judgment [TH1 #289].  Teaming-up with Odin, Zeus leads the assault on Olympia to stop the Eternals from interfering with the Celestials, and while many of the gods fight their counterparts (including Ares fighting Ikaris), the main bout is between Odin and Thor [TH1 #291]. When Odin drops out of the fight, Zeus realizes that they have no other reason to be fighting, having no more stock in human dealings, and he gathers his people and leaves [TH1 #292].   REL:  Son of Zeus, brother of Hercules, Artemis, Hephaestus
            First appearance in MU :  TH1 #129

Argon, Prince    (See:  Force Commander)  One of the last of the Royal Family and the head of the rebellion on Homeworld against Baron Karza, until he was captured and twisted in the Body Banks and merged with his faithful horse, Oberon.  He gains great backing when he joins with Slug and the Shadow Priests and dons the white ceremonial armor of King Dallan.   Later, due to a post-operative suggestion left behind by Karza, Shaitan is able to take control of his mind.  REL:  Brother of Princess Mari (Marionette) and son of the King and Queen of Homeworld.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #1

Arguelles, Manuel 'Mosquito'    A young boy that keeps a hutch of roof top pigeons who was befriended by Spider-Man and becomes disillusioned with the world when an assassination attempt on the wall crawler by the second Crime-Master goes awry and takes the life of one of his favorite birds.  Although the culprit is eventually brought to justice, Spidey can never quite answer the boy why some people do such bad things.
            First appearance:  MTU #39

Argus    A Cyclops who serves as a guard on the outer frontiers of Olympus.  In his firs appearance, when Odin tried to gain uninvited access to Olympus, Argus and the other guards tried to stop him, but they got their butts handed to them by the All-Father [TH1 #289].  GA:  Titan.
            First appearance:  TH1 #289

Ariadne    (deceased)  One of the lab rats owned by Dr. Cornelius Webb and used for experiments that led to his first acclaimed book about animal psychology.  She was killed when Webb's lab was destroyed during his latest experiments, which dealt with human animals.
            First appearance and death:  CM1 #19

Arides    (see:  Shatterstar)    The name of the Kree child of Falzon and Murius before undergoing the experimental super soldier program that turned him into Shatterstar.
            Name revealed:  INH #4

Ariel   One of the Four from Zephyrland who was the musician of their little rebellious band who, with his three compatriots, came to Earth from their dimension with the Golden Submarine invented by Kabal to seek help in dealing with the evil barbarian woman, Virago, who had somehow subverted their entire race from a peaceful society, that knew no war, greed, or ambition, into a hateful warlike mockery of the one that had once thrived on all the pursuits that affirmed life.  They approached the Sub-Mariner with their problem, and he agreed to return with them to their own land.  They were all captured, and their collective fates rested on whether the Sub-Mariner could best Virago in single combat.  During the fight, the Four escaped (with Ariel being minorly wounded) only to see their champion hitching a ride on the Submarine as Virago traveled back to Earth to conquer Atlantis [SUB #65].  After she leaves, they believe everything will return to normal, but the disease of her violent nature is still present, and worse yet, without her authority, everything is thrown into chaos, and there's nothing the Four can do to stop it [SUB #66].  Knowing no where else to turn, they seek the help of Dr. Strange, who, with his magic, along with the musical skill of Ariel on the Ceremonial Horn of Zephyrland, helps to finally break the spell left behind by Virago [SUB #69].
            First appearance:  SUB #64

Ariel    (Kitty Pryde, see:  Shadowcat)  The first code name suggested by Prof. X for the newest and youngest X-Man, but she decides against it in favor of the name Sprite, suggested by Storm.  In this guise, while fighting the Purifiers in the Stryker Crusade, Kitty phases another person for the first time [MGN #5].
            First mention:  UXM #139

Ariel II    An alien that can bend space.  GA:  Fallen Angels.
            First appearance:  FA LTD #1

Aries I    (Deceased)  (Marcus Lassiter)  Costumed criminal, with as costume that was based upon the astrological sign of the Ram, who, when he was on the verge of destroying NYC with the power of the Zodiac Key, was killed by Thor I who hit him with a thunderbolt. GA:  Zodiac I.
            First appearance:  AV1 #72        Died:  AV1 #82

Aries II    (Deceased)  (Grover Raymond)  A criminal who also based his costume upon the astrological sign of the ram with a large ram shaped helmet that allowed him to butt his victims.  While in prison, he is approached by Lucifer and propositioned, that if allowed to merge with him, he would free him from his cell.  Aries agrees, but when the Quist merges with him, instead of forming one being, he ends up creating two separate Lucifers.  They break out of prison, and, running into Falcon on the way out, stop to tromp him royally.  They are picked up by one of Mr. Morgan's boys, and the crime boss propositions them to kill the Falcon [CAP1 #177].  The duo fails again to do the job, and during their third attempt, siccing their Ultra-Robots on the Falcon, they get attacked by a masked do-gooder (Captain America I out of costume).  During the fight, the other host body is burned up and takes Aries with him (because they were inextricably linked), while Lucifer returns to his Nether Realm [CAP1 #178].  GA:  Zodiac I.
                First appearance:  AV1 #120        Died:  CAP1 #178

Aries III    (Deceased)  A Life Model Decoy created by Scorpio I to replace Aries II.
            First appearance:  IM1 #184        Destroyed:  WCA #26

Aries IV    An android crated by Scorpio I based upon the the original ram from the first Zodiac.  He has a metallic ram's head for a helmet and his body is all bent over with an oversized back like that of a bull.  His costume is a shredded red shirt, pants, and boots with a slightly cloven appearance.
            First appearance (in shadow):  DEF #49        First full:  DEF #50

Arin'nn Haelar    A Shi'ar ritual known as the duel of honor which allows the accused to engage in a trial by combat, and once invoked can't be refused by ancient Shi'ar law.  When Phoenix II was facing execution for crimes done as the Dark Phoenix, Professor Xavier invoked the ritual, and, after conferring with the other races involved, particularly the Skrulls and Kree, the challenge was accepted, and the X-Men were pitted against the Imperial Guard in the Blue Area of the Moon, with the life of Phoenix in the balance.
            First appearance:  UXM #137

Arishem the Judge    The Celestial leader of the Fourth Host, the final judge as to the worthiness of the human race and whether it will or won't survive.  His armor is red with a louvered helmet and his is much larger than the other giant members of his race.  Upon his arrival, he planted himself on a prearranged pillar and waits for the information fed him by his brethren to either give the thumb's up or down signal to show his final judgment.  Arishem is seen in the vision spun by Mimir for Thor I maintaining his post in the Andes Mountains [TH1 AN #7].  He is seen presiding over the works in the domed city, and Thor I forms a storm cloud around him to enable the rescue of a captured plane and its passengers [TH1 #284].  It is revealed how Odin did bend knee to Arishem during the Third Host [TH1 #288].  When Thor is booted out of Asgard and sent back to Earth as a flaming comet, Arishem spots his descent in the sky [TH1 #289].  When Odin and the OLypian gods are fighting the Eternals to stop them from interfering with the judgment, the repercussions of the battle are felt all over the world, including the Domed City [TH1 #291].  During the Third Host, it was he that convinced Odin and the other delegates from the Council of God-Heads to not interfere with the judgment, and, during the Fourth Host, he helps to kill Odin in the Destroyer armor, and, after being toppled by Thor and run through with the Odinsword, he would have killed the thunder god if Gaea hadn't intervened.  She offered them the Young Gods, and, satisfied with man's progress, Arishem gave the thumb's up and they all left for space [TH1 #300].     GA:  the Celestials.
            First appearance:  ETN #2

Arkham, King    The ruler of the 25th century that Hulk is transported into by Dr. Banner's T-Gun. Hulk defends him against the Evil One.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #76

Arkin the Weak    A resident of Asgard who was madly in love with the queen of the Mountain Giants.  In his first appearance, when he learned that Thor had been banished by his father and would be traveling alone, he rushed with the news to Knorda, hoping that it would put him in her good graces.  He was handy when they attacked the thunder god, and still in the pack when Thor led them into a box canyon where Odin and his fellow gods were waiting in ambush.  It is revealed that this was all a plot cooked up by father and son to rout out the traitor in their midst, and, although Arkin was to be incarcerated with the other Mountain Giants, he was told by Knorda that she would have nothing to do with him [JiM1 #109].  REL:  Cousin of Loki.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #109

Ark of Onom-Kra    The seven mile long ark that passes through a mountain in Biphasia breeching the Cycle Barrier and appears on the Searland side as a negative image, and on the Shadow-Realm side as purest white.  The origin of this structure isn't revealed or even who its creator was, but it is the only passage from one side to the other and had been the seat of government until, on the queen's whim, she shifted it to the light side and upset the balance of her whole kingdom.
            First appearance:  GSWW #5

Arkon    The Imperion of Polemachus, essentially their king and greatest warrior, who isn't an evil person, but he doesn't have any moral qualms about doing what he believes is necessary to ensure the safety of his people.  He uses special lightning bolt devices as weapons and to open dimensional doorways between this world and his.  In his first appearance, after conquering and becoming the supreme leaser of his people, he was alerted by his vizier and chief scientist that the ring around their planet that lit and heated their world like a sun was failing, and as the light went out on his people, he could do nothing but watch.  They got a reprieve when the ring suddenly reactivated, but Arkon was informed by the Old One that it was caused by the nuclear testing on Earth and only temporary but that there was a solution to the perpetual darkness caused by the failing of the energy ring around their planet, to blow up their adjacent planet in the other dimension, which would charge the rings for centuries to come.  He tricked Scarlet Witch into bringing him to this world so he could kidnap our foremost nuclear scientists to enable him complete their plan to save his people.  He also took a shine to the Scarlet Witch and kidnapped her back to his planet to make her his mate [AV1 #75].  After clashing with the Avengers, Iron Man I came up with a device that, when energized by Thor I, would do the job [AV1 #76].  Some time later, however, the machine failed, and Arkon returned to our hated planet to seek out Thor for a recharge, but failing to find the god of thunder, he was redirected by the Old One to Storm, and he kidnapped her from the X-Mansion.  The team followed to Polemachus, and when they found out what was going on, they agreed to help.  With the combined power of Storm and Cyclops, they reenergized the energy ring, and Arkon, happy despite the broken eggs, offered to let them stay, which they declined  [UXM AN #2].
            First appearance:  AV1 #75

     Arkon's Lightning Bolts    Specialized weapons from Polemachus, shaped like lightning bolts which could either be used as a destructive force or to open dimensional doorways between this world and his.  Kept in a quiver on his back, the bolts are projected with the strength of his mighty arms and are activated upon impact.  In their first appearance, they are used to open doorways when he kidnapped Scarlet Witch and the nuclear scientists, but they are also seen as a weapon of war when he recounts to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch the history of his planet and people [AV1 #75].
            First appearance:  AV1 #75

     Arkon's Warlord    The bristly and fiercely loyal leader of Arkon's armies on Polemachus.  He is large with long hair and beard and wears golden armor, lending him a very Asgardian look.  In his first appearance, it was his job to try and stop the X-Men from reaching their kidnapped member, Storm, who they were going to use to reenergize their failing energy ring.
            First appearance:  UXM AN #2

Arkus, Capt.    An Atlantean military officer who barely made it back from his mission alive to inform his prince that waters around the golden realm were beginning to boil like the temperature of a volcano.
            First appearance:  SUB #63

Arlen, Dr. Mike    Chief of Staff at the ESU Medical Center who diffuses the rant of the Sub-Mariner, who had come to the hospital looking for Dr. Damon Walthers.  As the man's attending physician, he forces Namor to calm down before being allowed in to see the man in ICU, handling him almost like an adult would handle a naughty child.  Out of necessity and out of respect for the man, the Avenging Son obediently calms down.
            First appearance:  SUB #69

Arlene    A hippie friend of Cindy Jones from where she used to live in New Orleans who truly appeared to care for the younger woman, but had the misfortune of having a drug dealer for a boyfriend.  When the Sub-Mariner brings Cindy there, hoping to get her away from her life in Chicago, not realizing that he was bringing her to a nest of pushers.  And, although she did care for the girl, she cared more for her lover, Brother Johnny.
            First appearance:  SUB #48

Arlene    A pretty waitress at Ben's Diner in San Francisco who waited on Peter Parker while she and the other patrons were under hypnotic control by Moondark.  She screamed when Werewolf, also under the magician's control, followed Peter there after their fight on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
            First appearance:  MTU #12

Arlington, Mr.    One of the group of 'truce observers' that escorted Iron Man and Roxanne Gilbert out into the jungle of Viet Nam to look for the MIA Marty March.  It is assumed that he is from the American side of the truce, but he was very quick to point out to Roxie that things aren't always what they seem on the surface.  the point was over a burning village that they had come across and Roxie assumed that it was innocents that were suffering there because the conflict continued.
            First appearance:  IM1 #68

Arlington Arms Hotel    Posh, high rise hotel located in downtown Manhattan.  In its first appearance, Kraven the Hunter was staying there (on the fortieth floor) when he launched his attack on the Savage Land to capture Zabu, and he brought the saber-tooth tiger back with him.  Not long afterward, Ka-Zar arrived in the lobby looking for his kidnapped friend [AST #1].  Their fight does a lot of damage to the hotel, carrying from the lobby, up to the fortieth floor, and then outside, where the Hunter began to use Explosive Pellets.  After Kraven made a hasty retreat, Ka-Zar then encountered the Petrified Man there [AST #2].
            First appearance (unnamed):  AST #1     Named:  AST #2

Arliss, Diane    (see:  Diane Newell)  Minor love interest for Namor, eventually marries Stingray.  After the death of Destiny, she and Namor sneak Lady Dorma back to her apartment, and while she's recovering, Namor tells her about Betty Dean [SUB #8]. When she was still pining for Subby, she took the news of his betrothal to Dorma very hard although it didn't seem to shake her feelings for him [SUB #36].  After Dorma's death, Namor tries to embrace his human side and Diane, now a reporter for the American News Magazine, uses her new resources, along with Walter Newell, to help Subby hunt down his father [SUB #39].  This eventually turns into the pair going to Washington and petitioning a senator to not only give Namor amnesty, but setting him up as an ecological symbol.  From there, they end up pin-pointing the location of Capt. McKenzie and head off for Boston, and she gets in trouble sticking up for the Atlantean prince, but it doesn't slow her down [SUB #41-46].  REL:  Sister of Tiger Shark.
            First appearance:  SUB #5

Arliss, Todd    (see:  Tiger Shark)

Arlok    (Deceased)  Technologist for the Uranus Eternals.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #27

Armadillo    (Antonio Rodriquez)  REL:  Husband of Bonita Rodriguez.  GA:  UCWF.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #308

Armageddon Command Base    (form. SHIELD Space Platform)  The orbiting platform that Steven Lang appropriated as part of project Armageddon and used as his base of operation to build and launch his attack of Mark III Sentinels on the mutant population on Earth.  Not only did it serve as his base of operations and his assembly plant, it was also the site of his research labs where he brought captured mutants to study their powers and add them to the negating arsenal of his giant robots.  jean Grey, Wolverine, and Banshee had an unpleasant surprise when they broke custody and escaped to the outside to find themselves in outer space.  The base was breached and wrecked by the X-Men with one of the Starcore shuttles, and in the resultant fires from the battle between the X-Men and the Sentinel Mark IIIs and the X-Sentinels and the final battle with Lang (which resulted in his death), the base was going critical, the fires having nearly  reached its Hypergolic Fuel Cells.  But it survived, at least long enough for the Vanisher to coble together his own Sentinels from the incomplete models on board and pit them against the Champions [CHM #17].
            First appearance (unnamed):  UXM #98        Named:  UXM #99      

Armak    (deceased)  (see:  Arnold Nicolson)  A prehistoric spirit raised seemingly by mistake by some sham spiritualists who took control of the medium's body and transformed it into his original, almost super human, Neanderthal form.  Supposedly the first human, Armak was not inherently evil, but caused a lot of trouble reacting to a world thousands of years beyond him.  His first reaction when he transformed into his cave man state was to snatch up a girl, Anna Carwell, and flee, but as he was running amok through the streets he encountered Hercules, whose first instinct was to save the girl.  Thor I joined the fight when Herc started getting his butt kicked, and the two chased him up the side of a skyscraper under construction.  The mother of his host body arrived and tried to talk him down, and it distracted him enough for Thor to get in a lucky shot.  He tumbled off the roof and was mortally wounded by the fall, and he reverted back to Nicilson while he was dying [TH1 #231].  It is later revealed that his appearance during the séance was not an accident and had been arranged by Loki [TH1 #233].
            First appearance and death:  TH1 #231

Armand    The assassin leader of the Cult of Kali that sprang up in Los Angeles and second only to the Cult's leader, Nekra.  In his first appearance, he and his men were sent to deal with the Shroud, who had been sniffing around their cover operation, the Hatros Clinic, but didn't count on him teaming-up with Spider-Woman I [SPW#13]. They get their butts handed to them, but, when the heroes disappear, they slip out as quietly as they came in, slinking back to their hidden temple, not realizing that they were followed by the Shroud [SPW #14].  His next appearance came when Nekra sent he and the boys out after some SHIELD agents who had been sniffing around the Clinic, and they captured them at the Malibu beach house owned by one of the agents.  They brought them back to their hidden temple to be sacrificed by their leader, but Spider-Woman and the Shroud were there waiting for them.  They resisted just long enough for the boss to make her getaway [SPW #15].  Armand and the rest are brought back to the SHIELD LA HQ for questioning, but none of them are willing to give up the identity of their boss [SPW #16].
            First appearance (unnamed):  SPW #13     Named:  SPW#15

Armbruster, Col. John D.    (Deceased)  A gung-ho, pipe smoking USAF veteran of the Viet-Nam war who had served extensively with Gen. Thunderbolt Ross in the past, so it was an easy choice because of this and because of his extensive commando training, to have him brought in as head of the mission (sanctioned by SHIELD) to rescue him from behind the Iron Curtain where he had been kidnapped by the Gremlin.   He and Maj. Glenn Talbot go in and rescue the old man, but during the assault, Glenn is shot; and they are forced to leave him for dead to save Ross [IH #166].  After their return, Ross is relieved of command, and Armbruster is named as his successor of Project Greenskin [IH #168].  When the base is taken over by the Abomination and Rhino and he and all the others are saved by the Hulk and Jim Wilson, instead of offering thanks, he captures Hulk in a cage [IH #171].  He brings him back to Hulkbuster Base where he planned to kill him, and he clashes with Gen. Ross, who has other ideas.  Ross sics Dr. Peter Corbeau on him, and he agrees to send the Hulk into time-space warp, however, instead of sending the Hulk away, they end up dealing with Juggernaut as well.  Ross tries to get him to call in the cavalry, but his pride is too big for that, and the base gets wrecked before the villains finally leave [IH1 #172]. While rescuing the crew of the Pequod II after it had been sunk in a fight between Hulk and Cobalt Man, Gen. Ross wanted to use the facilities of the Project to take on Cobalt Man who was headed for Sydney, but Armbruster refused, saying it wasn't their business [IH #174].  When, who they believe to be Glenn Talbot returns home, he gets the first hints that something is wrong when, after shaking hands with the man, his electric watch dies [IH #179].  When it is official that Hulkbuster Base was going to be visited by the president, he began to have serious doubts about Talbot's fitness after his manic outburst [IH #180].  So suspicious does he become of him, that he secretly has tests done while Talbot sleeps [IH #183].  It isn't until the last minute, when the president is on base that he discovers the truth, that Talbot has an organic bomb implanted in his chest.  No time to do anything else, the veteran soldier uses his own body to knock the villain clear of his commander in chief and died a hero in the subsequent blast.
            First appearance:  IH1 #164        Died:  IH1 #185

Armgh    One of the crew of the Universal Church of Truth's death ship the Great Divide who was dispatched by their most recently captured prisoner, Adam Warlock, as he played spearhead to the revolt of the other captives.  Although several of those he dispatched were shown, Montrose was not identified specifically among them except when his captain, Autolycus, was calling out names trying to find someone still functional.  GA:  Universalite.
            First mention:  ST1 #179

Armored Avengers    In an alternate reality, the original Avengers disbanded, and, to take care of the threat posed by a team-up of Hulk and Sub-Mariner, formed a team of heroes and outfitted them in Iron Man armor.  The team consisted of:  Iron Man I, Giant-Man I, Wasp, and Rick Jones.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #3

Armstrong    One of the security guards at the Delazny Studios in Hollywood who has a bone to pick with the Ghost Rider IV.  It's never shown why he has a chip in his shoulder against the stunt cyclist employed by the studio (it appears as though they replaced Gus Utermohle's character with him) but he goes out of his way to antagonize Johnny Blaze.  Johnny, in the true spirit of things, does his utmost to antagonize him right back.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #21

Armstrong, 'Shark'    A young and ambitious mob boss in NYC who was looking to get into the big time by allying himself and his operation with that of rival boss Little John Giovanni, and they set up a secret meeting in Giovanni's secret hidey-hole in the water tower of the Arber Rubber Products building.  In their first appearance, each with their single most trusted body guard, they were getting along like a house on fire until they heard the ruckus outside.  Investigating, they found Captain America I and Punisher fighting each other on the roof top (both having learned the location of the meet from the courier who had brokered it), and they opened fire on them.  While Cap was kicking the snot out of the thugs, Giovanni's bodyguard reveals herself to be an undercover cop, and Punisher is taken into custody along with the mobsters.  However, he'd originally set a charge to kill everyone inside the water tower (the reason he and Cap had been fighting), and he set it off to cover his escape.  The thugs were all arrested when the police arrived soon after.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #241

Army of Assassins    The group of assassins gathered together by Baron Zemo I in his South American HQ and stringently trained originally to kill Captain America I.  In their first appearance, basically a dress rehearsal to their actual first assignment, they were pitted against one of their own dressed as Cap and took him down easily, but when they were sent north by plane, they couldn't wrap their minds around the fact that they were supposed to take their quarry alive.  In NYC, they replaced the sparring partners Cap was supposed to use while giving a charity performance, but they soon discovered that they really weren't up to the challenge. Not only could they not capture the star spangled avenger with their specially designed tools, but they couldn't even stop Cap's side kick from getting away and summoning help.  Not that Cap needed it.  By the time Jones came back with the cavalry, Cap had mopped the floor with the assassins and proceeded to hand them over to the police [ToS1 #60].
            First appearance:  ToS1 #60

     Army of Assassins Formula X    One of the may tools provided them by Baron Zemo I.  This was a substance that could render a person almost instantly unconscious and was impregnated into a pad worn in the palm of a protective gauntlet, with the idea being that it could be placed in the face of an opponent and render them harmless.  It worked well during their dress rehearsal against one of their own, but when they tried it against the real Captain America I, all he had to do to counter it was hold his breath and pretend to fall under its influence.  They got the bright idea of holding it over his face for an extended amount of time to prevent another goof, but they never got the chance.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #60

     Army of Assassins Iron Fist    One of the many tools provided them by Baron Zemo I.  This was a steel pile driver of sorts that fit over the hand and was designed to negate the power of Captain America's shield.  It worked fine during the dress rehearsal, but when they tried to use it against the real thing, they found that it couldn't affect the indestructible make-up of his shield, and therefore proved almost useless in the fight.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #60

     Army of Assassin's Sleep Gas Shell    One of the many tools provided by Baron Zemo I.  This was a grenade that delivered a localized payload of sleeping gas and was administered with a device that resembled a flare gun.  It was first employed to take down the bevy of sparring partners that Captain America I was going to fight in a charity exhibition, allowing the assassins to take their places.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #60

     Army of Assassin's Sub-Miniaturized Missile    A last resort weapon provided by Baron Zemo I.  This was a tiny missile with a payload of high explosives which could be launched from a tiny pistol-like device which was kept hidden inside a belt buckle.  When the assassins were getting their butts handed to them by Cap during their first real outing, the leader of the crew, seeing an opening to use the weapon, launched it at the star spangled hero, only to have it impact on the surface of his shield, which he summoned at the last minute by remote control.
            First appearance: ToS1 #60

Arni    (deceased)  In the 15th century, a young gypsy man who was attacked and murdered by newly vampirized Dracula, causing the youth's mother to get revenge on him by using his own daughter, Lilith.  REL:  Son of Gretchin.
            First appearance and death:  GSCHILL #1

Arnie    One of the AIM goons working for Plantman guarding his greenhouse on Long Island Sound.  He was taken down by Spider-Man who was posing as one of his team mates.
            First appearance:  MTU #71

Arnie    A guard at a military base near the Security University campus, saved by Spider-Man from hypnotized students.
            First appearance:  FF1 #207

Arnie    One of Lorenzo Jacobi's pushers who works one of the local schoolyards.  In his first appearance, because the drugs are going faster than they can supply it, he asks the new mule (reporter April Maye undercover) to pass along that they need to up his limit.
            First appearance:  ASM #202

Arnie    One of two tourists who recognize Johnny Blaze coming out of the Las Vegas General Hospital and wish they were him, thinking that he has it all, money, women, and fame.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #56

Arnold    A muscle bound jerk in the Bahamas who makes the mistake of trying to take Sharon Carter from Steve Rogers while they were on vacation.  First the girl slaps him down and then the guy puts him on his butt without throwing a punch.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #154

Arnolde Windersmith and Sons    Purveyors and exhibitors of very rare coins in the LA area with the shop perched in the penthouse of the World Skytower Building.  Owned by Arnolde Windersmith, they boasted an equally high level molybdenum steel vault to safeguard their properties.  In its first appearance, the owner, a bit of a showman, was showing off his new acquisitions (which were to go on display the next morning) to the press, and had just sealed them safely in the vault when the Grinder burst through the wall and tore the vault open like tissue paper.  The robbery, however, was thwarted by the timely appearance of Spider-Woman I.
            First appearance:  SPW #26

Arnstead, Dorothy    The wife of a very successful bio-chemist who started his own pharmaceutical company, but she was also on hand to watch her husband's decline when the recession killed his business and bankrupted them.  Unbeknownst to her, she nearly lost him to suicide when he thought the insurance money was her last hope.  REL:  Wife of Edmond Arnstead.
            First appearance:  GSSM #5

Arnstead, Edmond    A promising bio-chemist who managed to barter his degree into a very successful pharmaceutical company called Arnstead Chemicals, Inc., but the recession in the seventies devastated his empire and within six months left he and his wife bankrupt.  Seeing nothing else to do, he decided to commit suicide and make it look like an accident so that his wife would get the insurance money, but, on the edge of the swamp near Citrusville, after being saved by the Man-Thing he got the brilliant idea of capturing the swamp-creature to turn his life around as a sure money maker.  When he comes on the scene of Man-Thing, Spider-Man and the Lizard all duking it out, the Lizard's wife, Martha Connors, begged him to help recreate the antidote for him.  filled with self doubt, at first he refused, but when he'd finally mixed the serum properly and Lizard was returned to his human form, he finally had a new lease on life.  REL:  Husband of Dorothy Arnstead.
            First appearance:  GSSM #5

Arnstead Chemicals, Inc.    A prosperous pharmaceuticals company in Florida started and owned by Edmond Arnstead which boomed after the Vietnam War thanks to defense contracts and industrial patents, but it was hit hard during the recession of the early seventies and within six month went bankrupt.
            First appearance:  GSSM #5

Aromagraph    A specially treated photo that when read by an Aromagraph and fed into the Scentolator of Star Saxon's Plastoid Robot, the creature can track someone simply by their scent.  So a target cannot hide or say remove their costume and hope to escape.  Saxon created one of Daredevil, and the robot found him in the home of Matt Murdock.
            First appearance:  DD1 #49

Aron, Lord    (deceased)  A member of royalty in the Ottoman Empire in 1459 who also happened to be a poet and the love interest of Elianne Turac.  In his first appearance, accompanying his love on the way back to her father's castle, asking her half jokingly to marry her, they came in view of the battlements and discovered that something was wrong.  Inside, the something wrong was that Elianne's father had come back from the wars as a vampire and had killed everyone in the castle, including the rest of her family.
            First appearance: GSDRAC #3

Arranaga, Mrs.    A pregnant woman who was caught in the cross fire of the New Warriors and the Fantastic Four battling the newly recorporated Terrax in Queens.  She was rescued from being crushed by Marvel Boy II and whisked to Mount Sinai Hospital by Namorita, where she gave birth to a boy who she named after both of her saviors.  REL:  Mother of Vance Guillermo De Jesus Arranaga.
            First appearance:  NW #17

Arranaga, Vance Guillermo De Jesus Arranaga    A baby who was born in the aftermath of the newly recorporated Terrax tearing up Queens.  Because his mother was rescued by Marvel Boy II, she named the boy after her two saviors.  The event helped to renew the injured Marvel Boy's faith in what he and the team were meant to do.  REL:  Mrs. Arranaga.
            First appearance:  NW #17

Arrow Trucking    A delivery service that worked in and around NYC and, among other things, transported sensitive electronic equipment.  While transporting a critical piece of electronics, one of their delivery trucks was heisted by the Kingpin's men using  his Sky-Crane.  Before the wheels got more than a few feet off the ground, he driver and his partner bailed out rather than resisting.  Staff includes:  Bernie [first named employee],
            first appearance: ASM #163

Arsdale, Jim   (deceased)  A Viet Nam POW who is, on the way home, involved in a major vehicular wreck when intoxicated Ralph Sorrell strikes the bus he was on in the middle of the Florida swamp near Citrusville.  He, having grown up in the area, leads a handful of others back to civilization only to have Sorrell turn on them with a gun to keep them from testifying. He manages to kill Jim and Holden Crane before the Man-Thing can intervene.
            First appearance and death:  AiF #18

Arsenal    A powerful android that was bristling with enough armaments to live up to his name, who was created by US scientists during WW II, with an operating system called Mistress, but he was never deployed.  They had hopes of making use of him during the cold war, but they were talked out of it by Howard Stark, who took charge of the project, insinuating the personality of his wife on the controller.  This project fell by the way, and he was stored in a hidden alcove in the sub-basement of the Stark Mansion.  Among his weapons, other than his super strength and near invulnerability, are: blowing out a noxious, blinding gas from its mouth, and electric force field guided by radar, gun emplacements locked in his shoulders, thermal inductors both up and down the scale, powerful vacuums on his hands, and to top it off, a cannon mounted in his chest.  In his first appearance, he was accidentally activated in his alcove now in the sub-basement of Avengers Mansion by a sonic blast from Unicorn's transmitter, and, when he received no orders from his controller, he called the Creators, he reverted back to his primary programming, basically to crush, kill, and destroy.  He took the Avengers by surprise and mopped the floor with them, all except Iron Man, who was more resistant of his charms. When Shell-head began to kick his butt, inflicting some real damage to him, he teleported away in a blinding flash of light [IM1 #114].
            First appearance:  IM1 #114     Origin:  AV #?

Artemis    (Diana)  Olympian goddess of the hunt.  When Hercules, who had confronted Thor I for the first time, requested that they go to war with the Asgardians, she was asked her opinion by Zeus and counseled him not to grant the request, but when Loki arrived impersonating Thor and fanned the flames, the decision was reversed [TH1 AN #5].  She was once rescued by the Thing and Hercules when alien giants kidnapped all the gods of Olympus [MTO #44].  REL:  Daughter of Zeus, sister of Ares, Hercules, Hephaestus.
            First appearance in MU (unnamed):  TH1 #129

Arthur    One of the members of the Board of Directors at Stark Industries that was trying to have Tony Stark removed as the CEO to put Simon Gilbert in that position.  He is identified in his second appearance as one of those that tried to unsuccessfully tackle Kevin O'Brian after he turned against them and began tearing up the board room [IM1 #46]..  It is assumed that he was in attendance at the funeral of Kevin O'Brian, but it is uncertain whether he was one of those trying to get Gilbert to shut up when he confronted Iron Man there causing a great scene [IM1 #47].  When Tony decides to take control of the company back, he fires all of the board members, most of which take it as their fair medicine [IM1 #48].
            First appearance (unnamed):  IM1 #45     Named:  IM1 #46

Arthur    One of the Engineering students at MIT who, with his partner, built a remote controlled Hulk robot they called Greenskin.
            First appearance:  ETN #14

Arthur    One of the other tenants living in the building of the Thing-Alt who is startled when the Thing from our reality goes to cure himself in what he believes is his past.  He attacks Ben when he tries to tend to his wife, who fainted at the sight of him, and prompted the fight between the dinosaur hide Ben and the rocky one.
            First appearance:  MTO #50

Arthur , King   (Deceased)  (The Pendragon)  6th century king of all Britain, wielder of the sword Excalibur, lord of Merlin I and Black Knight I and the fabled knights of the Round Table.  In his first appearance, he and the other knights are fooled by the 'magic' of Merlin II, not realizing that his sorcery was actually his mutant abilities, and as such, he helped Arthur become a hero in medieval Britain [JiM1 #96].  Arthur and his knights fall to the futuristic might of Kang after he defeats Merlin I, but they are saved thanks to the help of the Human Torch II and Thing [ST1 #134].   REL:  Husband of Guinevere.  Half-brother of Morgan le Fey.
            First appearance in the MU:  JiM1 #96    Died:  MSH1 #17

     King Arthur Robot    A mechanical duplicate of the Once and Future King residing in the medieval England layer of the Time Tower.  He isn't as advanced as the Black Knight I Robot and only activates when it is necessary, such as on the eve of their regular battle with the forces of the robot Morgan Le Fay.  In his first appearance, he is approached on the battlements of Camelot by the Black Knight when they were expecting Morgan's forces, and only then did his activity and personality kick in and began tossing out orders to the men even though Knight was ultimately the one in charge.  It is uncertain what happened to Arthur when the battle shifted to the skies on winged horses.
            First appearance:  SKUL #5

Arthurs, Emily    (deceased)  A young pretty professor at Boston College who unintentionally attracted the attention of one of her students.  One day, after class, he made advances to her, which she spurned, but he didn't take no for an answer and attacked her.  She was saved by the timely appearance of Dracula, who chased the lothario off, but, just as she was beginning to recatch her breath, he attacked her himself and killed her.
            First appearance and death:  ToD #59

Artie    One of the seal poachers who, when fed up with the ecologists from organizations like the Save the Seals Fund ruining their business by dying the baby seals to make them unusable, took matters into his own hands and opened fire on a group of them.  He and his partners paid the price when the very peeved Silver Surfer arrived to save them.
            First appearance:  IH #250

Artie    An NYC transit worker who was working in the subway beneath Brooklyn when he and his partner Sam witness Spider-Man riding on top of one of the trains headed for the air port and with the thugs Tommy Li in tow.  On the way back through with the Smuggler in tow, Spidey asked them to contact the police and get a doctor for his pal who had just tried to escape and hit the third rail.
            first appearance:  SSM #49

Artist (unnamed)    SHIELD agent placed in Latveria to discover the secret of Doom's new Super Robot army, posed as an artist and was painting Doom's portrait.
            First appearance:  FF1 #85

Arvad, Jackson    (see:  Will O' the Wisp)

Arvell's Bar    A small drinking hole in Detroit outside of which Iron Man fought the Punisher Robot after they both made reentry to the Earth from the moon.  In its first appearance the two juggernauts smashed head to head right on their doorstep.
            First appearance:  IM1 #122

Asbestos Man    (Prof. Orson Kasloff)   An analytical chemist who became tired of his genius benefiting others and turned to a life of crime to realize his monetary ambitions, creating a costumed persona using his scientific genius.  Considered the foremost chemist in the world and a scientific genius, he began working for a company under the impression that commercializing his work would earn him lots of money, but as he toiled on, they were the only ones who seemed to make any, and he soon became disgruntled.  On the eve of his quitting, he stumbled across a nearly universal solvent, and it gave him the idea of using his talents in a criminal way to earn him the cash he figured he deserved.  His first attempt at larceny failed so monumentally, that he realized that he would need some underworld help if he was going to get anywhere in his new line business, but didn't know how to contact them.  In his first appearance, he got the bright idea of besting the Human Torch II to get the attention of the local underworld, and, leasing a castle near Glenville, he set about inventing a protective costume that would allow him to do just that.  When he was ready, he issued a challenge to the Torch which was eventually accepted, and he caught the hero flatfooted, kicking his fiery butt with the press on hand to cover his victory.  He then approached local crime boss, Blackie Barker, whose operation had been suffering under the Torch, and he was more than willing to team-up with the guy that just beat Johnny Storm.  From his castle, they prepared for their first joint venture, robbing the Star National Bank, but, before they could act on it, the Torch returned for a second round.  This time, using his flame on things around the Asbestos Man instead of directly on him, he got the upper hand and forced the villain to surrender.  He and the thugs were handed over to the police [ST1 #111].
            First appearance and origin:  ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Castle    When Kasloff turned to a life of crime, he rented a castle on the outskirts of Glenville (on Thorne Rd.) to use as his base of operations and laboratory.  There he created his special asbestos armor, and there, employing the castle's trap doors and hidden passages, managed to best the Human Torch in their first encounter.  The bested Johnny Storm had to walk out through an underground waterway with his tail between his legs.  With Torch out of the way, Kasloff continued his plans and brought Blackie Barker and his gang there for a merger and prepared to rob a local bank.  However, Torch returned, recovered and ready for round two, and this time bested the Asbestos Man at his own game.
            First appearance:  ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Forging Machine    When Kasloff was planning his future life of crime, one of the inventions he dreamed about was a machine that would electronically duplicate signatures and reproduce them perfectly any number of times.
            First appearance:  ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Knock Out Gas    When Kasloff was planning his future life of crime, one of the inventions he envisioned was a chemical gas that could render anyone exposed to it almost immediately unconscious enabling him to safely rob any guarded institution.
            First appearance: ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Liquid Solvent    While still employed at the commercial company that was making so much money off the sweat of his brow, one of his experiments went awry and created a nearly universal solvent.  It was so unexpectedly powerful, that its potential was what first directed him down the criminal path when he dreamed of using it to melt his way into the company safe.  He didn't actually use the solution until his second confrontation with the Human Torch II, where he used them like grenades in small, easily broken bottles. Unfortunately, he found on of the properties of the Solvent was to become inert under extreme temperatures.
            First appearance:  ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Nitrogen Strand Net    A special net fashioned of skin-covered nitrogen strands designed specifically for battling the Human Torch II, enabling him to catch the hero's fireballs and, once they'd reacted with the nitrogen, pitch them back at him like little bombs.  He did just that in their first encounter when he caught the Torch flatfooted and extinguished his flames with the tiny explosions.  However, during their second bout, the Torch was more prepared and was smart enough to direct his heat at the iron handle holding the net together, making it fall to pieces.
            First appearance:  ST1 #111

     Asbestos Man's Super Asbestos    Kasloff's own specific formula for asbestos using chrysotile, calcium and iron to make a material super fire resistant intentionally for creating a costume to help him battle the Human Torch II.  With the heavy material, he fashioned a protective suit of armor and an iron backed shield, creating his Asbestos Man persona.  In his first skirmish with the Torch, the suit proved its worthiness and not only withstood the hero's onslaught, but kicked his butt royally.  However, when they tussled for round two, the Torch realized, that, although he couldn't affect the suit directly, he could indirectly, by burning away the floor beneath him and then robbing the area of oxygen until the villain was forced to surrender.
            First appearance:  ST1 #111

Asgard    Home of the Norse gods, across the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, from Midgard (Earth), and which is divided into several kingdoms.  Its origins are retold from the story of Ymir, and Audumbla and Aske and Embla to the more Wagnerian version, where the new Asgard rose from the ashes of the elder Asgard following their Ragnarok, and the new Odin brought all the other gods to life from mystical chess pieces. He then filled their heads with that old false origin and built the new Asgard over the old to eliminate all memory of the elder Asgard.  He then built the Rainbow Bridge with Gungnir, and struck a deal with two giants to build Valhalla.   In its first appearance, Loki, who had been imprisoned in the heart of a tree, tricked Heimdall into freeing him, and, after locating his brother, Thor I, he raced down the Rainbow Bridge to get his revenge on Earth.  He was returned shortly thereafter, tied to Thor's hammer, with a council of gods waiting for him [JiM1 #85].  Loki was ordered not to leave Asgard by the all-father, but when he learned Thor's Achilles heel, he sneaked past Heimdall as a snake.  He was returned shortly afterward by Thor, trussed up in a tennis net [JiM1 #88].  Thor has to ask his father's help twice while dealing with a local mob boss [JiM1 #89].  A bit of Thor's childhood is revealed as one of Odin's instructional sessions for his sons [JiM1 #90].  Although Loki is restricted to Asgard, he causes mischief on Earth by bumping up the power of a side show fortune teller, and, when his cat's-paw bests the thunder god, Odin plans to send him his Belt of Strength by way of Valkyrie mail [JiM1#91].  Loki lures Thor to Asgard to fight him on his home turf, but he not only cannot defeat his brother with his magic, he gets caught red handed by the Supreme Council of the Gods [JiM1 #92].  When Loki changes Thor evil, Odin and the Council step in, and, posing as UN delegates, stop the god of mischief and restore the thunder god, also offering to undo the damage that the pair wrought [JiM1 #94].  Asgard is experiencing a drought, and Thor lends a hand with a sustained rainstorm [JiM1 #95].    Thor I had to cross the Sea of Mist to reach Loki on the Isle of Silence after receiving permission from his father to do so [AV1 #1].  Loki, chained back in Asgard, pits the Lava Man against his brother.  The origin of the Aesir is revealed with the coming of Buri and eventually the heroic deeds of his grandchildren, Odin, Vili, and Ve [JiM1 #97].  Thor is called back to Asgard for some advice from his father, and, it is revealed, the full story of Odin's victory over the Frost Giants when they attacked the golden city [JiM1 #98].  Thor goes to Asgard to petition his father about marrying Jane Foster, and, although it is declared that an immortal can't marry a mortal, it is decided that, if she can prove herself worthy, Odin would consider making her an immortal.  it is revealed that when the Trolls joined Surtur to attack Asgard, Odin defeated them and imprisoned Surtur in the Earth [JiM1 #99].  It is revealed that Thor and Loki, as boys, rescued the Golden Apples of Idunn from the Storm Giants [JiM1 #100].  From Asgard, Loki prompts Odin to halve Thor's power, and it is revealed how the valor of the young thunder god saved the golden realm from a sneak attack by evil forces [JiM1 #101].  From Asgard, Odin and Loki watch Thor's victory over Zarrko, and it is revealed how Thor, after consulting the Fates and facing down Storm Giant and Hela herself, earned the right to wield Mjolnir by rescuing Sif [JiM1 #102].  Odin lets Loki sic the Enchantress on Thor to get him to forget Jane, and she in turn recruits the Executioner to help her.  However, when the deal fails, Odin is more ticked off than ever.  it is revealed how Odin sent the young Thor to King Mirmir to spur the creation of the first humans on Earth [JiM1 #103].  Odin puts Loki in charge when he goes down to Earth to deal with his son in person, and the god of mischief releases Surtur and Skagg.  When they are defeated, Loki is sent to serve the Trolls as his punishment.  It is revealed how, after an attack of Storm Giants, Odin decided upon Heimdall as a guard for Bifrost [JiM1 #104].  Planning another raid on Asgard, Brimmer sends a Vanna to spy on Odin and his defenses, but thanks to a head's up from Heimdall, the spy was caught [JiM1 #105].  It is revealed how Balder was subjected to the Test of Mortal Death and how i was declared that the bravest might also be the gentlest [JiM1 #106].  It is revealed how Loki forced the information about Balder's one weakness from the Norn Queen, and how she in turn thwarted his attempt at the brave one's life [JiM1 #107].  Odin and the gods go to battle and Thor bows out to save Dr. Strange, and it is revealed how Thor went undercover to save the Asgardian slaves from the Trolls [JiM1 #108].  Odin and Thor lay a plot to capture a traitor among the Asgardians, and they capture Knorda in the bargain [JiM1 #109].  Odin banishes Thor from Asgard, and the thunder god has to fight his way into the golden realm to reach Loki, and it is revealed how Odin bolstered the confidence of a human prince by intentionally retreating before him [JiM1 #110].  Odin is softened by the song of Balder and sends him to Hardol the Healer for a potion to save Jane, and it is revealed how Loki set Thor up to fight Sigurd [JiM1 #111].  It is revealed how Thor petitioned Odin to give him five minutes without his hammer to fight Hulk fist to fist, and it is revealed how Odin and his army of Aesir sallied into Jotunheim to defeat Laufey and his army, and how the all father ended up adopting Loki [JiM1#112].  After defeating the Demon Men of Jotunheim, Thor ticks off his dad by revealing his secret ID to a human, and Odin removes his powers.  He recants his decision while his son's fighting Grey Gargoyle, and restores the thunder god.  It is revealed how Loki and Thor, as children were already earning their respective reputations, and the adoptive brother was developing his envy and hatred for Thor [JiM1 #113].  Loki tries to kill his brother on Earth from his stronghold in Asgard, but when he fails, he creates the Absorbing Man to do the job for him.  And, while the two are duking it out, Balder hauls Thor back to Asgard to tell him that Loki had kidnapped Jane Foster and brought her to his stronghold.  It is revealed the story of how Haakun the Hunter saved Idunn from Fenris Wolf, who wanted to steal her Apples of Immortality [JiM1 #114].  Loki frees the Destroyer, and, after Thor defeats him, damaging his hammer, the god of mischief is consigned to serve Ularic as his servant [JiM1 #119].  Thor proves that Loki cheated in the Trial of the Gods, and Loki gets shed of Ularic and with the wizard's added power, frees the Absorbing Man.  It is revealed how Thor and company embarked on the Odinsword Quest [JiM1 #120].  Seigring is given the Odinpower to punish Thor I for Odin [TH1 #126].  With the Odinpower, Seidring seizes control of the throne until he is bested by Thor, who threatened to pull out the Odinsword.  It is also revealed what will become of the golden realm when Ragnarok arrives [TH1 #127]. Odin grants Thor his blessing to marry Jane Foster [TH1 #131].  Odin opens the Tournament of Titans by lighting the Beacon of the Brave on the Mount of Eternity, but after the first round, the participants band together to battle the Destroyer to keep it from killing the All-Father [TH1 AN #2].  Forsung the Enchanter challenges Odin to single combat with Asgard and the Odin Sword as the prize at stake, and the All-Father accepts [TH1 #144].  With the Enchanters defeated and banished, Odin orders Sif, Balder, and Thor back to Asgard, but when his son refuses, he removes his powers permanently [TH1 #145].  When Thor gets into mortal danger, Odin refuses to help until his penance is served, but Sif and Balder decide to lend a hand[TH1 #146].  Thor goes to jail but gets bailed out by Loki, and while the two are duking it out, Sif and Balder try to lend a hand, and get all their powers removed by Odin [TH1 #147].  After Thor defeats the Destroyer, Odin comes to collect him, and, after the thunder god knocks Ulik into the Abyss of Shadows, Loki makes off with his uru hammer [TH1 #153].  Thor recovers it back on Earth, and Odin puts a stop to their battle, saying that there is a greater threat to Asgard.  Loki  returns to Asgard to find the place in chaos because Mangog had been freed, and, when he discovers that Odin is in a state of Odin-Sleep, he assumes the throne [TH1 #154].  Establishing his right to the throne by Law Eternal, Loki starts using his position and the threat of Mangog to get rid of his enemies, sending the Warriors Three and then Thor to face the unstoppable creature that is tearing through their outer defenses as it approaches the golden city [TH1 #155].  When Thor and the Warriors Three are unable to stop the Mangog, and all defenses are broken, hope seems to be lost, especially when the Recorder arrives to record the end of the Universe [TH1 #156].  Mangog reached the golden city and just as it seemed nothing could stop him from pulling the Odin-Sword, the All Father awoke and took care of business [TH1 #157].   Loki gathers some villains together to help put him on the throne of Asgard, and sends Ulik to Earth to kill Thor [TH1 #173].  While Odin is in another Odin-Sleep, Surtur attacks Asgard, but is defeated when the All-Father is awaked by Balder [TH1 #177].  They throw a victory celebration, but Thor is whisked away accidentally to the Stranger's Planet, and Sif goes to look for him [TH1 #178].  Asgard is threatened by the World Beyond, and Odin calls Thor home to help deal with it, but the thunder god deals with a more immediate threat to Midgard first [TH1 #182].  After Thor deals with the threat, Odin is getting very impatient with his son, and the thunder god heads for home [TH1 #183].  Odin explains the threat of the World Beyond (which is causing the Odin-Sword to unsheathe itself) and goes out himself to deal with it, leaving Thor to guard the realm, and in his absence, Loki, freeing himself from his banishment, raises an army of giants and trolls.  Thor defeats them but gets a distress all from his father, and the thunder god heads off to be at his father's side [TH1 #184].  While Odin is fighting for his life, Thor runs into the Warriors Three, who are under Infinity's control, and sends them back to Asgard, where it is discovered that the Odin-Sword is sliding out of its sheath [TH1 #185].  After the Warriors break free of their cell and try to pull the Odin-Sword the rest of the way from its scabbard, Heimdall witnesses the golden city shake and shudder under some unseen but powerful hand [TH1 #186].  While no one can stop the Odin-Sword from leaving its sheath, Sif and Balder enlist Karnilla to help cure the Warriors Three, but, after Thor returns and learns the truth about Infinity, he announces that there is no winning against this foe [TH1 #187].  After discovering the truth behind Infinity and with all attempts (by hero and villain alike) at shaking Odin from his spell failing, the golden realm is attacked by a fell army, taking advantage of their current weakness.  However, Thor pulls off the nearly impossible feat, and, after Odin defeats Infinity, he returns home and puts everything affected by the villain back to rights.  However, with Infinity gone, Odin informs Thor and the others that Hela would be gunning for a replacement [TH1 #188].  Odin sends him to hide out on Earth in his human guise, but Loki tips Hela off.  Despite the fact that everyone bent a few rules to keep her off Don Blake, she lured him out of hiding and made him yield to her [TH1 #189].  Odin, with the help of Sif, save Thor from Hela, but when they return to Asgard, they find Loki has taken over legally, having seized the Odin-Ring again [TH1 #190].  Loki, after ordering Odin to his Odin-Sleep, plays with Thor a while, even bringing the Warriors back to help him, rocking the palace royal and scaring the socks off the citizens, but when playtime is over, he creates and sends Durok to Earth.  Thor takes the bait and follows not realizing that it would mean his own doom [TH1 #191].  Despite the Warrior's repeated efforts to stop him, Loki is enjoying watching Thor run ragged by his creation, and, while Balder convinces Karnilla to take him to Earth, Loki informs Thor that, while he's duking it out, he plans to marry Sif [TH1 #192].  He goes forward with his plans to marry Sif, but the rest of his designs seem to be slipping though his fingers as Durok is defeated and everyone seems to be turning against him [TH1 #193].  Loki, not knowing the true nature of the Ring, defeats himself and gets banished, but, after Odin cleaned up the mess he'd caused, he learns through his Cosmic Well that the place he sent his step-son might doom them all [TH1 #194].  Odin sends the young gods away (Thor and the Warriors to World's End and Sif to Blackworld) and summons the Elders to help him face Mangog, who was freed by Loki.  As the unstoppable threat reaches the outer defenses, the veterans prepare to sally forth to meet him [TH1 #195].  Thor and the Warriors get past the second guard and face Kartag himself, Sif and Hildegarde are facing threats that shouldn't be; and Odin after failing to stop Mangog, casts a spell and makes Asgard disappear [TH1 #196].  Thor and crew secure the water from the Twilight Well but return to find Asgard in another dimension.  When they fail to stop the rampaging Mangog, the monster finds Odin, wiped out by the effort of moving the golden realm, and prepares to kill him [TH1 #197].  With the Water from the Twilight Well, Odin defeats Mangog and sets Asgard on the way back to its own dimension but the All-Father is killed in the process.  On Blackworld, Sif and Hildegarde reach a relatively modern city, and, teaming-up with Tana Nile, encounter He [TH1 #198].  As Asgard returns home, Hela comes to collect Odin's soul, but she ends up teaming up with Thor against Pluto, who has the same designs.  On Blackworld, as the world evolves faster and faster, Sif and the others are running from Ego-Prime, worried what would happen when their timeline caught up with Earth [TH1 #199].  The prophesy of Ragnarok is extended to include a ray of hope, where, after the end of all things, the golden realm is reborn with the new gods [TH1 #200].  With Asgard still in the void, Odin, as part of his master plan, has sent Heimdall and Kamorr to Earth, and, after defeating Pluto, he sends Thor and the Warriors there to intercept Ego-Prime [TH1 #201].  Odin secludes himself while waiting for his plan to come to fruition, and Asgardian heroes are fighting for their lives against Ego-Prime [TH1 #202].  His big plan comes to an end and Ego-Prime is used to create the first of the Young Gods, but, when all should be a happy ending, Thor, angry at the eggs that were broken to accomplish this end, turns his back on his father [TH1 #203].  Odin exiles Thor and his friends to Earth, and when Karnilla confronts him about it, he becomes almost insanely angry.  Thor and his friends are kidnapped by Mephisto and taken to Hell [TH1 #204].  Thor defeats the god of the underworld and rescues his friends [TH1 #205].  As Odin lays down edict after edict concerning his displeasure with his son, even his most loyal begin to question his sanity.  While the Warriors and Balder are on a camping trip, Thor, Sif, and Hildegarde get their butts kicked by the Absorbing Man [TH1 #206].  After defeating the Absorbing Man, Thor tangles with Loki, and Karnilla, unable to find Balder, strikes a deal with Sif to help Thor if she'd help her find her missing man [TH1 #207].  Thor and Hildegarde return to NYC, and are soon joined by the Warriors sans Balder.  They end up helping him to fight and destroy Mecurio [TH1 #208].  Vizier pops in on Thor to find out why he isn't making nice with his dad and learns that the thunder god has been busy searching for the missing Sif [TH1 #209].  Thor's search carries him to Asia, where he is waylaid by Rock Trolls who kidnap him as part of the plan hatched by Ulik and their king to kill the thunder god by separating him from his hammer [TH1 #210].  Thor escapes from the Trolls, and promises to rescue Ulla's honor as well as Earth, and kicks the snot out of Ulik, ending the invasion and reinstating Geirrodur.  AFter filling in the hole, however, the Warriors inform him that Balder has gone mad [TH1 #211].  When Thor returns to Asgard, he finds the people have been captured by Vrellnexian slavers, and the place is inhabited by the Sssth.  They team-up against the common foe and fly to Golden Star in a Star Jammer to rescue everyone.  They are duped by their allies, and end up being captured themselves even as they free Odin [TH1 #212].  Thor I and his female compatriots escape and join the Scavenger rebellion, and together, they bring the downfall of Sssthgar and crew and rescue the captives.  After learning that Sif and Kranilla had been sold to miners in the Dark Nebula, they board the Star Jammer and head there [TH1 #213].  The heroes agree to help the miners at Orion Base and end up fighting Mecurio and a small army of Gramosians.  They discover Sif and Karnilla encased in the God Jewel where their life force is powering it [TH1 #214].  They team up with Mecurio and give chase to the escaping sentient gem, and while they keep the miners busy, Thor goes after the girls only to find he'll kill them if he injures the crystal [TH1 #215].  The Asgardians, with the help of the Gramosians, rescue the girls and defeat Xorr, and Volstagg and Balder return to Asgard to find it deserted [TH1 #216].  The Asgardians return to Asgard to find it taken over by magical doppelgangers created by Igron, and, after they are defeated, things get back to normal until Odin comes up with news of a dire threat from space [TH1 #217].  Odin sends Thor and company to seek out the Rigellians, and, after their planet is destroyed by the Black Stars, they catch up with their Ark fleet to find out who's responsible.  In Asgard, Krista returns home with her magic stone, and is already visibly being affected by it [TH1 #218].  Thor and company go after the Black Stars and end up agreeing to help free the Sub-Worlders, and Hildegarde witnesses Krista disappear from her room [TH1 #219].  While Thor and the others are fighting on the far off planet Rhun against the Black Star Masters, Hildegarde consults Odin about her missing sister and gets bad news [TH1 #220].  After dropping off Tana and Silas, Thor and crew return to Asgard to find that Pluto, with the help of Hercules has kidnapped Krista, and the thunder god goes to confront his friend in Olympus [TH1 #221].  While Thor and Herc team-up to go after the real villains, Pluto and Ares (who impersonated Herc), their partnership is seen in Asgard by Odin and crew, and, although the All-Father assures the others that his son would never betray them, the evidence is pretty damning [TH1 #222].  Thor and Herc storm Hades to find Pluto had absconded with the girl, and, touching base with home, after explaining that Herc had been framed, clearing both their names, Odin sent them to NYC where Pluto had fled.  They defeated him, but found that Krista was dying and in desperate need of medical attention [TH1 #223].  Thor saves Krista's life as Blake and then changes back to help Herc fight against the reanimated Destroyer armor [TH1 #224].  Thor and Herc defeat the Destroyer, but when they are confronted by Firelord, they don't fare as well, allowing him to signal his master, Galactus, shaming Odin, who had been watching the whole affair [TH1 #225].  Thor learns from Galactus that Ego has gone insane, and he and Herc go with him to verify the account and are attacked by the living planet [TH1 #226].  Odin watches as Thor and crew take on an insane Ego and decides to do nothing, which doesn't set well with Sif [TH1 #227].  Odin is pleased when Thor defeats the threat of Ego and shares the moment with Sif, which continues when his son saves Firelord by providing the Destroyer armor as Galactus' new herald [TH1 #228].  When Thor faces a suicide plague in NYC, Odin sends him Sif for help, and, after Krista recovers, Hercules drops in on the trio, on the brink of madness, with the name Dweller in Darkness on his lips [TH1 #229].  Thor and Herc defeat the Dweller, and, in Asgard, it is revealed that Odin has vanished [TH1 #230].  Thor finds out that Jane Foster is dying, and while Sif rushes back to Asgard to help her, Thor is pulled away from her deathbed to help Herc in fighting a prehistoric man, Armak, to save a young girl [TH1 #231].  Loki is free again and looking to get revenge, and Thor is torn whether to stop him or remain at the bedside of Jane Foster, who is dying.  Sif and Hercules are seeking out the Runestaff of the Possessor in hopes to save her life [TH1 #232].  Loki takes control of an army from Valhalla and invades Earth, and Thor, with only the military to back him up, is unable to stop them.  Odin is revealed to be living in a commune in California under the name Orrin [TH1 #233]. Thor, with an assist from Firelord prevails over Loki, freeing the army from Valhalla; Sif and Hercules arrive on the Possessor's Planet; and Orrin is surprised when he swats a car away like a fly [TH1 #234].  Sif and Herc secure the Runestaff and bring it back to Midtown Hospital to start the Spell of Revival, while Thor is duking it out with the Absorbing Man [TH1 #235].  Thor beats the Absorbing Man and is reunited with Jane, who has been cured by Sif, who now co-inhabits he body, and Orrin uses his super strength again [TH1 #236].  Thor is forced to surrender to Ulik when he kidnaps Jane; the Vizier and Herc are trying to make sense out of Sif's sacrifice, and Orrin turns down a request that he goes into the hero biz [TH1 #237].  Thor is forced into helping Ulik in an attempt to usurp the throne, but while they're tussling with Geirrodur's bodyguard, Jane, showing more of Sif's spunk, captures the Troll king herself.  Orrin is thrust into playing hero between some disgruntled grape pickers and the crooked farm owner [TH1 #238]. Thor bests Ulik and saves Jane, and then he goes out looking for his missing father, who is kidnapped by the Egyptian Pantheon of gods [TH1 #239].  Thor returns to Asgard to find it stricken by a malady that left everyone weak and disoriented, and, knowing that the only way to deal with the threat to the golden realm was to find Odin, he consulted Mimir.  Thor went to California to rescue his father, and finds that he is brainwashed into believing that he's Atum-Re [TH1 #240].  Thor joins the Egyptians against Seth to free his father, but during the fight with Seth's Legions, Jane manages to break Odin's brainwashing.  After Seth is defeated, they left the Egyptians as friends, but Odin's memory has yet to return [TH1 #241].  Odin's memory returns in time for him to get ticked off at Thor and banish him from Asgard, and the thunder god, reunited with the Warriors in NYC, fights Servitor to save Jane, and then learns his master, the Tomorrow Man, needs his help [TH1 #242].  Thor and the Warriors go with him to the 50th century to face the Time-Twisters, and Odin is still on a rampage against Thor to the point where his sanity is coming into question [TH1 #243].  Thor and crew engage the time-Twisters but are unable to stop them and save 50th century Earth, and, in Asgard, Odin has dismissed the vizier as his counselor and ordered Igron freed to replace him, shaking even more trust in him [TH1 #244].  Thor and crew accompany Zarrko to the 80th century where they prevent the Twisters from being born, and, after dropping Zarrko off at a changed 50th century they return home to the beginning of the events in TH1 #242 with no memory of what just occurred [TH1 #245].  Thor heads down to Costa Verde to take care of Firelord, who has joined El Lobo's rebels, and ends up being bewitched by Gypsy, and, in Asgard, Odin and Igron are eliminating any possible competition making Balder and Hildegarde discuss possible insurrection [TH1 #246].  Thor and Firelord defeat El Lobo's army, and Balder is brought up on charges of treason, at which time he realizes that Igron isn't just pulling the strings but that Odin is insane, forcing him to be a fugitive from justice [TH1 #247].  Thor returns to Asgard to find it in a deplorable state, and, joining the rebels and rescuing the Vizier, learns that he will have to face his father to save their people.  Odin, learning that his son has taken sides against him, declares that Thor shall die [TH1 #248].  Jane Foster changes back to Sif, and while she and the others are trying to raise an army, Thor, Balder, and The Vizier enlist the help of Karnilla.  She helps get the thunder god past the barrier raised around the palace royal, and, after finding his father at the sheath of the Odinsword, learns that Magog has been impersonating the All-Father since just after he was banished [TH1 #249].  Igron reveals that he has been powering Mangog by feeding him the life energy from the citizens of Asgard, and the rebels raise an army against their liege.  Mangog turns on Igron and kills him, and Thor, after preventing him from puling the Odinsword, defeats Odin, who is revealed to be Mangog [TH1 #250].  Thor heads solo to Valhalla to see if missing Odin might be there, and, when the search comes up empty, Hela just lets him go from her domain [TH1 #251].  Mimir is consulted again, and the tribute he asks for info this time sends Thor to the Realm Below to steal the Ruby Eye of the guardian.  Thor goes solo again, and ends up clashing with Ulik, who is on a similar mission to secure the Eye [TH1 #252].  Thor ends up helping Ulik against a threat to the Troll empire, and is forced to use the Ruby to seal Trogg into his ancient cell, garnering not thanks but ridicule by the Trolls for being such a fool.  Young Thor and the Storm Giant call a truce and part as friendly adversaries, and the thunder god swears never to rely so much on weapons ever again [TH1 #253].  It is revealed in more detail how Odin, Ve, and Vili created Midgard, and how the All-Father, Hoenir, and Lodur created the first humans.  It is also revealed how Thor first met Sif, and how, after Thor first encountered Hercules, that thanks to his ego and Loki's manipulations, Asgard and Olympus went to war.  Thanks to the trickery of Odin and Zeus, both sides thought they had won, and, when Thor went to check out his spoils of war, learned that even gods had limitations to their power [TH1 AN #5].  Thor learns from Mimir that Odin is being held o the Doomsday Star, and the thunder god, Sif, and the Warriors trek out into space, leaving Balder behind to mind the store [TH1 #255].  Thor and company board the Levianon, and, after Sif is taken by Sporr, Thor puts together a hunting party.  Asgard's northern most gate is besieged by two unnamed menaces which could spell the end of the golden realm [TH1 #256].  Thor and company defeat the creature only to learn from Sif that the thing was actually trying to help the Levians, and Balder discovers a mysterious silent army at the gates of Asgard [TH1 #257].  Thor and company are captured by Grey Gargoyle and the crew of the Bird of Prey and set to work as slaves in the furnace room, and Balder ends up facing the Enchantress and the Executioner [TH1 #258].  Thor and company, with the help of the slaves, free themselves and overthrow the pirates, and Balder refuses to surrender to the evil duo, who then threaten to raze the place [TH1 #259].  Thor and company learn the location of the Doomsday Star and fight their way to their front doorstep, and Balder, after learning that the army was only animated armor, ends up fighting the two villains side by side with Karnilla and drive them away before being chastised for it by someone who appears to be Thor [TH1 #260].  Thor and crew are teleported inside where they are tested by the Deonists to see if they are worthy of their worship, and during the battle,  Thor, Sif, and Fandral are captured, and Hogun, Volstagg, and Recorder are thought to have been lost.  Balder is fooled by the bogus Thor, who is revealed to be an agent of Loki [TH1 #261].  Thor and crew find Odin but are unable to prevent his death, and, as they are taking their revenge on the Deonists, they are confronted with a physical embodiment of the Odin Force.  The bogus Thor leads Balder and Karnilla back to the golden city with a promise to reveal who the real foe is, only to take them both down [TH1 #262].  Thor and crew defeat the Deonists, revive Odin, and return to Asgard to find Loki on the throne [TH1 #263].  Loki proves his right to sit the throne with bogus credentials, and, while Thor is chasing his tail to figure out what's wrong, he has the Executioner and Enchantress kidnap Odin for insurance.  It is revealed that he and the Enchantress cast a spell of forgetfulness over all of Asgard to make them accept him as their liege.  When Thor, after talking to Karnilla, realizes that something isn't Kosher, Loki has a surprise prepared for him, and sics the Destroyer on him [TH1 #264].  While they are duking it out, wrecking the palace, Karnilla and Sif win their way back inside the golden city, and Loki's henchmen begin to turn on him, helping the Warriors to locate the still missing Odin [TH1 #265].  when the armor turns on Loki because he attacked Karnilla,  he's forced to restore Balder's body, and, before the god of mischief could reach the empty armor, Thor beats him to it.  In the armor, Thor nearly kills his half brother, but Odin, who was rescued by the Warriors, makes a timely appearance, and sets everything to right [TH1 #266].  Thor ends up n the 31st century teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting Korvac to save the Earth [TH1 AN #6].  Balder has been charged with overseeing the reconstruction of Asgard; Loki is sentenced to be an amnesiac derelict on Earth; and Thor returns to Midgard to find his office gone, and while trying to put the pieces of Blake's back together, clashes with Damocles [TH1 #267].  Thor defeats Damocles with the help of his own brother and saves the city from doomsday [TH1 #268].  While Thor is tussling with the new and improved Stilt-Man, the Warriors bring Loki's thugs to justice, and are sent for by Odin for something very important [TH1 #269].  Thor defeats Blastaar, but FAUST manages to get away into space [TH1 #270].  Thor and Iron Man take the fight to him and destroy both FAUST and his rocket [TH1 #271]. Thor reveals how his failure against Utgard-Loki turned into a victory for Asgard, and then he is approached by Harris Hobbs to help him do a television program in the realm eternal [TH1 #272].  Thor puts him off, but, when he brings the remnants of FAUST to Asgard for safe keeping, he discovers that Hobbs and his crew have stowed away with the help of Loki, who returns, fully recovered, thanks to the approach of Ragnarok, which has been foretold in Hobbs' dreams.  It is revealed that when Odin and Sif left Asgard on their grim errands, the Warriors were left to mind the store [TH1#273].  Odin returns sans one eye, which he bartered to unsuccessfully discover a loophole in the approaching doomsday: the goddesses return to Asgard on Odin's order; Hela has become mistress of Valhalla; and Loki tricks Hoder to bring about Balder's death, ushering in Ragnarok [TH1 #274].  Thor consults Mimir, and while he's gone, Odin does everything he can to save Balder and to rally Asgard; and Loki lures Red to his side with a promise of power enough to win Sif.  Thor  defeats Loki and scatters the army he was collecting in Jotunheim, and Odin uses some of his power to place an Odinshield over Balder [TH1 #275].  It is revealed by Mimir, in his consultation with Thor, the lost memory of the thunder god of his first meeting with the Eternals, and it is hinted at that Thor has reason to be connected to Earth and that Odin has a secret that connects him to the Celestials [TH1 AN #7].  Loki is brought to trial and found guilty, but, before sentence can be handed down, Red Norvell, who had been led astray by the astral form of the god of mischief, breaks up the court as the personification of Thor.  He seizes Mjolnir from him and proceed to try and kill the real thunder god, and, when Odin not only refuses to help but orders everyone else to stand down as well, Sif is forced to play hostage to save the life of her love [TH1 #276].  Loki reveals that he has teamed-up with Hela to bring about Ragnarok, and is taken out of the loop with his punishment.  Norvell and Sif end up in Alfheim, where the counterfeit Thor's origin is explained to him, and Heimdall announces the arrival of the fell army following Hela [TH1 #277].  After Ragnarok plays out and the Asgardians are the victors, Odin explains how he manipulated events so that the twilight of the gods would happen without really happening.  Thor is ticked that so many had to perish to accomplish his plan, resulting in the thunder god renouncing his position in Asgard and returning to Earth to deal with the Celestials [TH1 #278].  It is revealed how Loki and Pluto teamed-up and sicced Ulik on Thor to get revenge, but Ulik turned on them instead [TH1 #279].  Thor goes to Other Earth and teams-up with the Squadron Supreme against Hyperion I and Emil Burbank [TH1 #280].  Thor gets waylaid into Limbo, and the Space Phantom agrees to return his hammer if he saves his planet, Phantus [TH1 #281].  Thor gets his hammer back and saves the planet but at the cost of Mjolnir's time spanning capabilities [TH1 #282].  Thor questions Odin about his heritage, the death of Balder and the humans, and his father's connection with the Celestials, and the All-Father either can't or won't answer, and Thor clashes with Gammenon to save a plane and is seemingly destroyed [TH1 #283].  Thor rescues the people from the Celestial Domed City and pledges himself to stop the space gods [TH1 #284].  Thor goes to seek allies against the Celestials in NYC and ends u teaming-up with Sersi and Karkas to rescue Ikaris and Thena from Kro [TH1 #285].  While Thor was captured by the Deviants, Sif and the Warriors Three begged to go and help, but Odin forbid it and sent them on more important missions.  A trick by Thor and Sersi saves the day in New Lemuria, and they escape and head for Olympia to enlist the help of Zuras [TH1 #286].  Thor arrives in Olympia, but before Zuras can commit, they are interrupted by the arrival of Hero.  After the forgotten Eternal shreds the others, Thor mixes it up with him and gets teleported to the Celestial Mothership.  Sif, on her mission, runs afoul a Storm Giant, and the Warriors tussle with Fafnir on theirs [TH1 #287].  Karnilla tries to force Odin to restore Balder; Sif locates the Destroyer armor, the Warriors appear to get toasted by Fafnir, and Thor, after taking down Hero, goes after the One Above All and learns that Odin did bend knee to Arishem during the Third Host [TH1 #288].  It is revealed how Thor got involved in the Trojan War and clashes with Zeus for interfering, and it is also revealed that Zeus and Odin did make a pact (back in TH1 AN #5) that Asgard and Olympus would never raise a hand against the other ever again [TH1 AN #8].  Thor convinces Zuras to hold off on attacking the Celestials until other avenues are explored, and, when trying to enter Asgard, after shattering Bifrost, he gets his butt kicked by Sif in the Destroyer armor and tossed back to Earth.  Odin, on the other hand, goes to Olympus and tries to recruit Zeus and crew against the Eternals [TH1 #289].  Thor ends up in the LA Barrio and fights the Deviant El Toro Rojo to save the Eternal, Vampiro [TH1 #290].  Odin and Zeus attack Olympia, and while god is fighting Eternal, the All-Father is forced to take down his own son to keep his sworn oath to the Celestials.  The Warriors are saved by the objects of their quest, the Young Gods [TH1 #291].  Odin drops out of the fight, unable to bring himself to kill his son a second time, and, Thor, after the fight in Olympia is settled, seeks some answers from Odin's missing eye thanks to a riddle he gave before leaving himself [TH1 #292].  Thor learns of his birth from the Evil Eye, and of a former Asgard that existed before the first Ragnarok [TH1 #293].  In Thor's vision, the origins of Asgard are retold as the more Wagnerian version (with a definite connection of fates with Earth), and, after the new Odin is created, and he created the gods, he set about rebuilding.  He is tricked by Loki into promising Idunn to Fasolt and Fafnir for building Valhalla [TH1 #294].  Loki comes up with the idea of a ransom, and he, Odin, and Thor go to Nibelheim to steal the Ring of Power (which they do and get a curse from Alberich), and hand that, the Tarnhelm, and the Gnome horde of gold over to Fasolt and Fafnir.  Fafnir kills Fasolt and disappears with the treasure trove, and Odin removes all memory of the inglorious events [TH1 #295].  Odin instates the Valkior to fill Valhalla, but the curse of the Nibelung begins to work in the case of Siegmund and Sieglinda, where he is forced to kill his own son and has his head Valkyrie turn against him [TH1 #296].  The Valkyrie help Sieglinda before Odin catches up with her, and the All-Father punishes Brunnhilda by changing her mortal and putting her to sleep on top of a mountain waiting for her human husband to arrive.  Siegfried is born and raised by Mime until as an adult, he renews Needful and tricks the boy into confronting Fafnir [TH1 #297].  Thor watches as Siegfried defeats Fafnir, claims the Tarnhelm and Ring of Power, and ends up saving Brunnhilda [TH1 #298].  Thor watches as the curse is perpetuated by Hagen in the land of the Gibichung Clan, when Siegfried is tricked into doing evil things [TH1 #299].  When Siegfried and Brunnhilda die, Odin restores them to their immortal forms, and he tries to break the curse by committing suicide.  He is stopped by Gaea, who shows him the coming of the Third Host, and he and the rest of the Council of God-Head's delegation are forced into submission by the space gods.  Odin prepares for the coming confrontation by creating the Destroyer and staving off Ragnarok by repurposing the Ring into the Odinsword.  A thousand years later, he takes back all the power he used on the other Asgardians and attacks the Celestials in the Destroyer armor, but the armor is shattered and Ragnarok occurs without anyone realizing it.  Thor tries to finish what his dad started, and might have been killed if Gaea hadn't intervened again.  She offered up the Young Gods proving the progress of mankind, and the Celestials gave a thumb's up verdict and took their new charges into space [TH1 #300].  It is revealed how Thor came to be raised by Frigga, and how the goddesses of Asgard babysat the Young Gods until they were needed.  Thor goes to the different pantheons and collects enough life force to jump start Odin, and he in turn restores the other Asgardians [TH1 #301].  Everything comes sup sunny in Asgard (except for Balder and Loki) to the point where Thor and Sif discuss marriage, but, when the thunder god announces that he's going to return to Midgard to reestablish his human identity, it did dampen the spirits of some others [TH1 #302].  The kingdoms and outer provinces of Asgard include:  Niffelheim [JiM1 #97], Muspelheim [JiM1 #99], Jotunheim, Nornheim [JiM1 #102], Varinheim [JiM1 #114], Skornheim [JiM1 #116], Utgard [JiM1 #121], Thryheim [JiM1 #124], Nostrand [TH1 #134], Gymirsgard [TH1 AN #2], Gundershelm [TH1 #136], Ringsfjord [TH1 #142], Blackworld, World's End [TH1 #195], Realm Below [TH1 #252], Vanir [TH1 #274], Alfheim [TH1 #277], Nibelheim [TH1 #295],
            First appearance:  JiM1 #85     Origin (Tales of Asgard):  JiM1 #97-     Origin retold:  TH1 #294

Asgardians    (see:  Aesir)  The human and not so human inhabitants of Asgard and its many kingdoms, most of whom are the characters from Norse mythology.  In the legends, it all started with Surtur, who was waiting at the world's end  waiting for Ragnarok, and beneath him lay the Well of Life, from which sprang Ymir and then the Magic Cow, Audumbla.  She witnessed the coming of the Aesir, when Buri sprang from the Well, and after a time Buri took a wife and had a single son, Borr, and he in turn took a wife, Bestia, and they had three sons, Odin, Vili, and Ve.  The three brothers cleaned out the evil in their land, including Ymir, and then turned their attention to Earth, surrounding it with Yggdrasill to prepare it for the coming of man [JiM1 #97].  They are called from far and wide to participate in the Tournament of Titans, and end up banding together to prevent the Destroyer from reaching Odin [TH1 AN #2].   Their numbers include:  Thor I [first seen member], Heimdall, Tyr (part.), Balder (part.), Odin, Loki [JiM1 #85], Vidar [JiM1 #90], Neri, Fricka (Frigga) [JiM1 #92], Ymir, Surtur Buri, Borr, Bestia, Vili, Ve, Magic Cow [JiM1 #97], Geirrodur [JiM1 #99], Agnar (Eagle King) [JiM1 #100], Norn Hag, Ulfrin, Skoll, Hati [JiM1 #101], Hela, Sif, Balder (full), King Rugga [JiM1 #102], Enchantress, Executioner, King Sindri, King Mirmir, Skord, Gullin [JiM1 #103], Skagg, King Brimmer, Agnar (the Fierce), Gotron [JiM1 #104], Queen Nedra [JiM1 #105], Honir [JiM1 #106], Karnilla (Norn Queen) [JiM1 #107], Knorda, Arkin [JiM1 #109], Hardol, Sigurd [JiM1 #111], Laufey [JiM1 #112],Uller, Volsak [JiM1 #113], Idunn, Haakun, Fenris Wolf [JiM1 #114], Ghan [JiM1 #115], Princess Rinda, King Hymir, Yagg [JiM1 #116], Morduk, the Destroyer [JiM1 #118], Ularic, Fandrall, Hogun, Volstagg, Kroda, Magrat [JiM1 #119], Gudrun, Vizier [JiM1 #120], Dragon of Utgard [JiM1 #123], Queen Ula [JiM1 #124], Seidring [TH1 #126], Volla, Midgard Serpent [TH1 #127], Brok, Tyr II, Drom, Galp [TH1 An. #2], Ulik, Grak (both rock trolls), Saguta, Mogul, Jinni Devil [TH1 #137], Ogur, Wazir the prophet [TH1 #138], Subileg ?, Mogul [TH1 #142], Oldar the Oracle (mentioned) [TtA1 #101], Guntharr, Toag [TH1 #154], Gondolff  ?[TH1 #159], Torger [TH1 #162], Keeper of Antiquities [TH1 #163], Astrologer Royal, Haag the Seeress [TH1 #165], Igron [TH1 #177], Casiolena [AV1 #83], Kaggor (Storm Giant) [TH1 #193], Hildegarde, Whitemane, Khan, Bulwar, Rongor, Zygar, Kygar (both Wood Trolls) [TH1 #195], Satrina, Kartag [TH1 #196], Kryllk (Troll) [MTU #7], Tremmidur, Muthos, Queen Ulla (all Trolls) [TH1 #210], U-Slyn, Tyborr, Tyg'r (all Trolls) [TH1 #211], Krista [TH1 #217], Mimir [TH1 #240], Snaykar [TH1 #246], Brodag, Holvar, Cosak, Skoval [TH1 #248], Grondar [TH1 #251], Bergelmir (giant), Hoenir, Lodur [TH1 AN #5], Brokar [TH1 #256], Krodar [TH1 #258], Grondar (Storm Giant) [TH1 #264], Brolthar, Enok [TH1 #265], Utgard-Loki, Elli [TH1 #272], Hymir [TH1 #272], Sigyn, Hoder, Sleipnir, Hugin, Munin, Njord, Jord [TH1 #274], Hermod, Thokk (giant),  Svava (Valkior), Ollerus, Poppo [DEF #66], Hagar [DEF #67], Skol (Storm Giant) [TH1 #287], Magni, Modi, Vali  [TH1 #293], Frey, Voglinda, Vellgunda, Flosshilda, Fasolt (Storm Giant) [TH1 #294], Erda [TH1 #295], Siegmund, Sieglinda, Valtranta, Grimgerda, Brunnhilda [TH1 #296], Siegfried [TH1 #297],
            First appearance (unnamed):  JiM1 #83     Named:  JiM1 #85

     Asgard Area of Execution    An open field outside the golden city where executions were held.  It was first seen when Balder was taken there and subjected to the Test of Mortal Death and passed without flinching while the likes of Tyr and Honir hurled weapons at him.
            First appearance:  JM1 #106

     Asgard Avenue of Heroes    A park-like walkway outside the palace royal that is lined by the statues of Asgardian heroes (an outdoor version of the Hall of Heroes).  It is first seen when Thor I pursues Balder out of the dining hall to learn why he seems so out of sorts, and learns the effects that several months in the land of the dead had on his friend [TH1 #302].
            First appearance: TH1 #302

     Asgard Cask of Sovereignty  A large chest that had the official Odin-Seal on it that contained a document in Odin's own hand that stated that in his absence, whoever gets to the throne first is the rightful heir, proving Loki's right to sit the throne.  It was all a lie, every part of it arranged by the god of mischief and his underlings, but it was a good enough forgery to fool Thor I and the other Asgardians.
            First appearance:  TH1 #264

     Asgard Celestial Chess    A strategy game played on an unmarked game board with pieces in the shape of warriors, wizards, and monsters.  In its first appearance, Thor I interrupted a game between Odin and another Asgardian, and, instead of being chastised, gets the long awaited news that his father finally gives his blessing to his marrying Jane Foster [TH1 #131].  Odin is seen idling with the chessboard while he is waiting for his plan to create the Young Gods come to fruition [TH1 #202].  When Karnilla sees that Odin has been playing with the game, manipulating the players, she bursts into tears and wins the All-Father over [TH1 #203].  Mangog (impersonating Odin) is fiddling with the chess board when he learns that Thor has taken sides against him [TH1 #248].  Odin is sitting at the board when he gives Thor the bad news that he didn't in fact defeat the Olympians and that there are in fact limitations to even a god's range of power [TH1 AN #5]. In the change over between the elder gods and the current pantheon, the various inhabitants of the golden realm are seen as chess figures, but it is uncertain how that fits in with the Celestial Chess board [TH1 #294].  Odin is seen fumbling with the Chess board, and many of the pieces are the members of the other pantheons [TH1 #300].
            First appearance:  TH1 #131

     Asgard Coals of the Cosmos    A magical brazier that when lit produces a smoke that can show any portion of the universe as it swirls around the viewer.  It was first used by Odin to show Thor I the section of the universe being affected by Infinity from the World Beyond.
            First appearance:  TH1 #184

     Asgard Cosmic Bolts    The mystical shot fired by the Asgardian artillery instead of canon balls or shells.  A volley of them were fired at Mangog when he entered the golden city, in an attempt to keep him from reaching the Odin-Sword, but they barely even slowed him down.
            First appearance:  TH1 #157

     Asgard Dungeons    The place of imprisonment located in the pits below the golden city ranging from regular cells to the deepest darkest holes.  In their first appearance, Balder was being kept in the latter of these until Loki  had need of him in his plot to remain on the throne of Asgard [TH1 #264].
            First appearance:  TH1 #264

     Asgard Elders    The veteran warriors of Asgard and close friends of Odin.  It is uncertain whether they were part of the Supreme Council of the Gods that counseled Odin some years past (back in JiM1 #92).  In their first appearance, Odin, after getting rid of the young gods from Asgard, summoned his old friends to stand with him against Mangog, who had been freed by Loki.  As the unstoppable creature reached the outer defenses of the golden city, the Elders and Odin prepare to ride out to meet him [TH1 #195].  They sally forth to confront the creature, but Mangog shatters their lines like they were nothing, killing Khan in the exchange [TH1 #196].  The remaining Elders accompany Odin in another push but to no avail, and, after the All-Father passes away getting the job done, it is assumed that they attended his funeral ceremony [TH1 #198].   Their numbers include:  Whitemane, Khan, Bulwar, Rongor [first seen members],
            First appearance:  TH1 #195

     Asgard Elite Guard    (Palace Guard)  The specially chosen warriors whose purpose it was to guard the royal palace of Asgard and most specifically, the royal presence.  They returned to the palace, beat to snot by the approach of Mangog, and Loki, who had seized the throne, had to rethink his position of security [TH1 #156].  When the ensorcelled Warriors Three try to pull the Odin-Sword from its sheath, they are called in by the Vizier to stop them [TH1 #186].  Hildegarde goes through some of the Elite Guard to reach Odin only to find the All-Father has vanished [TH1 #230].  They do their best to keep Thor out of the palace royal and get stomped by him on the way and and the way out.  Later, they get stomped by Karnilla's magic when she teams up with the Asgardians to stop Odin [TH1 #249].  The Guard tries to capture Thor, but he is knocked unconscious thanks to Odin, who orders them to take the thunder god outside and stake him out at the city gate.  They are strangely not in attendance when there is a final confrontation between Odin, who is revealed to be Mangog, and the thunder god [TH1 #250].  The Elite Guard try to stop Red Norvell, who is the personification of Thor, as he disrupts Loki's trial, but they fall like wheat before his great power [TH1 #276].  When Loki reveals his involvement in bringing about Ragnarok, they are ordered to seize  him, but can't get past his barrier of enchanted stone.  However, after Thor extricates him, they take him out beyond the golden city and chain him to a rock, as ordered, where vipers are to drip venom on him constantly [TH1 #277].
            First appearance:  TH1 #?

     Asgard Enchanted Prism    An irregular shaped piece of crystal that allows Asgardians to view other places, sort of a magical TV monitor.  In its first appearance, Sif and Balder were using it to watch the exploits of Thor I, who was marooned on Earth without his powers.  When they saw him in mortal danger, they decided to go against Odin's edict and go to help him [TH1 #146].
            First appearance:  TH1 #146

     Asgard Eternal Flame    The brazier kept burning in the golden city that is the symbol of its everlasting endurance.  It was toppled by Mangog when the creature tore into the city to pull the Odin-Sword from its sheath and start Ragnarok [TH1 #157].
            First appearance:  TH1 #?

     Asgard Eternity Alarm    The alarm system with a raven shaped siren that was set up to sound if Mangog ever escaped from the Cave of Ages.  It is first seen and heard when Ulik liberates the terrible threat, and Toag explains to Loki what the alarm means.
            First appearance:  TH1 #154

     Asgard Ethereal Force    A tangible energy source that was only found in the Golden Realm that could be manipulated by such things as the Odinpower, to take on different properties, even to become solid.  It was seen when Seigring usurped the throne of Asgard after stealing the Odinpower, and froze the other gods which who still remained loyal to Odin.  Thor I found Heimdall sealed in a block of the stuff [TH1 #127].
            First appearance:

     Asgard Frost Gun    A handheld weapon that delivers a ray creating intense cold, used by Thor and the Asgardian warriors in an attempt to stop Surtur's invasion on the golden city, but his fire proved to hot even for the powerful device.
            First appearance:  TH1 #177

     Asgard Furnace Pits    The area located under the golden realm that provides the heat and power to Asgard and is accessed only though a series of rough hewn tunnels.  Mostly, it is made up of heavy piping and fire pits, that indicate that the whole place is powered geo-thermally.  These are first seen when the Warriors Three followed the Executioner and Enchantress down there after they had kidnapped Odin.  The Warriors scuffled with the villains, trying to force them to divulge the hiding place of the All-Father, who was deep in Odinsleep, and the fight ended with the two villains precipitated into one of the fire pits and presumably killed [TH1 #264].  The Warriors returned to the Pits following Magrat, Kroda, and Snaykar, who presumably knew where Odin had been secreted, and, after learning that  he was behind a hidden door in a Troll made cavern, they took the trio of plotters apart and rescued the All-Father [TH1 #266].
            First appearance;  TH1 #264

     Asgard Great Forest    A secluded wooded area far from the golden city near to Nibelheim and to Fafnir's cave.  In its first appearance, Sieglinda is sent there with her yet to be born son by the Valkyries to ensure her safety, and she is met there by the Nibelung Gnome Mime, who takes care of her until she has the baby and raises her son Siegfried after her death.  There, the boy grows to be a man, and Mime convinces him, after Needful is renewed, that the last thing he needs to be a full warrior is to learn the meaning of the world Fear, and leads him to the cave of Fafnir the dragon [TH1 #297].
            First appearance:  TH1 #297

     Asgard Hall of Heroes    The large room in the palace royal that contains huge statues of the past heroes of the golden realm.  Thor I led the Destroyer in there and buried him beneath one of the statues that he intentionally shattered with Mjolnir, but it proved to only be a temporary impediment to his opponent [TH1 #265].
            First appearance:  ?

     Asgard Indoor Gardens    The lavish indoor garden in the palace royal that resembles a Roman bath, because of the columns and the fact that everything surrounds a central pool, known as the imperial fountain. but this is so elaborate that it also houses full sized trees.  It is first seen when the fight between Thor I and the Destroyer spills out of the Hall of Heroes into the garden, and the enchanted armor makes use of the pool by trying to drown the thunder god in it.  Sif and Karnilla arrive, but they are only able to provide their compatriot with a short respite from getting his butt kicked [TH1 #265].  When the Destroyer starts throwing Kzippa rays at the thunder god, he ducks into the fountain for protection, and the Destroyer picks up the entire pool and spills it out.  After Loki downs Karnilla, who was trying to restore Balder, the Destroyer turns on him, and he's forced to complete her work and return Balder's spirit to his body.  Then, Thor makes it to the armor before he does and nearly kills his own half-brother, only to be stopped by the timely return of Odin [TH1 #266].
            First appearance:  TH1 #265

     Asgard Law Eternal    The primal right for the next available Asgardian in line to take the throne in Odin's absence (or incapacity) particularly in time of strife or threat to the realm.  Loki made use of this law to seize the throne of Asgard while the All-Father was in the middle of an Odin-Sleep even as Mangog approached the golden city.  Although not happy by it, not even Thor I or the Warriors Three could refute his claim under the circumstances [TH1 #155].
             First evoked: TH1 #155

     Asgard Molten Mire Pits    A not very nice place where offenders to the Asgardian throne are sent for punishment only in the most severe cases.  In its first mention, Odin (Mangog in disguise), on the suggestion of Igron, sent some dissenters there to eliminate anyone that might oppose them.  The sentence is so cruel, that it proves the last stray to Balder's loyalty [TH1 #246].
            First mention:  TH1 #246

     Asgard Odinian Force Arrow    The Asgardian version of an ICBM which looked more like a rocket than an arrow.  It was first employed by one of the Asgardian outposts in an attempt to stop the advance of Mangog.  They didn't use it to strike him directly, but blew up a mountain near him instead, to bury him under tons of rubble.
            First appearance:  TH1 #155

     Asgard, Peers of    The name of the jury members chosen for an Asgardian trial.  They are first seen when Loki was brought to trial on charges of repeatedly trying to bring about Ragnarok, and, although he assumed the defense that he was just playing the part of what the Prophecies of Volla had set down, they didn't buy it and found him guilty [TH1 #276].
            First appearance:  TH1 #276

     Asgard Pillar of Sovereignty    The largest and very ornate central pillar in the palace royal that is a symbol of Odin's power.  It was damaged during the fight between Thor I and the Destroyer, but, thanks to the fortitude of Balder, it was being restored.  In its first appearance, the ropes and tackle being used to raise the monumental column give way and, if not for the fact actions of the thunder god, the Pillar might have fallen and been further damaged or even shattered.
            First appearance:  TH1 #267

     Asgard Plain of Ida    The lush grassland that formed from the cinder that once was elder Asgard, and which was the home for the Elder Gods until they were replaced by the new Asgardians.  In its first appearance, the Elder Gods, after walking the plains for some time, found chess pieces of all the other elder gods in the tall grass.  They also found the original Mjolnir as well as Gungnir.  After Odin was created, he found the chess pieces in the grass, but they were now of the Asgardian pantheon that was to be.
            First appearance:  TH1 #294

     Asgard Practice Area    The open filed outside the golden city where the warriors can go to practice their martial skills.  It is first seen when Loki learns Balder's one weakenss and plans o take advantage of it while the brave one is practicing his sword skills in the Practice Area, but the plot is thwarted by the Norn Queen.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #107

     Asgard Sky Ship    The gigantic flying Norse ships that the Asgardians used as mass transportation.  One was used to carry Thor I and Odin and their crew to Jotunheim to battle the Demon Men [JiM1 #113].  One was used by Heimdall and Kamorr on their mission to Earth, and they disguised it to look like a normal yacht [TH1 #201].  Heimdall and Kamorr bring Jackson Kimbal back to the yacht to where Chi Lo and Carter Dyam have been cooling their heels, and they hole up there for four days waiting for Ego-prime to arrive in the city [TH1 #203].
            First appearance:  JiM1 #113

     Asgard Star Jammer    A vessel very similar to the Sky Ship, looking like an ancient Norse ship, but is capable of interstellar travel, being able to maintain its own atmosphere and is propelled by stellar light caught in its proton sails.  In its first appearance, Thor I and company used it to set sail on the Odinsword Quest.  almost immediately, there was contention between the thunder god and Loki, and Hogun prevented an assassination attempt by some of Loki's cronies [JiM1 #120].  One (or possibly the same one) used by Thor I and his team of heroes when they needed to get to the planet Golden Star to rescue the other Asgardians captured by the Vrellnexians.  The Sssth, led by Sssthgar were astonished at the magic displayed by their being able to glide through space in a seemingly open craft [TH1 #212].  After they had settled the hash of Sssthgar and crew, they boarded the Star Jammer and headed for the Dark Nebula, where they learned the slavers had already sold Sif and Karnilla [TH1 #213].  They arrive at Orion Base, and after a slight altercation with the miners, they agree to help them against the raiders [TH1 #214].  When the sentient crystal escapes into space, Thor and company give chase and board the fleeing craft like on the high seas [TH1 #215].  Odin uses the Star Jammer to nudge Xorr closer to the gigantic star that he's consuming, and they escape and head for home when the crystal creature is destroyed by the super nova [TH1 #216].  The Asgardians return to Asgard to find it overrun by magical doppelgangers [TH1 #217].  Thor and company head off for Rigel 3 to learn about the dreaded threat to the universe and get away before the planet is destroyed by the Black Stars.  They catch up with the fleeing Rigellian Ark fleet and are brought aboard [TH1 #218].  Deciding to attack the Black Stars, they end up being attacked as they approached one of the Matter Scoops, and the ship is damaged by Avalon [TH1 #219].  After returning the the Rigellian fleet and dropping Tana and Silas off, Thor and company return to Asgard [TH1 #221].  Thor, Sif, and the Warriors set out on a quest to find Odin, who is being held at the Doomsday Star, and shortly after embarking, the ship is damaged in a meteor storm.  They put in for repairs, and end up encountering the Kronans, who attempt to commandeer their ship [TH1 #255].  They are joined by the Recorder and soon encounter the Levianon, which they board [TH1 #256].  BTS, Thor and company take off from the Levianon and are picked up on the sensors of the Bird of Prey [TH1 #257].  The Star Jammer is boarded and captured by the Bird of Prey [TH1 #258].  Using some of the surplus equipment from the defunct pirate ship, they refit the Star Jammer with Rocket Boosters and Cryo-Cannons, and, with the new armament, they fight their way to the doorstep of the Doomsday Star [TH1 #260].  Under fire, they try to go under and over the wall with no success, so Thor decides to go straight through.  Protected by a force field, Thor hits the wall with everything he has to no avail, and, before he can strike again, they are all teleported away into the city [TH1 #261].  Thor and crew bring Odin back home only to find Loki on the throne [TH1 #263].
            First appearance (unnamed):  JiM1 #120     Named:  TH1 #215

          Star Jammer's Cryo-Cannons    Bulbous weapons that emit a blast of concentrated cold which can freeze an object solid, like liquid nitrogen, on contact.  In their first appearance, the Warriors Three borrowed them from the defunct pirate ship, Bird of Prey and installed them on their own craft, and they first used them to battle the sentinel they encountered as they approached the Doomsday Star.  The blast froze the giant guard to such an extent that Thor I was able to shatter him like glass [TH1 #260].
            First appearance:  TH1 #260

          Star Jammer's Force Field    One of the many devices borrowed by the Warriors Three from the Bird of Prey which can produce a temporary force shield over a localized area.  Although it was probably seen but not identified in TH1 #260, its first verified appearance came when, under fire by the Photon-Blasters of the Doomsday Star, Fandral activated the shield to protect them as they tried to bull their way through the defense wall [TH1 #261].
            First appearance:  TH1 #261

          Star Jammer's Rocket Boosters    Thrusters borrowed from the defunct pirate ship, Bird of Prey by the Warriors Three and installed on their own craft.  Although far from being of warp drive technology, in their first appearance, they did deliver the Asgardians to the front doorstep of the Doomsday Star in record time [TH1 #260].
            First appearance:  TH1 #260

     Asgard Test of Mortal Death    A test administered to prove a subject's bravery by having him stand, unflinchingly while deadly weapons are hurled at him.  It was first employed when Balder's bravery was called into question when he stopped to help a baby bird back into its next rather than pursue the retreating Storm Giants.  He was set up in the Area of Execution and unflinchingly faced the likes of Tyr and Honir hurling arrows and spears at him, and each time, something in nature deflected the deadly missile.  When it was Thor's turn to step up and hurl his hammer, Balder still stood fast, and Odin called the test complete, saying that it had proven that the bravest of them could still be the gentlest.
            First appearance:  JiM1 #106

     Asgard Thunder Cannon    A powerful, howitzer-like weapon that fires a concussive blast rather than a projectile.  One was first seen in action on the outer defenses of Asgard trying to stop Mangog's approach, but it had little effect on the nearly invulnerable creature [TH1 #196].
            First appearance:  TH1 #196

     Asgard Tower of Solitude    One of the upper towers in the golden realm that served as a place of imprisonment.  In its first mention, the Vizier was banished there by Odin (Mangog in disguise) for trying to dissuade him from his ill treatment of his son [TH1 #244].  Thor I and the rebels against Odin and Igron assail the tower, and while the others are keeping the guards at bay, the thunder god rushes in, defeats the Storm Giant guard, and frees the Vizier [TH1 #248].
            First mention:  TH1 #244     First appearance:  TH1 #248

     Asgard Well of Wisdom    The oracular well in the palace royal that is guarded by the head of Mimir, usually appearing as a flaming fountain.  It is uncertain if this is the same well named Mimisbrunnen that was connected with Mimir.  When the Asgardians had been at war with the Vanir, during one of their truces, Mimir was sent as a hostage to insure the peace, but the the Vanir chopped off his head, which was sent back to Odin still living, still speaking.  The All-Father placed him as his chief oracle as guardian of the Well of Wisdom ever since, a fate which has worn on Mimir over the years to the point where he feels animosity toward Odin.  In its first appearance, Thor I came to the Well and Mimir to learn the whereabouts of the missing Odin [TH1 #240].  At the Well, Mimir torments Odin with a vision of his son relinquishing his hammer to the Deviants [TH1 #286].
            First appearance:  TH1 #240     Origin:  TH1 AN #7

     Asgard West Wood    The wooded area west of the golden city.  It is first seen when Krista, trying to escape the battle that was tearing through the streets of the city, escaped there to look for a hiding place, but instead she found a magical stone [TH1 #218].
            First appearance:  TH1 #217

Asgard (elder)    (destroyed)  Two thousand years ago, there existed a more archaic version of the home of the Norse gods before the first Ragnarok, and it contained similar but different versions of most of her present inhabitants, who were known as the Elder Aesir rather than Asgardians.  In her first appearance, the elder Loki was bringing about the first Ragnarok by getting the elder Balder killed and leading the fell army to her very gates.  The elder Odin is killed by the elder Fenris Wolf, and he was in turn killed by Odin's son, the elder Vidar.  That Loki then killed the elder Heimdall and was in turn slain himself, summoning the elder Midgard Serpent.  The elder Thor defeats it, but is in turn killed himself by its venom.  The elder Surtur rises up, and, after killing the elder Frey, he cleanses the place with his fire, creating a spectacle that was thought to be the Star of Bethlehem.  When the fire cooled, nine of the Aesir (Balder, Hoder, Hoenir, Ve, Vili, Vidar, Vani, Magni, and Modi) rose up on the burnt out rock that had been their home [TH1 #293].  The burning cinder of the old Asgard eventually renews itself and becomes the new Asgard [TH1 #294].
            First appearance:  TH1 #293

Ash    (deceased)  The administrator of Star City who, on top of handling the day to day operation of the amusement park, he also oversaw the operation of the mob funded underground railroad that it was a cover for.  In his first appearance, he was giving grief to Angar the Screamer, one of his recent inmates, for slipping out and making a very public appearance, which could jeopardize the whole operation.  Angar tried to explain that his scream cause amnesia in his victims, but, when Ash started to get insulting, the villain unleashed his powers on him.  The psychotic hallucinations caused him to have a massive heart attack, which killed him.
            First appearance and death:  SPW #35

Ash, Volcana    In the alternate future of Earth 691, a beautiful but deadly Freeman operating in the area around Milwaukee, Wisconsin who, after being manipulated by the Martian geneticists, is able to create intense light and heat from within her body, producing actual flame that she was able to direct.  the scientists gave her the name Volcana, and she is unable to remember her real name.  She was also obsessed with finding her sister, who was taken into Death-Birth with her.  In her first appearance, she hooks up with Killraven and his band of roving Freemen, and takes an immediate shine to the rebel leader [AA2 #27].  She enters the regular MU timeline when she appears in a flashback when Killraven teams-up with Spider-Man, who accidentally entered their alternate future [MTU #45].  REL:  Sister of Melonie.  More info.
            First appearance: AA2 #27    Origin:  AA2 #28

Asher, Dean    The chief administrator of Metro College.
            First appearance:  FF1 #50 

Ashley, Howard    The owner of a book distributing company, who, in his first appearance, was seeking a new sales representative and ended up hiring Marcus Evanier, a veteran salesman, on the spot, giving him a hardy handshake and a copy of the book he was to be promoting.
            First appearance: SPW #8

Ashley Book Distributors    A book distribution company in Los Angeles, owned by Howard Ashley, that, in its first appearance was looking for a new sales representative to promote its newest acquisition, "Luck:  How to Find It and Keep It".  They ended up hiring veteran salesman, Marcus Evanier on the spot.  Employees include:  Howard Ashley, Marcus Evanier [first named employees],
            First appearance:  SPW #8

Ashton, Tom    (deceased)  The friend of Nobby Clarke who followed the grieving and slightly inebriated man up to D'Aire Manor to get revenge on the local lord for the death of his fiancée at the hands of the local cult.  In the basement of the castle, when his friend was consumed by the Sa'ar Pool, he was terribly burned, but managed to make it back to town, where he spilled his guts to Inspector Kate Fraser and Dracula, both there to investigate the murders.  Afterward, his body was consumed by the elder god, Y'Garon, who said that he'd done his job well.  It is uncertain whether he was a cult member or not.
            First appearance and death:  GSDRAC #2

Askara   One of the three sisters who were the power source for the Monitors which had come to judge the Earth.  They had started off as simple machines, but over the eons they evolved into human appearing beings, who, eventually decided that their masters were wrong.  Freed  from her suspended animation chamber by her two sisters, she aided the Thing and Nova to defeat the beings who intended to destroy their world.  Shortly after being released, she was wholly destroyed, but had the power to reconstruct herself almost instantly.   Incredibly powerful, they had the ability to teleport other beings and objects instantaneously, they could transform their own bodies to pure energy and travel anywhere almost instantaneously, being mechanical, and they are able to alter reality when working in unison.  After the first two Monitors were killed, the third saw reason and agreed to accompany them back to their home world to petition the King to stop the prime directive of his people.  Before leaving, Milandra and her sisters righted the great damage wrought on Tokyo as though it had never happened.  REL:  Sister of Milandra and Kalara.
            First appearance and origin:  MTO AN #3

Aske    In Norse mythology, the first man to appear on Midgard.  He was produced when Thor I brought a branch of Yggdrasill to King Mirmir, who used it to stir the enchanted fountain and the magic drops of liquid fell to Earth on an alder tree and became the first man.  Essentially their version of Adam.  It is revealed how Odin, Hoenir, and Lodur gave them breath, souls, reason, and the colors of life [TH1 AN #5].  It is revealed that the story about the origin of the Asgardian gods was just a story created by Odin to cover the actual origin from the ashes of the elder Asgard [TH1 #294].
            First appearance and origin:  JiM1 #103

"Ask Miss Annie"    The gossip and advice column for the Boston Bugle.  Reporter Paul Butterworth was transferred to covering that section of the paper when his last story ended with the offices getting trashed by a fight between him and Dracula.
            First mention:  ToD #43

Asmodeus     A demon.  After receiving the soul of Eriko Farkas, he begat a daughter with her, but was later denounced by the woman [ToD #2].   REL:  Father of Angela Farkas.
            First appearance:  ?

Asmodeus I    (see:  Dr Charles Benton)  The leader of the Sons of Satannish and a powerful magician in his own right.   Begging power from his demon master and using Clea, he managed to steal the Book of the Vishanti and remove Strange's Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto and casting the mage into another dimension [DrST1 #176].  He then rooked over his 'Sons' by stealing their powers, and, after taking the guise of the supposedly deceased Strange, tried to steal the Book of Vishanti from the Ancient One.  He was confronted by Strange, who had taken another guise of his own, and during their fight, his heart gave out  but not before casting the fateful Spell of Ice and Fire to summon Surtur and Ymir to this world.  As he died, he was revealed to be Strange's old colleague [DrST1 #177] and there was some question afterward whether he had caused the accident that ruined Strange's hands all those years ago [DrST1 #178].   Later, in an attempt to get his life back, he struck a deal with his master, that if he managed to garner five souls by mid night that he could get out from under his heel.  He, of course went after Dr. Strange and his new team mates, the Defenders (who then numbered five) and captured the Hulk to lure them to their doom.  He tried to finesse their souls by making their each face their individual inner fears brought to life, but when that failed, he tried a more direct approach, and would have succeeded if they had not thought to bring the proper help.  The Son of Satan kept him busy until after the allotted time, and he was collected by his master back to his realm [GS DEF #2].    GA:  Sons of Satan.
            First appearance:  DrST1 #175            Died:  DrST1 #177

Asmodeus II    An Inhuman guardsman with bat-like wings who was loyal to Maximus and tried to keep the Human Torch II out of the Great Refuge when he was searching for Crystal..
            First appearance:  FF1 #117

Asp    (deceased)  (Richard Harper)  A professional thief and partner of Miles Oldann who gets involved in all sorts of supernatural happenings.  First, the pair end up aiding the Living Mummy.  And then they help a female immortal named Zephyr part ways from her partners called the Elementals.  In Saracen Cay, her old partners catch up to them [MsM #11].  When it's obvious that none of them will talk to give up the location of the hidden Ruby Skarab, the Elementals torture Zephyr to loosen their lips.  Richard talks first and lets the cat out of the bag, and, when he tries to warn Hecate and Ms. Marvel that the villains have the Ruby, Hellfire kills him with a flame blast.
            First appearance:  SNT #9            Death:  MsM #12

Asp    GA:  Serpent Society
            First appearance:  CAP1 #310

Assassin    (destroyed)  (form. Mr. Kline, see:  MK-9)  The less human android form of the agent of Baal.  After his multiple manipulations of men in power and certain superheroes, he is revealed to be the robotic Assassin.  In his second appearance, he reveals his true nature to his minion, Soulfather, and orders him to kill Iron Man I [IM1 #43].
            First appearance:  DD1 #81     Destroyed:  DD1 #84

Assassin    A cyberneticly enhanced enforcer for the subversive group that wanted to kidnap Red Guardian II to force her government (the Soviets) to release the Jewish people who are held in their country due to their emigration laws.  He is much larger than the average human and because of his enhancements, considerably stronger, and he tends to use his oversized robotic hands as battering rams.  His costume is merely a skin tight olive colored t-shirt and a black hood over his head.  He had worn synthetic skin over his hand, but those got shredded in the fight with RG when she refused to play ball with them.  The fight ended when she tricked the brute to lunge at her in front of a steel overhead door.  His hands went through, but his head proved to not be invulnerable.  GA:  Committee for Free Emigration.
            First appearance:  DEF #40

Aster, Ken    (deceased)  ('Al Avision')  A government agent who was assigned the task, with Captain America I, to safeguard the convoy that would be transporting components from the Madbomb.  The night before the convoy was supposed to be in transit, the two heroes decided to take a more active hand in preventive crime fighting, and agreed to go undercover to try and infiltrate those they suspected of wanting to shanghai the shipment.  Ken, using the name Al Avision, collected Cap at the Statler-Hilton hotel where Stark International was throwing a big wing ding for their grand reopening.  They both assumed disguises and joined the gang being collected by Tarantula I and Senor Muerte II, but, unfortunately, they were quickly recognized and captured.  Cap they poisoned and dumped in the river for dead, but the villains were a little less kind to him and forced him to give them the security codes for the convoy before they killed him as well.
           First appearance and death:  CAP1 #224

Aster, Lucien    An author who, helping the otherworldly sorcerer, Shanzar, produced a book, Spelling Made Easy, that was tainted with magic from the Strange Matter Universe and caused readers to become irreversible demons, all as part of the convoluted plot to resurrect the Elder God, the Wild One.
            First appearance:  IH1 AN #18

Asteroid M    (see:  Magneto's Asteroid M)

Asteroid Web Station    A Kree mining outpost near the planet Stent which was connected to the surrounding mineral rich asteroids by a web of energy pipelines.  It also served as the contact for all the loyal Kree in that sector of space including the Stenth mobile cities.  Mon-Tog was the last commander assigned the post before it was destroyed by the Inhumans, Warkon, and his Demon Rebels when they overloaded the input from the surrounding asteroids.
            First appearance and destruction:  INH #10

Asti    Known as the All-Seeing, an agent of Dormammu who led Dr. Strange to believe that Clea was being held by the sorcerer Tazza trying to lure him to his doom.  He was later sent by his master (who was unable to enter our dimension himself) to collect the newly reassembled Evil Eye which he and Loki had duped the Avengers an Defenders into collecting [DEF #10].  He appears as a floating sinister pointed masked face.
            First appearance:  ST1 #144?

Astorath   One of the Chained Ones, enemies of life and profaners of this humanity stained globe.  The Agents of Fortune Cult made sacrifices to them of two archeologists (Marc and Sharon) leading to the Xenogenesis.
            First mention:  DEF #58

Astra I    A Shi'ar member of their elite guard who has no revealed super power, but it has been hinted that she can become intangible at will.  She wears a yellow body suit with a circuit pattern ending in a red dot on her chest, has feathery red hair, and red feathers on her boots and gloves, and the black tattooing around her eyes.  In his first appearance, he and his team mates were protecting Emperor D'Ken Neramani from The X-Men and the Starjammers, who were trying to stop him from destroying the universe.   GA:  the Imperial Guard.
            First appearance:  UXM #107

Astra    GA:  Space Knight
            First appearance:  ROM #25

Astra Island    Where the Absorbatron that Dr. Bruce Banner invented was to be tested before it was overrun by the leader's Humanoids.
            First mention:  TtA1 #64        First appearance:  TtA1 #65

Astral Elementals    Primal beings similar to Satan's demons, but more cunning and powerful, and they are immune to soulfire.  In their first appearance, they were caught in a house meant as a deathtrap for the Son of Satan, placed there by the villain Mindstar.  They attacked him as planned, trying to drag him down to their fiery realm, and when he hit them with soulfire, it confused them at first (changing them to an almost pure fire form), but they gave back in kind with a blue flame that nearly did him in. But, because of the soulfire being alien to them, they refused him and disappeared.
            First appearance:  SOS #6

'Astral' Realm of Morgan Le Fey    The realm between life and death occupied by the 6th century sorceress.
            First appearance:  AV1 #240

Astrans    (see:  Metal Master)  An advanced humanoid race from the planet Astra that have mental control over anything made of metal.
            First and only appearance:  IH1 #6

Astra Theatre    A concert hall in the San Fernando area in the 1950's that was host to the popular television program, Teen Beat, which that week featured the talents of Vince Rivers to packed crowds two shows a night.  Hal Chandler sat in on one of the shows, but soon called forth 3-D Man when he discovered that the Skrull enhanced songs caused listeners to want to destroy one another.
            First appearance:  MPRM #36

Astrologer    A small time gang leader in NYC who handled his henchmen more like a commune and planned their crimes using the stars, earning him his sobriquet.  At first he stuck mainly to preying on the rich, but when he moves up to hitting a blood bank to steal the city's supply of O-negative blood to hold it for ransom, one of his new recruits balks and ends up in the hands of the Black Widow.  Astrologer leads his gang to her building, and after giving her fair warning from the lobby, takes his crew up to storm her penthouse.  Although he falls victim to Ivan Petrovitch's initial counter-attack, he manages to escape before the police arrive to take care of his men [AA2#5].  Determined to make his big strike, he alters his objective slightly, but still plans to hit City Hospital where the blood supply is kept.  With the police and Widow staked out around the hospital, he and his people steal an ambulance to sneak past them, and, once inside, they head for the research department, where they intend to kidnap the leading scientist in charge of developing a blood substitute.  The Widow and her manservant tumble to their altered plans and try to stop them, but find themselves outnumbered.  Astrologer and crew manage to get their captive up to the helipad on the roof, and, although the Widow has a chance to nab one of his men, she flubs it, and they get safely away [AA2 #6].  He sends one of his henchmen to police headquarters with a ransom demand of $60,000, but when he doesn't return, he moves the operation to the waterfront where he intends to take Dr. Lichenstein out on the ocean from where he could raise the demand safely and at will.  On the way, however, they picked up a tail, and he had one of his people remove it with a Blaster.  Before they arrived, they picked up a second, the Black Widow, and while she was kicking the snot out of his people, he slid out the back with the good doctor as a hostage.  A misstep on the dock gave Widow the opening she needed, and they both ended up in the water.  Astrologer tried to make use of his Blaster, but the water caused it to explode, presumably killing the villain [AA2 #7].
            First appearance:  AA2 #5

     Astrologer's Blasters    The special hand weapons the Astrologer provided for himself and his gang which came in rifle and handgun sizes and emitted a powerful energy blast.  They were first seen after the Astrologer and his gang had kidnapped Dr. Lichenstein, and, when the first ransom demand went sour, were moving him to another location.  They picked up a tail, and Astrologer ordered Queenie to take him out with one of the rifle sized devices.  Unfortunately, when the Black Widow got in on the fight, the gang was so untrained that they didn't stand much chance against her, even armed with such advanced ordinance.  In the scuffle, Astrologer got out using the doctor as a shield, holding the blaster to his head, but a misstep on the dock gave Widow the opportunity to attack.  They ended up in the water, and when he tried to use the blaster, it exploded, presumably killing him.
            First appearance: AA2 #7

     Astrologer's Gang    The seemingly fanatical young people that the villain roped into being his henchmen, some willingly, and others less so.  Originally, on the cover of the issue of their first appearance, their costumes were shown to have moons and stars all over them, but the costumes was refined o having just that pattern on a circle on the chest.  In their first appearance, they were performing all sorts of petty crimes for their leader, which he planned to be flawless using astrology, but, when one of their number turns against them when he planned their first big heist, Astrologer sicced them on the Black Widow, to whom the squealer had spilled his guts and by whom was being given sanctuary.  They didn't fare so well against the Widow and her manservant Ivan; one of them was killed and many of them ended up in police custody [AA2 #5].  In their second appearance, they accompanied their boss breaking into City Hospital using a stolen ambulance to abduct Dr. Lichenstein, who was developing a new blood substitute.  They narrowly got away despite the efforts of the police and Black Widow [AA2 #6].  Astrologer sent one of them to police HQ with the ransom demand, and, although he was protected from the cops, he wasn't from Ivan, who got him to spill their secret HQ.  When Freddy didn't return, Astrologer wanted to take the operation on the water, and when they were followed to the water front, one of them, on orders, removed the tail with a Blaster.  Before they could get afloat, however, the Widow arrived and kicked the crap out of their remaining number, and their boss was killed in the resultant struggle for the life of the doctor [AA2#7]. Members include:  Willie, Max [first named members], Eddie, Zenobia, Waldo [AA2#6], Freddy, Queeny, Benny [AA2 #7],
            First appearance:  AA2 #5

Astrologer Royal    The royal astrologist of Asgard.  He has a moustache and goatee, and his headpiece of office is shaped like a cardinal's hat. He located  the planet he believed to be the origin of Galactus, and he was ordered by Odin to study it further until he was certain.
            First appearance:  TH1 #165

Astron    (Deceased)  Founder of the Uranus  Eternal colony.
            First appearance:  WI?1 #27

Astronauts    (Deceased)  The three Deviants chosen and trained to perform the suicide mission of flying their Energy-Bomb into space and piloting it to its intended target, the Celestials.  They are killed when the Forgotten One teleports them to the American space ship and they were unable to safely bring it in for a landing.
            First appearance:  ETN #13

Astronomer    One of the Elders of the Universe whose obsession ran toward studying new planets and other celestial bodies.  He appears to be an old bald man with a long beard and some sort of ocular device over his right eye.
            First appearance:  SS3 #4

Astro-Nuts    The name of a short lived and painfully hokey children's program that was created by two returning astronauts, Richmond Wagner and Calvin Beame.  The show featured Beame as the butt for cuddly loveable Xemnu, from the Magic Planet, and had a strangely captivating appeal to young children.  It comes out later, when Xemnu drops all pretenses in his guise as Wagner, that he has been using his hypnotic powers to lure children to his rocket at the Cape to bring them back with him to repopulate his planet.  After Xenmu kills his co-star and then is pulverized by the Hulk, it can only be assumed that the show was cancelled.  Also working on the show was a production person named Freddy.
            First appearance:  MFT #3 

Astro Station    A smaller, cube-shaped exploratory vehicle housed inside the Endeavor.  Used by the Micronauts first to search for Bug after the Endeavor was damaged in the battle with Prince Shaitan on Earth.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #4

Astrovik, Arnold    (deceased)  (Tom Astrovik)  A staunch anti-mutant supporter who is horrified that his own son has developed telekinetic powers and worse yet tries to make use of them.  He is domineering and abusive but is eventually put in his place by his son's burgeoning powers, despite the fact that he promised to go to counseling.  Later, he pushes his son too far and without thinking, the powerful mutant strikes back and mortally wounds him [NW #20], grinding 70% of his bones to dust.  He later dies in the hospital from those wounds, and Vance is brought up on murder charges despite the fact that he was merely defending himself.  In his first appearance, he was listed as Tom rather than Arnold.  Shortly afterward, when Vance Astro helps his son through the emergence of his powers, he shows his first signs of despising his son's telekinetic abilities [MTO #69].  REL:  Father of Vance Astrovik/Marvel Boy II/Vance Astro/Justice.  Husband of Mary (Norma) Astrovik.
            First appearance (as Tom):  GS DEF #5        Died:  NW #21

Astovik, Mary    (Norma)  The passive mother of a burgeoning super hero in an abusive relationship.  Later her name is accidentally changed to Norma, about when Vance is brought up on charges for killing his abusive father.  REL:  Mother of Vance Astrovik/Marvel Boy II/Vance Astro/Justice.  Wife of Arnold Astrovik.
            First appearance:   GS DEF #5

Astrovik, Norma    (form. Mary Astrovik)  For some reason, they changed the name of Vance Astrovik's mother.  Not only did she finger her son for the assault that would lead to her abusive husband's death, but also testified against him in court.
            First appearance:  NW #20

Astrovik, Tom    (see:  Arnold Astrovik)  In his first appearance, the father of Vance Astrovik is accidentally named as Tom.

Astrovik, Vance    (see:  Vance Astro, Marvel Boy II, Justice)  The trouble prone youth with burgeoning telekinetic powers who at first side kicks with the Thing, then goes on to a career as a costumed hero with the New Warriors and eventually the Avengers, and who in the year 3001 will become the cryogenically preserved space hero as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  His favorite hero is Captain America, for which he later names his starship, and comes into the possession of the star spangled Avenger's shield.  In his first appearance, he witnesses the crash landing of his future self (for which he was sent to bed by his father for lying) and upon investigating, not only meets the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but his future self.  Later, when he Guardians were due to return to their own time, Vance Astro sneaked back to give a little fatherly advice to his younger self and to try and sway him from becoming an astronaut.  The boy's powers began to emerge at this point (causing a dense fog to settle over the city), and Vance was able to telekinetically give him conscious control of them.  At this time, he also met the Thing for the first time, and he helped talk him through the whole unsettling matter [MTO #69].    REL:  Son of Arnold and Mary Astrovik.  GA:  UCWF
            First appearance:  GS DEF #5

Asylum    One of the psionic super beings created by Genetech who, by simply engulfing someone in her non-corporeal mist, can turn their mind inside out by showing them disconcerting inner truths or inner lies.  A former mental patient, her body is simply a formless wisp of blackness that is held together by the electronics contained in the yellow skull-like face mask and the yellow metal mantle.  GA:  Psionex.
            First appearance:  NW #4

Athena    (Pallas, Mirevra)  Olympian goddess of wisdom and war.  It is revealed how Athena, after losing a beauty contest against Aphrodite, decided to take it out on the judge, Paris, who happened to be a Trojan, by helping the Greeks to defeat the besieged city.  She prevented Achilles from killing Agamemnon, and, even after Zeus proclaimed that no one was to interfere, she prompted Pandarus to assassinate Menelaus (just to keep the war going) and not only saves Diomedes from Pandarus' spear, but guides his hand to kill the other.  She even gives Diomedes the power to stand up to Ares in the fight, however, when Thor I takes an active part in the fight, she presses Zeus that he must be chastised for his interference [TH1 AN #8].  She accompanies Zeus to the outer defenses of Olympia to hear Odin try to enlist their aid in stopping the Eternals from disrupting the Celestials' fifty year judgment [TH1 #289].  Teaming-up with Odin, Zeus leads the assault on Olympia to stop the Eternals from interfering with the Celestials, and while many of the gods fight their counterparts (including Athena fighting Thena), the main bout is between Odin and Thor [TH1 #291]. When Odin drops out of the fight, Zeus realizes that they have no other reason to be fighting, having no more stock in human dealings, and he gathers his people and leaves [TH1 #292].   REL:  Daughter of Zeus.
            First appearance in MU:  TH1 #164

Athena    A British frigate that had been sunk with all hands by the pirate ship, Serpent's Crown some two hundred years ago.  It was raised and restored by the magic of Khordes and used as a warship against the Crown when Captain Fate renewed his occupation as pirate.
           First appearance:  MNTH2 #8

Athena One    (destroyed)  The name of the Shuttle used by Salia Petrie to take supplies and the Cavourite Crystal up to Skylab.  When the Ruby Skarab activated the Crystal, it disrupted all functions and even the physical integrity of the ship and eventually caused it to explode.
            First appearance (unnamed):  MsM #11        Named and destroyed:  MsM #12

Athene    One of the Fem-Force women who the Mandrill has a more personal relationship with after parting ways with Nekra.
            First appearance (unnamed):  DEF #78?        Named:  DEF #90

Atlanteans    Water breathing inhabitants of fabled Atlantis and Lemuria.  After the Atlanteans think that Namor has turned traitor, they banish him from the golden realm [TtA1 #97].  The whole population sets off from their destroyed city on Exodus under Warlord Seth [TtA1#98].  When Namor stops an invasion on the surface world led by Seth, he is thought to have perished in the battle [TtA1 #99].  Namor returns to Atlantis to find it deserted [TtA1 #101].  it is revealed that Destiny I, wielding the Serpent Crown, destroyed the original Atlantis and killed Emperor Thakorr and Princess Fen [SUB #1].  They learn that Namor is still alive, but continue on their Exodus [SUB #3].  They are captured and enslaved by Attuma, but they are rescued by Namor, who, thinking Dorma dead, continues on in his quest [SUB #4].  After the She-Beast and Orka had taken the city by force, it was afflicted by a mysterious red cloud that leaves everyone with gills incapacitated or dying [SUB #67].  While the Hydro-Men scientists work out a cure, Namor arranges to seal the city off from any more outside contaminants using the projector of Dr. Damon Walther [SUB #69].  Finally, with the help of Doctor Doom, the Prophesy of Neptune is fulfilled and the people are restored, just in time to help their leader fend off an invading army let by Krang. When the dust settled, Namor was restored as their sovereign [SVTU #13].  People consisting of  Namor, the Sub-Mariner [1st modern seen member in FF1 #4], Attuma (Lem.) [FF1 #33], Dorma, Princess Fen, Emperor Thakorr, High Priest of Atlantis, Warlord Krang, Warlord Thakos, [FF1 An. #1], Lord Vashti [TtA1 #71], Zantor [TtA1 #72], Byrrah [TtA1 #90], Warlord Seth [TtA1 #98], Thonor [SUB #3], Saru-San (Lem.), Gorgul (Lem.), Kor-Konn (Lem.) [SUB #4], Ikthon [SUB #7], Var-Ton, Karthon (Lem) [SUB #9], Naga (Lem.) [Sub #10], Llyna (posing as Dorma) [SUB #12], Fara [IH1 #118], Kormok, Obtu [SUB #17], Orka [SUB #23], Worta, Brodar [SUB #31], Llyra, Llyron (both Lem.) [SUB #32], Namora [SUB #33], Proteus, Elga, Wa-Korr, Wa-Than (both mentioned) [SUB #36],  Qua-Ron [SUB #38], Namorita [SUB #50], Lorvex [SUB #54], Coral [SUB #56], Kavor, Stuzz [SUB #58], Kamuu, Zartra (Lem), Ocar, Zapal, Tsobor (Lem) [SUB #62], Grokko (Lem.) [DEF #7], Capt. Arkus, Volpan, Nolem (Lem.) [SUB #63], Madoxx, Tanas, Stegor, Elanna, Orrek, Rennar, Kamuu II [SUB #64], Shabarr [SUB #65], Raman, Zartra II [SUB #66], Tyrak [AV1 #156], Meranno [INV #3], Warlord Ronga, Ronanga [DEF #84], Dragonrider, Dara [SUB LTD #1], Proteus III [SUB LTD #2], Andromeda [DEF #148], Kay'tha Thakkoll [NW #44],
           First appearance:  MARVEL COMICS #1 (1939)         First modern appearance:  FF1 #4

     Atlantean Blood Code Armor    Ritualistic body armor to be worn only when the faced confrontation is to be taken to the death.  "Of honor scorned, of honor worn--Till death of one suffice!"  Sub-Mariner kept a suit at Oracle Inc. and Namorita donned it first after she was nearly killed by the smuggler, Sea Urchin, when she caught him plundering abandoned settlements of her people. The second confrontation tipped decidedly in Nita's favor, and she nearly took it to the death, but at the last moment, she found that she couldn't do it.  When she returned home, she thought her actions denoted weakness, but Namor thought otherwise.  For a short time afterward, until her wounds healed, she continued to wear the armor while functioning as a member of the New Warriors.
            First appearance:  NW #14

     Atlantean Flagship    A mutli-purpose aquatic vehicle which is also capable of high speed flight, and, although not heavily armed, is capable of defending itself.  Although it isn't equipped like some of the other war craft in the Atlantean fleet to take large numbers of soldiers, it is equipped with more amenities, including an infirmary, to sustain longer occupancy, making it more of a mix between a submarine and an RV.  Seth, Dorma and Vashti were using a flagship when leading their people in Exodus after the destruction of Atlantis [TtA1 #98-SUB #4].  When Namor was looking for a way to restore his people (after SUB #69), he used one of the Flagships when he came across Doctor Doom, returned recently from space.  He restored him to health in the infirmary using the Stimulatron [GSSVTU #1].
            First appearance: TtA1 #?

          Atlantean Flagship Visi-Chamber    The device, with its floor to ceiling screen, which can see events from great distances.  It was used to see the events in London while Sub-mariner and Triton were fighting Plant Man's Leviathan, and they learned that he was alive after thinking him perished for some time [SUB #3].
            First appearance:  TtA1 #?

     Atlantean Scout Ship    A high speed underwater vehicle (resembling a speed boat with stunted outriggers) designed to carry no more than two passengers.  One was first seen when the Atlanteans were in Exodus from Atlantis and one of their soldiers returned in a Scout Ship to the main party to report that their advance guard was under attack.  Warlord Seth rode back with him to find their men beig overwhelmed by Attuma's hordes.
           First appearance:  SUB #4

     Atlantean Stimulatron    A device that draws its power from the ocean and the elements to deliver a life restoring jolt of energy.  One was first used on board Namor's Atlantean Flagship to restore the life of Doctor Doom when he was found floating half dead, in the ocean.  Although the controls were complicated and Namor had had little cause to operate it in some time, he was successful in restoring his old partner [GSSVTU #1].
            First appearance:  GSSVTU #1

     Atlantean Undersea Craft     A small, manta-shaped submarine with a back fin, two side fins, and twin forward view ports.  Sub-Mariner used one when he was seeking out Krang when it was learned that he'd got his hands on the Serpent Crown.  He came to Washington DC seeking his connection, the second Serpent Squad, and ended up hooking up with Nomad I and shuttling him out to the Roxxon Oil derrick near Lemuria to aid him in defeating his old foe.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #181

Atlantic Airways    A fairly large US passenger airways company that has regular flights, among other destinations, between NYC and LA.  In its first appearance, flight 814 out of Kennedy and headed for LA had not only Peter Parker as a passenger, and a minicam team from KLTV, but had a man carrying a fortune in diamonds and emeralds on board.  The flight was approached in midair by the Enforcer, claiming to be an Emergency Maintenance Aircraft, but when the pilot of the &)& didn't buy the story, the criminal threatened to pepper the fuselage with Explosive Darts if he wasn't allowed on board.  He and Spider-Woman I nabbed the briefcase of gems, and despite Spider-Man's best efforts, got away with them.  Staff includes:  Harry (co-pilot) [first named staff],
            First appearance:  SPW #29

Atlantis    Fabled undersea realm located initially in the Antarctic, ruled primarily by Namor the First (son of princess Fen, and grandson of Emperor Thakorr).  Over the years, it's position has shifted usually due to some natural or man-made catastrophe.  It was originally located in the South Pole but was unknowingly destroyed by the tests of the Oracle captained by Leonard McKenzie (Namor's father), setting the Atlanteans against the surface dwellers. Atlantis was taken over by Krang in Namor's absence, and when the people rose up against him, he took them out with his Robo-Tank [TtA1 #74].  Later rocked by another nuclear blast set off by Dr. Dorcas and Warlord Krang in their alliance with Byrrah to place him on the throne of Atlantis [SUB #33].  After the death of Dorma, Namor abdicates the throne and Vashti is forced to become its regent [SUB #38].  After the rescue of the newest citizen (Tamara Rahn) from the humans, the defeat of the usurper Lorvex, and the avoidance of the invasion of NYC, Namor reclaims the crown [SUB #60].  It is later revealed how the city came to sink into the ocean 500 years after Kull and 8000 years before the appearance of Conan [SUB #62-3], and how, after 5000 years, after the race had been divided into nomadic tribes, it was rebuilt by a distant descendant of that final king [SUB #66].  After the She-Beast and Orka had taken the city by force, it was afflicted by a mysterious red cloud that leaves everyone with gills incapacitated or dying [SUB #67].  While the Hydro-Men scientists work out a cure, Namor arranges to seal the city off from any more outside contaminants using the projector of Dr. Damon Walther [SUB #69].  Doom's android forces attack the city to flush out the Sub-Mariner for an alliance [GSSVTU #2].  Doom proposes to knock down part of the city to convince Namor into agreeing to be his ally [SVTU #5].  The original structure of Atlantis was visited by Dr. Strange when he'd returned to 1775 and was doing battle at the bottom of the sea with the wizard Stygyro [DrST2 #18].   The city is rocked when Orbiter (Red Skull) commences a mining operation nearby, thinking the Sub-Mariner otherwise engaged, but the Avenging Son puts a stop to it [SVTU #10].  Namor returns with Doom to find the city occupied by Krang and his mercenary army.  While Namor fights the rag-tag soldiers, Doom restores the people in the suspended animation chamber and sends them to help their ruler.  They repel the army and another Leviathan, and return their kingdom to what it had been before the tragedy [SVTU #13]. The city's tidal generators are threatened by a new experimental generator being developed by the US government, and Namor incites his people to war [ASM #211].
           First appearance:  MARVEL COMICS #1 (1939)         First modern appearance:  FF1 An. #1        Origin:  SUB #38/SUB 62-66

Atlantis    In pre-cataclysmic times (about 18000 BC), it was an island kingdom off the coast of Thuria and not the advanced underwater city of wonders that it later became.  At this time, it was less than civilized, and, although it was broken into separate tribes (including the Sea Mountain Tribe and the Hill Tribe) it did have a central government in their king, but the leader of their army had nearly the same power.  In its first appearance, Kull and his friends Om-Ra (who would later rise to the throne as the king) and Khor-Na (who would rise to the position at the head of the army) were discussing the legends of their  people including the Tiger King and the Woman in the Moon, both of which adopted outsider heretically through were nothing more than just stories.  When they returned to their village, part of the Sea Mountain Tribe,  Kull learned more of their traditions when he found the villagers attempting to put one of their own to death for mating with a Lemurian Pirate.  Kull, still not hip to their ways, put her out of her misery quickly, bringing the wrath of the people down on him.  He was forced to flee, and while swimming for the mainland was picked up by some of those self same pirates [KUL1 #1].  Inhabitants include:  Kull, Om-Ra, Khor-Na, Sareeta [first named inhabitants],
            First appearance:  KUL1 #1

Atlantis Attacks    A multi teamed battle against Ghuar and Llyra to keep them from resurrecting  Set.
            Begins:  SS3 An. #2        Ends:  FF1 An. #22

Atlas    (deceased)  (Steve Rand)  A headstrong muscleman actor who specialized in B-grade movies decided to perform a particularly tricky stunt himself during the shooting of his latest sand and sandal movie where he played Atlas, despite his stunt double's protestations.  He failed to get enough momentum to clear the fiery pit and fell in, leaving him hideously disfigured, and injury which caused his  mind to snap.  When he recovered physically (but still suffering mentally), his dementia superimposed that fatal role onto reality, and assuming the masked identity of Atlas, he began a campaign to kill everyone involved prominently in the picture using the jaw bone of an ass, believing them to be characters he faced in the role.  he killed the producer, Simon Kolb, whom he believed to be the leader of the Gauls, his co-star whom he believed to be Bathsheba, and wanted to kill Buck Cowan, who had been a writer on the film, but he was prevented by the Werewolf, whom he believed to be the stunt man, Jimmy.  Their final fight carried them in front of Mann's Chinese Theater, and he was shot and killed by Buck to save the life of his friend, Jack Russell, who was about to get a taste of the jaw bone.  Before his death, he had a short moment of clarity and apologized for what he had done before collapsing.
            First appearance:  WW #22        Origin and death:  WW #23

Atlas, Capt.    A Kree soldier who was fiercely loyal to the Supreme Intelligence and usually allied with Doctor Minerva and a long term enemy of Captain Marvel I.  At the end of the Kree-Shi'ar War, Atlas faked a suicide which also seemed to take the life of Minerva AV1 #347), but instead of dying, they deserted to an out of the way pastoral planet to be the parents of a race of supermen to restart the Kree Empire with their superior genes (SS3 #79).
            First appearance:  CM1 #49?

Atlo    A very strong Eternal who has been a past sparring partner of Ikaris.  He wears a lot of leather strapping much like the original costume of Hercules.  In his first appearance, he and Ikaris are matched as wrestlers in the Eternals' Olympic games, but their competition is interrupted by the arrival of Hero.  When the forgotten Eternal threaten Zuras, all the competitors attack him and get their butts handed to them [TH1 #287].  GA:  Eternals.
            First appearance:  TH1 #287

Atmo-Gun    A device created by Maximus with the intent to wipe out the human race.  It doesn't kill anyone, proving that the Inhumans are an offshoot of the human race.  Maximus reverses the gun and creates the 'Negative Zone' around the Great Refuge.
            First appearance:  FF1 #47

Atomic Earth Borer    A high powered mining device created by Stark Industries which Mole Man attempted to steal by sinking whole buildings underground.  Iron Man tricks MM into overloading the device and it is destroyed.
            First appearance:  ToS1 #87        Explodes:  ToS1 #88

Atomic Grenade    A small, low yield nuclear device that was delivered from what appeared to be an ordinary grenade launcher and had been developed for the Red Chinese.  In its first appearance, a platoon of Chinese soldiers, who had come to invade the Great Refuge, prepared to use the device as a last resort when their numbers were defeated by the Inhumans Royal Family.  Before it could be fired, however, the grenade was removed from the rifle, harmlessly, by Medusa.
            First appearance:  AA2 #1

Atomic Industries    A company in the NYC area that specializes in, among other things, experimental explosives.  It is uncertain whether this company was in any way attached to the similar Atomic Institute seen in UXM.  In their first appearance, one of their trucks was transporting a load of their new Clean Fusion Nuclear Bombs, when it was hijacked by the second Green Goblin, who took one of the bombs for his latest plot to torment Spider-Man.  Employees include:  Hank (trucker) [first named employee],
            First appearance: ASM #137

     Atomic Industries' Clean Fusion Nuclear Bomb    An experimental and very powerful explosive device that was fitted into a small, shaped charge metallic cylinder, and could be detonated with no radioactive fallout.  The second Green Goblin stole one of these from one of AI's transport trucks and used it in his latest plot to torment Spider-Man, but strapping it to the person he cared about the most, his aunt May Parker.  Spidey narrowly saved the old woman by tossing the explosive into a nearby lake just short of its detonation, which appeared to be equal to that of a depth charge.
            First appearance:  ASM #137

Atomic Institute    A laboratory in NYC that specialized in experimental explosives.  A robbery there in '63 was thwarted by the Avenging Angel.
            First appearance:  UXM #55

Atomic Man    (see:  Radion)

Atomic Re-Assembler    A device used by the Eternals to reassemble those that have been reduced down to their primary atoms like through a teleporter.
            First appearance:  ETN #18

Atom-Smasher I   (deceased)  (Ronald English)  A super powered villain who is able to generate vast amounts of radioactive energy with his body which he can release through his hands in concussive blasts of varying intensity.  Electron-like nodes circling his head at all times, he is also able to convert his body to pure energy at will.  He had been a nuclear physicist who used a nucleonic radiator to convert his body to its present state, which required a special containment suit to enable him to function in his human form.   In his first appearance, working for an unnamed employer (Kingpin?) he and a band of costumed flunkies were sent out to steal specific materials from the labs around Los Angeles.  When they attempted to steal a consignment of radium from a warehouse belonging to Stark West, he blew a hole in the door to gain entrance and clashed with Black Goliath.  After his men were dispatched, he took the hero down with one radioactive blast from his hand, and before Goliath could recover, he changed his body to pure energy, and, against his normal moral code, proceeded to kill him with his powers.  When Goliath tried to get the upper hand, he went nova, and the only thing that saved the hero's life was his fire proof costume, but it didn't save him from radiation poisoning.  Smasher and his men escape in his Hovercraft back to their hideout, but goliath recovers, and, using a Scanning Module whipped up by his Whiz Kids, he follows the villain.  He is captured when Goliath brings the roof down on him, and while incapacitated, is wrapped in a graphite impregnated shield [BG #2].  Goliath attempts to bring him into the authorities, but a sniper provided by his employer gives him the chance to escape, only to realize that the sniper was meant for him.  He dies from a gunshot wound [BG #3].   After his death, his body, encased in a lead casket, was consigned to Project Pegasus for the purpose of research when Dr. Bill Foster joined their team to look for a cure [MTO #54].  REL:  Brother of Michael English.
            First appearance:  BG #1           Death:  BG #3     Real name revealed:  ?

     Atom-Smasher's Hovercraft    (destroyed)  A small, very stylized aircraft (resembling a metallic moth) used by Atom-Smasher and his men in their series of robberies at the various labs around the Los Angeles area.  In its first appearance, it was used to escape from the conflagration left behind when they attempted to steal a consignment of radium from a Stark West warehouse and ran into Black Goliath.  Later, when he caught up with them at their secret hideout, Goliath destroyed the hovercraft first to prevent them from escaping him again.  It is uncertain whether the craft was provided by Smasher's mysterious employer (Kingpin?) or not.
           First appearance and destruction:  BG #2

Atra    (Deceased)  An alchemist of pre-cataclysmic Lemuria. One of the first to wear the Serpent Crown.
            First appearance:  MTU1 An. #5

Atracto-Spheres    A device created at the Advanced Science Research Center that, by remote control, locks a person, by unspecified attraction, to one of the large spheres that top its mechanized framework.  One was stolen and used by Pluto and the Mutates to hold fast the lady Sif, whom they kidnapped and brought to the post nuclear apocalyptic future to lure Thor I to his doom.  When the remote is destroyed in a battle with the thunder god, the machine ceases to operate. 
            First appearance:  TH1 #163

Atreus, Mr.    The agent of Midas, possibly a lawyer, who acts for his boss whenever his physical presence is not an option.  In his first appearance, he informed the security of Stark International that their services were no longer required, but to keep the unions quiet, also gave them full pay until they found other employment.
           First appearance:  IM1 #103

Atropos    One of the three Norns known for their power of divination.  In her first, the youthful Thor consulted she and her three sisters in his zealousness when he was trying to earn enough strength from his noble deeds to be able to wield his father's Uru hammer.  They told him that he would have to face death before he would earn that honor [JiM1 #102].  As Thor passes his test at the Twilight Well, the Norns grant him a gift of some of its waters, and, when Satrina balks at their generosity, she becomes duly repentant when they reveal themselves to be the Fates [TH1 #197].  While watching Thor battle Pluto through the Twilight Well, they decide that Thor's destiny is to not perish until the time of Ragnarok, and hey use their powers to stop the lord of Hades from killing the thunder god [TH1 #200].  After being distracted momentarily by Heimdall's mission on Earth, they return to watching Thor's struggle against Pluto [TH1 #201].   GA:  Norns (Fates).  REL:  Sister of Laecius and Klothos.
            First appearance (unnamed):  JiM1 #102     Named:  TH1 #201

Attilan    (The Hidden Land)  Home of the Inhumans in the Himalaya Mountains, before they moved to the moon.  It was originally located on an isolated island out in the ocean (later connected to Atlantis), and at this point, at the dawn of man, it's primary goal, although their technology was millennia beyond the prominent branch of the race, was the advancement of human knowledge [TH1 #146].  The ancient Attilan was visited by Sentry 459 to check up on the progress of his master's forgotten science project [TH1 #147].  It was accidentally wrecked when, shortly after his birth, Black Bolt first used his vocal powers [TH1 #148].  When it was learned that Attilan was in danger from the ignorant powerful menace known as man, Black Bolt decided that it would be best to relocate to a safer place which would become known as the Great Refuge [TH1 #152].
            First appearance:  FF1 #47

Attuma    Atlantean usurper from Skarka, sworn enemy of Sub-Mariner.  Wears a distinctive helmet that is somewhere between a crab and a shark's mouth.  In his first appearance, he gets his butt kicked by Namor [FF1 #33].  He bounces right back and tries to kidnap some human specimens to learn of some weakness he could exploit and got his butt kicked by Giant-Man I (he and his men are also shown to operate without the use of their breathing helmets) [TtA1 #64].  He bounces almost immediately back again, and in an attempt to take over the surface world by turning our atmosphere more liquid with a Nautillium shell, he ended up clashing with Iron Man I, who was testing one of Stark Industries new Mini-Subs in the area.  He used the sub to blow up the weapon, thwarting the plot [ToS1 #66].   Shortly afterward, he created his Floodtide Machine with which he was going to flood the surface world to make it easier to conquer, but he never counted on getting involved with the Avengers.  Although they had some disadvantages being underwater, they eventually, with the full team present, bested him by reversing the controls on his deadly device [AV1 #26-7].  He ran across the Atlantean people in Exodus and without Namor to protect them, and captured them and made slaves of them.  Namor showed up, and despite the Lemurian's advantage, he got his butt kicked and sent on his way [SUB #4].  Briefly, he teamed up with Ikthon (after the scientist's capture in  SUB #31) in an attempt to take Atlantis, but despite his advanced weaponry, his attempt was thwarted by Namor.  After the wedding, when the cat is out of the bag about his partner, he makes another attempt with another Earth Borer, but he doesn't stand much of a chance against the Avenging Son, whose bride had just been kidnapped [SUB #36-7].  Teams-up with Ikthon and gets his butt handed to him [MTU #14].    During one of his many attempts at the surface world, he teamed up with Red Ghost, who, with his cosmic ray technology, gave him the power to control sea life [DEF #7]. In need of new partners, Attuma (now able to breathe in the air) teams-up with Tiger Shark and Dr. Dorcas, and after taking Hydrobase, they capture Sub-Mariner [SVTU #1].  They haul Namor off to a cell specially prepared to hold the Sub-Mariner.  He and his partners are there when Doom arrives to rescue his own ally, and the Latverian monarch takes he and Tiger Shark down in one blast [SVTU #2].  Doom whisks Namor away from the fight, but soon returns with a more devious battle plan.  During the final fight, Attuma is bested by the Sub-Mariner and handed over to the Hydro-Men for safe keeping [SVTU #3].  He breaks free from Hydrobase, and, rejoining his armada, hatches a plan to capture the Avengers to use them against Namor, and, with his men, manages to nab most of them [AV1#154].  Equipped with Slave Collars, he sics them after Namor, starting at Hydrobase, while he heads off to Maryland to secure another ultimate weapon [SVTU #9].  He steals the Chloro-Beam from an Undersea Research Lab, and makes off with it when he fools Namor into believing that Beast, Whizzer I, and Wonder Man are working with him [AV1 #155].   He returns to his Citadel and converts the Beam to a Cell Stimulator, and pumps up Tyrak's size and strength.  the combined forces of Doom, the Avengers, and Namor overcome his base, and Doom makes off with the weapon.  He tries to retaliate with some missiles but gets decked hard by Namor [AV1 #156].    REL:  Father of Andromeda.  Consort of Lady Gelva.
            First appearance:  FF1 #33

     Attuma's Apoxy Mist    A special gas produced by Attuma's scientists with special generators that is stronger than steel and more powerful than the most magnetic field and appears in the shape of large sticky bubbles that, when generated in large amounts, form a net-like cluster that is big enough and strong enough to capture a commercial airliner in flight.  Attuma used it from his Island HQ to capture specimens to study for weaknesses.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Aqua-Screen Scope    A special viewer that allows the underwater dwellers to view the happenings on the surface from the safety of their underwater craft.  Attuma first used one to spot an approaching commercial airliner, allowing him to capture specimens to study for weaknesses that he could exploit for his future plans to conquer the surface.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Devil Machine    (Earth Borer)  A boring machine created under duress by Ikthon for Attuma with which he intended to bore up through the solid stone under unsuspecting cities to wreak havoc, and then the plan was to let it be captured and Sub-Mariner would naturally take the blame for something of obvious Altlantean manufacture.  Destroyed by Namor, Triton and Sting Ray.  Later, it is revealed that Ikthon hadn't been under duress when he built it, but had joined forces with the warlord, and a second one was used on Atlantis itself, but destroyed by Namor personally, taking his mad about his missing bride out on the vehicle, burying it and its owner in a landslide [SUB #37].
            First appearance:  SUB #31

     Attuma's Earth Borer  (see:  Attuma's Devil Machine)

     Attuma's Electric Armor    (destroyed) Special body armor, fed energy by an outside machine, not only made the Lemurian almost impervious to attack, it also discharged a powerful shock of electricity if an opponent came in contact with it.  Attuma first used it to fight the Sub-Mariner, who, after finding out that he'd killed his closest friends, challenged him to single combat.  At first, he was slaughtering his old foe with his new toy, but unbeknownst to him, forces behind the scenes (the still alive Lady Dorma, released from her cell by one of Attuma's own men, who he had recently blinded with a cheap shot) deactivated the power machine. Without the juice being fed to him, he was so much Spam in a can to the Avenging Son, who shredded his armor and kicked his butt royally.
            First appearance and destruction:  SUB #4

     Attuma's Electric Guns  Special hand held pistol shaped weapons that deliver a power blast of electricity in such a fashion that the user is left unharmed, even when used underwater.  It is presumed to be powerful enough to kill an ordinary human being.  One was first used by Dr. Dorcas to take down the Sub-Mariner, who was busy at the time knocking the snot out of Attuma and Tiger Shark, simultaneously [SVTU #1].  Dorcas was still using the weapon when he tried to get another shot at Namor from the sidelines while he was fighting his two partners, but he was crushed by an inoperative Octo-Mek before he could get a shot [SVTU #3].
            First appearance:  SVTU #1

     Attuma's Floodtide Machine    A device created by Attuma with which he intended to flood the surface world, kept at his underwater base in Capt Hattaras.  With incredible pressure, it caused the tide levels to increase drastically, but the machine was destroyed when Captain America I reversed the controls secretly, so the next time it was used, it directed the pressure back into the control room, causing it to explode.
            First appearance:  AV1 #26        Destroyed:  AV1 #27 

     Attuma's Island HQ  When he was attempting to capture humans to learn of any weakness that he could exploit, he hovered in his warship just below the surface of the ocean with a bogus island for his cover.  After his defeat at the hands of Giant-Man I, he was forced to jettison the counterfeit land mass to enable his escape.
            First appearance: TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Low Yield Ionic Ray    A weapon that delivers a blanket of low yield radiation that could render large numbers of people unconscious.  It was first used by Attuma and his new partners, Tiger Shark and Dr. Dorcas, to incapacitate the Hydro-Men population on Hydrobase just before they raided the place and took it over.  Among those affected were Dr. Henry Croft and Tamara Rahn, and, although Dr. Joe Jennings was also present, he was protected inside a radiation suit.
            First appearance:  SVTU #1

     Attuma's Octo-Meks    Saucer-like, underwater, single-man craft with a large force weapon located above the bubble cockpit and with powerful tentacle arms, giving them a slightly octopus-like or squid-like appearance.  The force rays were deadly, but evidently couldn't be fired often, and the arms were powerful enough to restrain even the might of the Sub-Mariner.  Worse yet, they had been designed to Ikthon who on the sly had sworn allegiance to the warlord.  Captained by Worta, they were used to attack Atlantis on Namor's wedding day, and might have succeeded if not for the unexpected arrival of the wedding guests from Lemuria, who, under Karthon, joined the fight and destroyed Attuma's new toys [SUB #36].  More of the devices were created and used to attack and take Hydrobase [SVTU #1].  Two of the Meks, the ones guarding the approach to the main facility on Hydrobase were destroyed when Doctor Doom took hypnotic control of the drivers and ordered them to smash together at full speed [SVTU #2].  When Doom and Namor attacked Hydrobase in a two front assault, the remaining Octo-Meks were sent after Doctor Doom in his airship and were disabled by some sort of electro-magnetic pulse.  One of the disabled Meks toppled over and crushed Dr. Dorcas, and the unexploded missiles from another gave the powerless Doom an out for escaping from Attuma's troops.  Two of these same missiles were used to then kill Saru-San [SVTU #3].
            First appearance and destruction:  SUB #36

     Attuma's Paralysis Beam    A concentrated stasis field used to keep a subject immobile.  They first used the Beam to hold Janet Van Dyne after they'd removed her from a captive commercial airliner to use as a guinea pig for the study on humans, but she was freed by her estranged beau, Giant-Man I when he smashed either projector with a double karate chop.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Paralysis Ray    A weapon employed by Attuma's men that rendered a target temporarily unable to move, and they came in all shapes and sizes, including a double barreled version.  One was first used to put the crew of a captured commercial airliner on ice when they attempted to prevent them from taking one of the passengers, Janet Van Dyne, as their guinea pig.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Robotron    A large armored vehicle that resembles a siege tower on treads which allows the undersea troops to ravel on land.  It has large extending arms and is capable of picking up objects as large as a commercial airliner, but doesn't show any signs of any weaponry.
            First appearance:  TtA1 #64

     Attuma's Slave Collars    Devices that are fit around the necks of the victims, and, although it doesn't affect their everyday thoughts or actions, it does make it extremely painful to go against any orders given by Attuma.  In their first appearance, the Avengers are fitted with a set of these (including tiny ones for Wasp and Yellowjacket I) and ordered to locate and kill the Sub-Mariner.  When they reached Hydrobase, they tried to counter the commands, and it nearly killed some of them, especially Scarlet Witch who was already injured.  When the Avengers found Doctor Doom in residence, they didn't need any special orders to go after the villain, and, where it didn't countermand the original orders, they were allowed to duke it out with Doom and the Hydro-Men [SVTU #9].
            First appearance:  SVTU #9

     Attuma's Sleep Ray     A small hand held pistol like device which emits a burst of sizzling power that instantly induces sleep.  It was first used to deal with the Scarlet Witch and her hex powers when the Avengers invaded Attuma's command ship when he was trying to flood the surface world.
            First appearance:  AV1 #26

     Attuma's Undersea Fortress    A huge, armored submarine that Attuma was using as his base of operations, and was powered by Hydronic Engines.  In its first appearance, they ran across the Atlanteans in Exodus and without Namor around to protect them, so Attuma thought it was an ideal time to attack and get his revenge.  They slapped the leaders in cells and turned the rest into slaves, working their mining operations.  Namor arrived and tricked his way aboard and was proceeding to kick Atuma's but his all out attack was halted when he was told that Dorma, Vashti, and Seth were all dead.  Namor challenged Attuma to single combat, and the warlord pulled out his Electric Armor, and proceeded to kick his butt.  However, the very much alive Dorma escaped her cell with the help of one of Attuma's own men and wrecked the machine that was feeding his armor power.  Attuma got his butt handed to him, and they were sent on their way.
            First appearance:  SUB #4

          Undersea Fortress' Hydronic Engine    A specialized engine on Attuma's Undersea Fortress that evidently used the water itself as its power source.  It was first mentioned when Attuma gave the order to move in on the errant Atlanteans and the Hydronic Engines were engaged at full speed.
            First mention:  SUB #4

     Attuma's Weapon Supreme    (destroyed)  A large weapon developed by the Atlantean scientist Ikthon which could pull the oxygen out of large amounts of sea water, essentially suffocating any water breathers nearby.  It was used as a fall-back when the attack Atlantis with his new Octo-Meks failed and was meant to kill everyone left after his men had retreated.  But, before it could complete its work, it was destroyed by Namor, who had tunneled under the device to escape its effects.
            First appearance and destruction:  SUB #36

     Attuma's Y-Ray Tank    A large mobile piece of artillery that is essentially a Y-Ray weapon mounted on treads with the operators in an open but shielded cockpit. Although it was not determined exactly what Y Rays are, but evidently it is a non-lethal burst of force.  When the Avengers invaded his command ship to stop him from using his Flood Tide Machine, he held it in reserve in case his normal defenses didn't hold.  Before he could order his men to make use of it, Scarlet Witch took it over with one of her hexes and began to use it on Attuma's own men, giving Captain America I time to sabotage the target of their mission.
             First appearance:  AV1 #27

Atum    (see:  Demogorge)  Sun god created by a union between the Earth Goddess and the God of Creation as a force to counter the evil of the other Elder Gods.  Immensely powerful and wielding the power of the Sun, he began slaying the demons created by Set and Chthon, and in consuming their forms and energies for a time took on their appearance.  But when his work was done, he dispersed his demonic form and merged with the Sun itself.  REL:  Son of Gaea and Demiurge.
            First appearance:  SS3 AN. #2?

Atum-Re    (see:  Odin, 'Very Old One' "Lord of Heaven')  The sire of all the Egyptian gods form some 8000 years ago.  Long since gone from the world of men, his return was to herald the release of the Egyptian Pantheon who were imprisoned by Seth in the Great Pyramid.  After 2000 years, the Pyramid appeared in California where the amnesiac Odin was present, and Osiris, Isis, and Horus brainwashed him with the Ceremony of Rebirth, imbuing him with the spirit of Atum-Re.  In his first appearance, he brings an end to the fight between Thor I and Horus, and isn't any too happy to have a stranger beating on one of his children [TH1 #240].  When he hesitates to destroy Thor, the Egyptians are a little worried that the conditioning might be broken, and Osiris strikes a deal with the thunder god to free his father if he agrees to help them defeat Seth.  When they are assailed by Seth's Legions, Atum-Re in his brainwashed state is unable to properly wield the Atum-Force, and Thor is forced to take over.  However, when Thor is in danger of Seth's death touch, Odin, with Jane Foster's help, shakes off the brainwashing and blows off Seth's right hand [TH1 #241].
            First appearance (as Odin):  TH1 #240

Audience    An alien race who evolved on an energy orb in space as pieces of one mind, and when the orb was consumed, they traveled to another world and they found that they could feed on the subtle energies released by mortal combat as they had once fed on their orb.  So, they hoarded food and valuables and set up arenas and paid combatants to fight while they watched and fed off the energy and eventually became legendary in the universal fight business.  It was one of their events that the Silver Surfer stumbled across and believed to be real mortal combat, when he learned the truth, he was disgusted, particularly when they manipulated him into participating anyway.  He ruined their operation on that planet, but they escaped with the whole company via their teleporter.  The Audience are small humanoid creatures with frog-like features and what appears to be flower petals for eyes.
            First appearance:  SS3 #39

Audrey II    A trawler off the coast of Scotland that was buzzed by the X-Men in their Blackbird on the way to Muir Island after the escape of Mutant X/Proteus II.
            First appearance:  UXM #126

Audumbla    (see:  Magic Cow)

August Personage of Jade    The title of the leader of the people of K'un-L'un.  In recent history, the title was held at first by Tuan and then, after his death, by his son, Yu-ti.
            First appearance:  ?

Aul, Lesley    An ambulance driver in New Jersey who criticized the practice of the doctors who kept letting Dorothy Walker return home despite her frail condition.  She was told in no uncertain terms that she should stick to driving her ambulance and leave the health care to the professionals.
            First appearance:  DEF #88

AUNTIE    (Automatic-Neuro Robot)    Housekeeping robot created by Reed Richards to keep the Baxter Building HQ free of the debris caused by clashes between the thing and the Human Torch II.  Resembles greatly the primary incarnation of Ultron.
            First appearance:  FF1 #119

Auntie Freeze    (Ann Fraley)  GA:  the Grapplers.
            First appearance:  TNG #33

Aunt Martha's Home Made Pies    A large, industrial facility that is seen in a swing-by when Spider-Man is out searching NYC for signs of the newly released Scorpion.
            First appearance:  ASM #145

Aurgelmir    (see:  Ymir)

Auric    (Zhao Kwan)  GA:  China Force, Gamma Flight.  REL:  Brother of Silver.
            First appearance ALF1 #76

Aurora    (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier 'Baptiste')  A mutant with the ability to not only move at super speed and fly, when she comes in physical contact with her brother, they are able to produce incredible amount of light.  Unfortunately, in her upbringing, her powers were seen as evil and she was grievously mistreated n an attempt to drive them out, causing her personality to split in two, one the wild and free super hero, and the other a dowdy school teacher in LeValle, Quebec.  Under Vindicator I and Department H, years were spent trying to find a common ground between the two, and eventually, after discovering that she had a sibling, she was able to function as a member of their super team, but still, in times of stress occasionally regressed and became the powerless Jeanne-Marie.  In their first outing, they were ordered by the prime minister himself to recapture Wolverine, who had separated from Dept. H to become and X-Man, and they forced the team to reroute to Calgary on their way back from Japan.  She and her brother were responsible for capturing Nighcrawler, and later, when the fight between the two teams got personal, Wolverine surrendered to keep his friends from being hurt.    GA:  Alpha Flight.  REL:  'Sister' of Northstar.  Daughter of Danae.
            First cameo appearance:  UXM #120        First full appearance:  UXM #121

Auto Age Fanzine    A popular magazine directed at car fanciers and enthusiasts.  It is first seen when Handsome Harry Phillips poses as an editor from the magazine and gets in under Johnny Storm's guard pretending that he wanted an interview about his modified Stingray, just to give the rest of the Terrible Trio a chance to take down the Torch.
            First appearance:  ST1 #122

Auto-Boxer    A remote controlled robot boxer designed by the Eternals to test skill in combat and for sport.
            First appearance:  ETN #5

Autocrons    An advanced robotic race from the planet Cron which operate on controlled fission (making them essentially walking a-bombs) and which are bent on universal domination with a great disdain for biological life.  They send out agents called Rovers to locate and identify potential targets for invasion, and, once a planet is chosen, after sending word to the fleet, they spend the rest of the time softening up the target as Holocaust Specialist.    One of these agents, using a Trans-Dimensional Space-Time Bridge, duped the humans into bringing him to Earth, where he began his campaign to prepare for the coming conquest, despite the best efforts of the military and Machine Man.  When they received the message in space, the Admiral gave his approval to the target, despite its remote location, solely on he past track record of the seasoned Rover, and gave orders to turn the fleet for the third planet in quadrant 43269-MD5.  When they reach the orbit of Jupiter, they encounter the approaching form of the Rover, and too late realize the danger.  He was rewired by MM so that his internal fission formed a Nova Bomb, and his detonation destroyed the entire fleet [MM #6].   Members include:  Ten-For [first seen member], Autocron Admiral [MM #5],
            First appearance (As Ten-For):  MM #3       As race:  MM #5

Autocron Admiral    (deceased)  The supreme leader of the Autocron invasion fleet, who resembles the other living robots in his command except that he wears a red helmet denoting his superiority.  When the message comes in about a new target from Ten-For, he officially approves it on the Rover's laurels and orders the fleet to Earth.  Although it is not specifically shown, it is presumed that he died with the rest of the fleet when Ten-For was sent back toward them, rewired as a Nova Bomb by Machine Man.
            First appearance:  MM #5        Death:  MM #6

Autocron Cruiser M5174    (destroyed)  One of the foremost cruisers in the Autocron invasion fleet and was the one to first spot the approach of their rover, Ten-For, who had been rewired by Machine Man into a Nova Bomb.  The danger wasn't perceived until it was too late, and the entire fleet was destroyed.
            First appearance and destruction:  MM #6

Autocron Trans-Dimensional Space-Time Bridge    A device, known as the Instrument, which opens a gateway, breaking through the dimension barrier, from one point in space to another, which could be light years apart.  The opening causes a powerful vacuum which pulls things from one place and replaces them with another.  Ten-For duped Machine Man into creating one so that he could trade places with psychiatric patient Mr. Price, but the switch was prevented, although the Autocron Rover destroyed the device so that he could not be sent back.  However, because the equipment came from MM's own body, he was able to duplicate the effect when he sent Ten-For back to destroy the approaching fleet.
            First appearance:  MM #3

Autocron Vertigo Inducer    A small cylindrical device that, when used on other mechanical life forms, attaches to the control center of the victim and causes them to lose control of their bodies.  Ten-For used one on Machine Man, attaching it to his forehead, and it had to be cut loose with a laser from the inside of his brain casing to get it off.  It is uncertain what the device would do to a biological entity.
            First appearance:  MM #3

Autolycus, Captain    (deceased)  The Sark captain of the starship, Great Divide (a death ship of the Universal Church of Truth) who was the first victim of Adam Warlock's Soul Gem and his soul became the first resident of Soul World.  A Black Knight of the Church, he was fiercely loyal to his masters and very tenacious in carrying out his duties, even as the captain of a death ship, and he was imbued with X-Powers which made him stronger and faster and more aware than the average bear.  In his first appearance, with a brig full of heretics slated for termination, he ran across Adam Warlock in space and captured him, but when he reported the matter back to Homeworld, the Matriarch ordered him to murder the man before they reached port.  Although he wasn't comfortable with that, he didn't question orders, but before he could act on the command, Warlock spearheaded a revolt amongst the prisoners.  He ordered V-Gas to be released, but his men began to disappear one by one until Warlock reached the bridge.  With orders to still carry out, he took it upon himself to kill Warlock, using his Power Staff, but, during the fight, Warlock's Soul Gem came to life on its own and absorbed him into it, leaving a body that was neither alive or dead [ST1 #179].  Warlock is put on trial for his murder [ST1 #180].    GA:  Black Knights, Universalites.
            First appearance and death:  ST1 #179

     Autolycus' Power Staff     A weighted metal truncheon that apparently channels his X-Power creating a very effective hand-to-hand weapon.  After his crew was wiped out almost single-handedly by Adam Warlock, he faced him in single battle and broke out the Staff as his weapon of choice, turning him into a killing machine.  However, when he was disarmed during the fight, he reverted to his side arm.
            First appearance:  ST1 #179

Auzer Belath    A demon.
            First appearnce:  DEF #59

Avalanche    (Dominic Petros)  REL:  Husband of Helen Petros.  GA:  Brotherhood of Evil Mutants II, Freedom Force.
            First appearance:  UXM #141

Avalon    The giant, living metal Sub-Worlder slave that worked and lived his entire life on one of the Black Stars Matter Scoops.  Although he had never experienced the outside world, he could never wrap his mind around the idea of being born and living his life in slavery, and yearned for the prophesied heroes to arrive to free he and his people.  He is known as a knight of the Inner Realm (the Scoop interior).  In his first appearance, while gazing out at the stars, he was the first to see the approach of Thor I and his friends in their Star Jammer, and hoping beyond hope that these were the foretold ones, he attacked them to test their mettle.  Their power and courage quickly surpassed his expectations, and he invited them aboard as though they were old friends.  By the time they'd reached the inner more populated sections of the Scoop, he had explained their situation there, and the thunder god and company agreed to help them.  As he and Thor went topside and the Scoop was lowered toward the planet surface, they were attacked by the Protector, who had been built to stave off their expected rebellion, and he threw himself in harm's way to protect the thunder god.  After Thor defeated the guardian robot, they entered the planet's atmosphere and faced Kragonn, one of the Masters [TH1 #219]. Their best shot little more than a flea bite to the giants, Avalon and the Asgardians did little more than keep the opposition busy while Jukka and his pals brought the mater to a peaceful close, defeating the Black Stars and freeing the Sub-Worlders [TH1 #220].  GA:  Black Stars Sub-Worlder.
            First appearance:  TH1 #219

Avalon    (the Isle Mystic)  An island standing between Earth and the Dark Realm.
            First full appearance in the MU:  AV1 #225

Avatar    (form. Princess Alaisa Pethnan)    The spoilt Kharta'een princess who, in order to win the love of the Silver Surfer, conjured the deity, Mistress Love and pledged service to her to be granted extra powers.  Love not only gave her powers but changed her appearance as well, turning her into a white gowned Amazon with white fluffy wings and a bow for a weapon, and the ability to survive the vacuum of space.  Her gift came with a warning not to give in to the temptation of Hate, who appeared as soon as the deity took her leave.  She gave in and received his refinements that didn't surface until she had confronted the Surfer again and was again refused.  Her wings became razor sharp, her costume became a black body suit, and the bow became a power staff capable of firing powerful concussive blasts.  Surfer brushed her off again, and now she it gunning for the man she once craved.
            First appearance:  SS3 #66

Avengers    A team of super powered heroes brought together originally to fight Loki and they decided to make an institution of it, settling themselves in the family mansion of the Stark family and re-dubbing it Avengers Mansion, and with an almost constantly changing roster of members, with others dropping back as reservists rather than active teammates. They were brought together accidentally when Loki was trying to lure his brother back to Asgard, and, after setting up the Hulk to look like he was on a rampage again, redirected an SOS from the Teen Brigade away from the Fantastic Four and to Thor I.  The call also got received by Ant-Man I and the Wasp and Iron Man I, who answered the call to New Mexico.  Yet to be a team, Thor figured out who was behind the matter and went to deal with him directly, while the others dealt with subduing the Hulk.  Thor returned with the culprit in tow and broke up the fight, and when the dust settled, Hank Pym suggested that they form a team, which Wasp then named [AV1 #1].  Hulk leaves the team and becomes an active concern [AV1 #2].  They go after the Hulk, who teams-up with Namor [AV1 #3].  Team gets word that Thor is rampaging across the city, but leave him to solve his personal problem [JiM1 #101].  Team clashes with Hulk and Namor teamed-up, and find Cap frozen in ice [AV1 #4].  They tackle the Lava Men [AV1 #5].  At the end of their weekly meeting, Jan steps in it inquiring about Thor's private life [JiM1 #105].   The Avengers clash with the original Masters of Evil [AV1 #6].  When they face the Masters of Evil's new line-up, they are nearly overcome when Thor is made to turn against his teammates [AV1 #7].    The Avengers attempt to aid Thor in besting Loki, but he says that it is his personal business [JiM1 #108].The team clashes with Kang for the first time [AV1 #8].  After reviewing a newsreel of Spider-Man battling the Hulk (from ASM #14), the team renews their interest in the green goliath, and Giant-Man I and Wasp go to NM, to confront their old member (Dr. Zemo is mentioned here in a news paper) [TtA1 #59].  They were infiltrated by Wonder-Man, who was a Masters of Evil plant, but he turned against them even at the cost of his own life [AV1 #9].  They had a rematch with the Master of Evil who were trying to recruit Immortus [AV1 #10]. They were lured into a deathtrap by a bogus Spider-Man created by Kang, and saved by the real one [AV1 #11].  Thor drops in on the Mansion for some help, but when the new members show their cockiness, he leaves without asking their assistance [JiM1 #120].  Cap finishes telling the crew about his adventure in the castle of Dr. Rawlings from WW II [ToS1 #72].  They were betrayed by their loyal butler, Jarvis, and captured by the Ultron-V and the Masters of Evil II, but rescued by Black Knight III [AV1 #54-5].  The Mansion is attacked by Vision, and they have reat difficulty overcoming his powers [AV1 #58].  The NYC police commissioner contacts them about the Helmet of Power but the request is refused with the Vision still on their hands [SUB #8]. Hank and Jan take a leave of absence from the team, and Quicksilver comes to them for help when Wanda is kidnapped by Akron.  They don't believe him until they discover that the Imperion has also kidnapped the planet's foremost nuclear scientists and plans to blow up the planet [AV1 #75].  When Wakanda started experiencing severe seismic disturbances, Panther was briefly called home to deal with it [AST #6-7].  Later, they were called in to stop the Titans Three from wrecking the new Nuclear Weather Control Station and went toe to toe with Hulk, Sub-mariner, and Silver Surfer [SUB #35]. The team saves Iron Man I from the clutches of the White Dragon I's henchmen and get brushed off [IM1 #39].  When the team learns that Mr. Dibbs, with the help of Black Bolt, plans to level a city block in San Francisco, they plan to lend a hand, but Thor convinces them to let him handle the matter solo [AA2 #8]. (9/71)    Falcon comes to the Mansion to get help over a bogus Captain America, but they screw-up and the fourth Cap gets the location of Steve Rogers [CAP1 #154].  The Avengers place the blind and crazed Loki in the care of Tom Fagan [AV1 #119].  The team are concerned about Cap's recent murder charge, and Iron Man gives Falcon the chance to deal with Cap before they get involved [CAP1 #171].  The Avengers issue a press release about Captain America's retirement [CAP1 #177].  Iron Man I gets notice that Loki is free and seeking revenge [TH1 #232].  The Avengers, along with all the other heroes except Thor, are trapped in force fields created by Loki [TH1 #233].  Most of the team is attacked by Attuma's thugs and captured [AV1 #154].  They are fitted with Slave Collars and sent after Namor to kill him, but when they arrive on Hydrobase, they end up clashing with Doctor Doom and the Hydro-Men [SVTU #9].  The team was attacked by the Super-Adaptoid at the Mansion, but he was sent to the Negative Zone by the fast thinking of Captain Marvel [CM #50].  The team is approached by Magneto for help against Doctor Doom taking over the world only to find they are already under his control.  Magneto takes Beast with him, and they go out seeking help [SVTU #14].  The Avengers, like everyone else, are freed when the Champions defeat Doom [CHM #16].  The Avengers (between AV1 #14-15) witness Rick Jones dreaming that he's a super hero [CAP1 #221].  While Thor and Iron Man go into space to defeat FAUST, the rest of the Avengers head for Project 13 to protect it [TH1 #271].  The team helps out Ms. Marvel against Centurion and get their butts handed to them [MsM #18].  The team contacts Dr. Strange about the destruction of the Black Knight III statue [DrST2 #29].  Following a big party sponsored by SI, the team are on hand when Cap has a major identity crisis, and they help him on the path back to the truth [CAP1 #224].  IM brings the Unicorn to YJ to find a cure for the Hyper-Activator radiation, and the team got their butts handed to them by the one villain, they got trashed by Arsenal, let into the Mansion by the other [IM1 #114]. They hand over the bodies of Jason Beere and Unicorn to IM for cold storage and then go looking for Arsenal [IM1 #115]. The Avengers take on Korvac [AV1 #176-7].  During their down time afterward, Cap is the only one down, and Iron Man gives him a pull yourself up by your bootstraps talk [CAP1 #228].  With most of the team out, when Cap shows up needing funds, no one can oblige until Jarvis comes up with the pantry money [CAP1 #229].  The statue of the Knight is restored, and they hand it back to Dr. Strange [DrST2 #35].  When Iron Man is wanted for murder, Cap takes over as chairman and the team is divided on his innocence [IM1 #125].  Falcon drops in on the mansion looking for Cap and finds Steve starting his new life by moving to Brooklyn [CAP1 #237].  When Cap thnks of running for president, each member of the team has a different opinion of why he should or shouldn't accept the nomination [CAP1 #250].  Team consists of:  Thor I, Hulk, Ant-Man I, Wasp, Iron Man I {all founding members}, Giant Man I [AV1 #2], Captain America I [AV1 #4], Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver [AV1 #16], Swordsman (briefly) [AV1 #20], Goliath I [AV1 #28], Wasp rejoins [AV1 #29], Hercules [AV1 #45], Black Panther [AV1 #52], Vision [AV1 #58], Yellowjacket I, Goliath II [AV1 #63], Black Knight III [AV1 #71], Black Widow [AV1 #111], Mantis [AV1 #114], Beast, Moondragon [AV1 #137], Hellcat [AV1 #144], Ms. Marvel [AV1 #183], Falcon [AV1 #184], Wonder Man [AV1 #194], Tigra [AV1 #211], She-Hulk [AV1 #221], Captain Marvel II, Starfox [AV1 #231], Sub-Mariner [AV1 #264], Doctor Druid [AV1 #278], Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Gilgamesh [AV1 #300], Quasar [AV1 #305], Sersi [AV1 #314], Spider-Man [AV1 #315], Rage [AV1 #329], Rick Jones, Jocasta [honorary members]
            First appearance:  AV1 #1    

     Avengers A-1 Priority    A card issued to members of the Avengers that give them privileges with other government agencies.  Steve Rogers used his to get access to the restricted records at the pentagon [CAP1 #220].
            First appearance:  CAP1 #222

     Avengers Air-Car    A rocket powered sled invented by Tony Stark that supposedly has unlimited range because, as it cruses at top speed, it constantly recharges the generators.  Goliath I used one of the air scooters to take him down to South America to consult Dr. Franz Anton about a cure for his condition which has left him stuck at 10 feet tall.  It was sight of this sled on the news that told his team mates where he was.
            First appearance:  AV1 #30

     Avenger's Air Cruiser    The final precursor of the Quinjet as primary transportation for the Avengers.
            First appearance:  AV1 #57

     Avenger's Air-Ship    The flying craft adopted by the Avengers after the destruction of their jet-Copter.
            First appearance:  AV1 #14

     Avenger's Astro-Fighter    (destroyed)  A small one man flying attack craft designed for the Avengers by Stark International and test flown by Wonder Man against the Griffin, who had attacked the Mansion looking for a fight that would force his body to further mutate.  The fighter was equipped with several different weapons in ports on the nose of the craft, but only the blaster rays were employed in the battle before Griffin tore Simon from the cockpit, causing the craft to crash and burn.  The Griffin then tried to use the burning wreckage to crush Wondy and Spider-Man, but the flames frightened his now more animalistic mind, and he dropped the full weight on top of himself.
            First appearance and destruction:  MTU #78

     Avengers Blood Analyzer    A machine in the Mansion Bio-Chem Lab that almost immediately analyzes blood samples for outside contaminants.  It was first employed by Captain America I when he was trying to understand the weird bee-like stings on his shoulder, and it discovered that he'd been juiced up with Brazilian spider venom (courtesy of Tarantula I and Senor Muerte II), which was intended to kill him instead of just remove his memory.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #224

     Avengers Compound    Home of the West Coast Avengers, located in California.
            First appearance:  AV1 #246

     Avengers De-Oxygenating Gun    A pistol-like device that emits multi-colored pellets that effervesce and remove the air from the affected area, and it is connected to some sort of auxiliary belt pack.  Whirlwind stole the device from Avengers HQ and used it to stop Ant-Man I when he was trying to kidnap the Wasp from their Long Island home.  It was affective, but it's affects didn't last long enough to keep Hank permanently out of the fight.  It is uncertain what the Avengers had such a device for.
           First appearance:  MFT #6

     Avengers Descent Bags    Large, inflatable bags that attack to the arms and legs and can be used in lieu of a parachute.  Captain America I used a set of them when Iron Man I dropped him off in a Quin-jet over Newfoundland in his search for his missing past, and they allowed him to glide safely to the ground.
            First appearance:  CAP1 #218

     Avenger's Electro-Rod    A piece of scientific equipment donated to the Avengers by Tony Stark that evidently becomes somehow electrified with deadly levels of current, but no real purpose was ever defined.  It was used, however, shortly after being donated, by the Mad Thinker and his Triumvirate of Terror to do away with the whole team of Avengers, but they were rescued by Hercules.
            First appearance:  AV1 #39

     Avenger's Electro Scanner     A device created by Hank Pym that enables the user to do a fast, wide spread scan to locate biological matter.  Iron Man I, at Bill Foster's insistence, used it to scan the ruins of Hank and Janet Pym's house when it was believed that they had perished in the fire but found no evidence of them in the immediate area.  When used, it was evidently somehow incorporated in IM's armor.
            First appearance:  MFT #9

     Avenger's Emergency Fund    A sizable account set aside, presumably by Tony Stark, to cover the damages incurred by the team members when doing their hero thing.  When Thor shattered the pavement of a neighborhood to prevent a young boy from being run over by a truck, he referred the authorities to the fund to pay for the extensive damages [JiM1 #108].
            First mention:  ?

     Avengers Emergency HQ    The base of operations used when Nefaria's 3-D duplicates of the heroes had taken over the mansion.
            First appearance:  AV1 #13

     Avengers Hovercraft    A small, multi-person transport that resembles a helicopter without rotors and is relatively easy to operate.  One was borrowed by Sif and Hildegarde when they were staying at Avengers Mansion to take them over to the park overlooking the Hudson.  When they encountered the Absorbing Man there, they rushed on board to get their working togs out of the lockers along one wall [TH1 #206].
            First appearance:  TH1 #206

     Avenger's Jet-Copter    The mode of transportation the Avengers used before they acquired their Quinjets.  First used in their pursuit of the Hulk.  Mentioned again when Captain America I dropped in unexpectedly on Giant-Man I at his Manhattan HQ through one of the windows [TtA1 #58].  After Giant-Man and the Wasp took it to New England on a scientific outing, they returned to NYC, to find that Thor I had been turned against them, and he shreds the copter.
            First appearance:  FF1 #25        Destroyed by the Masters of Evil I:  AV1 #7

     Avenger's Jet-Stream Cruiser    One of the pre-cursor of the Quinjet.  Long range transportation for the new team of Avengers.
            First appearance:  AV1 #17

     Avenger's Land Cruiser    A futuristic high speed hovercraft car, which, in its first appearance, was borrowed by Iron Man, whose armor had been damaged, to reach Stark International in Long Island from his destroyed apartment at the Alexander Arms in Manhattan.
            First appearance:  IM1 #116

     Avengers Mansion    Home of the primary Avengers team, the one time Stark family home, located in New York.  Most of the main team live on site in the bedrooms of the upper floors, and most of the labs and training rooms are located below street level.  Cap is attacked by Bull and his gang while Captain America I is on monitor duty, mistakenly thinking that he was the weakest link of the team, and Edwin Jarvis is established as the team's butler.  It is also revealed that the Avengers have a large bank vault like safe located on the first floor of the Mansion [ToS1 #59].  Thor drops in on the Mansion for some help, but when the new members show their cockiness, he leaves without asking their assistance [JiM1 #120].  Quicksilver, looking for help from the team, broke in and managed to circumvent most of the new security systems [AV1 #75].   Black Widow popped in in hopes of getting her head straight, going right through security, but because Goliath II was on hand, she decided against the visit [AA2 #7] (7/71).  When Thor and the other Asgardians are exiled on Earth, they crash the Mansion and are made as welcome as Jarvis could manage [TH1 #204].  Falcon comes to the Mansion looking for help against a bogus Captain America, but Cap IV had already gained access himself and discovers the secret location of Steve Rogers [CAP1 #154].  The police contact Avengers Mansion when Absorbing Man starts tearing up downtown, and Jarvis sends Thor out to answer the call [TH1 #206].  When Ulik invades the city, with the Avengers out, Jarvis recruits the Warriors Three [TH1 #211].  Balder and Volstagg leave the Mansion after the former recovers his sanity [TH1 #216].  Cap comes to the Mansion to make his final decision about giving up the long john set, and, although his friends and coworkers try to convince him otherwise, his decision to quit stands [CAP1 #176].  Thor pops in on the Mansion to use the Memory Inducer on Hercules, but the Olympian tears up the place until he can be shaken from his waking nightmare [TH1 #230].  Sif collects Herc to seek a way to cure Jane Foster, and Iron Man I gets word that Loki has escaped from Tom Fagan and is ready to strike [TH1 #232].  Avengers Mansion is sealed in a force field created by Loki [TH1 #233].  Iron Man and Firelord punch through the force field to allow the ex-herald to escape, and, it is presumed that the barrier dropped when Loki was bested [TH1 #234].  Magneto comes to the Mansion looking for help against Doom taking over the world only to find that they are under his control already [SVTU #14].  Captain America brings the girl Veda to the Mansion for safe keeping, and learns another clue to his past from the Sub log down in the Submarine Dock [CAP1 #218].  Veda is still cooling her heels under Jarvis' watchful eye [CAP1 #220].  Cap calls to check up on Veda, but Jarvis informs him that she's left and headed for Washington [CAP1 #222].  Cap stumbles to the Mansion with a different face and amnesia, and the team helps him on the path to finding himself [CAP1 #224].  Following the Korvac affair, the Avengers are enjoying some down time, all except Cap, and after Iron Man I gives  him a pep talk, he saves a young boy in front of the mansion [CAP1 #228].  With most of the team out, when Cap shows up needing funds, no one can oblige until Jarvis comes up with the pantry money [CAP1 #229].  Falcon drops in on the mansion looking for Cap and finds Steve starting his new life by moving to Brooklyn [CAP1 #237].  Cap, who is thinking of running for president, fights through the media mob camped out in front of the Mansion and gets very divided advice from the other Avengers [CAP1 #250].
            First appearance:  AV1 #2        Cut away diagram:  AV AN #1

          Avenger's Mansion Auxiliary Piledriver    One of the security devices installed in the mansion to deal with super powered intruders.  It is essentially a reinforced ramrod that was designed to drop out of the ceiling and stop anyone that had the misfortune to be under it.   It was first activated by Jarvis when he was alone in the Mansion and an intruder managed to get inside, not realizing it was Quicksilver.  Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough to stop the mutant speedster.
            First appearance:  AV1 #75

          Avenger's Mansion Divisory Panel    One of the security devices installed in the mansion to deal with super powered intruders.  A reinforced door near the radio room that was designed to drop into place to stop the progress of anyone on the other side of it.  It was first activated by Jarvis when he was alone in the Mansion and an intruder managed to get inside, not realizing that it was Quicksilver.  The speedster first ricocheted off the door, but was quick enough to reverse direction and get under it before it closed.
            First appearance:  AV1 #75

     Avenger's Memory Inducer    A device used to delve into the minds of people to extract specific information, probably an upgraded version of the Subliminal Recall Inducer.  It consists of a table covered with electronics and a clear dome that is lowered over the face of the subject.  It was first used by the Avengers to look into Hercules' mind, but without much success because it didn't have the juice to penetrate the Olympian's brain [AV1 #99].  It was later used again for the same purpose, to look into Hercules' mind, but this time Thor I used Mjolnir to give the power input an extra boost.  It is uncertain whether it would have worked because Herc awoke during the procedure, and, in the throws of a waking nightmare, began to tear the place apart [TH1 #230].
            First appearance:  AV1 #99

     Avengers Multi-Digital Sensor Scan    A new computerized piece of scanning equipment similar to radar that was installed in the Avengers Mansion.  It was first used to identify the Ark that Stegron was using to transport dinosaurs to NYC from the Savage Land.  It was spotted by Jarvis, and Black Panther went to investigate, rescuing Spider-Man in the nick of time.
            First mention:  MTU #20

     Avengers Prometheus Priority    A code word for the Avengers which indicates that there is a suspected trap.  Used by the Black Panther when he was being held as bait for the rest of the team by the Lethal Legion.
            First employed:  AV1 #79 

     Avengers Quinjet    Avengers primary mode of transportation, a dual engine aircraft of Wakandan design.  Beast uses a Quinjet to pick up Wonderman on the 30th floor of a hospital after the other Avengers are captured by Attuma's goons [SVTU #9]. Iron Man borrowed one to take him to red China in a hurry to save Michael O'Brien and to stop Mandarin from starting WW III [IM1 #99].  When Beast is forced to team-up with Magneto in order to stop Doctor Doom from taking over the world, they used a Quinjet to look for help and ended up at the Champion's Building [SVTU #14].  Failing to convince the Champions, Beast and magneto returned to the east coast [CHM#16].  Iron Man I used one to take Captain America I to Newfoundland in his search for his past [CAP1 #218].  Iron Man borrowed one that was specially equipped for space flight to investigate the point of origin of the Growing Man, which took them to the moon, where they crash landed [IM1 #109].  Cap borrows a Quin-Jet so he and Daredevil can follow Dr. Faustus' Dirigible [CAP1 #236].
            First appearance:  AV1 #61

     Avengers Scout Ship     A small transistor powered flying craft (presumable provided by Stark Industries) that is completely silent and operates like an automobile.  Captain America I used one for the first time when the Avengers were trying to find the newly brainwashed Black Widow and her crew that were trying to kill them.
            First appearance:  AV1 #30

     Avengers Subliminal Recall Inducer    An invention by Tony Stark which enables the Avengers to recall memories from their subconscious.  It is a large device with a seat in front that places the users head between to induction coils.  Hawkeye was using the device in an attempt to remember how their new magnetically encoded message center works, because A:  he hadn't paid any attention when Cap first explained it to him and his teammates, and B:  to find out where the errant team had got off to.
            First appearance:  AV1 #26

     Avengers Submarine    A full sized submarine used by the Avengers and kept in a dry dock below the Mansion.  It was first used by the team when they were trying to subdue the Hulk and ended up fighting the Sub-Mariner as well on a deserted island.  On the way back from their mission, they stumbled across Captain America I [AV1 #4].  Later, Cap, while searching for his past, consulted the log record kept from that fateful mission, and learned a clue to where he was before going into suspended animation [CAP1 #218].
          First appearance:  AV1 #4

     Avenger Thermo-Reviver Discs    A medical device which, when manipulated in a certain way, help a patient recover consciousness.  What their actual medicinal purpose or function is is not determined, but they were used, unsuccessfully to revive Goliath I when he was first stuck at the height of 10 feet.
            First appearance:  AV1 #29

     Avengers Ultra-Rejuvenator    The device employed by the Avengers to try and jump start Tony Stark (Iron Man I) when his heart fails after his affair with the LMD Tony Stark sicced on Stark Industries by Midas and Madame Masque.  It keeps him alive long enough to get him to the hospital but no one's heart can stand to be hooked up to it for more than two or three days, so a more permanent solution had to be found.
            First appearance:  IM1 #18

     Avenger's Wing-Jet    Another pre-cursor of the Quinjet, used by the team to reach El Dorado in South America.  Unlike some of their other contemporary vehicles, this one was designed to travel long distances.
           First appearance:  AV1 #31

Avengers FY    In the Forever Yesterday altered reality, Sphinx II's main right hand team of super powered enforcers.  Similar to the Avengers from our reality except with an Egyptian twist.  They weren't evil, although much of what they did was wrong, they were more misguided by their self serving mistress.  With the exception of Nova FY, they all fought on her side to the very end when they were defeated by the combined rebellion forces.  Members include:  Captain Assyria, Horus FY, Iron Man FY, Storm FY, Nova FY, and Sceptre.
            First appearance:  NW #11        Final appearance:  NW #13

Avenging Angel    (Warren Kenneth Worthington III.  see:  Angel, Archangel)   During a brief time period after he received his mutant ability of flight (via his wings coming in at puberty) and before he joined the X-Men, he had an unproductive solo career as a crime fighter.  This was when he adopted the red (although the original was red and black and later red and white) costume with the halo on the chest.  He created a gun that fired ping pong balls full of gas, and tried desperately to build a reputation, even signing his catches with a big halo.  He soon was recruited by Prof. X and he dropped the gimmicks and the Avenging part of his name.  REL:  Son of Warren K. Jr and Kathryn.  Nephew of Dazzler I. 
            First appearance:  UXM #55

Avenue of Ancestors    In the Desert Zone of Homeworld, the road leading to Aegyptia lined with monolithic stone caskets filled with the remains of the first lords of Aegyptia.
            First appearance:  MIC1 #24

Avision, Al    (deceased)  (see:  Ken Astor)  The name assumed by government agent, Ken Astor when he and Captain America I were trying to infiltrate the gang run by Tarantula I and Senor Muerte II to prevent them from stealing the Madbomb components.  When Cap turned up later with amnesia, the name gave him an awful time trying to hunt down the events that befell him and his temporary partner.
            First appearance and death:  CAP1 #224

Avius    A bird-like Inhuman guardsman with feathered wings, one of the three to stop the Human Torch II from entering the Great Refuge after it had been sealed in its protective dome.
            First appearance:  FF1 #129

Avril, Yvette    The very pretty and very efficient director of the Paris division of Stark International.  In her first appearance, she greeted Tony Stark to their facility when he was dropped off by the SHIELD Heli-Carrier, and gave him private access to their computer, followed very quickly by an order to put him in communication with Nick Fury via the Transoceanic Video Channel.  Following the conference, she and her secretary heard him melt down, smash the device, and find solace in a bottle.  Later, she attends the 3rd annual employee appreciation party at the Long Island plant and strikes up a relationship with James Rhodes on the dance floor, and while there, she witnessed the explosion of the Sonic Borer on closed circuit [IM1 #137].
            First appearance:  IM1 #119

Axe of Ymir    The bone-shaped axe that Odin used to slay the Frost Giant.  In its first appearance, Loki stole the axe to use in the fight that he knew would come between him and Thor I as Ragnarok approached, but he ended up using it earlier than he expected to defend himself against the really ticked off thunder god when he was rallying his troops in Jotunheim to attack Asgard.  The fight was stacked in Loki's favor, even though Mjolnir was stronger than his weapon, but when Thor called down his Belt of Strength, the god of mischief didn't last long [TH1 #275].
            First appearance (unnamed):  TH1 #275     Named:  TH1 #278

Axi-Tun    An ancient advanced humanoid race from the planet Tun who have over the years been the embodiment of various mythological figures, including:  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Death, Famine, War, Pestilence) [1st seen members],
            First appearance (unnamed):  GS FF #3        Named:  INV #1

Axonn-Karr     (deceased)    A Makluan space rover who, centuries ago had traveled from Maklu-4 to Earth and accidentally crash landed in what would become the Valley of Spirits.  Although an advanced race, because of his fierce appearance, which was of a gigantic elongated reptile, the inhabitants of the new planet feared him and drove him off, mortally wounding him.  He hid in a nearby cave and died, and it was his skeleton that Mandarin found when he entered the Valley before locating his space craft.
            First appearance and death:  ToS1 #62

Ayala, Awilda    (deceased)  A very opinionated girl from the south Bronx who couldn't help teasing her brother about his problem of being a costumed hero with no secret ID.  She even convinced him to stop being the hero for a short time.  She is killed by Gideon Mace to lure her brother out in the open so he could kill him, and she died in  Hector's arms.  REL:  Sister of White Tiger and Filippo Ayala.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ayala.
            First appearance:  SSM #23        Killed:  SSM #49

Ayala, Filippo    (deceased)  The criminal leader of the Corporation, looking to set up an international drug running network in NYC who was killed when his brother, Shang Chi, and Iron Fist broke up his organization.  REL:  Brother of White Tiger and Awilda Ayala.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ayala.
            First appearance and death:  DHKF #31

Ayala, Hector    (see:  White Tiger)

Ayala, Mr. and Mrs.    (deceased)  Two Puerto Rican immigrants living in the south Bronx who were not overly joyed to hear that their son was a costumed hero.  They were killed by Gideon Mace simply to lure their son out so that he could kill him.  REL:  Parents of White tiger, Filippo Ayala, and Awilda Ayala.
            First appearance:  SSM #23        Killed:  SSM #49

Azaziah    (deceased)  (Azaziah Hornsby)    An ancient wizard who, because his life was failing, decided to use his waning powers to snatch the demon attached to Johnny Blaze and cleave it to himself, renewing his life force and giving him a whole gaggle of new powers.  Centuries beforehand, as a young magician, he had stolen his Magic Globe from three demons in the forest, and over the years, using its power to keep himself alive and to make himself the most powerful mage in the world, they became connected.  Years later, he noticed that its brilliance began to fade and he knew that when its light went out so would his.  So, taking up residence nearby in the old Perkins farmhouse, he formed the plan to rob Ghost Rider IV of his power and make it his own.  With the help of a gang of felons led by Al, he lured GR to a prepared spot and separated the demon and Johnny Blaze.  Once separated, they began to lose power, and all Azaziah had to do was wait until the demon was weak enough that he could take control of him.  The plan failed when Johnny confronted the wizard and in the scuffle, the Globe was shattered, and Azaziah dissolved to dust as the centuries caught up to him finally.  While in town, he took the name Hornsby and was considered a harmless old hermit by the towns people.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #43        Last name revealed, origin, and death:  GHR2 #44

Azaziah's Magic Globe    (destroyed)  A large crystal sphere that is the main source of his power, and with it he can not only cast spell but can use it to see things like a crystal ball.  Although it's origin is uncertain, Azaziah stole it from three demons centuries ago, and through using its great power over the years became one with it.  So when its power began to fade, so did his and his life force.  When he tried to use it to steal the power of Ghost Rider IV from Johnny Blaze, it was shattered with a stone and its master, the object sustaining his life gone, fell to dust.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #43        Destroyed:  GHR2 #44

Azmodeus    (deceased)  A minor demon subservient to Mephisto, who, although squat and fat with cloven hooves and stubby horns, and almost comical in appearance, is as ambitious as all get out and will do anything for extra power.  In his first time out, he tried to use his minion, Tabicantra to weaken Johnny Blaze's hold over Ghost Rider IV so he could himself seize control of its power, but she fell in love with him and gave her life to defeat the demon's other minions.  He tries it again by sending his minion Rzh'Arr to imitate his current love interest and lure him to the netherworld, but GR escaped theri grasp again, and was doing so much damage to the place that Azmodeus had to send hm and the girl back [GHR2 #64].  Later, when he comes groveling, looking again to get his hands on Zarathos, his master sets a contest with him.  If the separated Zarathos and Johnny Blaze can't win their way out of his domain, he gets the spirit of vengeance.  If they should succeed, Azmodeus would suffer a 'minor penalty'.  The unlikely pair do win their way through, and the minor penalty turns out being blasted into oblivion.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #53        Killed:  GHR2 #76

Azmodeus' Netherflame    A crystal ball of sorts which is in the form of a large ethereal flame.  Azmodeus uses it to keep an eye on the surface world, particularly where Ghost Rider IV is involved.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #64

Azmodeus' Netherglass    A large hourglass looking timepiece that is filled with tortured souls instead of sand for keeping time.  Azmodeus used it to time the spell that was used by his minion Tabicantra in the first attempt to steal away the power of Ghost Rider IV.
            First appearance:  GHR2 #53

Azrael    (deceased)  (form:  Lord Julian Phyffe, 'The Angel of Death')  After the death of Dr. Strange's old friend, he is resurrected and transformed by Baron Mordo into a killing machine that is able to age people at an incredibly rapid rate just by touching them.  He was sent after the Sorcerer Supreme, and, after killing Strange's old flame's maid, Colette Joubert, he tried to kill the mage as well.  Strange held him off as best he could, but the combined might of Phyffe and Mordo was proving too much.  Their battle was interrupted by the police, and Strange managed to get Madeleine away to safety, but Azrael caught up with him, and began draining his life out of him until he was almost too frail to defend himself.  However, Strange used Hoggoth's Fist to give himself some breathing room then used a Blinding Spell which utterly destroyed him.
            First appearance:  DrST2 #40           Died:  MNTH2 #4

Azura    (see:  Athena)



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